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    /rp /sleep /analyzing /ez /smirk /music /lol /eyes /kiss If You got any idea I can make a coughs "concept art"
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    Wind in general is a mastery with low chakra cost and high damage jutsu. Vacuum sphere is no exception but you are over exaggerating about how much damage it does. It has only 1-3 base dmg per sphere and does around 180 damage on 100 INT. The jutsu also has a big downside of being hard to land without first CCing your opponent in some way, while also selfstunning the user for 1 second...
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    I'll try to keep this short and sweet. Im an old returning player, been trying to get back into this game multiple times, BUT I JUST CAN'T. Killing the same mob over, and over and over for HUGE level brackets for Weeks on end (Got a job only play an hour a day if i can) is not fun, only able to do 3 missions a day does not help. I can get into Suggestions about adding more mobs blah blah blah it takes time but what can help RIGHT NOW is removing the daily limit. The race for level 50 ended a long time ago people have multiple lvl 50s let us peeps that don't have much time to play catch up.
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    Hello Nin Community. I am comming with (hopes so) great idea. I`ve talk to many people in Leaf village about some sort of weak RP in the game, I came up with idea. Additional RP missions like RP5, RP6 and RP7 for Leaf, Sand and Mist village Levels for RP missions would be: RP5 - 35+ (Reward is 400k xp) RP6 - 40+ (Reward is 700k xp) RP7 - 48+ (Reward is 900k xp) All the missions will have to take place in danger zone (Bell Zone map to "grind" RP missions after RP4 would be called as abuse) To reward this for Rogues from Takumi, I would recommend one from Option: 1) Additional Daily mission after lvls 35 (That means, after Toad missions, rogues will get 4 missions daily) 2) Additional Missions Chain in Tanzaku and Labolatory (Kill 4 Chunins from village, Kage assasination, Obtain 3 bloodvials). For 2nd option those missions will be able to take only ONCE, but will give huge amount of XP (1,5kk xp for Mission from Labolatory, 2kk xp for mission from Tanzaku) I think thise idea would bring some fresh air to NIN. Waiting for Your feedback @Ueda
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    I say we limit freedom of speech entirely and make it so people can only talk if given permission
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    Killing mobs after level 30 is useless, something should be done about that, For exemple, the Hawks were a good grinding spot because they would just aggro, but now they flicker an wich makes it even more harder and longer to grind there. Mobs like Bears/Hawks/Cursed Host should give way more xp because of how hard they are to kill ( due to them flickering and stunning people).
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    BEFORE YOU READ THIS, I AM ONLY SPEAKING BASED OFF MY OPINION AND OFF THE KNOWLEDGE THAT I'M AWARE OF!!! Ive been playing Nin off and on since 2016. Nin has always brought exciting new content throughout the years and has always provided ways to keep this game fresh. Ive just been wondering on how far Nin and the team want to take this game. Nin has hella potential in my eyes and i think in most eyes tbh. I just feel like the community isn't as big as it could be. I know that games that start from scratch can take years to even be sorta known but i just have been wondering if the team even wants to be a big game themselves. I also wanted to know if anybody or any companies have offered to buy the game and would the team consider doing it
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    If you think about it, Nin is still only in Beta as i recall. and as it stand the staff and players have poured their hearts into this game. this kind of project puts you on a journey development wise and i can say with full confidence (Even though i am still fairly new maybe been playing for about 4 months) that if this is what we have already content wise and its still considered "Beta" you can bet your sweet ass that Nin will keep growing and becoming something ill keep coming back to play. time and time again. with that said i want to thank @Ueda@Seth and the staff that have put countless hours into this game. i only hope i can be someone who can contribute in a positive way towards this game and the players who also put the very same countless hours into this game.
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    My profile song is a beat i made a while back Working Title was called "Somber Peace" i decided i wouldn't put lyrics on it because its just so damn happy xD. I hope you all enjoy it!!
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    so you got a problem with me responding to ppls comments on my last post ? i said im quitting the game i never said i will never look at this forum again.
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    Then give us something else that makes sense RP wise, Doing 3 dailies and smashing mobs over and over gets tiring. As a low lvl, the only excitement u get in ur day is the frequent occasions where u get ganked on ur grinding spot.
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    God damn boat ride
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    I saw the title ''leaving'' and then you were the first post...I got a mini heart attack xD @Ueda
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    As the title says, I think summoning contracts should be tradable just like all other non village specific scrolls. They are infuriating to grind for and the game’s economy needs a boost. @Ueda
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    Hey guys, I've been entertained by this free online game from anywhere between 1-7 years now and have enjoyed my time, but am discontented with the lack of updates in the areas in which I particularly find important. And therefore, the staff are useless trash and deserve to be shamed. RIP Nin 2019 (Sarcasm)
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    For the longest time wind has had one less jutsu then all the other mastery. I thought it was because of fan jutsu but not every one can use fan. So why is wind missing the level 35. I started looking up a good jutsu for wind to have and I found you guessed it the Rasengan. (But wait that pure chakra) No its not, its a wind release thanks to Naruto. https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Wind_Release:_Rasengan Id say it be a lot like lighting cutter but with a shorter stun and no AOE effect (not that lighting cutter stuns mobs anyway) Base Damage 45 Chakra Cost 55 Cooldown 25 seconds Cast Time 2 seconds Range 12 tiles (slow walk) Special Effect knockback ( 4 tiles ), Warp Mastery Wind. Level Req. 35 Stat Req. 70 Intellect Acquisition Sealable III I just thought this be a cool one to add being a fan of naruto, but I don't care whats added just hope to see a wind jutsu put in that's worth the wait.
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    With such a small team I believe the devs are doing all they can do, and even then maybe it’s not the main thing in their live maybe it’s just a hobby and I can respect that. A lot of players have opinions on what should be done and shouldn’t be done but there’s almost never a middle ground where everyone agrees on something it’s tough to decide what should be different but all we can do is keep pushing on man , nin has a lot of potential and the move to .Net will be very interesting to see along with some updates that are to come
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    Nin Online does have a lot of potential to be successful, i have also been wondering whats going on with the plan for the future of this game.
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    I'm for adding more RP missions, as I stated yesterday. Hopefully we will get some more
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    vac sphere self stuns, is pretty impossible to land unless the person is stunned, and only does 234 damage total on 130 int. The jutsu is fine
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    ye give 2 milion of exp for this rp7 lets be serious your numbers are impossible to agree im not saying adding new rp is bad idea but 400/700/900 XDD on rp 5 you getting more than for MOST WANTED II its mad numbers reduce to like 120k for rp7 100 for rp6 and 90 for rp5 and its fine Now about 4 missions ugh im not sure it's going to change much but we can try after all unlucky wont pass so 1 mission more or less wont change much chain in tanzaku is not bad idea but not with vials we stil lwaiting for our OLD BANDIT CONTENT AND CHAIN my old char still got mission for bandits XD but numbers of exp are mad again its more than you need from 50 to 51 2 milions of exp god its around 5 good most wanted II on blessing dont go on that big numbers we dont need to make 12423412351515 alts in this game
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    NOTE* i have every photo from the nin online fandom https://ninonline.fandom.com/wiki/Nin_Online_Wiki if its possible bring the basic katana back it would be pretty nice to apply a explosive tag to some jutsu to make jutsu just a little bit crazier like killing mobs with it would be pretty awsome when you don't have a jutsu you can apply it to your shuriken you just need a level 1 scroll to use it and than you place it in your inventory and then the game ask if you want to apply the explosive tag to the shuriken or go to the scroll shop and ask the shop clerk to make it for you a jutsu maker in your clan house what that wil mean is if you have fire as masteries and your clan have a jutsu like somthing (THE TEN RISING STARS) and than you can cobine that you just have t need a scroll which level scroll? i don't know
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    Yesterday i made a post saying i was leaving and it got removed,yet i get no information to what was wrong with my post that it needed to be removed. This is feeling more and more like a dictator ship,things that arent liked are removed without notice. You know if you dont like something about my post you couldt at least tell me to edit it or tell me the reason why it got deleted. Everyday you prove to people that the game is getting worse and worse. Either way,goodbye.
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    I wish this is real (sarcasm)
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    People are so one minded sometimes stg Giving an opinion on the game really doesn't matter because we all agree that Nin is not perfect. People react differently to everything. Shaming people for doing that is doing the same thing that you are shaming them for lmao. Why are we getting upset because he wants to let all of his friends know that he is leaving and the reason behind it. If you don't care about his goodbye then don't click on the post. If you don't care bout the person leaving Don't click on the post. its that easy I'll see you around dude
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    He'll come back...they always come back...
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    i feel like the first three missions you do should have the normal amount of exp and then 4 and after have less exp. This will make it so we aren't taking away the hardships of getting to level 50 but also gives you something else to do in the game rather than just farm the same mobs over and over again. Plus cursed hosts, and bears don't seem worth the grinding anymore
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    Liked the smirk a lot haha
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    It has been noticed by me that people are quitting nin because of the harass. But Fear not I will keep the harass going. That is All....Cheers Bud -The Harass Will Not Stop
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    CLAN :- SHIZUKANA { 静かな } VILLAGE : Kirigakure { "霧隠れの里" Meaning "Village Hidden By The Mist" } BACKGROUND :- A small clan that went into hiding during the civil wars' period in The Land Of Water, Shizukana { "静かな" meaning "Tranquil" } was a peaceful clan owning a small village in one of the Islands of the Land of Water but their village was soon attacked by the possessors of an special Kekkei Genkai named "Venom", the village was destroyed and with great efforts by the elders of the clan, they managed to defend against the Venom and pushed them out but the whole clan was endangered due to the grievous losses of their fighters, left with no choice they have to leave the village, during their journey to find a safe haven to reside in, they faced many chaotic situations and fights which lead to more losses, the remaining elders of the clans decided to head to Kirigakure { "霧隠れの里" meaning "Village Hidden By The Mist" } after crossing many seas and climbing the mountains, they managed to catch a glimpse of the village, yet fate was still cruel to them, the clan faced yet another dangerous situation as they were unknowingly surrounded by Leaf Shinobi, attacked from the dark and without prior warning lead to another few of them dying, the last remaining elder of the clan sacrificed himself by activating and burning his own Kekkai Genkai, the noise from the battle alerted Mist Shinobi as they headed out to hunt the Leaf down while leaving some behind to protect the worn out family. RISE OF THE CLAN :- The family that has lost all of its elders were now in a situation where they could've only depended on their younger generation, two young clansmen whose talent were the highest in the clan were then declared their young masters, they were named Leiting and Mattson respectively, but one of them lead the clan where the other one headed back to the island where their previous home existed for the search of their lost legacy, Leiting along with his fellow clan members were admitted into the Ninja Academy Of Kirigakure and because of their innate talents, they were able to successfully become genins ranked ninjas of Kirigakure in few months of time and started taking on missions for their new home village. The fate of the second young master has yet to be known. KEKKEI GENKAI AND CLAN'S JUTSU :- 1. All Clan members have special Dojutsu called "Draegis" which are special eyes belonging to the clan members, this dojutsu can increase the casting speed of all the jutsus for 5 seconds. ( 30 Seconds cooldown. ) (Casting speed can be decided by developers on being buffed. ) 2. A special defensive type justu called "Coiling Dragon", in this jutsu a water dragon coils around the member making him invulnerable to attacks for 3 seconds (Poison skills can still hit the user.) ( There's a 1 second cast time.) (Jutsu cooldown 25 seconds.) CLAN UNIFORM :- If we are not too late @Ueda
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    They want the grind hard af sadly.... @Hoshen Im willing to help when I can as u know but @Rory idt is willing to change it.. even if it helps raise the low ass player rate the game has atm....
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    we need some together as a community and pool funds to hire professional developers for this game. Just a suggestion.
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    So as you know when you die you can just instantly run out of the hopsital and start fighting again, It would be nice if you had to stay in the hospital for at least one minute before coming out for "RP" I guess since it's the same reason why we have the boat rides. It would be really good to have in Takumi considering @Dona loves to come out of the hospital like 20 to 30 times running around canceling revives and even using chakra pills so he doesn't have to wait at least 10 seconds to go out.
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    I think Rory already said something about this in another forum post or was it the other discord. I think it was intended to be like this cant remember the whole reason he decided to keep it like this
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    I agree with @Lumy soon as i reached lvl 30 I felt like the game got a hell of a lot slower since now the only mobs I should be killing have bullshit abilities and grinding them just isn't worth the time.
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    Wow all this it's getting really dark and fucked up i'm new in this game now idk if i want to keep on buying stuff on the shop online..... bc the game look so fun and friendly on the outside but when you look deep in it's kinda rotted.
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    Looool the boat ride got him
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    Just make a post on your profile
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    I personally never bothered farming too much, usually just do dailies. I believe at some point 3 dailies should take you one hour anyway. Leveling is meant to take long. You don't become a ninja in 2 weeks, nor take 20 missions a day. Doesn't make sense RP wise
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    I checked to reply to peoples questions,if that bothered you stay away from my posts.
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    I find it funny how you made a post saying you're quitting and you were checking that post every 10 minutes, then Rory deleted it and you made a new post lol doesnt look like you're quitting, you dont have to announce you're quitting, just stop playing lol
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    i guess he should add a dislike button
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    This is nin online where the wicked thrive and the righteous suffer this is harrasing world
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    Fixed unlimited tools exploit.
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    Im not saying to let TAI or WM use it im saying don't let them there to overpowered as it is making it wind would give wind its last jutsu and add it in the game Wind is underpowerd so adding it wont break the game. If everyone gets rasengan image the spam of warp attacks, its best to make it that you have to have wind for it. I understand everyone wants Rasengan but letting everyone get it with out requirements would be dumb. If a tai user wants it they got to get wind and tai just like if you want chidori you got to get lighting
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    instead stun, knock back for +4 tiles
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    Be honest how many wind users want to Rasengan someone.
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