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    Gentle fist may be a n ez way to play the game in the long run but its not the end all be all. I don't get why people try to bully tai users smh. Tai jutsu is the way
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    Ladies Night Out ~ Photo Zone Tour ~ City of Joy Christmas, 2020 Theme song: Shoota shoot ya @aiou & @Melina We were bored, so we decided to take some pictures and make memories. "The" iconic "GUN STORE" I'm a shooter Ima shoot ya- *You may be safe from the neighbors but not your fellow ninjas and their blind bullets..!* Risky swings Risk getting trapped with the cranky neighbors Danger lvl: meh, friend recommended ( if you have one ) Haunted seesaw Please... @Rory.. fix the seesaw, we beg you..!! Danger lvl: Yikes man... in many ways. Unfortunately, only 1 person can sit on the seesaw and enjoy lonesome. At least 2 friends required, while you enjoy every second of the seesaw alone, the 2 friends need to protect you. Not to mention, every second you will be reminded how heavy you are as well. yay! sounds like fun. Benches of Horror Uhmm.. at this point I would rather rename the city to city of madness. The neighbors here seem very unhappy with us. Danger lvl: Uh-oh, it's a trap. A cute park with benches where everyone can't sit in peace for longer than 10 seconds. Benches for show. Recommended to "look" and admire how pretty and green they are, not to "rest"... Not to mention the blood steins..! If you want to rest here, at your own risk, but can't assure you that you'll be sitting at the benches alive! Totally worth risking your life to take a picture though...! Camp of Death zone + mini snowman It's a bait..! Cute, but by the time you get a close look. You will get to look at the snowman AND your dead body. Danger lvl: wait a minute... who are you? Requires friends who willing to die for you. Totally, take a close look at the little guy though. You will experience the magic of going in 3 coming out 1. So cute that you won't even notice. hmm I feel like I forgot something The School - DANGER ZONE!!! Say less, teamwork and skills required + friends. If you want a challenge, this is the place for you! Careful not to trap yourself with the neighbors. Super clingy. They won't let you go! Last but not least, a cute snap with Santa Claus and Fatty the snowman. Are you on the naughty list? Because I am! + Guys I was trying to record our memories, but it turned out into some kind of photo zone tour / review LMAO yikes
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    Hey you mind if I get the name Kimimaro? I see you don't play to much. And I was about to see about a name change.
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    New Year, New Ninja
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    Merry Christmas and enjoy ur 10-0 VILLAIN! @Dairuto
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    nani is this song choice... LMAO so dreamy ya
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    Hi GM.Ueda, good evening.... 3D Shinobi Life Online. its look like Nin Online 2D. please put navigation MAP. Thnk You.... Take care & GOD BLESS US ALWAYS.
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    Good Evening. GM.Ueda, can i request can you put a navigation map guide in the NIN ONLINE games. because like me a newbie i always lost in the map. i hope my request granted.
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