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    Dear Ninja, Embark on a journey to the northern section of the Land of Iron, where you will discover the capital of the land, Iron City. Ruled by a faction of Samurai that are oppressing the people, you will need to earn the trust of a group of rebels barricading the exit of the city and planning their attack! We're starting off 2021 with a new location, the Land of Iron. Arriving in the Nin Online world on 9 January 2021, Saturday. Expect the new location to come with a level 50-60 story arc, like the Land of Toads arc, that includes over a dozen new Quests, as well as new items, weapons, enemies, bosses and more! Hope you guys enjoy it! Regards, Ueda
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    Almost half of this map is water and you have no way to access it. Adding the stairs on the bottom would fix that and would allow for this map to be utilized way better. There could be some mobs which only spawn on the water and some interaction with the sign that's under the tree on the small patch of land. The bottom left of the map where the water is could be used as map switch to Mini Bridge. It would also be good if stairs were added here and there was a map switch on the bottom right of the water area that would map swap you to Mini Bridge. This is where the map switches would be. I think having more map switches here would prevent map swap camping.
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    It's always nice taking time to look back at a full year of Nin Online running as an actual realized game. As of now, we've had almost 4 years of live service operation since launching Open Beta in May 2017. It feels like such a long time ago now that I actually lose count of how long it's been and have to check announcements to remember. For those who don't know the full history of Nin Online, the game project started development in mid-2013. We had multiple closed and open alpha tests, before finally launching Open Beta in 2017. This recap post is something I try to make time for every year to gather all my thoughts on the state of Nin Online and the state of Nin Online's continued development. Some random "year in numbers" stats This year, we had 10,000+ new registered accounts and 7,478 new forum posts. We localized the game service to Brazilian Portuguese. We added 263 new patch notes... Of all those patch notes, here are some of the highlights of running Nin Online for 2020... Game server recreated in C#, replaces our Visual Basic 6 server operation! Networking replaced from Winsock networking to Mirror. Unique Clan Clothings Improved Idle Animations for player and NPC characters. Village special abilities (buff WoF ) Crazy new crosshairs (rainbow spin woo) Flicker improvements (won't fail to flicker when player's front and back and blocked) First level 50+ content (Blood puppet factory area) Optimized large packets including map packet sizes by 60% Ninja Dodgeball Event 7 new side missions Added signboards in villages for directions and on-screen instructions for aviary and scroll shops New GM event system (the /eventjoin system) Moved stash from Gumi to dedicated UI button Added 43 Gold/Silver exclusive emoticons 5 Chunin Exams, 3 mini-events in the middle of the year, Anniversary Event, Halloween Event & Let it Snow event Added a friggin' gun FINALLY Fixed random DoT / Maplock bug 104 new items (not all released) 28 new mobs & npcs (not all released) 11 new jutsu animations (not all released) Nin Online Podcasts I had a lot of fun on the 4~ Nin Online podcast episodes I did this year, including the one where the new client was shown off! It was nice to talk to everyone we interviewed and hear their stories about the community and experiences in-game. I hope to do more in the future! The year of player contributions I have to say that this year has been a first in the amount of people stepping up to create art or hire people to create art, independent of any direction from myself, for Nin Online. It all began with people learning to do pixel art or getting others to help create clan outfits for their own clans, other clans and eventually entire pieces of content like weapons and Christmas cosmetics. Thank you for everyone who went out of their way to contribute to Nin Online your time and money, and I'm happy to have help! The new server software The importance of the replacement of our old server software to our new C# server... cannot be understated. It's been so nice knowing the server isn't crashing when it reaches 100+ players anymore. With the new server moving to C# also comes the added benefit of a modern development environment which has helped so much in solving bugs like just today fixing the years old bug of people getting damaged by random NPC poison/bleed effects. Without the new server, this wouldn't have been possible. The way our new server handles errors like a boss, not resulting in crashes, has also been something we previously never accounted for but has been so great. Transparency & Optimism for 2021 Honestly, I feel that the second half of 2020 was slower than I would've liked it to be in terms of content updates. Also, I took a long break for the majority of December to play Cyberpunk 2077 and watch Community. :p I have a lot of optimism that things will pick up with the start of the new year, we have work and people lined up to help me in the coming months, including my plans to steal Wolf back from his big game studio job soon. I am excited to start 2021 with some content updates dropping as early as January. On top of that, Nin Online has been performing a lot better than past years financially (thanks to more players stuck at home during the pandemic and the new brazil localization), and with that I'm able to start paying people more to work on Nin, which is going to be a great going forward. Gratitude Finally, I just want to thank the Nin Online team who have really helped me with Nin Online this year. Thank you @TheWolf for working with me throughout the year. Thank you @Kenock for leading the expansion of Nin Online's game service into Brazil, constantly pestering me to work on specific issues and telling me whenever the server crashes. Thank you @Erox for being a big help with support, moderation and running events. Thank you @Serias for actively helping me with art and also moderation. Thank you @Robin for helping with the new server project. Thank you @Seth for his continued assistance despite having a busy year attending school. Thank you @Sezu for joining us again this week and already contributing a bunch of the upcoming content. Thank you @external & @Lucass for helping us moderate discord. EDIT: On one last note, there's something I'd like to say that I forgot to write about when I posted this... In a year like 2020, where myself included, a lot of us were forced to spent a large portion of it cooped up at home, the community has been a nice place to enjoy a social environment with stakes beyond short rounds of finding out who the imposter is, or running through obstacle courses with strangers. Nin Online is a special game, but not just because of what the game is, but what the community has made it become. The Nin Online community is amazing - we have "petty drama" every day, we feel strongly defensive about what they represent, and people have friendships (and pseudo enemies) that go beyond what casual interactions in other games allow you to... because you guys spend months to years in it, interacting with one another, making stories and a history of meaningful events in our collective imaginative world. Nin Online Community is truly something like no other. I have not felt the amount of comradery and stake in a long time, and as much as I try to stay neutral to everything, watching people form their own personas or show their character makes being around the community a very enjoyable experience. In 5 years, I don't know if Nin Online will still be around, it might be. In 10 years, who knows? But the one thing you'll surely remember from your time here are the experiences with people you shared here. People will come and go, nobody can stay entertained on something forever. But during your time in the community, enjoy your share of stories and impart enough for others to remember you. That's what community is about, and on a bigger scale, what life is about. I appreciate what everyone here contributes in their own way as a person to the whole community. Enjoy your petty drama and discord pvps, because it's a privilege to feel such strong emotion about something and because who knows when the next time you'll feel so strongly about anything is, Thank you!
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    Hello Leaf. As you know there are still some months left in my term, however I feel it is necessary for me to remind everyone to prepare for the future. These next few months will be over sooner than you realize and so it is necessary for those who hope to become my successor to begin preparations and campaigns for the next election. 10th Hokage candidates should start making themselves known and also begin gathering support from the ninjas of our great village. This includes allies who will support you from the council and also from the ninjas who stay away from the politics aspect of the game. Becoming the Hokage is to become the one who will lead our village and this role is not one to be underestimated. You will be tasked with managing organizations, relations with rival villagers, managing pardons and exiles, leading our armies in times of war and battle, and also with keeping morale up in times of defeat. I know that our village is full of ninjas with the potential to become great leaders, but it's important to remember that you should have the drive to become one. With all of that said, I will still be your Hokage for a couple more months and I will give my best effort to keep our village in it's place on top. Thank you all for supporting me this far, and I will be counting on that support while we continue through the rest of my term. Good luck to everyone participating in our exams on the 9th, I hope to see you all there!
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    If someone who liked the hair wants to improve it, I don't see any problems ( Sorry for the English )
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    The new term begins ! I really wanted this generation of Akatsuki to feel special, and with the release of a ton of new content as well as a new client, I wanted to release a new video themed as an anime opening. Enjoy !
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    As the title says; I'd like to suggest to set the timer of Reset to 3 hours, because it usually takes about an hour and a half to to complete a raid. There's only so little time left to fully benefit from the experience and ryo gain after a raid is concluded.
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    January 2021 PromotionsLeaf Village Jonin: @Maguma @Ryutekzu Chunin: @Tsuuyoi @Agni @Yuki no Hana @Sike Specialized Jonin: @Static For exceptional proficiency in the use of lightning Sand Village Jonin: @DeadZoom @ForestEdge Chunin: @Deko @Tamara @Bandit @FreezeHud Specialized Jonin: @Pog For great use of combat medic abilities Mist Village Jonin: @TheAvatar @Kronkaro Chunin: @Giyu @Juntaro @Hasan @Ninja Specialized Jonin: @Fistiun For phenomenal use of tactics and knowledge
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    Just want to make it clear, I'm not complaining at all about new content being added to the game, I just have a few issues with content that is gated so heavily towards sand. The problem: The new dark weasel boss is basically only farmable by sand players Reasons why: Boss spawn timer: Because of the large 1 hour timer, players who are not sand (yes I know for a fact they have it on a timer) have no way of knowing once they enter warzone, when it will spawn. This means you will have to stay in a very dangerous map that sand players pass through frequently for up to 59 minutes. Boss spawn location: Sand warzone is 3 map switches (and not too much running distance) from sand. This means if you are scouted there, it is extremely easy for sand players to respond (not to mention the boss takes a significant amount of time to kill without a large team). You can literally be BI warriored while doing the boss. Compare this to any other boss (mist kuraken being 7 map swaps and a significant running distance to farm). Boss map: This map offers little to no opportunity for counterplay. Compare this to any other map that drops significant sword items (Rat sewers in leaf, mist kuraken map, host cave) I personally think the boss should be moved to a different map further from sand territory with a reduced spawn timer. Considering this is new content, the drop will be one of the swords that is used more than others, and the fact that currently Sand players basically have the monopoly on this item (when it drops + all future drops at this rate) is not something that I think is fair. Let me know what you guys think.
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    I actually been thinking about how to expand the raid system further, and I also was thinking of suggesting extending the raid time to 4 hours. While the raid system is a step in the right direction for end game players to have more things to do, it can definitely be more expanded. Heres some of the ideas I came up with, you can maybe get inspired with some of them. Adding "Raid missions" The idea is for the 3rd person withing the mission area to start giving daily missions (Could be 1 or 2 or 3?) for ninjas of level 40+ These missions are not going to give Ryo or exp as rewards, but instead it would give the respective village some Raid score points. These Raid score points would be used by the Hokage or a council member to restore a "Raid points" back to maybe 50% health. (This should have a limit of something like only being able to restore 3 points per day) or any other idea you can come up with. This is a example of how a mission reward would look like: Some Ideas for the Raid missions could be like the one in the image, to capture guarding spots within the villages (This ties to your suggestion no 5) The visual indicator could be something such as this: And they could be located in less common areas like so The idea is to have more content for end game players, since once you reach level 60, there isnt really a big motivation to do missions. The Raid score could also be tracked individually and tie to your suggestion no 6, to add a score and use these points to buy ninja tools or cosmetic items. This also brings me to the next idea: Village leaderboard The village leader board could be located besides the notice board. This board would look similar to the bingo book, except it would only show the respective village ninjas, and how much “Raid score points” they have acquired or how many "raid points" They have captured. (This could be reseted on a weekly/monthly basis). This is just an extra thing to have some healthy competition within your village teammates. and for the Hokage and council members to keep track who's helping the village the most. Or maybe even by the end of the month the Ninja's with more score points could get rewarded by Kage/council with a special item. Anyways those are some quick ideas I came up with that could help you come up with some other stuff EDIT: Reading other posts I see that some people have similar ideas. So mine can also be tied in to theirs as in Manpower/Village point be rewarded in raid missions instead of "Raid score points" Like I suggested (Cause maybe we really dont need a 4th different kind of scoring). EDIT 2: Seems like Zeller suggested a leader board for raid points as well, so just take my suggestion as visual representation to his.
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    Life sure does seem uncivilized in the south
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    Merry Christmas! O_o If you excuse me ima eat my cookies. >:)
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    I think the main balance issue of the game the last year has been the 20 STR hidden weapon being used by any ninjas. Many topics have been made about them but nothing really has been done about it. The main problem with these is the fact that the hidden weapons have better use with elementals than with hidden masteries (In group fights, 1v1s or any aspect really). To access them CC weapons you only need 20 strengths which is really low, especially since the new level cap (low stats sacrifice matter less and less). The pipe has a better use for int users than it has for bubble users, it's better at any aspect. Being a double elemental wind with 20 STR has a better use than it has for a 60 STR Fan user with blue fan. I have a few suggestions. 1- Make basic Pipe a 1 sec snare 2- Lock them to their hidden masteries. 3- To be able to use elemental jutsus you must unequip your fan/pipe. -> This is the best looking solution in my opinion, hybrid can still be viable but not as overpowered. I don't know if these suggestions would work, but all we're asking for is a change because fighting them is cancerous and really ruins the gameplay. PvP is one of the most popular aspect of this game, and having a cancerous gameplay is really a problem. As long as it's getting looked at, I'm fine with anything!
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    Been practicing pixel art lately and wanted to share some progress for feedback, pretty much all of these are just a couple sprites and not anywhere close to finished. Snowflake shape, was going to turn it into a back item similar to the shuriken however it was a pretty difficult item to start out with I transformed it into an "Ice back shuriken" after a ton of different attempts but couldn't quite get the shading right. Candy cane back item, was going to submit it as a potential reward for the event but did not finish in time. Maybe I'll try to finish it sometime before next year lol. Current project, "Rat Kage Fangs". I am aiming for dual daggers that are the rat's teeth with a slight lightning glow, excuse the lazy layering I just wanted to show how they'd be worn I've had a lot of help from friends providing advice and tips, kinda wanted to just post progress to get more help in improving. Thanks for checking out my post
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    Just wanted to run by some of my ideas to further improve the raiding system in the future and gather feedback so far, because this is a very community driving feature. Right now these are some ideas for potential changes, 1) Increase duration between respawns to 4 hours for more lasting effect of bonuses. 2) Make the raid points disappear after 1 or 2 hours, so that there is some down time. 3) Add more raid points per village, while keeping the negative bonus cap at 5%. This would increase the amount of bonus that a village could potentially gain, while also limiting the amount they can lose. 4) Different tiers of raid points for each village, with ones further from enemies being lower HP, to encourage stealthy ninja business. 5) Add raid points outside of the village at Guarding maps. 6) Raid reward shop similar to event prize shop. 7) Prevent logging out near raid points to log in again later.
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    Hello. I was thinking, people often complain that there are no enough WZ and DZ in the game. Why not make a random hour each day in which all maps of game become WZ? It would be completely randomnized (hour) and it would give a warning 10 minutes before by saying "Shinobi World is going into war". If this is a bad idea then don't give it any mind ^^
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    Added Kaku Protector Available from Cursed Laboratory only
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    https://gyazo.com/bef72a434229f4fc47c4009738d75f27 @Ueda Okay everyone, we killed it. It took 2 hours. Guess what, it didn't drop anything. Not even 10 ryo, not even a blank. Nothing. A 2 hour fight for a boss with a 1 hour spawn rate. Rory i'm sorry but that's not fair at all.
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    New one will be coming soon, Sorry im really darn lazy when it comes to writing long posts... and now due to the long time between this one... this next one is gonna be very long so rip.
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    I think many knows by now how Crystal fan is. As a fan user, and a crystal fan holder, the pvp aspect is not fun for me anymore, it is way too strong. Even though it is beatable if my opponent is staying distant the whole fight, I have many gap closers to help me like sub and flicker. A weapon should not be able to have a stun and have a three tile projectile. Instant stun + three tile is overtuned. I suggest : 1 tile, 8-9 tile range, higher base damage no stun and piercing effect. 1 tile, 8 tile range, 20 base damage, stun and no piercing effect. Keep the effects has they are with much less base damage (10 base damage) but 20 chakra drained every melee. Idk whatever, you guys can suggest anything really but the weapon needs to be nerfed. I feel like the weapon can still be strong without it being overtuned.
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    First of all I wanted to thank @Wolf and @Ueda for shitload of work for nin. So many updates dropped recently that it encouraged lots of older players to get back to the game and become more active so thank ya guys < 3 Especially for the Raid system. It really made pving more fun and purpose driven. Not to mention the Iron Land update < 3 I wanted to talk today about adding more depth to the game. As we all know we have lots of new players active around. Its awesome, makes things feel more alive, but I feel as if smaller scale pvp died out. Talking with ppl around the community has proven me that lots of people enjoy pvping in WARZONES the most. Its the most fun for me as well. Keep in mind theres a reason why players wanted to create war events in War Zone maps to begin with :smirk: My years of being an Akatsuki showed me that pvp could start small, but in the end it finishes as a mass of players anyway, zerg vs zerg spamming at each other jutsus recklessly. Its basically how it looks like currently but even more focused on those player blobs. Now i know @Ueda likes things to be hardcore or more difficult. So i wanted to suggest some punishment for those zergs. Creating high risk and high reward since zergs are power, but with power should come some risks as well. Also being a ninja also requires you to exploit weak points of your enemy. I've talked about it with @Shissei and @SDZ and i came to conclusion that we could approach it in two ways. 1. Making everyone suffer from friendly fire except orgs (org based, not village based), party of 4 (Same as it is in anime) and Inside the village, so villagers can defend as one Raid points and the village itself. Bigger armies would require more organisation and cooperation among certain squads and what not. Its what ppl do in WarZones anyway. In the past missings that suffered from friendly fire made it possible so its totally doable. In my opinion it would also encourage more RP inside the village, since they have orgs like Anbu (which finally would hunt alone, cause they dont hunt at all without zergs), Medical Corps and other official orgs that would have to work with each other and create opportunities for RP. Also to prevent players from abusing orgs by adding and deleting members before each raid to cheat the system, i would drop player made orgs to max of 10 slots(less than official ones) and also make it that once player leaves an org, he has 2 days of CD before he can join another one(this is a well known mechanic from other games when someone jumps between guilds/clans). 2. Creating hella more war zones. In fact i would turn all danger zones into war zones. The result would be similar to the above just less dramatic and less org focused. But while turning Danger Zones into War Zones i would also add some more of these and again - drop the player made orgs max slots to 10. Also i would like to propose to change the name of Takumi player made orgs into GANGS. Since issa criminal life. Tell me what you guys think, and also @Ueda i would reallly love to hear your feedback about this.
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    Added New Lv.50+ Storyline: Land of Iron Arc For more information check this post out Let It Snow 2020 Event Ended
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    This has been troubling me since I started playing this game. I think the mechanic of mapswap is too strong and efficient that it leads to being the most relied on tactic for pretty much any group larger than 4 people. This causes a huge stalemate between groups and due to the amount of corridors (choke points in the DZ which block entry to other maps, e.g. KB is a corridor to sand. You cannot leave sand without going through that map) in the DZ. The problem: Currently the best viable tactic for large fights is to camp a mapswap Reasons why: DZ has too many corridors: access to different parts of the map can be completely blocked off by camping one single map. There is no other way enemies could come from, leaving them nowhere to go. Loading times: Even with a great pc and good ping, the loading times for mapswap is enough to lose majority of your hp and get CC locked Crashing on map swap: Worthy of mention. After testing, if you are partied up with players, your likelyhood of crashing (especially onto populated maps) is significant, putting you at an instant GG Instant vulnerability on swap: AOE jutsus are WAY too effective and efficient on mapswaps Examples: 90% of fights in DZ between large village/rogue groups
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    Started a little project. Just a little something to do for fun on the side when I get bored. Trying to recreate nin in minecraft lol. This is what I got so far. Here is a little update of some of the pathing I got done and a outline of where the academy will go.
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    For the first 3 days of my term, all pardons will be free, if you are ready to come home and fight for your village now is the time. Message me in-game or on discord Zabuza Momochi#4269
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    Added new world boss: Dark Monkey King Added new Legendary drop to Dark Monkey King: Adamantine Staff! Adjusted Dark Weasel spawn rate by 10 minutes. Added 22000 XP to Dark Weasel boss kill.
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    So I was just browsing the forum and found the april fools joke about paid mastery and I saw Uchiha mastery then thought that genjutsu mastery might be a nice thing so I made Itachi's crows genjutsu animation. It might not be the best but Its the first gif I ever made. I also have a concept for genjutsu mastery. There would be 4 jutsus -self stun + stuns the enemy (the one of which i made the gif) -another one that just stuns the enemy -transformation into a tree -special substitution jutsu And what do you think would genjutsu mastery be a cool thing?
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    Added new Legendary drop to Kuraken: Asarihanma! Added 2nd Style of Neo-Akatsuki Cloaks, now available for Neo-Akatsuki members to purchase from their stash. Added 2 New Hayashi Clan Items: Hayashi Top and Hayashi Pants New Boss Mob: Dark Weasel Added new Rare drop to Dark Weasel: Dark Scythes Added new Summon: Snake Summon Added New Hairstyle: Bone Marrow Premium Hairstyle Added New Hairstyle: Hanoka Premium Hairstyle Fixed Summons Damage Over Time (DoTs) Dog Bite (Ninken) now has Bleed.
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    assuming this is still relevant This suggestion's goal is to reinforce and encourage role play in the Akatsuki while also giving them a "' goal " and bring diversity within the organization# Akatsuki's major issue is how the org is built, feeling like it's missing a lot. it's a normal org with 10 members and a +25 all stats buff. while some people will argue that this buff should be enough and it's really strong, well it's not about the buff itself it's about how its just one thing for everybody and akat duos are not reinforced, going out with 2 people even with ring you will easily end up outnumbered, with 10 people on buff it's the same result. I've been in akat for a long time ive seen all the akat generations and lineups struggle with this, bring 8 and they bring 16. No the ring does not help us take double our numbers if you were wondering we still have Cooldowns and limited chakra like everyone else. The org is supposed to recruit skillful people you would say but skills has its limits and numbers rule the game. We've had some of the most skillful players in the game, matter of fact akat has had more skillful players across all generations than any other org, from @Crowlock @Niti and itachi when akatsuki was first released we've had @Dona @Lumy @Mylu @SparkZZ 4 of the most skilled players in this game, the great @Booty Gang Captain himself even @Aghila was part of akat and they can all tell you during their akat time they struggled the most against large numbers. we've had couple downfalls but always come back strong with good players @Black Rain @SDZ @Ainz Ooal Gown but we still struggle with the same problem from the very beginning of akatsuki. During crowlock's term akat was expended to a 12 players org after crowlock spoke to rory about this struggle. Well you might now say that akat is not supposed to be dealing with large numbers since they are not supposed to be raiding as a whole but roaming around as small groups of 2 ~4. that doesnt work we have no tool to support us going around in small groups we just get cornered in a 2 v 10. As good as a +25 all stats buff might sound it's easily to get overwhelmed and alot of akat and ex akat players will admit this if they're being honest. well now about the argument saying " well akat has the best flat stats buff cmpared to the other orgs " that is true we do have the most stats but when we step out in dangers it's not going to be org vs org it's going to be akat against the whole bounty book it's that easy to overwhelm us when we escape leaf sand is waiting for us blocking our way back we re only strong in little skirmishes against forces close to our numbers. Being Akat is feeling like you need to have a 10 men group to go out or to even have a chance when it shouldn't have been about this at all in the first place, i believe Akatsuki should be forced to work as 2 men teams roaming around but we should also have the tools necessary for that so here is my suggestion. Necessary nerfs - Akat members should have friendly ( meaning they can hit each other this is necessary to make sure that akat won't go around with 10 boosted players and instead take a more RP oriented route and send small teams out ) - Akat rings no longer give +25 on all stats ( necessary for the rework) - Akat members lose 80% of their bounty instead - Akat members lose bounty in safe zones ( akatsuki is Hostile towards everyone beside themselves the only safe place for them should be their hideout ) Rings rework Name : (Rei) zero + 30 chakra + 10 fortitude ability : when it's raining the wearer of this ring regenerate 30 chakra every 10 seconds ( inspired from nagato's chakra rain ) Name : (Gai) Boar + 15 agility + Movement speed ability 1 : the user of this ring can create clones of themselves that attacks the wearer's target ( inspired from white zetsu ) clones HP : 300 clones agility : 50 ability 2 : the wearer of this ring is able to cast a transformation jutsu that transforms them into a tiny rock or a tree ( transformation breaks if the user takes or deal dmg, transformation last 2 mins ) ( inspired from black zetsu's hiding and spying abilities) Name : (shu) Vermillion + 35 intellect ability 1 : the user casts a genjutsu which allows them to dodge their opponent's next attack ( basically a sub this ability is inspired from itachi's genjutsu substitutions) ability 2 : the user creates a clone of themselves ( low CD ability inspired from itachi's ability to spam crow clones) Name : (Byaku, Haku ) white + 20 chakra + 20 intellect ability 1 : the wearer of this rings is able to cast a teleportation jutsu that teleports them to the akatsuki hideout. ability 2 : the wearer of this rings is able to cast a teleportation jutsu that teleports them to the land of water's bounty station. ( inspired from konan's fast travel ability ) Name : (Ao, Sho) Blue or green + 50 intellect passive : explosive tags scales with intellect ( this ring is for int wms or burst specs akatsuki members ) Name : (Gyoku) Jewel + 30 strength + 10 Fortitude passive : the user of this ring has access to Akatsuki's armory selling or able to craft poison throwing kunais, slow inflicting kunais and enchant a weapon with debuff abilities ( enchanted weapons or tools wont be available after quitting the akatsuki or unequipped the ring) Name : (San) Three + 20 strength + 20 Fortitude passive : the wearer of this ring can equip the akatsuki scythe located in the akatsuki's Armory ( scythe basic bleeds, has low damage but regen hp/sec) Name: ( Hoku) North + 30 fortitude Passive : the wearer of this ring regenerate hp/sec passive : the wearer of this ring gain 30% of its victim's bounty in safe zone and 80% in warzone ( inspired from kakuzu as a tank and love for bounty hunting ) Name : ( Nan ) South + 45 chakra +10 fortitude passive : wearer of this ring regenerate chakra over time passive : the wearer of this ring doesn't have chakra drain on water Name : ( Ku ) Void +20 intellect +20 chakra passive : the user of this ring cannot be cc'ed for 3 seconds after bring cc'ed ( inspired by orochiaru's slipperiness ) Each rings is different from each other which will allow every akatsuki member to be unique and not just another akat member their opponent will know what they're dealing with and try to counter it while akat ill have way more options than before Rings like Boar and white are more oriented towards scouting while boar is more of a confusion and infiltration type white is a good map traveler able to respond to calls that others wont other rings like blue and vermillion are combat types while blue is more of a burst type vermillion is good for diversion while still dealing damage and outplaying your opponent three and jewel are more of a support/weapon/tools type able to map lock with bleed or catch up with slows jewel is especially good for chasing Ku can be an excellent combo/cc chain breaker and hoku will be the one dealing with the high bounty targets that are hiding akasuki passives : akatsuki members can only be map locked for 3 seconds after being in combat ( since akatsuki is aiming on hunting with way less people and meant to be agile most of the time it will be 2 against the world this gives them a fair chance at running away from huge groups and disadvantageous battles ) akatsuki rings are bind to the member's account and no longer drop on death they lose extra bounty instead, cannot buy another ring if u already have one ( this also prevents people from swapping rings ) this is just a suggestion feel free to share your thoughts.
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    Dear Ninja, I've taken on a project that I'm excited to finally say, is finished! Since Mist Villages implementation its been an uphill battle to maintain it and iron out the creases, but through all of the updates and forums posts we're here today with a better Nin and better Mist Village for it. Now, there's an aspect to NinOnline that most time's go unnoticed after a while but still play a critical part to the player's experience as a whole, and that aspect is undoubtedly NinOnline's Music/Soundtrack. Which brings me back to the project I've undertaken! Mist Village Soundtrack The key points of this project were the following No live drum kits A sense of motion and feeling in each song Catchy and subliminal runs Sections of three (Rule of 3's) Nin style music Let me run you through how this will play out but first a warning. WARNNING: Don't listen if you wish to wait and experience it for yourself In-Game. In the beginning there was only silence... Erox said onto them... "LET THERE BE MUSIC!" (Listen with each section as you read) Mist Village Maps: Mist Village, Indoor Market, Mist Bounty House. Notes: The focal point of this track is to make the village sound alive and feel like you're a part of a bigger community! all hearts can beat as one. Mist Village.mp4 Misty Conflict Maps: Mist Village Entrance, Slight Slope, 3 Way Road Split. Notes: The song uses the natural tones and sounds giving the sense of wonder or adventure, now imagine you're taking your first steps outside of the village. Misty Conflict.mp4 Misty Tension Maps: Misty Hides, Bamboo Forest, Bloody Pond. Notes: You're battle hardened and ready for duty be it Boars, Giant Ants or even that damn Tanuki! Either way you're ready for any outcome. Misty Tension.mp4 Misty Flows Maps: Big Slope, By The River, Land of Water Port. Notes: Your first real challenge await you in these maps whither its the grind or enemies, you can hear the river bed waiting to be moved around you! Misty Flows.mp4 Mist Divided Maps: Across the Sea (Boat), All Sea Maps. Notes: Its time for your real first journey out of the Land of Water, will you run across the Sea knowing full well the dangers ahead or will you ride a vessel, Either way it will be a long journey to the other side. Mist Divided.mp4 Thank you for allowing me to put my mark in NinOnline I do hope this enhances your experience playing and creating your very own world in something we all love! With love Erox~
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    I like some suggestions that Ninja has thrown out there. Using Manpower/Village Influence to set up Jonin NPC's by Council Members/Kage's at Raid Points. Or setting up a barrier that triggers an alert when a main raid point is being attacked. Only question is: Who else would have control with said influence points in Takumi other than the Akatsuki? Perhaps it's time to have the Missings crown their very first Daimyo player.
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    So I noticed while using the Demon Claws taijutsu weapon, the attack animation that plays is like a sword item's overhead slash animation state when attacking players, and then the normal tai punching animation state when attacking mobs. If it was a style choice I understand, but with the sword animation registers about about half as many attacks compared to the punching animation which ruins the viability for the item in my opinion for pvp. This becomes blatantly obvious with higher agility as when attacking players the demon claws hits register about once every 3 animations. Here are examples of attacks while in Youthful spring to help illustrate the difference between attacking players and attacking mobs. Thank you for any clarification.
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    This topic is making Nin a worse place by existing.
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    Back in 2019 a little after Mist launch I had an organization named Yaku. Though it didn't stick around long due to the new players quitting after a bit then returning my org was short lived but made a little name for itself. Here is one of the videos during that time. P.S. Everyone in my org was majority new players to Nin Online that I recruited and started teaching how to play and to this day they still play Nin. However some did quit but for those that stuck around thanks for being in the org and the great content in the video... @Nej @Dad @Rumaki @Seifer @Fates @Taeyoe and so on to the ones that quit or got banned.
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    Notebook So uh, hello my sand villagers and everyone else who's gonna read it. It is all about the thing we call "Peacelist" that shit that doesn't exist but still is in used. @Lumy's rules are really simple. "there is no peace list" and "kill every ninjas that are not part of our village" seems clear right? Not at all, whenever I am trying to kill someone all I can see is "He is alt of ???" "I am alt of ???" and I am like, there is no peace list so i don't care if you are alt of sandie or no then comes the hate from everyone "Man we told you he is sandie" "wtf why you kill me?" "what the fuck are you doing bro" and other shitty comments like that, I am following rules of @Lumy and what the fuck everyone else is doing with not following them even if they see friendly missing ninja that left our village its still our enemy so if one of our village members gonna attack them they should help instantly since they are not part of our village right now, it doesn't matter if they are sandies on their main/alts. What matters is on which character they are online right now at this moment. Alot of people says also "what if someone will kill your missing alt?" i don't fucking care about it, its missing you are villager we are enemies even if i am lvl 1 and you are 50. Just fucking start thinking about rules that you are following and that are set becuse this shit is annyoing, trying to kill someone and 594093 msg are coming that he is alt of someone, stick to 1 character if you are crying about every kill of your missing alt. There are 2 options. 1 - stick to the rules that are set now in notice board. 2 - change the fucking rules and do the peace list so people won't cry anymore. Thats all from me this shit is getting annyoing.
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    An adult mother slug should be able to pick up fallen comrades upon contact. I propose making it able to pick someone up in 5 seconds as opposed to the normal 10 seconds from revival jutsu accessible to medics. Obviously, the slug's revival ability should be interruptible and vulnerable to attacks while attempting to revive someone. I also think we should get rid of the Mother Slug's useless 30 dmg bite melee, and make it utilize an AOE acid spit stun. This should work similar to the Clam summon's AOE stun ability, however, the acid spit should obviously have less range since the slug is a mobile summon. These abilities tied with little HP I think is a fair way to buff slug while not making it too broken of a summon. Arguably, mother slug is supposed to be a very useful summon in large group fights. Leaving the slug summon in its current state is an injustice to the great supportive role it's known for serving in all other sources it's ever seen in.
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    Sounds like a sand problem that I am too mist to understand.
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    This is not fun game play lmfao. Always results in hour long stalemates where neither side wants to push.
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    Hey thats a cool idea
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    Just a little concept I made for how it could've looked in an alternate universe - I think this looks pretty dope (Color pallet used in picture) What do you think black (new) or red (original)? In-game: Close Up View:
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    Added White Shirt to Event Prize Shop The most requested shirt color from 2013-2020, you're welcome. Rebalanced Kuraken (Less HP by far) Reduced Kuraken Spawn Rate (hourly)
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    Hey everyone as the end of the year is approaching and 2021 is coming with COVID hopefully if not gone down to low numbers what do you all have planned? As you read this post also like it cuz why not Lol its positive, constructive, and good criticism. Don't be toxic do that on discord 2020 was filled with a lot of updates from Clan clothing being added, to wind changes and other balances, and finally we had got orgs added. Wonder what 2021 will bring? Snake summon, land of iron, advance masteries, new client, More balanced fps/ping from bad fps/ping players, and maybe even new balances? Who knows I sure as hell don't LMAO! My goals for 2021 with the Nin Community is as followed: Make more Jun on The Track Comedy/Cool Rap Songs ( P.S. I've got a microphone for Christmas so it's definitely time for Jun on the Track!) Hit 60 on my Bubble/Medic and Not reset but instead make alts Get unbanned from Nin Discord by @external or @Ueda Enjoy another year of Nin Without being banned from the game...hopefully LMAO SOMEONE FOUND THE BUBBLE IMPOSTER ON SAND'S CAMERAS AND REPORTED IT! Bubble has been ejected and was the imposter!
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    Akatsuki cave is where the Neo-Akatsuki spend a lot of time training. My suggestion is that the armoury box used to buy robes should also sell tools at normal shop prices. This would make it much easier for our events / sparring sessions. Tool prices would not even need to be discounted and could simply be added to the same vendor that sells the Akatsuki cloak. Please add this quality of life upgrade.
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    I think more warzones should be added too... Here is a list of the map that I think should be WZ - K Bridge - Asoki Port - The map before Cursed Host - Takumi River - Outside bounty stations I like small hunting teams or hunting solo, and it can get annoying at times when you try to do it and you encounter a zerg because it's ''safer''. I know it is a team game but right now it's quite impossible to enjoy the open world pvp with a small group or alone which is unfair for the players that enjoys the game differently
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    The cycle of leaf gameplay. 1. Gather at Larva 1 and camp it until enemy leaves. 2. Scout for extra 10 minutes before moving to the map below. 3. Charge into danger zones after seeing enemies log out. 4. Camp outside the hospital of an empty village. 5. Go back to their village.
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    And you don't do the same when you camp Sand Gd Entrance maybe ? It's hardcore open world game. You were like 30+ ppl vs 10-15 max and did'nt come. Don't search excuse if you push you win ez number do the Job ez but leafies are " ho wait an Akatsuki is Mini !! Wait for 10 ppl to get him he's ringed.
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    Hey, I am Kyouko, some of you may know me by my old presence on Nin Online as Jessica, but I've decided to rejoin the community with a fresh start and hope to regain some friendships. Still unsure if I'm gunna get back into the game, at least too seriously, but would glad to here some opinions on masteries/villages/clans. It's a bit all new to me from all the awesome updates! Let me know! I'll try to get linked up to the Discord soon so I can chat with some of ya Kyouko
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    Hi!People are always saying that no event this no event that or event only for NA timezone etc.Well,the reason i am here is to announce that i will be hosting Non-Official Events! In this Event, you should not expect any ryo or rewards because my purpose is to make the game fun by involving the community itself. So in this event,i will of course be the Manager I will be needing two secretaries so if you have to volunteer for the job ,DM me in discord or at the website (Shonen#7048). I will be hosting Events of two timezones! One day i will host for EU Timezone and One day for NA and the event Registration will be each Monday and the event will take place at Week-ends(For Na it will be Saturday,For EU it will be Sunday) I will be posting the rules and everything regarding the event when i post it tommorow(Monday for EU timezone,Sunday for NA Timezone) Thanks for reading and this is just a reminder, No rewards should be expected!
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    Hello! My fellow Mist Villagers! I am glad to announce that on this upcoming 28th December, in the celeberations of my birthday, there'll be a mist exclusive tournament held on 3 PM EST! More details below. Tournament Requirements/Details: Type: 1v1 Single Elimination. Levels: 40-60. Affiliations: Mist Villager or Mist rogue in Mist Discord. Tournament Rewards: 5$ Nin Creds for Winner 3k Ryo for Second Runner-up 1.5k Ryo for Third Runner-up. Lastly, I would want to invite some non-mist villagers that are on good terms with me to the occasion only after Mizukage permits(I will comment below if he does and tag the people I wanna invite), I will be glad to see most of you there!
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