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    There's been some uproar recently about alleged GM abuse. After further investigation, we had found that multiple character accounts had been edited by Jessica, a staff member was removed from the team for abuse recently. The players who had immediately confessed to having cheated their way to max level had their items removed and were given warnings. However, so far one player who kept quiet until now and gone under our radar has since been permanently banned. We give each staff member a certain amount of trust. In the case of Jessica, she had abused the lesser powers she had been given properly to create a developer account for herself, which was then abused to help players cheat in ways she shouldn't have been able to. This loophole has been prevented for future instances. She was also able to misuse trust of GM ability to warp players, to move players into our GM room where accounts can be modified, which we have since prevented. Other instances of alleged staff abuse has been looked into and while some investigation has allowed problematic decisions to come to light, none of the other reported instances so far have been concluded as abuse of power. In some cases, these are questionable decisions staff are allowed to make, even if they may seem unfair. Such as clearing display name history for a player who is being bullied. However, as we speak, we are reviewing what should and shouldn't be allowed for fairness. Alongside this, some other staff members who have broken our internal guidelines have been removed recently. I would like to apologize for allowing this cheating instances and other instances of staff misconduct to go under the radar, and promise to do better in cleaning up messes such as this in the future for the game service. If you find anything out of order, or strange, do report it to me directly. Everything that happens in the game is logged down to minuscule details and so if brought to our attention, we can easily spot cheaters. Regards, Rory
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    Here is a few suggestions I have think of : FRIENDLIST : People should be able to be on your friendlist only if you accept the friend add, because now people are taking advantage of the system and using it to see if you're logged or not even if you have a mask on.( We should be able to delete them as soon as we want) Little bug : When I'm deleting people from the friendlist, it deletes random people instead of the person I selected. MYSTICAL PALM TECHNIQUE : I feel like people got too much time to revive someone. One minute(50sec) is a lot, especially for group fights, it gives a huge advantage in unfair battles (5v10 per exemple), no matter how much people you kill they will get revived quickly. Someone who comes from another map isn't supposed to be able to revive another guy that died in the other map. So my suggestion is to either reduce the time the medic got to revive or to increase the cooldown of the technique. It is getting to the point that a medic is able to revive more than 3 people in raids, and that shouldn’t be possible. CLOAK/TEAMS : We should be able to see our teammates when they cloak and we're in the same team. Little bug : Crash happens when we're in teams at time. I hope you can fix it as soon as possible. MASK ON : If the first suggestion is applied, only people from your friendlist should be able to pm you when you're masked. There should be an option that allows you to allow people to pm you when you're masked (or to not allow them to). EDIT : RESET/KILLS Also..., I noticed that when we reset our kills are still here but not the bounty we've collected(statistic). If we reset, since it says that you never collected bounty, it should resets our kills too.
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    July 2018 PromotionsLeaf VillageChunin: @Gen @Rumaki Ryokaku Jonin: @Sour Suwa @Shotoho MiranaSand Village Chunin: @Taipan @Nauq Vongola Jonin: @Ketsueki BlackKage 1 @Jinbei Toitsu
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    The ideas I’m about to mention might've been said before. Maybe the team is already planning adding something similar down the road. Keep in mind I’m not a tech guy. I don’t know much about programming or making video games so take this with a grain of salt. Either way, the new boss made me think about how nice if this style of PvE was a regular part of Nin. In my ideal Naruto MMO there would be 9 tailed beast bosses. However, that might be over doing it for nin and copy right purposes. You could have a more simple approach by adding in a boss for 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, and 40-50. Each boss could have their own quest line that you need to complete before participating. You could make the exp for these bosses just rewarding enough where people can repeat and grind them. This would give players who finished their missions another way to continue leveling their character without waiting 24 hours. You don’t need to make the exp crazy either. People would repeat these bosses for their potential loot as well. By giving the bosses simple mechanics and forcing players to team up it adds a new element to Nin. My second idea is also PvE related. I think a competitive survival mode would be a lot of fun. Imagine entering a room (by yourself or with a team) and having to fight wave after wave of samurai or ninja. You could have leader boards for solo, 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s. The recognition on the leader board would suffice for some, but you could go a step further. You could add an RNG element and have these waves drop loot. Only after reaching a high level will you have the small chance of obtaining an item. I also like the idea of seasonal rewards. Like I said I don’t make video games. I don’t know how hard or time consuming any of this stuff is, but it would be cool to see a repeatable PvE mode added to Nin some day. -Sour
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    Fix animation bug with some animations. Concealment no longer causes words to change to ??? in chat if it is a player name. Aggro now drops from mobs if a player dies and won't target dead players. Fix jutsus and blood not working on the far left of map. Fix resolution toggling chatbox if you press Alt + Return. Fixed bugs with inventory page. It is now stable. Fix exploit with trading Ryo. Twink system has been added. Before long, you will be able to talk to a NPC in-game to pause your leveling to enjoy the game at your current bracket. Remember, each 10 levels is a different experience. Combat log now shows what killed you (player or NPC) or what you killed (player only). Player data is now compressed when sent from the Authentication Server to Game Server. Add NPC buff and debuffs.
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    Possible fix for disconnect bug. Trade and team invite clear properly, preventing stuck busy. Concealment/??? add friend bugs have been fixed. Improve NPC cast animation. NPC spells are more random and don't always do the first one. Debuffs play cast animation each time damage occurs. Fix server crash. Support for music for all 4 stages of the day: day, night, dusk and dawn. Support full feature parity of projectile as players for mobs. Support for custom eye and eye colors. Added autotile disable option - /autotile. Support for inventory expansion - 2x slots. Support for items which allow missing and their village to use them or not - as well as just missing by themselves.
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    Can you guys add 1-2 Jonin that stand in the Northern Entrance, preferably next to the small opening? It is fair because Leaf has their own Jonin at the entrance of their village. Because every time when Leaf decides to "raid" all they do is set up traps inside the small opening we have and then spam Jutsu while we're stunned. It's annoying because when Sand raids, we actually enter the village and fight them but all Leaf does is just camp entrance. I'm requesting the Jonin because it will force Leaf to actually think when they raid instead of just repeatedly using the same boring tactic. In addition to the Jonin, I would also ask for there to be 5-15 tiles where you can't set traps in front of any entrance so people can't block others from advancing like how you see above. I'm just tired of logging on during a "raid" thinking there would be some exciting raid where it's village vs village, but it ends up being Leaf doing the same lame ass shit, blocking the entrance and camping to compensate for their lack of actual pvp skills. NOTE: If you go off topic or act out, your shit will be reported. Better yet, don't even post if you know you're somewhat autistic. (this is directed to 95% of leaf players btw) FAQ: Read before you post or your post will be labeled as spam. Simple: IMPORTANT: Best proposals so far; Admins/Devs Look at this:
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    In addition, I would like to thank the honest members of the community, many of which has come forward to tell me that they had gained items or levels illegally. As well as vigilant, dedicated players with eagle eyes sharp enough to spot when things don't seem right. Good work!
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    It has water, grass and trees. But sand only has sand and few trees. @Ishyn Sasayaki is hokage (he is hot) It is the home of @Aghila the strongest ninja that has ever lived. It is also the home of @Niti , the only true akatsuki leader of Nin Online. Leaf rekts everyone in group pvp and defending against raids. Leaf has @Caio Mirana and @Roodraak Kuraen Leaf would have never accepted @Jun Pachi again. All missing make leaf alt to know the warmth of their numbers and lack of friendly fire. Rory likes leaf more.
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    Welcome. Hello, My name is Ashir but in game i'm known as Ashido Hiruzen. I've been broadcasting my work and would like to display what I do aswell as assist the community with a better quality of art. Profiles can be a bother so if you wish to have something that remotely relates to your character feel free to make a request here, i'll send or post it within the thread or send it directly to your email. If you wish to contact me please feel free to use the resource Nin Online has provided via message. If not i'm mostly on discord. Thank you for reading this message and welcome to the shop of the Hiruzen Clan. GRAPHIC PRICES!!!!!! Full Body Roleplay Characters: 10-15k Ryo - 10 Dollars Profile Pictures: 5-7k Ryo - 5 Dollars Personal Tabs/Dividers: 3k Ryo - 3 Dollars Name Tags/Clan Tags: 10k/15k Ryo - 7/10 Dollars Deluxe Package: 25k-100k Ryo - 25-35 Dollars Roleplay Characters Example: Roleplay Characters are seemingly enough scarce and are hard to find, I've a team of line artist that make looking just a little easier. We're great at not only re coloring characters but crafting and making original shinobi just for you! Please take the time to browse through this section to view a few of my personal works. Profile Pictures Examples: Personal Tabs/Dividers: Name Tags/Clan Tags: Deluxe Packaging!!!!!! Discord: Ashido #3022 Nin-Online Acc: Ashido Email: BrownAshido@Gmail.com
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    @Jessica weren't you banned from sand? And continually asking to be pardoned back into the village? Must have forgot about that with all this excitement going on. Secondly, @Lord Jashin in the future please report this to me directly rather than a forum post. This is something I can handle in game
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    Why are Hawks able to flicker? This is literally braindead. Why would you make a change to something that isn't broken... Flickering hawks just makes it so much more annoying to finish the Toad Village quest lines...
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    We've actually had all the Bijuu planned to be added for a long time, we were testing the features for it with Manda boss. We're still prioritizing Mist village and the Advanced Masteries for now.
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    Fixed a combat log display bug for certain messages. Improved attack animations for NPCs. Improved attacking for NPCs, to be harder to avoid. Such as juking them. Improved server stability. Added Summons! We will have jutsus soon. Added NPC vs. NPC combat. Right now, it is just melee. Jutsus and projectiles are next.
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    This thread is already ruined with autistic Leaf players going off topic, smh, that's sad. You guys spent how many Months/Years on Nin and still act the same way? No change either? That's disgusting. The Leaf Village community will forever be trash. If you have nothing to contribute to the thread, don't post at all. :/
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    Server now runs at full speed, no more sleeping to save power. ??? concealment doesn't work in Village Chat anymore. Running speeds should all be the same for players with different ping. Fixed the movement getting stuck when stopping to type.
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    Many of us spend grueling hours trying to grind for mob drops. I feel like adding a 5$ Drop Rate Blessing for people to buy for the entire server would be effective in helping players farm for drops faster obviously, and bring in more money for the developers. Nothing bad can come from this. It's not even P2W either because EVERYONE is experiencing the same benefit at the expense of one person's wallet.
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    Dear Ninja, Manda's Lair only allows one team of up to 4 ninja to enter at once. All ninja must be level 30-40. Find a team with a good strategy and challenge Manda in the deepest corner of the Abandoned Lair, past all the mazes. Once you enter, you'll be greeted by Manda, who spits poison into the air and sends his spawn out at you in all directions. Manda has a 10% chance of dropping a new, rare sword or cosmetic. Fight amongst yourselves who keeps it! This has been something that I've been working on, on and off, for a very long time. It's the culmination of a bunch of very big features combined into one that has allowed for me to create this. I'll be talking about the features that have been added to the engine over the past year that has allowed for us to finally do our first team boss fight in a development log soon! But for now, enjoy! Regards, Rory
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    I think yall already know about it. My fav rapper xxxtentacion got killed while he was buying stuff to do a charity event in florida I also heard that a white boy killed his entire family this morning cuz of x's death. If u got a friend that is fan of x pls try to talk to him/her and calm this down Pray for x and like this post. Rest in Paradise xxxtentacion.
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    I feel that after a kage steps down, they should receive silver due to the time and work they put into running the village.
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    This coming from a former "Community manager". There's an old saying my grandad told me once that goes "The guilty dog howls the loudest"
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    Current royal family = the toitsu clan Nobles ketsueki-karasu And hozuki clan (Oldest clans in the sand , have people in high places in the sand) Nobles @ lvl 2 sashiba clan( previous royal clan ) Nobles @ lvl 3 adenium-desert-rose clan ( They have the white priest of the sand ) ill add more information just want to get your opinion (its not canon yet)
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    Actually, there won't be a summoning mastery, but everyone will eventually be able to choose an animal to contract with
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    It has sand but you can also see trees in the greenhouse, leaf has trees but no sand. @Tresmorne Toitsu is kazekage (he is hot) It is the home of @Booty Gang Captain, the best ninja that has ever lived. It is also the home of @Dona , the only true king of Nin Online. Sand rekts everyone in raids and tournaments. Sand has @Kenock Toitsuand @Michael Toitsu Sand would have never exiled @Indra All leaf makes a sand alt to know the warmth of Sand village and lowkey wish that they had picked sand as their main All admins make their account sand because they know that Sand is the best village
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    Leaf Ninja, You are invited to attend the Order of the Golden Scrolls' 1 Year Anniversary celebration. The celebration will begin Friday, June 22 and conclude Sunday, June 24. The weekend celebration will be composed of 3 events: Friday: Mock War Games (@ 4:00pm EST) This will be a practice for the main event the following day, leaf ninja will be split into two sides and will battle in this mock war! Saturday: Live War (@ 4:00pm EST) This event will gather you all in a war party to defeat our enemies, make sure you're prepared because it will be a vigorous day full of combat! Sunday: Clan/Organisation Tournament (@ 4:00pm EST) This event will pit the strongest clans/organizations in the leaf against each other, it will be a sight to remember! For more information and to sign up your clan/org for the tournament, contact myself or @FR3D Lucha. We hope to see you there! Yours sincerely, Master of the Scrolls
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    Bruh you can legit team up and get the kills....this is one of the if not the easiest mission that gives good ass exp now y'all need to stop being lazy kappa.
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    I request that either theres a message that you have prewrote that pops up anytime you get incapacitated or that you allow me to talk during the 60 secs that im dying, I'm missing lots of rp possibilities not being able to act out my last moments.
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    I didn't claim to be the best Pvper on the game you did that repeatedly! I honestly don't care about Pvp in Nin Online because the combat is broken anyway so you are bound to lose some fights. You betraying the village I dont care about that, you had your reasons. misguided reasons. But I asked why do you seem so focused on attacking me mainly? I had nothing to do with the reason you are bitter at all so anyone in their right mind would dm you like "hey buddy, whats your problem?" I figure Id figure out your issue and maybe help you solve it like I have many others(also because its the mature thing to do) especially because I thought we were friends. You instead chose the foolish route by attacking me and others in Sand and getting spam killed repeatedly. And now you are on here crying for nerfs after getting whooped by someone. Is that my problem too? or....what? Smh
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    Because I just play my way and dont cry so much about being owned by broken shit in an unfinished game anymore or having jutsu that are messed up. Who Cares?!!!!
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    Hello Welcome to the Amai Graphics (甘い "Unmotivated Shop "), like the shop's name suggests, I'm only unmotivated most of the time hence the shop's name, however, if you managed to arouse my interest in doing something for you. I'd put 100% effort into it. I only will accept 1 - 3 orders at a time because of my schedule. However, I'll take about usually a day or so to complete a picture. If rarely, I'd complete it within an hour with proper motivation, of course. I only have a couple of rules. Rule(s) 1.) Send the money first. 2.) Don't rush me/tell me what to do. However, suggestions are fine. Just don't fight me over it. 3.) All orders are final. Once you ordered something. You are to be expected to pay for it and wait for it to be done. I would return the money if I weren't able to do the orders, or couldn't due to a real-life situation. Also! If you have agreed to purchase something from me, you're giving me the creative control to decide whomever it may appear as. If you don't like the result and asked for your money back. I will be gladly returning the money, however, you're giving me the right for me to sell that picture because you didn't pay for it. Basically, if you didn't pay for the pictures I produced. You don't have rights to it, even if you ordered for it begin with. Don't be stingy if you were the one who ordered for it in begin with, if you didn't pay for it, I'm within my rights as an artist to do whatever I want with it. Basically, the bottom of the line is; Pay for it, and that would be yours. Don't pay for it, that will be sold to someone else who like it. Example(s) Display Picture(s): 1-2 USD Biotabs: 20 cents per tab (12 bio tabs costs 2.40$ for total) ( this one would be only USD, not Ryos.) Manga-styled Anime-styled Manga-styled: 5-10 USD (It depends on the difficulty.) 8k Ryos - 15k Ryos (also depends on the difficulty.) Anime-Styled: 6-12 USD (It depends on the difficulty.) 10k Ryos - 20k Ryos (also depends on the difficulty.) Order Form Order: the type of order from Display pictures to Anime-styled Price: Depend on the art. PayPal:— Alex4Steam@outlook.com — (Only use personal and friends option when sending money.) Also, for those who seek to contact me at Discord. Sentō#4966 is the username. It's highly recommended that you were to contact me on discord for a constant update and such. Please do not spam me with the same orders over and over. I'll see it, eventually.
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    I would like to officially request a dishonor system, that penalizes you for killing someone 10-15 lvls lower than you unless they attacked you 1st. These level 50's out here are too out of control and they need to be stopped.
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    So I was thinking what if there was special outfits you can get thats for your mastery. For example say a certain boss could drops some pants called Pants Of The Dragon Master: When equipped would make your dragon flame fire faster or remove the self stun on it. All masteries could have their own special set of outfits that would affect certain jutsu either making them better in some way or even just be a cosmetic thing. Maybe a special shirt could give you blue fire or some gloves could give you red or purple lightning. To balance it out the outfit could boost one thing on a jutsu but also change something else to make it not OP. Say if something fires faster it would lower the damage some to make up for the speed it fires. What do you guys think
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    Cosmetic changes sure, boosts = no.
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    Suggestion: Don't make stats permanent until you leave the "N" page. Add a plus and minus on the side of stats so you can switch around your available points until you are done. A lot of people waste a stat reset scroll which is worth $5 in a second because of a misclick/lag/etc.
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    I think if you get killed by a mob in PvP the kill should still go to the last person who hit you. It makes waging war and bounty missions needlessly harder because at any point someone can run to a mob and get killed.
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    Rip X he was my fav rapper
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    Sup everyone. Imo Leaf need some improvements. I'm not always agreed with how Leaf's doing, so i'm gonna be the hater who will count what needs to be changed in our village: 1. I wonder who's buddy u need to be to join ANBU... That's only example, but the point is: the Leaf ninjas are not equal. I don't mean ranks. Imo there is some group of appreciated and respected ninja, and the others, who will never join them. I'm not saying that everyone should like everyone, but that's not okay when someone have less chance to join leaf organization, just because the boss of that org don't like him. 2. I'd like to see more events. Even mini events, like RP stuff Godric and Fred did. That would help improve the connection between ninja and village. 3. We have some organizations, who isn't seem to doing anything, like ANBU (lol, i guess it's a bad example cause they just working like that, but that's my feel) or Council. I've heard we have Police Force, but i've never met any members of it... 4. Leaf shouldn't continue the war. It makes lvling harder. I'm not saying that we should show a white flag, but continuing the war with sandies/missings is tiring. Ofc, we have some clans that hates everyone who aren't from Leaf (Kuraen, Suwa). Wilkor, Sour, think about it. 5. Teams of 3 genins and chuunin is a good idea. I'd like to see teamworking of these teams. That's just my thoughts about Leaf as a village. I know that not everyone will agree with all of them. Let's talk about it guys. (and rly sorry. I'm always saying that my english is bad)
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    I don't mind making it impossible to place traps there but it doesn't really change anything, people will put the traps around it instead. Making it wider will make it harder to camp in general. It's not just the traps, you can basically just spam large AOEs like great fireball into the entrance and hit anyone who tries to get by. This goes both ways, Sand can block people from entering, and leaf can block people from leaving. Another idea is to just make the hallway not as long. There are a lot of ways to fix it, booty just wants jonin because he needs people to fight for him.
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    Why enter the village? NPCs are always right at the entrance like in leaf. There's a reason Leaf camps the map above and Sand camp the map west of training ground. There's a reason you're fighting for this to go unchanged and it's pretty obvious you know it's abusive but you don't want to lose the handicap.
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    My main idea for the transformation jutsu is like cloak,the time bases with the level of the jutsu and it can be detected if the user has less chakra than the other person.To transform into a mob you need to kill it first and then take it's form by pressing the jutsu on it's body.That jutsu can make mobs not attack you. Tell me your ideas on this,every kind of feedback is appreciated!
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    I think like an overall fame system would be nice.
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    Waddup waddup guys ! I'm Gotham and i'm 22 years old. Like the title says i'm french so i apologize if my english is not that good and whether I make a couple mistakes. I was looking for a shinobi game to have fun then I found this website which is pretty amazing. Your client is like a PokemonLike and i love it. Currently I'm a part of Sand Village, why ? Because one of my favorite Naruto's characters is Gaara and I truly enjoy his power and his personality. I'll try to be like him in game. I don't know that much about the game yet and I hope i'll encounter people whom will have the ability to help me in the future to be the best ninja that I can be Well, I think that is it for my introduction. See you guys soon !
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    The Suwa clan has always had a level requirement of 30 to join. However, we are now implementing the idea of prospecting. This will be a trial period for both parties. Players gain the benefits of being in the clan (help in game/socialization of a clan), but aren’t official members yet. Those accepted will gain restricted access to the discord. They are also welcome to all clan activities, but may not wear the tag. When the prospect reaches level 30 the clan elders will evaluate their performance and accept or reject them. Our goal is to acquire ninja dedicated to defending the village. We look for those interested in gaining rank within the village & becoming members of official leaf organization. Please know in advance that the screening process to becoming a prospect is selective. Something we want is people who are active. Also, calling out raids and enemy positions are traits we look for. Requirements: Lvl 10-29 No alts mains only Leaf Ninja Approval of Clan Elders How to apply: Reply to this post and include your name, mastery, and level. Message myself or @Kamakura Suwa @Biggie J Suwa on discord. For more information on the Suwa clan https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/12888-suwa-clan/
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    Yeah we need to check the mental health of staff members, we seem to always get people who have something wrong with them. Me included since I was struggling with a mental illness myself, but we will do better in the future.
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    Hello, this is quick guide how to best defeat new Manda Boss for level 30-40. What you'll need to do this as efficiently as possible: 1 damage dealer; a taijutsu or a fire user. 2 medics 1 guy that get's to run a marathon. (Black Box Method outdated, explained what to do now down below) A taijutsu user constantly dealing damage and a medic only healing him. Red is the zone where Manda can one shot you, do not attack from there. The snakes always target 1 person, he can just run around and the second medic can keep healing him. Snakes won't aggro anyone else unless you attack them. You can do this with just one medic as well but then the one who is targeted has to run and evade snakes as much as possible, if he dies the snakes will aggro someone else, so it is highly risky to pull off. There can be only 1 damage dealer per 1 medic, sustaining two can become difficullt without the use of toad oils or blood pills. Quick Note! If the snakes aggro someone other than the runner then leave the room and relog. Make new team and keep doing it until the snakes aggro the right target. Can be avoided if you have three medics, in which case anyone other than damage dealer can be a target. Snakes will at first target the one who enters first but then change to their right target. HAVE FUN!
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    if this is correct thank you i wanna be able to fight manada one day
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    I was killed in village when trying to learn how to play. @Kisame Gekkou was teaching me and then Jun Pachi killed me while I was training with Kisame. He then posted this in vsay. He then posted in vsay more saying how good he is at the game and was lying about what happened. He's probably going to say I was trying to kill him but I was just training with Kisame. Further harassment of Jun Pachi and racism
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    damn you have good drawing
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    X mom said that they caught one of the person who killed X