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    Make sure to click the music below the page number while you read. It's better. Title "The Strongest" . . . . . . . . . . Intro . . . . . . . . . . >Page 1< Click -> ((Page 1 - 4 BGM)) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 2< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 3< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 4< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 5< Click -> ((Page 5 - 8 BGM)) (wait until like 16 sec in before you start reading lol) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 6< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 7< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 8< . . . . . . . . . . (Explanation) Swift Style - Afterimage Clone AssassinationImmediately after the Swift Clones are made, they would all simultaneously attack to overwhelm the enemy. The clones are merely a diversion because the real user (who's most likely ahead of the enemy) would of already blitzed the opponent. In Booty's case, he blitzes the opponent with his sword. Before the enemy realizes it, with their last bit of sight, they would see Booty placing his blade in its scabbard while they're left bisected, decapitated, dismembered, or fatally wounded. If however the enemy survives this strike, the clones are left to finish them off. . . . . . . . . . . >Page 9< Click -> ((Page 9 - End BGM)) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >End< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Make sure to like, follow me, and leave a comment on your thoughts and opinions! ...and hit me up on Discord @The Booty Sensei#7384 for prices if you want me to draw your Ninja!
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    Leaf's Medical Elite Division. @Senketsu @XXXRUMAKI @Nitche (Combat Force) @mav @Fritzo (Support Squad) @Caio Mirana (Leader)
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    After seeing the current World Map, i decided to take a shot at creating one myself. It uses the Naruto World Map as a base too but i changed it to make more sense with what we have ingame so far, it is pretty simple and i didnt put that much details into the lands, but i may work more on it later. What do you guys think about it? What should i do or change? Constructive criticism and suggestions are more than welcome! Keep in mind that this is a Fan made map and it's not something that will be ingame The golden circles are small villages, the Red&White square is the bounty station, and of course the villages with their symbols. ( I added Mist just for the LUL's )
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    Summoning scroll animation appears when casting some weapon mastery (ninja tools) jutsu! Just visual eye candy to make you feel more like a tools ninja. 2 new mobs "Bee" & "Hornet" added. 3 new items "Honeycomb", "Insect Wings" & "Honey" added. Proctor Uniform added for Chunin Exam proctors. There is now a bar in Tanzaku Quarters that sells "Sake". Sake can be drank to give a buff called "Drunken Fist". Drunken Fist lasts for 1 minute, increases agility by 20%, but reduces movement speed by 20%. [Experimental] Idea by: @Guinsoo Missing Ninja can now choose to respawn in Tanzaku Quarter for 50 Ryo. Maps and World Map is now semi-transparent so you can still move around with it open.
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    Simple as in topic name
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    May 2018 PromotionsLeaf VillageChunin: @Kuraen Senketsu @Fritzo @Persona Kurama Jonin: @Caio Mirana @Atrane @Ishyn SasayakiSand Village Chunin: @Booty Gang Pinku @Zelda @Huranza Specialized Jonin: @Nomady Hozuki the Adaptive Ninja Jonin: @Tresmorne Toitsu @Kenock Toitsu @Booty the Great Special Message It's always a privilege to watch amazing fights go down. That being said, I have to say that this exam probably had one of the more disappointing RP levels in the finals. I think it's very important to build your character and relationships with people in the community so that you have a story for yourself, and also with the people around you. Let's aim for that for the next exam We also had the first Tie in a Chunin Exam match up during the Sand village chunin exam between Booty Gang Pinku vs. Zelda. An amazing moment! It's always a hard decision to not promote everyone who deserves it, for me, assigning ranks is an easy task, and I know it is a big deal to you. So trust me when I say, it's harder for me not to just feel like giving everyone the Chunin/Jonin ranks. It's hard to see people lose. It's hard to see people win and not get promoted, but it's also what makes for a better story for everyone, and to maintain the rank system in the game. Getting Chunin rank will always mean something really big in Nin Online, and I hope that everyone understands the vision for why I have to hold back on giving everyone ranks..!
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    Let's Drink Some Tea! Pirates in the photo: @Dona, @Deviax Adenium, @Ketsueki Akoosh , @Lumy Vongola, @Nomady Hozuki, @Mylu Vongola
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    Rebalanced Slashing Tornado/Slashing Tornadoes technique damage from (24/25/26/23/23/23) to (25/25/26/26/27/27). Fans now have a 20 requirement to take it out of the meta for non-fan users for it's knockback and interrupt cast. Fixed Ravaging Earth Spikes Technique description.
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    The Chinome Clan Long ago, our clan existed in the Hidden Leaf Village. We were many, and we were strong. We grew quickly, and achieved great power in this world... But all great things come to an end. Our clan was forced from the Village Hidden in the Leaves. We were hunted down, and destroyed one by one... What few remained of our clan, went into hiding and exile. Most simply vanished and were never seen again. However, much time has passed since the purge... A fitting name for the eradication of an entire family. After all this time, the survivors, the few remnants of our once great people, have risen from the ashes of the fallen to re-unite and exact vengeance on all those who have wronged us. We are done hiding. It's your turn. Description: The word "Chinome" roughly translates to "Blood eyes" or "Blood enchanted eyes" depending on your translation. The Uchiha Clan will not exist in Nin. The devs have stated this several times... However, this clan is for those of you who want to to be the Nin canon equivelant of the legendary clan of the world of Masashi Kishimoto (The creator of the Naruto manga and anime). The symbol of our clan is the owl, a universal symbol of wisdom. Though we are not just any nocturnal predators. Our eyes are blood red, a clear sign of our clan's Kekkei Genkai. Not a single Chinome clan member that still lives has awakened this power as of yet. The powers of the clan before the purge... before our elders and veterans were destroyed... were written down and passed on by word of mouth. Only a few of us have even witnessed the power that our ancestors once possessed. Someday we will awaken that strength that each of us inherently possesses... But we know not when. Before the purge, our numbers were enough to rival the Hidden Villages themselves... And rival them we did... But in the end, we were defeated. Now, we are few... very few. Our current members: 1. Clan Leader: @Viduus Chinome 2. Clan Elder: @Oriax Chinome 3. Clan Elder: @Balcoin Chinome 4. Clan Member: @Maku Chinome 5. Clan Member: @Lil Woo 6. Clan Member: @Uni Chinome A list of the fallen... killed during the purge. Never forget, never forgive. 1. @Lucy Chinome 2. @Maki Chinome 3. @Logic Chinome 4. @Hikari Chinome 5. @Laguna Chinome 6. @Shouri Chinome 7. @Kikenna Chinome 8. @Quinteiku Chinome 9. @Saku (Ally of the family) 10. @Sakei A list of those who abandoned the clan's name in order to survive... they are not to be blamed. Any sane man or woman would have made the same choice: 1. @Maj 2. Soul Apparition... This is the last name I knew him by. 3. @Sasuke 4. @IKage Toitsu 5. @Goblin Hoshigaki 6. @Crush 7. @Crowlock 8. @Niti 9. @NightAoi 10. @Omega 11. @Riley Ajisai (Ally of the family) 12. @Meth (Ally of the family) 13. @Nell (Ally of the family) 14. @Daishin (For a brief while.. One of the very first to fall) 15. @Pinku the Original (Was a slave... but still family in my book < 3) 16. @Tartarus (Ally of the family) We have returned.
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    Hello Ninja, I have served Nin Online as the Community Manager for quite a few months now, and I thought I was going to remain CM for quite some time, but for a few weeks, I've been kind of wanting to step back to just be able to play, host events, and chill with the community, and I felt like being a spokesperson for the community team was interfering with that. I am also super busy, and gaining many responsibilities elsewhere such as work, a trip this summer, and working on another project, that I needed to pull back from the high expectations of both my Co-GMs and Admins and of course, you guys. I have no wrong feelings for this community or the team, in fact I still want to be apart of it, so I will simply just be stepping down to Game Master for now. So, you can still message me and send me your reports, but I won't be the manager of the community anymore. Things to be aware of: - I do not know who the next Community Manager is, I recommended all of the current GMs and a few people who have shown interest in the position before for Rory to connect with, but obviously, that's his choice, and I'll respect whoever takes on this amazing role in the future! Please don't bother Rory asking about it, as I don't think Rory will replace me right away as I don't believe there's much need for a CM right now with all the work the GMs do as a whole, but I'm sure it'll happen eventually. - I will still be the host of both the Premium Ninja Brawl & Ninja Festivals. These weren't Community Manager-locked events, they were more so mine I created as a staff member, so I will remain the host of them along with Sezu and whoever else helps with them in the future. The Summer Ninja Festival will still happen and you'll see an announcement soon! - Please note: I'm not leaving! I will still be a GM, and I will still play the game quite a bit, I just need to remove some of my responsibilities. (Sorry if this post has any typos or anything, I kind of quickly wrote it!) Best Regards & Thank you all for all the awesome things you've allowed me to do. I can't wait to see what this change has in store for the game and myself, Jessica
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    Dear Ninja, Some organizations recently have been approved but did not meet standards for roleplay expected for organizations. These include but are not limited to "Sons of Akatstuki", "Mist Village" and "Hype-Beast". As a reminder, all organizations are for facilitating sensible and good roleplay, and are not to be used as PvP factions. Missing Ninja may also not form groups that parade themselves are villages. These should not have been approved in the first place, and I apologize for the inconvenience. Due to the abuse of the newly added feature, all organizations are now limited to 20 members at a time. This may be increased or reduced in the future on a per organization basis. Regards, Rory
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    Added more Danger Zones. Now only Villages and starting areas are Safe Zones. Fixed missing blocks on several maps.
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    Different ranks of Body Flicker wouldn't work with warp pads. This also fixes many other potential bugs with events that check your Jutsus. Fix the mass disconnection bug. We still have server hang, this means you will be able to move, but not cast Jutsu. This is the next bug fix I am working on.
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    I've been testing the fire wall hit box and noticed that the hit box is larger if you place it while running diagonally. I have some quick screenshots to show what i mean. If the wall is placed while running horizontally, the hitbox ends up like this: If the wall is placed while running vertically, the hitbox ends up like this: Now, if you place the firewall while running diagonally, the hitbox gains two extra tiles like this: (Sorry for the poor boxes, made this quickly in paint)
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    I need 3 more likes to hit 100 on my community rep. Hook it up.
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    The recent change to waging war, as much as the devs may see this as an exploit and I guess to some extent it is. However, the downside to this change is the amount of toxicity this will create within the game. You will have higher level players who are trying to complete this mission will kill any missing/opposite village player regards of the level difference. You may say this might help them improve their pvp skills. But when a high level decides to hunt a low-level player they will stand no chance and will be killed over and over till the ninja with the mission is done. This will cause more hate and toxicity within the game and will cause new players to potentially give up playing for the fact that they can no level or complete mission in peace without a huge target on their head. Before someone says will high level should protect them, let's be real, this is a mmo players have their own things they are doing and cannot always spend time helping another player, on top of this with time zones and some people with restrict time to play, the last thing they will want to do is stand there in low level areas for no reward to make it safe.
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    The "Permanent Genin Teams" have been decided. This does not mean you are limited to participating with this team in the CE, or a Chunin can't host RPs outside of his team, you are still free to do both. Note this is for RP Purposes (Creation of character stories (bio)), your team will go through training sessions and RP missions together. You have the choice to go to the Chunin Exams with this team or make your own. Although it is good to consider since you'll be spending a lot of time with this team (events, RP missions, training sessions, etc.) The following teams have been decided... Team 1 - Caio - Aczinor, Harmony, & Reseda Team 2 - Sour Suwa - Eagly Suwa, the avater, & Solbiato Suwa Team 3 - Hawt - Tobi Mirana, Balcoin, & Pharaoh Team 4 - Ishyn Sasayaki - Suwa Dangan, CiroKurbaki, & Jotaro Team 5 - Nichiro - Kamakura, Charky, & Crown II Team 6 - Atrane - Senketsu, ???, & Kuraen Skypen Team 7 - Leevi - Nitche, Josh, & Liroy Team 8 - Keen - Soul, Mikaele, & Ryouta Team 9 - Fred - Rumaki, Katsuo Lee, & Zenji Nara Team 10 - Dairuto - Jellal, ???, & Meids Team 11 - Aghila - Jarko, Arubaro, & Eder Team 12 - ??? - Mikai, Jasmine, & Jayda Kuraen Wilkor will be trying to get your team together to take a picture and the team picture will be attached below the team's roster on this post! (The ???s means soon to be replaced)
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    Fix organizations not being removed when leaving an organization. This fixes tons of bugs in-game. Fix display of stats in Character Panel when receiving a buff/debuff. Fix game server crashes. Allow staff to bypass MacAddress. Fix events not working. This includes timed missions mostly such as Guard Duty. Add a message to display if a player has capped their daily when trying to receive a daily mission.
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    Pillars of the Hidden Leaf Village... Sasayaki Clan @Corgee Sasayaki @Ishyn Sasayaki @Hawt @Leevi Sasayaki @Ori Sasayaki @Deathmall Sasayaki
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    Dear Ninja, The server will be down every Wednesday at 24:00 CST for us to test and release some updates. It may be upwards to 2 hours, but these updates should only take about 30 minutes to test and release to ensure there are no problems. We sometimes may push out hotfixes to address problems outside of maintenance periods, these downtimes are expected to last less than 15 minutes. Please note, these changes will only be my updates. Content changes usually go live immediately when Rory is done with them. You can read the changes here.
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    Character creation could get you stuck in the server. Massive disconnects should be fixed. Multiple servers should work now. Events should work while sitting. Fix issues with connections not working. Updater if didn't connect, the error text was too long. It has been shortened. Reduced Global CD to 100ms down from 250ms.
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    Well, I thought it would be good to make a section of clans so that people are well informed, I will put the clans of each village in the order that I think are essential in the villa so that you also know the most active and important of each village (Notice in this list the order I consider it by: number of members, the ranges that each member has and the importance for that town.) Well here are the clans that there are in all nin: LEAF The primary clans: 1. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/6899-sasayaki- 囁き/ 2. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/8217-mirana-clan/ 3. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/6014-the-kuraen-clan/ 4. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/12888-suwa-clan/ the secondary clans: - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/25517-ryokaku-clan/ - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/25375-the-ryuta-clan/ - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/15613-kurbaki-clan/ Sand The primary clans: 1. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/12876-the-toitsu-clan/ 2. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/20111-hozuki-clan-reborn/ 3. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/15423-vongola-clan/ 4. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/21076-adenium-desert-rose-clan/ the secondary clans: - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/11383-blood-raven-clan-ketsueki-karasu/ Missing or clans that contain people from all three places [Leaf, Sand and Mssing] The primary clans: 1. Sand: https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/18845-kurama-clan/ Leaf: https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/18844-kurama-clan/ 2. org/clan: https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/gc/85-yagami-no-te/ 3. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/14871-yαgyu-clαn/#comment-84110 4. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/6421-the-chinome-clan/#comment-69208
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    There's too much hate on this, to be honest, it's one of the more thought provoking feedback points I've heard in awhile. The initial non-mastery techniques were created to add a few standard battle mechanics that people had to think about when fighting on top of their mastery techniques. The idea was to build an already in-depth battle system completely absent of classes (mastery), and then add masteries to give each player unique moves on top of it. I may have skipped the lore book on this one, but I don't think it makes for bad design. It makes fights a lot more interesting in the cases where you're forced to finish the fight and gives players a way to create distance (while body flicker and substitution close distances). The problem comes more when people just use it as a means to escape. Although it is a totally legit way to do so, and there are various ways to counter it now. Perhaps I will look into a few factors like whether the duration of the technique should be as long when you're already in a fight.
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    No Traps around Tanzaku Quarters hospital and entrance maps!
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    @Dona @Indra @Aghila @Leevi Sasayaki @Deathmall Sasayaki @Mikecw KON. 3 meanings. Kids on Nin King of Nin cucKing our Ninja The rest of this I leave to your interpretation.
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    Me when leafies and sandies Raid takumi.
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    Suggestions I have in mind for the game. Suggestions for bugs, content, pvp: Add Monk NPC to Takumi ( It is frustrating sometime when you can buy a bless for yourself but have to walk all the way to a village. ) New Mob -> Bee Queen ( After killing Bee Hive another mob should spawn from it, Bee Queen a higher level mob than hornets and bees that drops more combs. As of now it feels like a great mob to train jutsu on without moving around at all. ) Add a STR Fan level 35 Jutsu. ( Currently it has only 5 jutsu. STR Fan is still lacking, a sixth jutsu could the push it needs to compete with other masteries. ) Create a count description for WW or CBK. ( Sometimes it is hard to keep up with how many kill you have especially if you don't do it in one whoop. ) Reduce duration of invisibility jutsu when in combat. ( It is too hax if you consider how easy it can sometimes be to just cloak and run. ) Make BI Stack x2. ( Meaning your stat reduced after 1 death and then second as well. To prevent Bi-Warrior. ) Make BI fade 2x faster when lying in hospital bed. ( Adaptive suggestion to compensate for Bi-Stack, could also be implemented without the stack. Many people especially new ones are disliking that BI halt's their progress or waste their time. This could be done to make it a bit easier for the little guys. ) Reduce Poison Cloud dot damage 20 > 15 ( As a medic myself I find the dot too powerful, being already very easy to land. ) Fix Summoning Toad name in Takumi, Leaf village. ( Unknown if Sand Village toad name is different. Current name ''Poster2'' and ''Itori'' ) Fix Medicine Supply mission reward for Takumi. ( Currently you require to bring blood pills to Daimyo. It is already a risk taking mission and it costs ryo to complete via pill purchase, yet it does not give out any ryo as reward. ) Change Time Off!? reward for Sand and Missing. ( With the recent update to time off mission, for example Leaf Villagers gain just as much if not more exp for this mission, while a sand or missing has to risk and travel a long distance to gain just as much exp. ) Fix lightning cutter not able to stun mobs. ( To make farming with lightning less a horrible experience. ) Thank you, Make kills count in safe zones for WW or CBK. ( For majority of player, it take too long to do this mission, for lower levels especially as when not on mission like this they spend most of their time in safe zones and if an enemy does approach those zones, they will die anyway. ) (IF) Kill in safe zone will not count as mission kill then reduce the requirement for kills for WW and CBK ( Again, it takes far too long for some players and sometimes you just give-up the mission because there is nobody online or nobody is crossing danger zones when you are around. As of now I see people simply killing multiple alts or ''asking'' for kills to complete the mission because of how absurd it is. Is this what you wanted Rory? ) Make unable to gain bounty when on BI to prevent abuse. Add fan requirement.
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    Added 40 Ryo reward for Waging War I. Changed amount of kills for Waging War II from 6 to 5. Added 50 Ryo reward for Waging War II. Changed amount of kills for Waging War III from 8 to 7. Added 70 Ryo reward for Waging War III. Changed amount of kills for Waging War IV from 10 to 8. Added 80 Ryo reward for Waging War IV. Changed Cold Blooded Killer ryo rewards to match that of Waging War missions.
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    Well, finally I ended my own character drawing, which is (obviously) based on Katsuki Bakugo from Boku no Hero lol. (Btw I'm thinking in making some drawings for the ones who ask me to, will be cool to see what i can do and improve! What do you guys think?
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    raise it to 600 seconds and then if ur in the hospital it'll heal quicker? or just make the hospital beds heal the wounds quicker
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    As title say, dailies should give increased rewards or new rewards when a player has reached cap level. Perhaps completing all your 3 dailies should give us a coupon. Maybe new end game missions at 50 , for example missing get missions to assassinate high ranked people inside their villages. Villages could get escort missions to another village etc. All rewarding coupons and/or a lot of ryo. Getting killed while trying to do the mission should make players fail the mission , i.e auto abandon the mission.
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    •THE RYUTA CLAN• Known as a warrior clan, the Ryuta Clan has been formed by two brothers trained specially in Taijutsu since their parents were kidnaped by the Akatsuki member @Itachi Uchiha when they were 6 years old, and have been seeking for them since today, being both of them 19 years old now. They have been fighting each other to become stronger, so one day, a sage dragon noticed an overwhelming potential on them, so decided to train them in dragon sage arts, what brought them a blood bond by summoning, beginning the first days of the Ryuta Clan. General requirements: Send them to me or @Takashi no Ryuta by pm -Name: Player’s name must have “no Ryuta” after it. -Level: +25 -Mastery: Doesn’t matter, but preferably Taijutsu. (Rarely, a newborn Ryuta would be able to master the Dragon Path, which is Taijutsu+Fire, making him a “Ryuta Kenton”, a special bloodline inside the clan.) -Hair color: Prefered colors are Blonde, Orange and Red. -Nature: Ryuta ninjas are known for being agressive and fast in reacting when they feel in danger. -Village: It doesn’t matter, Ryuta can have ninjas from any village, but they’re allies, since they share blood link. Types of bloodline: Ryuken (Specialized mostly in Taijutsu, also WM and Medic) Ryuton (Specialized in pure elements) Ryuta Kenton (Specialized in Fire Taijutsu) Name: Level: Village: Rank: Bloodline: @Takashi no Ryuta 50 Leaf (Missing) Leader Ryuken @Moixo no Ryuta 42 Leaf Leader Ryuken @Razjel no Ryuta 27 Leaf Member Ryuken @Nutron no Ryuta 25 Leaf Member Ryuken @Bakugeki no Ryuta 23 Leaf Member Ryuton
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    Hey Leaf i wanted to make a suggestion that i feel as though it will help the village out a lot new player,newbs,noob and Pros This system will basically help you while your in a battle and need help with fighting since you have to wait 30 sec to send another message Basically what i am suggestion we use a section/sector system that would be easy for someone to call for help for example ! = will indicate there is a Enemy ninja at that section/sector of the village training ground raid = TG! Larva 1 closes to the village = L1! Larva 2 (closer to spiders) = L2! Spiders = SS! Mini Bridge = MB! Wolves = W! Main Gate=G! Dark bridge = DB! Spiders 2 (near Bear 1 and DB) DS! Bear 1 = B1! Bear 2 = B2 Main Gate Left =GL! main gate Right=GR! Guard duty= GD! Tiger = T! So on and so forth if you like this idea comment with your continuation and Rep me up it will greatly appreciated also im open to everyone else ideas
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    I've decided that every week starting from now, I'll be giving out a prize to the winner of the weekly spin. The spins will be done on a 3rd party site, I'll input the names of those who've applied and spin. (Most likely will be streamed) The "Weekly Spins" will start this week until the last of June which will be my last, this will be fully sponsored by me (there might be people who will wish to contribute to the rewards, that'll be mentioned if so). It'll range from in-game items to in-game credit, there'll be some weeks where 3 winners will be announced and others where only one. In order to participate, you must send me a message with your account username and say that you wish to enter this month's weekly spin. Your name will be taken and placed in the wheel. This month there'll be 4 spins, the same names will be used in every spin for the rest of this month. If you win once your name will be taken out from the list for the rest of this month's spins. You only need to register once a month. For this month's weekly spin the deadline for entry is 5/12/2018. So please send me a message with the account name you wish to enter. The prize will be announced a day before the spin. All winners will be posted on this topic and their prizes. Make sure to review this topic the day before to see what the prize will be for the spin! Requirements are... You can only enter 1 account. You must be a Leaf Ninja. Your account must not have any strikes.
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    Fuksuki Gang @Michael Toitsu @Atrane @Jellal Kuraen @Roodraak Kuraen @FR3D Lucha @Biggie Suwa @ParagonRyan @Creamy @Senpai (SS was took a long time ago)
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    Def the layout of the village. Hope it looks more like Naruto which was more mist covered and gloomy as opposed to bright like Boruto. Excited to see the ANBU gear as Sand's was totally improvised so I'm curious what Mists will look like. Oh and the demon mist brother claw gauntlets! More bandages and cow prints! As for jutsu I'd like to see Hiding in Mist to actually cause a "blind" instead of just creating a mist zone that players will just run outside of and wait till it dissipates. Water Whip which was used by Hunter-Nin to bind targets. Mist Rain which absorbed any chakra that came in contact with it, a nice silencing move. A barrier ninjutsu which was also known by Hunter-Nin which protected a body part from being damaged could work like a shield that would cut damage from the next attack that hits you.
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    Me loggin in after peace treaty was announced to see 10 Sand Ninja casually chilling in Leaf square.
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    Fix bug with casting animation not stopping sometimes. Fix being stuck logged in and other logout issues.
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    Suggestion to make multiple entrances to villages, so ninja have a easier time sneaking in and also a harder time stop people from entering. As it is now,theres essentially 1 way to enter and all you have to do to stop raiding ninja is camp that area. Thoughts?
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    Each mastery is a class, with unique play styles and leveling experiences. It's like if in Diablo you could switch your level 50 barbarian into a level 50 sorcerer with the power of money. In a more specifically Nin context It'll make RP and having your own identity meaningless, it'll remove the weight of decision making. Stat resets yeah, people put stats into the wrong area and/or want to try new respecs without replaying their same class again, so sure, stat resets are fine. In Naruto, people are born with Chakra Nature affinity and/or talented in some area of the ninja arts (like Rock Lee). So if everyone is just switching around masteries, we get a world where this isn't true anymore. Don't see characters as a vessel of whatever playstyle you want to be at the moment, each character is a person with a story. If you want to play a good ninja combat simulator, there's always just Shinobi Striker. Nin is a game about RP and stories.
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    Snow Field maps now use new Additive/Subtractive rendering mode to give bright effect instead of normal rendering. Giving a more vibrant and less washed out look! Added Bee Hives that drop Honey Combs. Added Bee Infestation and Hornet Infestation daily missions! Fixed Takumi River being an indoor map.
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    Why should you not lose bounty during a raid ? Tbh it makes no sense to not lose bounty in a safe zone to begin with, I assume it was because bounty is much harder to get than to lose. But that would be fixing a problem by creating another instead of making bounty easier to get. I do however agree that adding more danger zones would be working towards the solution . There are way too many questionable safe zones like bounty station for example. Another solution, like I said above, would be to allow players on bounty mission to hunt people with bounties anywhere including safezones, it makes sense since those are wanted ninjas..
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    That's how I imagine our little talk:
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    Hey! here some stuff that i think SHOULD change in the game. 1 : Map change block should only apply in certain maps.....like danger and war zones only. (where it REALLY matter) this point is only about how annoying and stupid it is not being able to change map after being hit. 2 : dots shouldnt make the map block timer refresh each time it does dmg....Its honestly stupid how u cant escape against a medic because of their poison(stupid long as fuck dots with op dmg) 3 : There should be a timer that prevent you to go invisible during fights...cuz currently, everyone has the ring of Sauron and it make no sense. pvp wise and balance wise. we saw only 1 person in naruto that could REALLY go invisible. Cloaking should be about hidding missions and not being seen by others while trying to get somewhere... representation of the current cloaking jutsu. 4 : Fans (the weapon) should have a stat requierement so not everyone can have the free knockback it has to cancel jutsus. Doesnt make sense pvp wise, anime wise, rp wise, common sense wise and style wise.
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    Medic is supposed to be support but doesn't offer anything to teammates besides heals during battles. Since antibodies is pretty much useless, I suggest making it give the person that's buffed a CC immunity for x duration or a % damage reduction. For advanced medic , I think it should be an instant skill that makes an ally invincible for 2-3 seconds. This way medics can save an ally in a deadly situation ( stunned or snared ).