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    Dear Ninja, Today we fixed one of the biggest server crashes plaguing the games development, and with it comes a lot of lessons for the future of the game's development. We now know some things to look out for and avoid when coding the game, and we now have the means to debug crashes like this in the future. The reason this particular crash was so unsolvable was that it wasn't actually crashing the server. It was creating an infinite loop in calling server game logic. Which didn't crash the server and provide any debug information, and our current server was not able to give any debug information when attempting to debug through the latest version of Visual Studio. It turns out that our dated technology required the use of dated copies of Windows and a dated copy of Visual Studio to give us the debug information we needed, and I would not have been able to discover this without @Seth. It also took @Robin's knowledge in debugging methods to figure out what was causing it. I've spent the last couple of weeks blindly testing the server to see what would cause crashes, it took me and Seth stress testing parts of the game blindly, as we collected useful data and information from players about what they felt was causing the crashes. While I cannot disclose the exact cause as of yet for the game's server security, I would like to say that some of the information given did in fact make sense once the bug was found. The discovery took the efforts of Seth, Robin and myself convening over a long period of time analyzing the course of action to solve the bug. I also would like to thank Pokemon Planet's creator, Brody, for also providing assistance, and advising possible courses of action as well @Abhi for agreeing to put aside time from his busy exam schedule to look into it when I called him. Lastly I'd like to thank all the players who have been patient and sending me reports on possible causes for the crashes over the last week. Thank you to Nintendave @Bolan Vongola @Dayum Mirana @Riley @Sukki Ohiya @Jellal Kuraen @Oriax @Itachi Himitsu @Lumy @Shissei @MrChubb The Hozuki @Origami Heart User_name @Lain and whoever else gave useful feedback and encouragement, you're all top notch beta testers. This may not be the last problem causing crashes, but we now have the means to debug any similar problems (which there might be). Hopefully this means a much more stable Nin Online server immediately, or in the weeks to come. However, I would like to apologize in advance that the goals of 2018 (Adv. Masteries / Mist) may come a bit later than end of the year. I was initially going to rush out a lot of content by the end of 2018, but I've decided that in the spirit of Christmas, I'll be working on making the server stable and doing a Christmas event again, because we haven't had holiday events this year. Regards, Rory
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    Hello Leaf! Elections have finally concluded in the Leaf Village and the village has chosen their Council and Hokage. We present everyone with an opportunity to meet their new Council and Hokage tomorrow at 1pm EST in a short inaugural ceremony to be held outside the Leaf Academy. The ceremony will serve as the official beginning of the term of the 4th Leaf Village Council and the 5th Hokage and give an opportunity for the villagers to get to know their Council and Hokage. Hope to see you all there! -5th Hokage @Fritzo -4th Official Council - @Sour Suwa @Nitche Mirana @Corgee Sasayaki
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    Disclaimer: This is purely for entertainment. So, I noticed we had a diss track session going around on the forums, and I thought it was pretty funny, so I wanted to give it a shot too. Lyrics: Call that a Demonflow? More talent in my semen tho And I'm here to steal the show Nin players, you need to stop rapping I'd rather be lookin' at Rory doing his fingerfapping My thoughts also overlapping Bars are slapping, Balcoin's fingers snapping This is just some lyrical bragging, in christmas wrapping While I'm laughing cause MrChubbs lost his mask of dragons Aghila the man I'm clapping You already seen it happen Jun crying, so I hand that man a napkin You will never see me lacking Seth at work? Yeah, he slacking Corgee is a dude, I seen what he's packing And I gave Ishyn a smacking Leevi my witness, I ain't even acting Dyan, your village stuck, is it lagging? Chilling with Jasmine, but I ain't no Aladdin Rush through like AP, but I ain't playing Madden Can you imagine? I'm like an assassin on acid in action Himitsu's talent? Compare it to mine, it's only a fraction Spare lines that I did not have time to record because ain't nobody got time for proper production and all that crap, this is filmed on Snapchat homeboys lmao: Garlic, you're toast (hahah) Your friends are my foes I ain't f*cking with those Shoutout to the bros The Shissei's, the Yuki's, the Crow's
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    Since there are a lot of people who make alts these days, I figured it could be nice to have the exact statistics of each mob's XP, HP, DMG and drops. So I took it upon myself to create such a list, to help people plan accordingly with their leveling. (This post will keep expanding untill EVERYTHING is in here. Bosses included.) (Note: All the XP that is shown is measured without a blessing) __________________________________________________ To measure the worth of the different mob drops, I've decided to mark them with specific colors depending on their ryo value. (This is normally calculated by the item's ryo-worth in a normal shop, but can vary if the item is sold a lot amongst players / is involved with a quest and is very sought after.) Gray - 1 ryo Green - 2-4 ryo Blue - 5-9 ryo Purple - 10+ ryo Orange - Legendary (For more information regarding prices for all sorts of items, head over to the post @Niti made.) __________________________________________________ Larvae (General) Lv. 1 | 12 XP | 12 HP | 4 DMG (DROPS COCOON) _________________________ Spiderling Scorpion (Leaf) (Sand) Lv. 5 | 37 XP | 25 HP | 8 DMG Lv. 5 | 37 XP | 25 HP | 8 DMG (DROPS SPIDER EGGS) (DROPS SCORPION TAIL) _________________________ Stinger (Sand) Lv. 7 | 50 XP | 45 HP | 16 DMG (DROPS SCORPION TAIL) _________________________ Wolf Coyotes (Leaf) (Sand) Lv. 9 | 67 XP | 60 HP | 18 DMG Lv. 9 | 67 XP | 60 HP | 18 DMG (DROPS CANINE FANG) (DROPS CANINE FANG) _________________________ Tiger Scarab (Leaf) (Sand) Lv. 13 | 97 XP | 85 HP | 26 DMG Lv. 13 | 97 XP | 85 HP | 26 DMG (DROPS TIGER FUR) (DROPS SCARAB SHELL) _________________________ White Tiger Tunnelers (Leaf) (Sand) Lv. 17 | 127 XP | 116 HP | 44 DMG Lv. 17 | 127 XP | 116 HP | 44 DMG (DROPS TIGER FUR) (DROPS TUNNELER TONGUE) _________________________ Mutant Rat Big Scarab (Leaf) (Sand) Lv. 23 | 172 XP | 155 HP | 39 DMG Lv. 23 | 172 XP | 155 HP | 39 DMG (DROPS RAT TAIL | TWIN FANGS) (DROPS BIG SCARAB SHELL | DOUBLE FAN) | | _________________________ Bee (General) Lv. 26 | 190 XP | 155 HP | 44 DMG (DROPS HONEY COMB | INSECT WINGS) | _________________________ Hornet (General) Lv. 28 | 220 XP | 155 HP | 48 DMG (DROPS HONEY COMB | INSECT WINGS) | _________________________ Snake (General) Lv. 30 | 225 XP | 216 HP | 60 DMG (DROPS SNAKE VENOM) _________________________ Venomous Snake (General) Lv. 32 | 255 XP | 230 HP | 64 DMG (SPECIAL ABILITY: POISON) (DROPS SNAKE VENOM) _________________________ Hawk (Toad) Lv. 34 | 255 XP | 305 HP | 78 DMG (SPECIAL ABILITY: TELEPORT) (DROPS HAWK TALON | HAWK FEATHER) | _________________________ Bear (General) Lv. 36 | 266 XP | 300 HP | 94 DMG (SPECIAL ABILITY: STUN) (DROPS BROWN BEAR PAW) _________________________ Raccoon Bandit (Toad) Lv. 37 | 255 XP | 400 HP | 85 DMG (SPECIAL ABILITY: TELEPORT | STUN | WIND BARRAGE {220 DMG} ) (DROPS RACCOON TAIL) _________________________
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    Approximately one year ago I was told the friend list issue would be fixed yet it has not been. Contacted Seth via DMs repeating myself recently and for some reason, DM suggestions are not simply considered any more or it's at least what I've been told they want to see it on the forums. So I assume that the folks who DM some suggestions are on the same boat as I, those ideas fade it's understandable, they'll tend to be disregarded just heads up for anyone who reads this, forums have a higher chance of your ideas being considered. With that being said I'll bring up the issue once more. People are able to add you without your confirmation is one thing, but they're able to see your online status as well. We should be given the option to either accept/decline friend requests. Also, I understand how difficult it may be to review some ideas, I've seen many that would just not work and we seem to not have a lot of hands on deck when it comes to the responses towards some. This is a suggestion towards the staff team, Rory maybe you should consider authorizing more people to relay/filter the ideas on this forum. There are many and there many that don't work and it must be strenuous for just you and Seth to be looking at some and having to be the deciders in many topics. I feel because of the quantity the quality of your responses is not too satisfying. In other words, share the vision. Another thing is, I believe we should have items we are able to edit/interact more. For example, there could be a simple flyer or scroll for RP Purposes, maybe you'd want to buy a stack of flyers distribute it among a group containing typed information regarding an event or possibly even paste it somewhere, or the scroll containing player-created mission details. I feel like it would be nice also to write a scroll and pay someone to deliver it to a certain individual containing written details, it's just small little rp things that could be nice. RP should be encouraged more and I believe RP missions should be more rewarding. An economic system may not come anytime soon but the idea of having roles like Ramen Seller, Resource Collector for the Ramen, Customer and such do keep players occupied, of course, that would only be somewhat successful if the food would be more significant but this is just an example of the chain-effect of possible roles. Overall I'm just saying there should be more occupations/activities that you can participate and host. Jessica's idea of a war event where there was a distribution of an equal amount of passes on each side that would permit the person to be teleported to a map was not a bad idea. It's nice to have variation once and a while, I'm sure others have grown somewhat tired of Tournaments all the time. (Hoping that Christmas Event happens again ).
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    Well, as the title of this thread says, it's time for me to say goodbye to Nin Online. Now, I realize that this post probably won't be seen with all of the "___ NEEDS TO BE BALANCED RIGHT AWAY" types of posts, but I thought that it would be necessary for me to say goodbye to a game I played for over a year. Playing Nin was for a very long time, really fun. I met tons of great people and had fun doing it. To start I'd like to go over some of my favorite moments playing. The first thing is kind of a brag. I would like to brag about being the only player to be in both Leaf and Sand anbu. Heh. Anyway, joining Yoru was very fun, and being a damn staff member was insane to me. When I first started playing I would have never thought in a million years that I would be a staff member for this game, rather a game in general. It was a great experience. (Even though it wasn't the most fun thing ever..) Almost being a council member for Sand was another big moment for me. It was fun. Now, I'd like to thank some people who have made playing this game a joyride for me. (not in any specific order.) 1. @R I L E Y the loml. You're funny as hell, generous as hell, and nice as hell. Thank you for everything you did for me. Especially joining Yoru, I loved every minute of being in that org while it was active. 2. @Desert Mouse aka Mika. You are literally the nicest person that I have met in this game. Thanks for everything. 3. @Deathmall Sasayaki so like, you were basically the guy who helped me the most in leaf. Even after I left, you remained cool to me. It was great to be around you and know you. Good luck in the future, man. 4. @Oriax Himitsu ur cute, luv u. Thanks for making the game fun for me. 5. @Tresmorne Oleander even though you don't play the game and probably won't see this, you were a great guy to vc with 6. @Kenock you are the greatest BR ever. Greatest staff member ever. Hottest man ever. Love u. 7. @Ueda Last but not least Rory. Thank you for creating this game. Even though I got burnt out in the end, I had a helluva lot of fun playing this game. You are doing very well for having such a small staff team to help you develop the game. Thank you for letting me be on the staff team. Even though it was a small amount of time, it was a good time. Thanks for making this game, cause even though people may complain about stuff, they are still playing it. And I don't see why people would play a game they don't like and appreciate. Love you Rory. Sooo uh yeah. That was my goodbye post. I may login to the forums from time to time to check on updates and see how the game is going. But I doubt that I'll login. I promise this isn't an Itachi goodbye post. (luv u itachi). So yeah. Thanks guys, and gooooodbye!
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    Movement now processes correctly, FPS no longer affects it. No more spamming either! Guards no longer follow players if they are from the same village. Guards now work for Missing Ninja. Fix CD bug with throwing weapons. Bounty now shows to all villages, we will soon implement a button to toggle it off. Hotbar has been enhanced! Interrupts should no longer cause you to be stuck. Code changes that were reverted to fix crashing, have been brought back. Players who send a lot of packets, will now be sent a message informing them of it, so they can show staff to further investigate. Server has been optimized in sending direction and jutsu packets. NPCs can attack players in No Zone.
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    Red Smoke (Lidor diss) First things first you never go after family especially not nastily, Cause now this scene looking like a tragedy, Lidor you name dropping me like you know me, Your bars are whack so now let me show you, come and see, Lyrically we are not even on the same page, Once you started talking down on my family you let the beast out his cage, One look at me and you can tell, I would rip you right out of your shell, Those bars really made you look dumb, With no rhyme or reason it made my ears go numb, Now I have to humiliate you, Inhuman and a better version just like Mewtwo, The Demonflow song was just for banter, Time to put you in the dirt like a planter, Looking at yourself lazily like a loser I will put an end to your career like foreclosure Destroying your desperate attempt at a rap Originally giving you hope now this is just a trap Realize i'm resizing your ego revoked by this talent less crap Idiotically looking irritated can't identify the idiom giving you some fame Speak stupidly about my game thinking I care who knows my alts name Analyze all bars aimed at your arrogance Brutally breaking boundaries because you think that you are safe Impulsive increase in intensity leaving you in a strafe Takes time to terminate the talkative trash bloodline Completely leaving you crippled after every configured word like a deadline Halfhearted hospitality hits hard with no hesitation leaving you humiliated. Now you say you are going to beat my ass That's funny, compared to me you're a bug in the grass I roll with the cream of the crop Akatsuki with red clouds will make you drop Who is scared to do a one on one Don't act like one hit from me wont leave you cooked well done You keep on saying my alts name like its a big deal When I see you in game you can be sure i'm gonna make you kneel The real kings of Takumi are the boys with red clouds Leave you left there dead shaking in your shrouds. DISCLAIMER; All for fun, nothing should be taken seriously
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    For some time I have been thinking, what if the kages every day gave a mission of Rp to each Chunin, Jonin and Specialist Jonin from the village? These missions would be something like: Caring for specific places near the village This would decrease the hunting of lowies in the villages and we would take measures against the raids could be faster It would be a great help if the villages have a guardian all the time there are many chunin and superiors in leaf boys if we assign them At least 1 hour to each person per day we could realize this idea Help new players Many people stop playing before they are lvl30 and leave the game because there is no one to help them or explain to them what life is like in the village and its missions. Now is when you tell me that in the wiki is everything that They need to know, but not all people will lose game time reading the things they have to do on the wiki, would be much easier the method that i recommend. It should be noted that I give many thanks to the people who took their time to fill the wiki of all this information, they helped me a lot when i was just starting to play and i'm eternally grateful Murders I know many of us are not made to be a guardian and take care of new players or take care of a place and be serious it's a waste of their ninja skills to have them perform tasks like the ones before, that's why this assassination task is i would assign the people who are good at this, so we would have more fun and not just work Train Genin Okay they will think that we will be raising some worthless genin by giving them so many comforts, for that reason if each genin is trained would be of great benefit to each village since they will have teachers to teach them how to survive in a time of danger and how to defend themselves Besides this it would be good for each Chunin and superiors the Kage to assign a fixed team of 3 Genin to help them with these missions I think it would give more life Rp to the game The teams would be assigned depending on the time zone of each player The hours of guard would be assigned to each player or team of 4 people "3 genin and 1 Chunin or higher" depending also of their time zone and their availability, they would choose at least 1 hour per week to take care of the assigned area Now they will think What do we gain by doing this? Simple with every mission that is done would have a good reward boys and for that we would need all the support of GM they would be responsible for giving each kage a good amount of ryos or good objects whether they are clothes weapons or tools for that this reward to each team that has realized its mission of the day Regarding guard missions, I know it could be a bit boring for a lot but remember YOU ARE A SHINOBI and it's your job watch over the good of your village no matter if you get bored or not. They will tell me what. "Everyone will take advantage of this to make millionaires but so that each team can claim this reward must have proof that his mission has been a success could be with an SS Well guys this is a simple idea of one more member of the community, I hope your opinions and thanks for taking your time to read me. I hope you get your Nindo Sorry my bad english
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    Re-enabled Bosses & NPCs with Jutsu Hokage and Kazekage can now learn imprison technique from their command rooms. Fixed a major server crash (yay!)
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    Content(s) 1. RP . 2. Summary . 3. Final words 1.0 The beginning There used to be a kids story about a scary beggar that lives deep within the darkest alleys in the Sand Village. Fortunately enough there was a group of grown Ninjas that were doing their daily patrol around the village for this story to take its place. *This is boring, why do we get the worst mission of them all?* First Ninja asked the group. Second one replied with; *I don't know maybe because you had to go your way and disobey Kazekages orders the other day and this is our punishment*. Those two ninjas of the group were known as Joshua and Jerome. Whilst they were having their chat an academy student had examined their actions closely to learn more about the Ninja Arts. He questioned their talk as one of the first things they teach back at academy is to follow your superiors orders. Ninjas were confused as they had kept moving forward towards the deserted alleys where the population is really low in Sand Village, they saw a beggar by side of the alley with huge amount of gold coins in his cup beggars use to collect their money in. Joshua approached first as he's known as the noisy -type. *Beggar what are you doing here with that many gold coins out there ready to be stolen, shouldn't you buy new clothes?* Immediately Joshua started to study the situation if there was a way to lynch the old man without anyone noticing and steal the Gold coins. The Old man gave a scary glance from under his messy eyebrows. Ninjas immediately grabbed their Kunais and prepared for battle as they felt massive aura emitting from him. Man started by pointing at Joshua; *You there, why were you studying the area carefully after asking me such questions?* Joshua gave out a slight sight; "I was making sure nobody was following us". "Haha, Indeed you are being followed." Old man started laughing. The Ninjas had shocked impressions on their face as they soon scouted the area and could not find anything but some pedestrian, thinking that the man had lied to them. Old man continued the discussion; "There is a good reason I have these gold coins, each of them resembles the good memories I've gained through out my career in the office." Jerome turned to Joshua and said; "We really shouldn't..." Joshua continued; "We should, our paycheck is way too low." as he took the cup from the beggars skinny hands and the Ninjas started dashing back to Kazekage House to return to the mission desk to complete their patrol mission. The beggar was left on the alley with a gloomy face. 1.1 To the Rescue The Young Academy student had himself camouflaged as one of the pedestrians and rushed on to the crime scene; *Are you okay? You look really sad after you got your money stolen." Old man answered him with a wide smile; "I'm perfectly fine now that you are here." Academy student looked lost in thought and handed the beggar a gold coin *This isn't much it's everything I have take it." Man said; "Would you like to trade it into one of my possessions?" with a serious look on his face. "Sure why not I guess" replied the Academy student. Sun started setting, leaving behind a beautiful night sky behind it. The old man dug a check from his sleeve and asked for a pen to loan, after that he wrote something on it and handed it to the academy student. "Its getting late. Time for you to leave, my pleasure to meet you in person." The Student seemed happy that he had made someone else so grateful for the very first time in his Shinobi career. Next the academy student had been running back to home jumping from roof to roof. He had opened the check to see what read on it, he was thinking if it was some kind of test prepared for him and he scored big. On the note it read; "Give this to Kazekage, light emerges in the morning". The student didn't look that pleased the next day when he had to be in the queue for so long to finally get the permission to enter Kages den. "State your business" Started Kazekage the conversation formally. Academy student told the full story to the smallest detail and handed the check to Kazekage with his shaky hands. Kazekage erupt into a hysterical laugh and after that winked his eye at the student "Come with me you will receive the greatest reward a man can ever dream of!" as he patted the Students back. 2. Journey to reclaim the Throne Permission has been granted to me to compete for Kazekage position again. The Reason being I'm into such important duty once again is you. Without your strong wits and beliefs that I was the best, that ever existed. I would have not inherit such strong will in becoming Kazekage. Best place to start my services is the forums where it all once began. There exist a to-do-list that I'm going to share with you. Improving my own faults and what in general will save our beloved Sand Village that gets bad merit from some of its own inhabitants. There used to exist players in our community that were not part of the Sand Village and sow such rumors and theories that I'm not active enough. To over come this sort of my own personal fault is to play more during the peak times which means late hours to us that are from EU and as I'm informed so far my job won't disturb my life after this Christmas. Also keeping myself motivated is important task that can't be overlooked, I'm going to take distance from the Discord services I used to provide to everyone quickly. The reason for this is that our community is at its worst on Discord, unfortunately. Please feel free to educate me with these faults if you can find a better middle ground to everyone. Most of the Kageship work are to be handled in-game, that is my goal to enhance activity of all sorts. Ensuring that everyone is warmly welcomed to our Sand discord and the village itself are my top priorities. Some of you might question how is this possible with all the spy activity or such, there is a plan in place for that designed so everyone gets to enjoy their game-play. The structure of the village in general is in good position thanks to our great Kazekages that have worked around the clock after me; Tetsuhawk, Tresmorne and Dyan. Structure itself will change a bit to my liking and which I find the most effective with each individual finding their Rank/Title belonging where it should be. Returning Ninjas will find themselves getting back into the village after completing short tasks, instead of being on hold forever. Mass Exiles/kicks from village/discord come to an end. Higher Ups will handle Strike system which increases their power inside the village, abusing is taken very seriously and those using the system for their own good will be punished. Each Kazekages Log-In will feel like an event. Of course to all these good points there is downside that I'm not going to hide as a man of my word. As known as the supreme leader I will be increasing amount of your chances in getting exiled if you screw up with rules, annoy the kazekage etc. I used to give everyone a chance to talk their way out of things which I still will do but with less research involving case to case subjects that used to take days at best. This should be fine to everyone if you wish to return it should be done easier than ever before without long hatred periods if you've learned from your mistakes. 3. Final speech I'm thankful to everyone, either foe or ally. Without you this game would never stay as interesting as it is. Maybe you're against someone lasting in leadership positions for longer periods of time and that is totally fine and I respect it. To me the new great leader will emerge when you least expect it when the time is right. It's not something to be handed out as candy. We all have our own flaws and things we're the best at. Maybe this is the role I belong to, you know the answer. There's a place off Ocean AvenueWhere I used to sit and talk with you - There's a piece of you that's here with meIt's everywhere I go, it's everything I seeWhen I sleep I dream and it gets me byI can make believe that you're here tonightThat you're here tonight I send you my regards 5th Kazekage, Light
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    INTRODUCTION Hey guys! So recently I have been messaging some of you asking about any questions you felt haven't been answered when it comes to development or suggestions and you guys had so many that I was really overwhelmed! I have chosen 10 questions for this month and will try to make this a monthly thing to try be a bridge between community and staff about progress! With that being said, this is the questions I chose to ask Rory/Ueda with his answers under the question in bold. If you have questions for next months, feel free to message me privately or comment below! QUESTIONS How close is Mist to being ready? The current state of completion for Mist village map is around 40% in terms of art and mapping, and then there's still the scripting required to get all the tutorials, Npcs done before it's an operational village. Coupled with all the custom NPC art, I would say its still far off, months. But the reason why progress on Mist is only at this stage is because priority - development wise - has always been the summons and new masteries.That's much closer. how will the first Mist Kage be chosen? I have a few people in mind, but basically out of a myriad of players who are deemed active enough, we will host a battle to the death to determine the leader of the Bloody Mist. Unfair right? That's the politics of the bloody mist. Only the strong survive. Each village runs on a different political system that is like a mini-experiment to see how players make the best of it, deal with it, and we get to see what kind of people flock to which kind of leaders. This is already apparent in the sand and leaf villages. Under different leaders, each village has attracted different kinds of ninja and different amounts of ninjas. There will be times where the leader is not influential enough or active enough to keep a lot of active ninja. That's part of the experience. Will we have to reset to join Mist and if so what protects Mist from early release raids from the other villages or could we have a time period during its release where we could "migrate" to the Mist? No there will never be a way to change villages. For various reasons. One being that each village offers a different leveling experience, different unique jutsu, summons, Missions and storyline Missions (eventually). The other reason is that this doesn't happen in the Naruto universe. You just don't change villages. You either are the one you are born in, or go missing. Strict borders. When will new Kazekage be picked? January, the process is happening as we speak! Will Tai/GF be nerfed or made separate masteries at all? It's ridiculously strong right now. All sub-paths will under go a major rebalance soon and everyone affected will be given free stat resets! Has a clan system been put in place? If so, how will it work? It's planned, but still far away. It will work very differently from Organization. Unlike player made organization, clans will be actual village families you can choose from. Each player will pick a clan they are a part of after character creation and they will get exclusive clan clothing options and hidden jutsu unique to that clan. Each village will have different premade clan families. It is free for players to organize the family trees themselves in these clans though. The reason for a small selection of premade clans unlike organization which are player made is so that families don't just keep appearing and dying out and they will consist of more than 10-20 people. In the long run, when you log back in after months you will still see new clan members from generations later and have a place to belong. Will clan estates be a thing? Clan estates will be a thing when clans appear! Why haven't we had a Dojo with arena map setting added for sparring? [Link] Building a single sparring dojo is against the game designs focus on open world pvp. We build an extensive world for players to fight in different environments so that players will engage in fights in the vast open world. We also hold regular tournaments where players can meet once every week or two to fight in an arena style. Turning Nin Online into an arena pvp game is not planned! There's Shinobi striker for that. Will something such as kekkei genkais or Genjutsu be added? Even something like Crystal Style? Kekkei Genkais styles are simply mixing masteries. But certain villages will have different mixes for some elements. We don't have any genjutsu that makes your entire screen black or anything crazy planned but they might become Clan jutsu! Why did tool cooldown change? It has caused a bug and only a few people use two tools. Could it be reanalysed to be more balanced to consider the masteries that use only one type of tool? Tools were never meant to be spammed consecutively that way, it was neglected when balancing initially because it was not coded in that we could make two different jutsu go in CD at the same time. Throwing tools are meant to be a single combat element. Only tool ninjas should have a method of spamming tools that way!
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    Today we are here to thank @Ishyn Sasayaki, @Atrane, @Leevi Sasayaki and @Arashi. You have all did your best to keep The Leaf Village at top shape and we thank you, we wouldn't have made it this far without you guys. Thank you for providing the Leaf Village what it truly needs, now you may rest for your hard work and efforts. Leaf Village.
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    Sup everyone. Imo Leaf need some improvements. I'm not always agreed with how Leaf's doing, so i'm gonna be the hater who will count what needs to be changed in our village: 1. I wonder who's buddy u need to be to join ANBU... That's only example, but the point is: the Leaf ninjas are not equal. I don't mean ranks. Imo there is some group of appreciated and respected ninja, and the others, who will never join them. I'm not saying that everyone should like everyone, but that's not okay when someone have less chance to join leaf organization, just because the boss of that org don't like him. 2. I'd like to see more events. Even mini events, like RP stuff Godric and Fred did. That would help improve the connection between ninja and village. 3. We have some organizations, who isn't seem to doing anything, like ANBU (lol, i guess it's a bad example cause they just working like that, but that's my feel) or Council. I've heard we have Police Force, but i've never met any members of it... 4. Leaf shouldn't continue the war. It makes lvling harder. I'm not saying that we should show a white flag, but continuing the war with sandies/missings is tiring. Ofc, we have some clans that hates everyone who aren't from Leaf (Kuraen, Suwa). Wilkor, Sour, think about it. 5. Teams of 3 genins and chuunin is a good idea. I'd like to see teamworking of these teams. That's just my thoughts about Leaf as a village. I know that not everyone will agree with all of them. Let's talk about it guys. (and rly sorry. I'm always saying that my english is bad)
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    Just came in mind as a suggestion we can have a map tracker so people in teams can see the location of their other teammates. It can show their names or a icon of a kunai,shuriken etc. And also make it optional to hide the names or not. I also thought of having the location of everyone in your friends list on the map to show if they're around or not. Thank you for listening and if you wanna add anything else to it feels free to speak.
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    The current voting system for council members is broken. Votes no longer have the same weight they did now that mostly alts are voting. Right now, the voting system is more of a "which group of people have the most level 20 alts" race, which completely misses the point of proper voting. This problem will only get worse if this system continues the way it's going. These alts that were created for voting might have been planned for a while now, and after the voting is done for this term, they well continue to exist and to be used again in the following term's elections. By the time we start voting for the next council, others will have also created a bunch of other alts and made them level 20, which will interrupt the nature of voting even more. You can see how by every election an ever-increasing number of level 20 alts will be just running around in-game just to make sure their votes are thrown in. I understand that it may be tough for GMs to keep an eye on each vote to see which account is an alt and which is not (especially given that there are so many alts right now). If it’s not possible to fix it so that only votes by IP count (or something of the sorts), then maybe this a sign that this voting system is worse than the previous one. The previous voting system might not have been perfect, but it certainly seems to be more reliable (in the long term too) than this one. @Ueda
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    An idea is creating a rp based team system where players can register to be part of a team on the forum and be assigned a team and team name once they become level 10 Genin and then assign them a Chunin. You can get them to specify what times they can usually be online and then link them up via discord etc. A lot of time it won't work because players may not come online or may quit etc. but it could be worth it for that 2-3 teams in a month who actually do play a few days together. Atleast they make friends in the village for awhile before they go out on their own, and they could feel more committed to the village and not leave.
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    Hotbar has been cleaned up. Fix stun not working in NPC combat. Fix exploit with Jutsu warping for NPCs. Summons level by dealing damage and auto-target enemy when summoned. Which will go live soon!
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    Items that cast Jutsus now put cooldown for other related Jutsus. This means Kunai, Senbon, and Shuriken all go on the same cooldown. Fix exploit with inventory. Direction update improved, client is more forceful. Attacks are in sync now, and there's no more ghost hitting. Team icon is lower, closer to head. Fix target icon not disappearing when a player logs out.
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    Chakra Charging is now smoother, and starts recharging quicker. It is easier to start charging. However, the total amount it charges per second remains the same.
  21. 10 likes
    I think giving takumi or tanzaku the option to change the way our headband is set could be great. Because as a missing, you have to get pardoned and go to the academy to change that when it is something you can basically change with your hand. Either make a shop that sells them or just give us the ability to do that because it's something we could do with our hands easily anyway. Please @Ueda consider EDIT/NOTE: I'm asking to be able to change the way our headband is set only, not actually being able to get one. I just want my headband to be on my neck, and I can't change that.(for those who didnt understand)
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    Updated Health/Chakra/Cast bars to be slightly translucent in the center. 10% less intrusive. PS: Good news everyone! The server has been stable without crashes for 90 hours!
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    This is a call out post to @Lumy since the only thing he cares about is his bounty, killing several low level players and then running into a safe zone to be killed. I think players should halve their bounty if they die in safe zones.
  24. 10 likes
    Scroll Shop Scribes now allow you to enchant for a Summoning Contract. The summoning contracts aren't usable yet! Fixed mapping bug on Toad village dojo.
  25. 10 likes
    Leo Charm now gives Agility instead of Strength. Aquarius Charm now gives Intellect instead of Agility.
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    I think Missing Ranks should be made to work differently. It should rank based on the amount of kills rather than ranking based on bounty. Instead of taking 1500 bounty for S-Rank it should take 1500 kills to get it this way. This way your rank can stay and it allows for stuff exclusive to S-Rank ninja. Exclusive missions, clothing or other benefits. In addition bounty gained should scale with rank: D-Rank 1x bounty per kill, C-Rank 1.25x bounty per kill, B-Rank 1.5x bounty per kill, A-Rank 1.75x bounty per kill, S-Rank 2x bounty per kill. This way killing a lvl 50 player as an S-Rank ninja would increase your bounty by 100 instead of 50 like it does now. Missing Ninja ranks should have more meaning to them since some people like playing without a village...
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    Added Barrier Tags to Ninja Tool Shops. Raccoon Bandits now drop Raccoon Tails.
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    Hello guys. I’m sad to announce that we are not having more Bi-Weekly tournaments. After 20 editions of the event, we decided to make all events and tournaments coupon wise. But don’t worry, that does not mean the end of tournaments. I’m still hosting them randomly during the week, and at least once every weekend. Im also thinking about a way to make some kind of Ranked Matches. Where every Saturday at a certain hour, people would be able to fight each other and earn points to a leaderboard. And at the end of the month, the leaders could get some prize (maybe Ninja Credits or an exclusive item). But this is not a thing yet, still need to discuss it with uncle @Ueda. So yeah, thank you all for joining the bi-weekly tournaments, it was really fun. If you guys want to check the winners of any of them, just check my Bio! Love you all ❤️
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    Thanks everyone! Doesn't deserve a whole dev log for this, but we've most likely indentified the cause of the Connection Lost error that causes you to not be able to login for a long time. It should be fixed within the next few days. Also, we know about Flicker and Flicker-type jutsu not teleporting you behind the player instead of the front if the front is blocked. Will be fixed together as well! We just want to keep the server online to see how long it can go, if it goes beyond a week, we can conclude that it's truly stable!
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    You have to understand that at the end of the day it is a game. People don't have the patience or will to stand guard, just screen-watching and doing nothing else. The game doesn't offer players with anything for screen-watching. People login to PvP or do missions (if they're not level 50). It just simply wouldn't work without heavy rewards from Kage's side, even then people would most likely just afk like they do on Guard Duty missions. This is something the game has to reward people for else it wouldn't work. Many people stop playing because they find the grind too hard and daily missions not rewarding enough. The game mechanics aren't difficult to understand that people need their hand held until they're over level 20-30. If players are asking for help, whether with missions or general questions, it's up to the villagers online to help them out. But as you may very well know, Jero, the game is pretty much dead during certain timezone because majority of the playerbase is from NA and Europe. If there are no people online to help, players cannot do anything about it, wiki would be the next best option to look for help. If something like this was implemented, Kages would have a better way to help people in the village by adding short tutorials or description about the most common missions new players ask about. This was attempted during Deathmall's time as Hokage but wasn't fruitful. Again, it's a game and people login when they have free time or when they feel like playing. Getting people online at the same time even if they're from the same timezone is not as easy as it sounds. This just doesn't happen. If it were to happen, you'd have even more people complaining about Kages giving out those rewards to their friends or people who don't deserve, whether true or not. Staff is very well aware of this and that's why Kages are not even given Event Coupons to give out as rewards during village events. Regarding RP missions to be conducted by ranked ninja, it's a whole different topic. A good RP missions takes a minimum of 30-40 minutes to conduct. If people are not being rewarded for it, they won't do it. Even people that ask for RP missions, if the missions didn't exist to give people exp, they wouldn't want to do it. So, it's harsh to blame ranked ninja for not conducting RP missions. It's easy to say that you would host lots of RP missions when you're Chunin, but when you actually attain the rank and power to host RP missions you realize it's exhausting and not rewarding enough. Ishyn tried to pay Chunins ryo for conducting most RP missions in a month, but again, it didn't work out because at the end of the day he would have to be paying out of his own pocket and without a system of taxes set up, personal ryo runs dry very soon. Most players aren't playing the game for its RP aspect, they are playing for its PvP. Without help from the staff RP missions will continue being held at the same rate they are being done at now.
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    Simply put, make level 1-19 lowbies unable to attack or be attacked by enemy ninja within safe zones unless those same lowbies have their pvp enabled. If they enter a danger zone before they’re big and strong they deserve to be attacked. It is a DANGER zone afterall. But it’s scummy af to kill a lowbie in safe zones unless they are willing to risk death by turning on pvp and fighting off invaders. Also give a brief text with a (Yes/No) box that informs those players something like; “You are attempting to leave the safety of your village borders and enter a danger zone. You will be open to attacks by enemy ninja should you choose to proceed. Continue?”
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    Takumi has been more populated than Sand, camping sand lowbies isnt the smartest thing to do. It is actually dumb to bring an army to kept lowbies from leveling. You can’t complain later about how low the population is if you don’t let them grow once in awhile.
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    Hottest Dance Group out of Konoha
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    Keybinds display on the hotbar . Can't PM a concealed player and they can't PM you. Jutsu ranks all go on the same cooldown. Fixed the remaining bugs with Summons. Fixed authentication server not banning users who fail 5 login attempts.
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    Those above + Kushina are few examples of this happening in Naruto. If you'd like to go strictly by the naruto universe then you shouldn't even be allowed to leave your village without a permission. So it's not like it did not happen in Naruto, it's more like @Ueda does not want it to happen and we have to deal with it. I am also a bit worried about how a Kage is chosen for the Mist. I would rather let @Ueda strictly interview people he has in mind and choose someone of a good opinion in his mind for the position as there will always be those masteries that are superior in Duels or Group Fights or Support or Ambush type of situations, and some will always be considered broken while some far less so. We have seen how a village can turn out in wrong hands, I wouldn't want to see it happening again.
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    Hello, My suggestion is about punish players who killing people under 15/20/ level, Why? Ninja on 1-19 level's are helpless, only one maybe two offensive jutsu, low HP and DMG. The higher level didn't got punished for spam killing lowbies, but got reward, (like small bounty, kill count for mission, more kills in bingo). So, after some kills (maybe 5?) you will got a tittle (smth like Unhonored ninja, Kid murder) or any icon like skull. Increase little bounty from people who got that tittle/skull. That add new RP aspect, if any ninja are unhonored ninja for long time, kage can just exiled him. Only one places where you can kill low level ninja is villages and guard duty place, for keep raids still same. What about big wars outside villages? - Tbh ninja under 20 level shouldn't go for war, its like fresh genin after academy exam go for war. Ok... i got that tittle/icon, how to make it off? After some time like 7 or 10 days automaticly off it. What you think? put your suggestion here!
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    I understand the pain of running out of tools during sparring but most sparring places have a tool shop near them. I think that 200 is a fine amount of tools to have because our bags shouldn't be like bottomless pits. Although, maybe they could add tool summoning scrolls for times when you find yourself running out but are too far from a tool shop. For example they could provide you with a small amount of tools when you activate them, like using 1 tool summon scroll to gain 25 shurikens, kunai, senbon, or explosive tags.
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    The current system Most people will tell you that the current bounty system doesn't provide enough enjoyment in the game. On one side of the debate, you have people who lack interest in hunting for bounties because the general money from receiving bounties is too low. Then the other side is that getting keeping a high bounty is almost impossible because of the way the system work. From what I understand, the way you receive a bounty is by killing someone in a danger zone or a war zone, and only if both parties do not have battle injuries. That's fine in its own ways, but there are some flaws which can be discussed in another topic. However, when you die with a bounty, your bounty is halved. In order to address some of these issues while also making the bounty system fun and interesting for other, I have a few thoughts on how to overhaul the bounty system. Beginning of the Overhaul One way to improve the bounty system is to give ninja a base bounty and we can do this right now with an integer that's already stored in the game. We track the number of players someone has killed, though there isn't much use to it outside of being a footnote in the bingo book. However, with this suggestion, this stat will play an important role in calculating the base bounty. A quick look at the bounty list leads me to believe that it's rare for someone to kill over 5,000 players on an account. Some of the most active players currently on had at most 2,000+ players killed, so I think having the base bounty being calculated off of this stat will be a great determination of how much killing a player should be worth. Before we get any further, I wanted to point out some of the benefits of having a base bounty. Notoriety for high-level players Rewarding skilled players Low-Level killing yields little to no reward. While talking about base bounty, some things that should be discussed is how much player kills will factor in. After review of some active players, not many had more than 2,000 player kills. I believe at the start, having a base bounty multiplier of 0.30 would yield the best results. Chart depicting the base bounty from 1 player kill to 3040 player kills From the chart above we can see that even at 3,040 player kills your base bounty wont be at 1,000, but it will be close, It will take about 3360 kills in order to reach a base bounty of 1,000 Ryo. To many that seems small for that amount of effort and work, but that's why I want to incorporate some remnants of the old bounty system. Keeping the old With a base bounty, we can also keep the old system where you receive the amount of ryo for the player's level. This way not only will you have your base bounty that factors in your overall activity, but you will also have the bounty that you gained from killing other players until you die. I think this will help others have a bit more fun, not only starting raids but also preventing them. People wont get discouraged as you can't lose your base bounty, but they will be inspired to obtaining an even higher bounty. From discussions with other players, a lot are not interested in farming a bounty or hunting for bounties for a few reasons. Bounties are often too small to search for Certain villages and Organizations hunt in high number packs to get bounties You lose too much for dying You gain too little for killing I think with the proposed system, all of these complaints should be fixed, with the exception of number two. I think these changes will actually increase the rate of teaming up for bounties, effectively nullifying the complaint. Other problems with the system As is often addressed, there are current issues with the bounty system outside of player interest. Often players will find it easier to collect a small amount of bounty, roughly 300 Ryo worth, then flee to a hospital or a safe-zone to prevent the loss of bounty. The proposed changes listed in this post don't include these specific issues in the scope, however they can simply be addressed by allowing bounty to be taken in safe-zones. I think we should also note that this system, like the current system, can be abused. Players can still get killed by an alt for their bounty, and also players can still sell their bounty to other players. However these issues can always be addressed by reducing or increasing the base bounty percentage. If players are increasing their bounty in unintentional ways the system can always be altered or removed entirely. Leaderboards I think another interesting way to help the bounty system is to change the bingo book to a leaderboard, not just a list of people who are still online. Though I believe that it's possible this leaderboard would get crammed with a lot of players if just implemented. Making sure that only people who have logged in, in the past 15 to 30 days would help keep that bingo book cleaner. This would encourage more people to raid and defend their villages as well. Overall I personally believe this will help make bounty hunting/PVP more interesting to everyone, not just those who want a high bounty.
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    So, after reviewing a clip from Seths stream yesterday, I now have a pretty good detailed guide on what the Horoscopes give in terms of stats. Aries: 5% str Libra: 5% Int Taurus 5% Fort Scorpio 5% Agil Gemini 5% Chakra Sagittarius 1% All stats Some give flat stats instead.. Cancer: 5 Str flat Capricorn: 5 Fort flat Leo: 5 Agil flat Aquarius: 5 Int flat Virgo: 5 Chakra flat Pisces: 1 All Stats flat Of course, these can still change but these are the latest news. Please give feedback on what you think about this! Source: https://clips.twitch.tv/TemperedSparklingPlumageSeemsGood
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    Ok but let's be real here.. You don't want people to feel that the leveling experience isn't fun, but I can't imagine a single person saying they enjoyed leveling to 50. You're adding lower level content such as bosses etc etc, but that doesn't make leveling any more fun in itself, that just adds distractions. There's a difference. A major reason for personally disliking the slow progression is pvp. It's definitely not fun having to spend 2 months to get to equal footing. Sure you can fight at lower levels, but unless you're in leaf you're not gonna have a good time early on. As it stands exp to level scales significantly higher than mob exp as you progress in levels, after level 40 leveling is just doing dailies for two weeks (if you're lucky). It is a chore. And I personally only participate because fighting at level cap is what I'm interested in. The way the party system currently is you're punished for using it rather than rewarded. You're worried about "exploits" but making everyone else suffer in the process because a handful of people have multiple pcs / laptops to "exploit" with.
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    Improve attack timer. Will help people with high ping and also fix the attack bug introduced last patch.
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    You tryna fuk with the Sauce, but you pullin your pants off, ready to get your heads off Onimaro dissing the G.O.A.T but doesn't know he sounds like a motha fuking goat (baaa) "My leader is goin crazy", yea Oriax that's right He mad so he dissin the wrong guys, spitting on the mic (Fax) I always sayin the truth, always speakin fax, while y'all runnin after a godamnn snake Tryna get her motha fuking shirt, for fuk's sake (Kaitoo) I'm done playing games, Staxx gonna show you how to play the dammn game. This sht mind blow out your minds sons, I be comin with the guns. Shoot you in yo back, I joined the sniper gang. Took you 3 months to diss me, and we get it, we all know you scared to one on one me. Itachi might be one of the great fighters, but his value goin down working with a garbage clan. You callin yourself Deidara, Oriax? It's some impossible dream. Imma beat yo ass, I'm a godaamn machine. Himitsu thinking they runnin Takumi, they can't even handle the Sauce. And now time to go back to Kaitoo, acting like she can do anything (hehehe) But she keep cryin over some dum ass things. Don't act tough, you're just another girl who wants some attention. You keep sayin I'm tryna be someone else just to spamkill you But hell nah, I'm not tryna be someone else, I can do it without some sht like that. Go find your painkillers, cuz all I said here might hurt you. Next time you tryna diss the Sauce, think twice, cuz I will come again, and shoot again like I'm Max Pain. And Himitsu, get your sht together, you're just another clan, no one is afraid of you, especially not me, the one who just sauced y'all up. Call me Staxx "The Sauce" Yahweh -No hate, all for the fun, so don't take anything serious here-
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    As blesskage. First of my name and first of my creed, founder of the Red Lotus, father and creator of @Meth @Crowlock @Hajuken. I give my blessing on this path. It can return sand to path it stayed from.
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    Give this man Silver
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    Basically the Village Book would be given to players when tehy first create their chars. The respective leader of the village would be able to edit it, add pages and stuff. Basically a portable version of the announcement board. It could contain stuff like village rules, the official village orgs and how to join them, the villages own bingo book / KoS list, maybe some tutorials and otehr shit that would help newbies and so on. The Org Book would contain the informations about whichever Org you currently are in. So only one Org Book per player. Would especially help the official Orgs like ANBU, Police Force, Akatsuki. I mean they already use discord for stuff like this but I guess it would add some more rp into the game.
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    These mobs can flicker, knockback with their normal attack, do 200 damage with a jutsu that goes through sub, and has the ability to stunlock you with genjutsu. I think that is quite overkill. This is really annoying especially at the level 30-40 range where you spend a lot of time fighting them.
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    We're still debating and constantly fighting on whether party exp should be buff(it should btw, have such disadvantages in party exp gain discourages RP the mean thing you guys want nin to be) but anyways thats now why we're here. We're at the point where people dont want to make leveling easier , or want leveling to be more functional for newer players to get hook on the game. People just log on do dailies and log off and nin is becoming just a grind fest that you log on do your 3 missions then log off. To be honest i think the whole mission system needs a rework, but anything thats anywhere close to change people rage and brush off so ill just settle for some more dailies. Like 5 in a day yep sounds about right thankyou
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    Iam touched by its background story..
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    Whoever makes alternate accounts JUST to vote every six months definitely has WAAY too much time on their hands and probably takes the game more seriously then the most of us.