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    Dear Ninja, It's been a really long time since I've posted a development log. This is going to be the first one of 2018.. don't expect a lot of these though! It takes up time to write these and prepare pictures and stuff, so most of the time, I'm just going to implement them into the game quietly. But as we move into the next development phase, I thought it'd be interesting to share some plans for the future. The current development timeline is.. Mastery Combinations The recent balance changes was to make way for new jutsu based on hybrid stats builds. This is the start of level 50+ content, jutsu styles like Medical + Taijutsu giving Tsunade/Sakura aka. Inner Strength style. Inner Strength style will be scaled based on Agility and Chakra stat. We will release these combinations one by one starting with Inner Strength, then Taijutsu and Sword + Elemental Masteries, eg. Water + Sword to get Suigetsu/Zabuza style jutsu. Lightning + Taijutsu will give you Raikage style jutsu. Elemental Kekkai Genkai will take a backseat for now (eg. Wood Release). Second Non-ninja village Takumi village is a smaller, non-ninja village. There are multiple of these planned for each country. Takumi village is in the land of rivers, ran by the Daimyo of the land. The next one is a slightly larger casino/gambling village inspired by Tanzaku Quarters (the village they found Tsunade in), which will feature ways to lose all your savings! Forbidden Techniques I get this question about jutsu like Rasengan or Hiraishin Technique a lot. "What mastery is it going to be?". It's been one of the trickiest thing to balance, but I think I've managed to find a way to balance such techniques without being over powered. The latest addition of limited jutsu slot is one of the changes made to accommodate such a balance. With limited slots, just learning every jutsu becomes impossible. Combined with the rarity of these scrolls, you will find that even though very few ninja will have Rasengan for example, it will not break the game because they will be sacrificing another jutsu to make way for their Forbidden techniques. It will still be a challenge to fine tune these jutsu to not be over powered, but still feel valuable and pay homage to their anime counterparts, but I have no doubt we're going in the right direction! Specialized Masteries Once you reach level 50, you will be given the choice to specialize in your previous mastery to unlock Advanced Jutsu for that mastery. Eg. Taijutsu + Specialize will give you 8 Gates style Taijutsu. Fire + Specialize will give you Advanced Fire Ninjutsu which will feature even more crazy AoE. Specialized Masteries continue to scale with damage. Land of Iron This one has been in the works for the longest time. But it was postponed due to it being something from Shippuden. So it felt like it had to be level 50+ content. Once the new jutsu are released, it should be about time to implement all the art done for it. Mist village A slightly more distant goal, the hope is to release the legendary bloody mist sometime within the year. I hope this gets you excited for the year ahead! There's also probably going to be a lot of smaller misc. things added through the year. As always, it's not going to be easy mass producing high quality art, so I hope for your support in this journey. Regards, Rory
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    Dear Ninja, As the start of a new initiative to fulfill the initial design of Nin Online's ranking system. Beginning April 2018, there will be a Joint Chunin Exam, where both Sand Ninja and Leaf Ninja will participate in, on the first Saturday of every month. Chunin Exams details The event registration will take place at 1pm EST and the entire event will commence at 1:30pm EST. It may last anywhere between 1 - 3 hours depending on how far our Genins make it. Participants are expected to stay throughout the event for the best chance at promotion. The registration location will be announced in-game each month, on the event registration time. Requirements You are to form your own teams of 3 before or during the registration phase. There is no level requirement! Academy Students are not allowed to participate, you have to promote to Genin rank if you want to participate. The entry fee for each team is 15,000 Ryo, prepare to hand over the in-game currency to Shiken during the registration phase after a GM has verified you through the gate. Chunin/Jonin can enter teams to help conduct better RP, increasing chances for promotions. However, entry fee will no longer be waived for teams with Chunin/Jonin team leaders. Missing Ninja cannot participate in the Chunin Exams. Kages of each village have the right to debar ninja from their village from joining. Valid reasons include (but not limited to) misbehavior, breaking treaties, disobeying commands. Rules & Regulations In order to run the event smoothly, your cooperation is required, as such, rule breakers will be kicked from the event which may result in his/her entire team's disqualification. Stay in character Unless you need to ask a serious question, stay in character during the event. Remain online and active If you choose to go AFK and you miss calls for you, we will not wait for you. If you disconnect, quickly reconnect and inform a GM. Follow instructions The GMs and myself will be giving instructions to follow throughout the event Nothing is prohibited unless stated first by the proctor. The GMs will give instructions on what is prohibited in that particular exam. For example, unless explicitly stated, Chakra Pills and Blood Pills are not banned from use. Tips for excellence While these aren't rules, it is recommended to try you best so that you have the best chance for promotion. Make good use of any time given to showcase your RP and your character. Dress for success. If you're a Sand Genin, dress like a Sand Genin. If you are a Leaf Chunin, dress like a Leaf Chunin. Build relationships with the other participants beforehand so that RP is unique. Stand out in your own ways. Use /e to emote (eg. /e watches the fight in excitement) Conclusion The 4th Chunin Exam will be the last grand spectacle Chunin Exam, as of moving into beta phase and running the game as a service, we have to steadily move towards running regular events rather than grand unique ones. I can't promise changes on each exam, but we will try as often as possible. Regards, Rory
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    Dear Ninja, As of today, we are introducing two of the most anticipated features for the game's world! ANBU stands for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai (暗殺戦術特殊部隊) which means Special Assassination and Tactical Squad. They are elite ninja from the village, who serve their Kage by hunting down ninja in the bingo book deemed a threat by their village. Each village will have an ANBU organization, which will serve identical purpose and follow similar structure. Leaf Sand Squads Each ANBU consists of squads of up to 8 members. However, on assassination missions, they will operate in 2 teams of 4, with their Kage appointed squad leaders. While not enforced, it is recommended that members of the same squad wear the same masks to differentiate themselves instantly. Individual ANBU members should not go alone on killing rampages, and should always do so on the command of squad leaders or Kage. Assassinations The goal of each ANBU is to clear the Bingo Book. ANBU operations should be stealthy. They should as little attention when leaving their village, so as not to be tailed or joined by non-ANBU members. This is to ensure that the enemy is not aware of an assassination, and to keep roleplay concentrated on ANBU only. Missing Ninja and enemy village ninja with zero bounty should not be targeted by ANBU. ANBU are allowed to kill at any location. This includes outside hospitals. Remember - Ninja with bounty are considered criminals. Membership The Kage of each village chooses squad leaders anytime they want, to a healthy amount. Though it is recommended to keep membership exclusive to facilitate better roleplay. The requirement for ANBU is level 30, atleast Genin rank. Squad leaders are incharge of choosing their members, and eventual promotions if there is opportunity to expand. While not wearing ANBU uniform (off duty), members retain their normal ninja rankings eg. Genin, Chunin, Jonin Members are not required to keep their identities a secret. However, they may choose to, or roleplay as such. ANBU members should be retired due to inactivity or long service to make way for new players. Looking forward to seeing you in-game! Regards, Rory
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    I think it makes sense to add an Arena map, maybe with multiple rooms, so that people can spar. This map could be similar to the Bell event maps or Village of Joy map from last christmas and have the player respawn in it. Since team deathmatch was removed from the event hq, I believe this could be a decent replacement. Also it makes sense with the fact that the toad village is a place players go to train and improve. This building could be used for the Dojo.
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    this game lacks so much content that we have to do metaphor events on forums
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    April 2018 Promotions Leaf Village Chunin: @FR3D Lucha @Atrane @Leevi Sasayaki @Ishyn Sasayaki @Sour Suwa Sand Village Chunin: @Tresmorne Toitsu @Kenock Toitsu @Dio @Lumy Vongola @Dyan Toitsu
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    About: The Mirana clan is praised as the most noble clan within the Hidden Leaf Village. Its shinobi consist of individuals genetically bred for the art of war. It is in thisthey have gained their rightful respect on the battlefield as some of the most formidable ninja in the world. While Mirana clan members stand as the standard of what a prodigious shinobi is capable of, very few are aware of the intense methods of training these shinobi deal with behind closed doors. Members must work hard and show greatness or be disowned, for nothing but the absolute best is accepted within the walls of the noble Mirana clan. The Mirana clan is one of the oldest active clans in the land and has held its title of being the strongest clan in the Leaf village despite it's small size. Mirana shinobi are typically built to manipulate the water element given the fact their bodies have a high tolerance to exposure to this substance both internally and externally, thus making it easier to comprehend how to mend this physical nature when exposed to them. They are said to posses immense amounts of determination to practice combat and pose as an enemy's worst nightmare on the battlefield. Clan Type: PvP Inspiration/Motivation: The Senju and Uzumaki clans of Naruto Founder and Origins: @Aghila Mirana - Aghila Mirana is Ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village. - Was a captain when the Anbu was first created. - He's the or one the strongest ninja that has ever lived in the Nin world and is known a God. - Joined the Akatsuki on a really high level mission to get Intel and important information about the Organization. - Served The 3rd Hokage @Deathmall Sasayaki secretly on high level missions. Aghila is an orphan from Hidden Leaf Village. His mother was from the Uzumaki clan and passed during his childbirth. His father, from the Senju clan, was a Leaf hero who died saving the village during the 1st Great War. Aghila was a genius in the Academy like his father and was considered a Jonin-tier shinobi at age 10. He mastered Sage mode at the age of 14 with the help of the massive amount of chakra he inherited from his father's side. Aghila became the first Captain of the Leaf ANBU at age 18 when it was created. He laid the foundation for how the ANBU cooperate and work together which was insturmental during the 3rd Great War. As Aghila grew older, he wanted to become stronger and master all ninjutsu, "but what's the point of becoming the strongest and mastering all jutsus if you're going to die anyway?" He experimented with immortality which he achieved at the age of 35. After the 3rd Great War ended, he traveled across the world to search for and restore the Senju and Uzumaki clans, but he was unable to find any remaining members. This is when he decided to form his own clan and named it the Mirana clan. It grew large and powerful, but many of the members died heroically during the 4th Great War. Many of the members scattered throughout the world, and it is now Aghila's goal to search for the remaining members of the clan and unite them again in the Leaf village. Requirements to join: The Mirana clan has strict requirements to join because it is meant to be filled with Loyal and feared shinobi. Members must: Be level 35 or over Name change to _____ Mirana Show skill in combat to Mirana clan members and determination to improve Application form: Name: Mastery or Masteries: Level: Reason to join: Bio relating to the Mirana clan: Affiliated: Founder: @Aghila Mirana Leader: @Aghila Mirana Co-Leader: @Shotoho Mirana WarLords: @Caio Mirana @Aramos Mirana @Kalibutan Mirana Warriors: @Nitche Mirana @Feinz Mirana @Jarko Mirana @Ursa Mirana @Gankuu Mirana @Soul Mirana @Senshi Mirana @Soul Mirana Trainees: @Aramis Mirana @Kaziro Mirana @Dayum Mirana Members:
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    Hey ya'll! I've always loved doing art-stuff. I draw, 3D model, sprite, and have been doing so for quite some time. I'm also always enthusiastic about doing clothes. So I've been making a couple of sprites in the NinOnline style, and hope to be making some full sprite sheets in the future if i'm allowed to. Anyways, here's my work so far, and this is just some quick work from the past few days. C: Random girl Sheena - Tales of Symphonia (tbf this is an old sprite I had laying around on my imgur, love it though. xD) Kimimaro, and a pink version of the same robe just because I was playing with colors. (ps: yes this is NinOnline's snake belt.) Haku This started out as a male/ female Ino. But I eventually changed the male version to look more like kabuto as the male ino kept making me laugh way too hard. Currently I plan on making Hinata, Sakura, Zabuza, Gaara, and sage mode Naruto. If you've got any others you would like to see, i'm willing to try them. I'll update this post whenever I feel like it. Rory notice me. Haha!
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    May 2018 PromotionsLeaf VillageChunin: @Kuraen Senketsu @Fritzo @Persona Kurama Jonin: @Caio Mirana @Atrane @Ishyn SasayakiSand Village Chunin: @Booty Gang Pinku @Zelda @Huranza Specialized Jonin: @Nomady Hozuki the Adaptive Ninja Jonin: @Tresmorne Toitsu @Kenock Toitsu @Booty the Great Special Message It's always a privilege to watch amazing fights go down. That being said, I have to say that this exam probably had one of the more disappointing RP levels in the finals. I think it's very important to build your character and relationships with people in the community so that you have a story for yourself, and also with the people around you. Let's aim for that for the next exam We also had the first Tie in a Chunin Exam match up during the Sand village chunin exam between Booty Gang Pinku vs. Zelda. An amazing moment! It's always a hard decision to not promote everyone who deserves it, for me, assigning ranks is an easy task, and I know it is a big deal to you. So trust me when I say, it's harder for me not to just feel like giving everyone the Chunin/Jonin ranks. It's hard to see people lose. It's hard to see people win and not get promoted, but it's also what makes for a better story for everyone, and to maintain the rank system in the game. Getting Chunin rank will always mean something really big in Nin Online, and I hope that everyone understands the vision for why I have to hold back on giving everyone ranks..!
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    Hokage 1st: Rory 2nd: Shirou 3rd: Deathmall Sasayaki 4th: Ishyn Sasayaki
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    July 2018 PromotionsLeaf VillageChunin: @Gen @Rumaki Ryokaku Jonin: @Sour Suwa @Shotoho MiranaSand Village Chunin: @Taipan @Nauq Vongola Jonin: @Ketsueki BlackKage 1 @Jinbei Toitsu
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    June 2018 PromotionsLeaf VillageChunin: @Nitche Ryokaku @Jellal Kuraen @Kamakura Suwa Sand Village Chunin: @Ketsueki BlackKage @Ketsueki Akoosh @Deviax Adenium
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    Introduction We are looking for skilled individuals that are willing to dedicate themselves in getting better and working on astounding projects at an indie level. While we want people who are talented and experienced, something that is so much more important is dedication and passion, so don't hesitate if you have these characteristics. We believe in making games for fun and getting better over making a paycheck since you know only good people make it in the industry or corporations with lots of money to throw. This game is commercial and aimed at making money. We eventually plan to go through Steam Greenlight and possibly Kickstarter to fund a more sophisticated engine. Concept Nin Online is a 2-D MMORPG, set in a universe inspired by Naruto. The game takes place in an original timeline, where the players define the story of the world. You play as your own alter ego, choosing your own path as a ninja. You start as an Academy Student in the village of your choice and train to become a powerful Ninja. You can participate in events such as Kage Elections, Diplomatic meetings, Wars, Chunnin Exams and more. Community is the focus of the game. We will build systems which integrate the community, while still creating a fun and diverse PvP environment where you will be facing all kinds of enemy ninjas, from conflicts between organisations, conflicts between different villages, to conflicts between random enemy ninjas while travelling the world. Every player will have a background story, and it will go down in the history of Nin Online. To emphasis the importance of community, we have spent countless hours building a large world filled with leisure areas to chill with your friends, and places to explore with your team, and we will continue to build it as we progress further into development. Benefits You can expand your portfolio as a game developer to get your foot into the door. Not professional game developers, but we listen and learn from our failed experiences which drive us forward so that we can get better and learn. Work on our project daily, here to chat if you are struggling on something you are assigned, and always showing ourselves better ways to do things. Friendly to work with, don't force you to contribute any amount of hours and like to have fun. You get to play the game before anyone else with new features, content, and other goodies! Positions If your position is not listed you may still apply. We're always looking for more talented people to work with, but our standards for you will be higher than a position we desperately need. One Programmer that excels in HTML, CSS, and PHP. You will be responsible for the website programming and must be able to do WordPress and Invision Power Board including combining the two together/turning a PSD into a theme. One Media person that can make YouTube videos that demonstrate previews, trailers, and live streams. You must be able to use Twitch and dissect highlights as well as get footage from players to make appealing content. Preferably able to voice videos or cover live stream events such as the Chunnin Exam. One Developer to make content for the game and help balance. One 2-D Pixel Artist able to learn our game's art style and create in-game content such as Tilesets, Items, Jutsus and Mobs. You will work closely with Rory to create a vibrant & immersive world for the players. Contact Please send me some examples of your work and a basic application form that is well formatted, no cover letter or school is required since this is just a place to get started making games. It is volunteer and going to focused mostly on working on a game for fun. Submit your application at applications@hitsparkinteractive.com.
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    The Content NinO needed is here! Special thanks to @Aramos Mirana for helping with my shenanigans!
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    Hey, First of all, sorry to be posting on the "Leaf Village" section of the forums while I'm on this account. Now with that said... Rory, Rory, Rory... You really messed up, not just this CE, but a bunch of other Chunin Exams too. First of all, you didn't watch the exams, so you have no idea who deserves to get promoted. You can't really be serious about only letting Leaf have three promotions, when Leaf did way better than Sand throughout the entire exam. Since you didn't watch it, I'll do the maths for you: Written Exam (Part 1) Sand teams present: 3 Leaf teams present: 9 Sand teams failed: 2/3 = 66.6666666% Leaf teams failed: 1/9 = 11.1111111% 3v3 Fights (Part 2) Sand teams present: 1 Leaf teams present: 8 Sand teams failed: 1/1 = 100% Leaf tams failed: 3/8 = 37.5% Final Round - 1v1 (Part 3) Sand teams present: 0 Leaf teams present: 5 Leaf throughout the entire exam lost a total of four teams, all the way from the written exam to the final stage. Sand had more than a 50% failure rate for each part of the exam. You may be thinking that it's unfair to do these kind of maths, since Leaf started with a bigger number of participants than Sand. That's a fair way of looking at it, in regards of Leaf VS Sand. But what is not fair is not letting @Ishyn Sasayaki choose his promotions, based on who he believes deserves it. And trust me, there were more ninja than three who deserved it in that CE. It's not fair, when thinking about this logically, Sand had 2 players promoted, simply for passing a written exam, whereas Leaf only got 3 promotions (out of 27) for doing more than just passing the written exam. And if you wanna talk about RP, I'm all for that, but even the Kazekage was AFK during the entire event. I don't wanna personally offend anyone, so I won't go too much in to all of that stuff. Additionally, it doesn't make sense that you want the villages to have an equal amount of Chunin simply for the sake of equality if one side obviously did much better. That does not make sense to me, in an RP sense, at least. This may be a bit of a long post, Rory, but please think about what I'm saying and take it in to consideration. Allow the Leaf to have 6/27 promotions. That's an entirety of two teams (out of nine, who all did incredibly well). And if you want to pick an SJ for either side, you can - Here is the link for the Chunin Exams (excluding the written test): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/304662967 I will leave a poll here for everyone to vote. So if I'm completely wrong, feel free to ignore me @Ueda. But if the poll happens to say otherwise, you really should take my advice of taking these promotions in to consideration.
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    General law of Sand Village "Sand is a symbol of time and of infinite possibility. In its most common form, sand is seen either on a beach or in an hourglass. Sand running through the fingers or an hourglass is the most direct symbol of time." Respect Sand village and its members. You have to be able to understand that we're all on the same side. Arguing among village members causes groups to divide, ninjas will leave the village and overall disorder. Approach your Organization leader or someone who possesses high status within Sand village if someone is giving you a hard time. Do not kill anyone that is a Sand village member. This is the most severe rule you can break. You are not to attack anyone from your own village unless you're sparring. Village killing has several forms such as - simply blocking someone intentionally that he/she would die to mobs, anything that gets another village member killed. Do not Assist enemy Ninja against Sand Village. This includes Assisting enemy ninja in any form that includes spying,scouting,healing or reviving enemies during combat situations. If found being on the wrong side of this you will receive disciplinary action. Listen to your superiors at all times. It is essential to listen to those who are in charge for the village to function properly. If you're not in any organization that does not mean you don't have any superiors. Anyone above your rank can give you orders in this case. Failure to cooperate with orders ( minor or major case ) from a superior will lead to disciplinary action if the case is severe the Kazekage will take the charge of the disciplinary action. You're not to take any form of bribes from anyone that might bring disadvantage to Sand village. Political betrayal is considered as a crime, looking for your own benefit over Sand villages has severe consequences. For example someone offers you a "spying"-role for 5 000 ryo that's a no no. ( Waging War - Mission is not related to this ) As of now we are under the 3 strike rule. 3 strikes = exile Questions Not sure about something? Ask either Council, a faction leader, a superior or the Kazekage. The kazekage is constantly looking for messages on forums/discord/in-game and is always willing to answer questions. Breaking these rules won't pass by unnoticed.
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    A Peaceful Rogues Guide to Seals Since I have seen a lot of newer players recently, whether they are alternate accounts (alts) or not, I think some people should know how to get the Seals Mission done and obtain the exp for their early game. In this "guide" I am also going to be showing how people can enter through the house located Southwest of the Leaf Village gates. For starters This mission is slightly confusing for most people that are just starting off the game, in my opinion. It sends them off into a wild and random chase after some seals in within the village. I am going to show you a step by step version on how you can obtain the mission, get the seals, and learn how to get into sewers/rats map through outside the village. The mission itself In the Northeast corner of the Leaf Village. This building is where you actually obtain the Seals mission itself. You must go to the very top right part of the Leaf village and go inside the actual building. Inside the building. When you first walk into the building you will see the InnKeeper NPC which is the actual NPC you need to talk to when you are getting mission. When you walk up to him, you have to use Z or your attack button and obtain the mission; Darker Places Seal Location and Building Underneath the Leaf Hospital and slightly to the left. This building is where you will be entering the actual Sewers map. When you first get to this building there will be a door blocking you from entering it. All you simply do is press Z or your attack button and it will bring up some text saying "Knock Knock" and you will be able to enter once you do that. Inside the building. When you first enter the building you will see a round table and some other decorations. On the actual table itself will be a seal that you will interact with by using Z or your attack button. It will again bring up text and it will ask you to "Unseal it" or "Ignore it", here you will click to Unseal it and you will of obtained your very first seal and these can be done in no particular order. This is just a draft of how i personally get them on my accounts. From the Leaf Square go up and over the bridge, then you go to the left. When you cross over the bridge you will be able to see the second tag on the left side of the bridge. You must go to the left and down a flight of steps, where you will see what looks like a dock in the water. You simply just walk onto the water and go all the way to the right till you see the tag. Just hit the tag and Unseal it to obtain your next tag. Northeast of the dock from the second seal. Once you have gotten your second seal the third one is literally a couple of steps away. After you go back up the flight of stairs you just have to go Northeast until you see the green roofed house in the picture. Just simple walk through the doorway and you can get to the third seal. Hit it and obtain your third seal. In the Northeast corner of Leaf. This tag could also be your first tag, but like I said this is in no particular order. If you go all the way to the top right corner of Leaf you will see a rock wall on the far right side. The fourth tag is on that wall but it is a little bit more down on the side of the wall. All you have to do is collect that tag and head back to the InnKeeper NPC to collect your exp. Hidden Entrance Southwest of the Gates. When you are in the Guard Duty map, the map underneath the Leaf gates, you will see a path on the left side that opens into another map. It will have a bunch of trees, a mysterious building and a grave. This is the "Hidden Entrance" to the sewers map. Inside the sewers to the right and south east of the entrance. Inside the sewers it can be really confusing and tough to maneuver around. Once you enter the sewers just go to the right and slightly down till you see a break in the path. Go to the right of the intersection and you will the spot in the picture posted. Go inside the top section and hit Z or your attack button on the far up wall of the mysterious entrance and you will find the switch. What appears once you hit the switch. This text will appear once you hit the switch and that is when you know you have found the right section of the sewers. Click the "Turn it" option and you will be done with the first part of opening the hidden entrance. The map left of Gaurd Duty Once you have done the Switch Step, you want to make your way all the way to the house and this time, go in front of the tomb stone. Use Z or your attack button in front of the tile one under the actual stone. It will bring up this text and that is when you know that it worked. Once you hit the "note" it will bring up two options, "Leave it" and "Remove it". You want to click on the "Remove it" option and that will complete the second step. In the very Southeast corner of sewers. After completing the second step, you want to head back into the sewers. This may take a couple of tries but essentially you are just trying to go to the bottom right corner of the whole map. Once you find it you will see this entrance all the way at the bottom. This is the entrance to the walkway you must take to get to the inside of the house. These are the "Teleporters" that will bring you the other side of the path. The circles, if you have followed this guide and done everything right, they will allow you to transfer to the other side of the gap. Just follow all the way down till you reach the inside of the house. Inside the house and the final step. Once you do all the steps to get inside the building you have to hit the final switch. Simply just hit it and click the option "Turn on" and you should be able to leave and re-enter the house freely. For a rogue, this gives you easier access to get inside the village and do rogue like things. For Sand ninjas this also gives you the upper edge in raids and a better opportunity to make more elaborate raid strategies. For Leaf ninjas it just makes it look cooler when you enter the sewers map. Happy leveling. ^-^
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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Nin Chronicles [Enter] Yūrei They say legends never die, but names have been lost, wars forgotten. Today most of the Shinobi world has been living in ignorant bliss, too self-absorbed to realize there is a greater threat out there… I mean do you honestly believe this has been the start of our civilization? Our very existence? No. We are simply rebuilding in a not so distant world. [Enter] Sandā What do you mean? I was born here, as were my parents before me, at least I think. Yurei There are signs all around us and yet none realize it. The giant gourd that sits in your village, the statues of warriors near mine. Even our clothing.. *Yurei pulls upon his cloak* These are but mass manufactured clothing, mimicking the remnants of scraps found amongst the rubble. Sanda So, what? Who cares about the past? Whatever our ancestors did, their actions stay buried with them. What we have here is better. Yurei *Scoffs* You believe this is better? Our two nations, the Leaf and Sand, have been fighting each other ever since they formed themselves once again as nations. And now there is this talk of a Mist village being formed to the West. This fighting is nothing, but a distraction, a form of entertainment for the bored Kage’s. I’m surprised they don’t bring the Arena back. At least that way fighting each other was more sophisticated. Sanda Whatever you say Yurei. Just listen here, I’m not buying into your boogey man stories. I don’t believe there are demons out there about to have a jump on us. *Sanda spits as if he had a bad taste in his mouth* Same time and place? Yurei That’s the thing about believing Sanda. Doesn’t matter whether you believe or not for it to be true. You can scream all you want that the enemy before you don’t exist. It doesn’t stop them from ripping your throat out and spewing your blood out like your precious Kazecola. *Yurei takes out a kunai and marks an ‘X’ into the dirt* Same time and place. Make sure you aren’t followed, you know our villages aren’t allowed to meet. We all know what happened to Chizu. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I got bored and realized Nin doesn't really have any lore or side stories or anything. Might continue this or write up a past for Nin. Idk. Thoughts, comments, likes?
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    Dear Ninja, As of today we're putting a new feature into testing, it may or may not drastically improve your frame rate depending on your situation. However, I'm hopeful from initial tests that this will help many of you with previously low frame rates or only decent frame rates. Previously, the game was running in DirectX8 which in itself has quite some compatibility issues with modern Windows systems. We now have the game running with DirectX9 as the renderer, abeit through the work of a wrapper, which means the API calls are all done through DirectX9 API calls now. In my personal case, FPS was almost doubled throughout the game, and it's now more playable in 3440x1440 (3K Ultrawide) for me. DirectX8 (1080P) Leaf Village: 40-57 FPS Valley of the End: 40-50 FPS Chakra Forest / Forest of Ambushes: 50-55 FPS DirectX9 (1080P) Leaf Village: 97-100 FPS (My monitor is capped at 100hz Refresh Rate) Valley of the End: 80-85 FPS Chakra Forest / Forest of Ambushes: 90-100 FPS (My monitor is capped at 100hz Refresh Rate) DirectX8 (3K Ultrawide) Leaf Village: 14-25 FPS DirectX9 (3K Ultrawide) Leaf Village: 43-48 FPS PS: Do note that if your monitor is capped at 60hz Refresh Rate, the game will cap at 60 FPS. Anything above doesn't display because your monitor can only show 60 new images a second. Hope you enjoy this update! Regards, Rory
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    Are you new and you're wondering what kind of build you should use or even how you should build your character each level early on to level up? Look no further!!! I Jun will guide you through this venture and help you decide on the type of build you can do. Strength increases your base Weapon Damage with swords and kunai knives. It also increases Weapon Jutsu damage. Agility increases your base Taijutsu damage, reduces the cast time of Jutsus and increases attack speed. Each 100 points of Agility reduces cast speed by 200ms. Intellect increases your Ninjutsu and Genjutsu effectiveness. It also scales with your base Weapon Damage for Shurikens. You will deal more damage and be able to hide from enemies better. Exploding Tags and a few other weaponist weapon skills are based on this stat as well. Chakra increases your maximum Chakra and charging speed (50 Chakra reduces the time from 1 second to about 900ms). Each point into this stat will add 5 Chakra to your maximum Chakra pool. They are used to cast ninjutsu in combat. Having a high amount of Chakra also allows you to detect hidden enemies. Chakra also scales with your base Weapon damage for Senbons. Fortitude increases your maximum Health. Each point allocated into this stat will grant you 10 Health. The more Fortitude you have the longer you can stand in battle. It is a necessity to be able to endure more hits as a ninja unless you intend to always fight at a distance. (Credits to @Daishin for showing me de wae) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the earlier levels of training I personally use a build that offers moderate hp but high damage. Since I'm a Str user the build I used for levels 1-10 is as followed: Strength Strength:35 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 5 Chakra: 5 Fortitude: 25 (This build I can work with for levels 1-10 only because Strength users get a sword early on to help boost there damage) As an intelligence user this build would be different for the simple fact of you needing Chakra, Intelligence, and Fortitude to deal decent damage. The Build is as followed: Intelligence Lvl 1-10 Strength: 5 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 35 Chakra: 10 Fortitude: 15 (This build works for intelligence users early on because you will primarily fight at a distance blasting your foes with your skills. You also get the ability to wield a melee kunai at level 8 and 11 intelligence. You can also learn Fuuma Shuriken to blast your enemies from afar and stun them.) As an agility user this build would be simple due to their focus early on being HP and meleeing there foes to a pulp. The Build is as followed: Agility Lvl 1-10 Strength: 5 Agility: 25 Intelligence: 5 Chakra: 5 Fortitude: 35 (This build is similar to the strength build but the opposite. Instead of having more points in your damaging stat(agility) you put more into your fortitude instead. The reason is because, agility users have a higher dps than any other mastery in the game giving them insane melee speeds and movement speeds. Due to their need to be in close range they tend to take more damage than the average ninja so thus more point are put into fortitude to bolster your health more) Chakra medics revolve around Chakra and Fortitude only. There primary damage comes from throwing Senbon early on and later they get better accustomed moves. The 2 stats you would invest in would be Chakra and Fortitude The Build is as followed: M.Chakra Lvl 1-10 Strength: 5 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 5 Chakra: 30 Fortitude: 30 (Commonly with this build you would want your stats to stay close to being exactly the same as each other until higher up. I also recommend partying up with other ninjas around your level playing a support role while also providing damage to defeat foes due to your lack of moves early on.) Strength Lvl 11-30 Strength: 65 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 5 Chakra: 25 Fortitude: 70 (This build I can work with for levels 11-30 because as you progress your enemies get stronger and hit harder as you begin to hit harder as well. So I uped my fortitude(Health) 10 more than my strength so I can take more damage. I also invested into chakra as well in the process because as you gain more levels you also earn more jutsus thus you will need chakra to compensate them.) Intelligence Lvl 11-30 Strength: 5 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 80 Chakra: 30 Fortitude: 35 (This build works for intelligence users because you will primarily fight at a distance blasting your foes with your skills. You should have several ranged skills to fight your enemies with. If this is the case then you shouldn't need a lot of fortitude as you won't take much damage from fighting at a distance. You will however will need chakra to keep dishing out attacks w/o needing to recharge as much.) Agility Lvl 11-30 Strength: 5 Agility: 55 Intelligence: 5 Chakra: 25 Fortitude: 80 (This build is the same as the strength build almost except you're gonna trade 10 pts from your damaging stat and put it towards your fortitude. The reason is simply because of what I stated before; Agility has a higher dps thus your damage output will be quicker. You will also need to raise chakra within this level range due to you getting more moves to help with your damage input as well as substitution jutsus to help you avoid damage. Also you will need more fortitude because mobs are a lot stronger now and will take your hp down pretty fast.) M.Chakra Lvl 11-30 Strength: 5 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 5 Chakra: 170 Fortitude: 85 -Or- Strength: 5 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 5 Chakra: 120 Fortitude: 130 (At the higher levels with a pure chakra/fortitude build you eventually want to use 1 of the 2 builds posted here. The First build with 170 chakra is for the Die Hard Medic slaves that actually want to be more support with outstanding heals and moderate HP. The heals will compensate for the lack of hp but you will also be able to see almost everyone in game if they cloak due to your high chakra. The second build is more of a balance between fortitude and chakra giving you great sustainability with more fortitude but also great dps with melee and throwing Senbon.) @Suigetsine Made a Stat Calculator that lets you test and try out builds at your disposal. The Link is as followed: https://krextiv.de/projekte/ninstat/
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    Dear Ninja, First of all, I want to take some time to talk about the status of the beta phase. We really like it. We're almost done making Nin Me and Seth have been working hard enough to get things done, and slacked off enough to not get burnt out for the past 6 months and so after a good 6 months of hard work work.. without further ado.. The game world is basically complete as you can see, all we need to do is add some buildings and trees and what not and it'll be a full game I'm sure! Premium Masteries So we asked ourselves internally, what does a pancreas do exactly? We decided that it would be best to add new masteries for everyone, because 8 just wasn't doing it. Some of the ideas that we considered included Seals mastery, Genjutsu mastery and of course Puppet mastery. So presenting to you... Uchiha Mastery The mastery of Itachijutsu, Uchiha Mastery makes you a Itachi, a prodigy of the Leaf Village's Uchiha Clan, who became an international criminal after murdering his entire clan, sparing only his younger brother, Sasuke. Itachi-nin can learn jutsus such as Sharingan and Raven Fireball Technique. Scorpion Mastery Scorpion Mastery is the specialization of clawjutsu, it transforms you into a Scorpion and you get a variety of customization options for your scorpion-nin. I'm sure you guys will have a lot of questions, especially "why is there no red option?" We initially included a red scorpion option, but we eventually decided to remove it because it looked too much like a lobster. Which brings us to the final mastery! Lobster Mastery Unlike Scorpion Mastery, however, Lobster Mastery does not have customization, as we firmly believe that lobsters should remain red. Paid Masteries As we've hinted in the title of this development log, these masteries will be Cash Shop purchases. We've yet to set a price to unlock them, but we're looking at a subscription model. Thank you for taking your time to read this! Please leave us your feedback. Regards, Rory
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    Well, starting, I think that the game has developed sufficiently at the community level and in my opinion it would be appropriate to finally introduce clans and additions to the organization, so let's get to the merits. We have many clans that really have numerous members, for example: #Kurama #Sasayaki #Hozuki #Mirana #Sashabi e.t.c Let's be honest how many times it happened not to one player just to die because he wanted to write back to his friend from the clan where he is on discord. Well, I do not think anyone would ever have contact with it. It's annoying and pissed. That's why I think it's time to finally add something like guilds in wow of warcraft called clans where we'll have at least clan chat and where we'll be able to answer right away. I'm not saying that the only thing that would be such a beautiful online list would also be great, but I think that's the future. Therefore, gentlemen, thinkers think about this idea and make life easier for us, I think that the organizations that have been created will not be too demanding + will certainly push this game forward and this is what we all all want, no? I hope to support this post especially from the clans side because it can move us forward Peace Sukki Kurama
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    https://youtu.be/I7hGnjAiq1Q ^^^ Show some love to our homeboy Rumaki for making this. He really worked hard to make this video look awesome as hell for Mirana so you guys should subscribe!!! Oh and also... MIRANA WILL BE COMING BACK SO STAY TUNED!!!
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    This is a video of all the new jutsus for adv masteries or combined masteries that i managed to record in game. I saw way more jutsus than that but i did not had the reflex to record them. SO i can confirm you that there are already new jutsus for lightning, fire, water, wind and tai (gentle fist) in game. So lets be more patient until they add those badass new jutsus. And don't forget that summoning jutsus are already in game too enjoy!
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    Fire Wall and traps no longer can be spawned diagonally. This fixes the hitbox issues with Fire Wall. Buff stats now buff correctly, before they buffed wrongly. Silence should break the Jutsu cast. Duration on Jutsu description windows should display the correct number.
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    September 2018 PromotionsLeaf VillageChunin: @Jasmine @Jayda @Kuraen MacDom Jonin: @Jellal Kuraen @Fritzo Sand Village Chunin: @Kadek @Slaughter Jonin: @Deviax Hozuki
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    Two annoying fire bugs: 1. Fire wall, when cast while running diagonally, will spawn above or below your character and to its side. This also makes it so that both sides of the firewall in addition to the wall itself will deal damage AND break the opponents sub while also dealing damage. By moving in a straight line or standing still, this bug does not happen. 2. Fire dragon will normally give a 1s self stun. But if you LAND the attack, it drops the self stun to like .2 seconds. This is extremely broken. Next is my suggestion: Flame bullet hits like this, “X” being me and “O” being the affected areas: ooo ooo ooo x I suggest that it hits like this: ooo ooo ooo o x to where it hits the tile directly in front of you in addition to fanning out in the 3x3 zone. It doesn’t make any sense that I’m breathing a fireball (From my mouth I hope) and it doesn’t hit the guy right in front of my face. From a gameplay perspective, it's fine the way it is, BUT it could be better. Especially if the other 2 jutsu take a nerf. From a logical perspective, how tf can I hit 6 tiles away but not the tile directly in front of me.
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    Sup everyone. Imo Leaf need some improvements. I'm not always agreed with how Leaf's doing, so i'm gonna be the hater who will count what needs to be changed in our village: 1. I wonder who's buddy u need to be to join ANBU... That's only example, but the point is: the Leaf ninjas are not equal. I don't mean ranks. Imo there is some group of appreciated and respected ninja, and the others, who will never join them. I'm not saying that everyone should like everyone, but that's not okay when someone have less chance to join leaf organization, just because the boss of that org don't like him. 2. I'd like to see more events. Even mini events, like RP stuff Godric and Fred did. That would help improve the connection between ninja and village. 3. We have some organizations, who isn't seem to doing anything, like ANBU (lol, i guess it's a bad example cause they just working like that, but that's my feel) or Council. I've heard we have Police Force, but i've never met any members of it... 4. Leaf shouldn't continue the war. It makes lvling harder. I'm not saying that we should show a white flag, but continuing the war with sandies/missings is tiring. Ofc, we have some clans that hates everyone who aren't from Leaf (Kuraen, Suwa). Wilkor, Sour, think about it. 5. Teams of 3 genins and chuunin is a good idea. I'd like to see teamworking of these teams. That's just my thoughts about Leaf as a village. I know that not everyone will agree with all of them. Let's talk about it guys. (and rly sorry. I'm always saying that my english is bad)
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    So,I recently got fucked bc I added 130 points in str by accident,so I lost 10 bucks for that shit. Why isnt there a minus button that if u do an accident u can just press it and it will all be good. I imagine happened to many others and it's not just me who want it. But for real,i it THAT hard to have this there. Do it.
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    Hidden Leaf's Academy Class HIS 101 Throughout the years Leaf Ninjas have gone through very difficult times that are left sometimes untold or incorrectly (biased opinions). And so I bring to you, History 101, class that will be taught at the Leaf Academy. Lectures and discussions of our system throughout the years will be taking place. Lectures will also include, influential/important Leaf Ninjas who've had a great impact on our system, negotiations with Sand and Sand's history through the eyes of a Leaf Ninja, demonstrations and presentations, and we will also have occasional special guest appearances. Systems aren't always deemed to be fair to all, and the manner in which developments have been made will be spoken of and the question of what more can we do to improve our own current system will be asked during the final sessions, and together as a class we'll bring up the final statements to the Council and Hokage. Information on Class Sessions: There will be 10 sessions, possibly 2 per week (schedule has yet to be arranged). A calendar with session dates and times will be posted. (TBA) Each session will be about 25 minutes. Attendance will be taken. (Part of your grade % TBA) This class welcomes all Leaf Ninjas. Exams/Pop Quizzes based on the discussions, will be graded (# and % TBA). Each student will get a grade at the end of the term, factors are, Participation, Exam Scores, and Attendance. (Those 3 factors above will be broken down and explain further later on when the first session date is announced). Throughout the term, there'll be three optional individual conference days you can attend to talk to the professor about your grade. At the end of the term, based on the grade you receive it will deem if you're eligible for rewards (which are TBA). This class would serve as a documentation as well as help the students understand more about the Leaf Village and its people/systems. It would serve as a tool so that down the years' people do not forget about the origins of the village and it's people, also using that knowledge to further improve our system. It will be taught by Professor @Deathmall Sasayaki, Assistant - @Fritzo Assistant - @Kuraen Wilkor Assistant - The professor and his assistants will be working on the lesson plans and announce the first session on this post. (If you wish to be an assistant please feel free to message me or PM in-game) Other Details: Originally the idea was to make more use of our academy, RP Wise. Hoping more "subjects" in the future are brought up. The goal is to obviously stray away from stale lectures (don't worry I got jokes for days). An attempt in giving you a classroom experience, in a fun manner. There will be days where a class might get pushed/ canceled, interruptions by village affairs etc, also do expect group activities. We will push for communication between students.
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    my favorite pic. both my students were in the finals in the Chuunin Exams and said this before they fought and it ended in a tie, but both of them ended up becoming Chuunin. @Zelda & @Booty Gang Ginger @Oriax @Dona @Indra @Zabu i am a ladies man with @mav me helping @Jasmine @Mikai & @Jada i lost to @Aghila in CE when i was heavily lagging & using my Wind/Water. Leaf Ninja treated him like a king for beating me lol then he challenges me again and this what happened lmao @Yamikami 2v2 Tourney where we beat Aghila and Meth in the finals lol after i defeated Jun in the "loser resets" match with @Meth @Itachi Uchiha @Crow @Sarus lol i have so many ss of me beating @Jun Solo proof @Ori Sasayaki is a perv. caught spying on me and @Daroce Yagami. not even Leaf Jonin is safe from these hands @kur @Artwork sand slaughtering leaf. lmao how many leaf ninja it takes to kill me. 99.99% of the time how i die. last but not least my iconic win vs jun
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    What y'all think? Rate 0-10 and tell me what is missing or wrong! Ty!
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    Kazekage(s) [BETA] Time spend on duty 1st: Argoh 1-Month 2nd: Konahri 3-weeks 3rd: ReubenNick 1-week 4th: Miki 2-weeks 5th: Kaguya Light 6-Months 6th: TetsuHawk Present Sand Assassins ( not officially lauched until further note ) Military corps leader(s) [BETA] 1st: Proxied 2nd: Medical corps leader(s) [BETA] 1st: Tresmorne 2nd: Chunin [Alpha] ( BrokenInside, Konahri, Jazzberry jam ) [Beta] ( Dareem, Brae, Rainyer, Kaguya Light, Arashi Himitsu ) ( Bowieeee, Nut, MrChubb, Pervy Sage ) Specialized Jonin [Beta] ( Tresmorne, Proxied ) ( Miki, Vaga )
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    I will talk to Rory about creating RP safe places.
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    I am going to be working on the game at-least 2 hours a day, from previously only a few hours a week. Clans and other features are planned.
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    I come back from NIN about 5 months later, and we still have the "exclusive" 5th Anniversary cloak, which can't be exclusive when it's been out for that friken long. We got what one update, a boss/dungeon that I hear is boring after you first run. The community is the only thing keeping this game together. So much potential is in this game, but you aren't using it at all. Promised so many updates in terms of more elemental combinations, Eight Gates, double elements, Mist Village. I don't need them all to be hear, but maybe give us some updates, even if all it was is "we didn't do anything yet" I rather have that then have the devs pop content out in short bursts instead of more mediated and long term updates. I loved this game, even with constant rind that was required to get to late game content. But, the community is something one of a kind. You guys really need to step up for the updates you want, not wait for the updates and just pvp/raid all day. If there's anything wrong with what I said, feel free to tell me. I encourage you to argue with me if you feel differently.
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    Only ninjas with fan sub path should be able to wear a fan. It's better in the gameplay perspective and helped a lot with balance. The bug which occured recently showed us that it is the case. Not to say that it will also be better in a roleplay perspective. **Note: Fans should not interrupt cast
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    Hello everybody! I am pleased to announce that my first official event will be on the forums! I hope everyone likes it and has fun! How it works: This will act as a metaphor type of game. To participate, you must comment below the best metaphor you can think of that involves an aspect of Nin Online. Example: The ninja was so ___ he could ___. Prizes: 1st place: 15 coupons 2nd place: 10 coupons 3rd place: 5 coupons The best comments will win! Event length: This event will end a week from now. (9/02/2018) I hope all of you have fun! Good luck to all. (credits to @Persona Kurama for the idea!) (A metaphor is when you compare 2 things not using the words like or as)
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    Game is now running with DirectX9! Fixed players being blocked by other players in Takumi Hospital. Desync wait time is now Snare instead of Stun. (Thank you @Crowlock) Fixed Ledge Forest map is blocked error. (Thank you @Magatama) Fixed Striped Lake to Valley of the End warp bugs. (Thank you @Magatama) Fixed Explosive Tags using 2 instead of 1.
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    Hi guys, So not long ago @Nova Jr came up with a team called The legends of Nin the Legends of Nin is a YouTube squad focused on entertaining you guys and bringing more people to our game as well as a Nin Online Series focused on the new era of ninjas. What we do is make nin videos and share them on youtube and we will share them here on the forum too. We will update this topic each time a new video is out and we would like you guys to support us. For more information DM @Nova Jr or @XXX Ryokaku
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    Im not gonna lie. This is my favorite out of all. Its time to get rich.
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    I was just messing around in game a few minutes earlier, so far it seems really cool. Figured I'd make an introduction post. I'm not entirely confident in what to write here. So, I'll just put some stuff. I like reading and playing games. Strategy, 2D, Retro, Adventure, Fantasy, etc. I dislike horror to some extent (I scare easy). I enjoy the cold winter months, compared to the summer ones (I'm weird, I know, I'm not really a heat fan, burn easy). I'm not a very skilled PvP person. I've done very little of it. Still, I hope to meet you all in the game. Hope your future days are sunshine and happiness. -Lycoris
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    Hey everyone, I hoped to find some decent RP on this game, but it never showed up. People have been claiming that they were into RP. But they confused this with PvP sadly. Whenever you kill someone it's very good RP apperently. So i'm kinda done with the game. I even hoped to do arts etc for this game, but I won't in it's current state. As long as people keep focusing on getting as many kills as they can, I won't enjoy this game even in the slightest. I want to relax, build a story, and have a good time. But you can't because some random ass fucker will come in and kill you if you try to do so, and say it's good RP too. lol. This is frustrating the crap out of me. Even people that try to convince me to be decent in RP, end up being nothing more than your average PVP person with the wrong ideas in their head. If this game will ever turn around, i'll consider coming back. But I don't expect this. Not for as long he GM/ admin won't get heavily involved in the RP scene. Sadly I know that they are far too busy to do such, so they won't. PS for rory: You might as well remove the entire BIO section from profiles, No one uses it to begin with. Why invest in things if those things will just shit on your face? I'll either return to JutsuOnline, or some other RP game. Good luck with your lives, don't let nin online's toxicity get you aids. Goodbye.
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    Hay, not trying to be rude but you guys could at least give us a month or 2 to speculate when the new update is comming. i log in like everyday for 3 months to see if the summon update or something else has come up. great for you ratings but bad for my health . all off the gm's i asked for something they say its comming soon. well soon is good but is soon a day, week, month or a couple months. slowly the interesd fades away. you guys are doing a great job on the game btw but we should know what to expect. or is it just me ? ty for your atention
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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Konoha’s Prison Kathunk, Kathunk…. The pieces of stone kept falling from the wall within Reo’s musty cell. It felt to Reo that his captivity had persisted for a millennium, however it was impossible to track time from his standing. There were no windows within the jail to peer out of, only the bars that separated ever so slightly to look at the warden that would casually come to check up on him. “Hellooo”, Reo muttered unenthusiastically. There was no response. It seems the warden was occupied with a nap session or was outside of the prison. Reo’s hair hung over his face as he looked down at the floor, staring down at his shadow. He always was amused at how even the brightest of people could cast a shadow… Tak, Tak, Tak… Someone was closing in on Reo. The footsteps only grew louder and louder as Reo began to lean against the bars. Finally, he would have someone to talk to. “SO, here are your options. You either join us, or die”, stated Shon bluntly. Reo tilted his head to the side ever so curious. Hadn’t he just asked Shon to join back with the Leaf? Why would he be making it seem like he had no choice? He grabbed one bar in his hand and gripped onto it tightly. “I already said I’d join. What of it?”, spat Reo. Shon was agitated. His eyes began to dart back from the way he came until a few more pieces of stone dropped from the inside of Reo’s cell which was so loud that they both looked at it at the same time. “We are being attacked by the Akatsuki. If you wish to join back with us, you must prove you are one of us. Dispose of them instantly. Don’t even give them a chance to talk”, Shon said as he took Reo outside of his cell and handing him his weapon. Reo took his blade in its sheath and put it on top of his neck as he rested his arms on either side of his head. Akatsuki huh? Reo began to smirk with malicious intent. The thrill of battle always made him rejoice. He began to feel his excitement grow. “Your wish is my command”, Reo said as he winked at Shon before turning and taking his leave. South of Konoha Village “Let the fun begin”, the masked man chuckled. “Foolish Leaf, always at peace, ignorant to the world outside of it.” Let me bring some enlightenment to this village. The masked man’s tongue swirled up and down his face, salivating as if those around him were his prey. Explosive tags, three at a time, came pummeling out of his sleeve to fall around him in the middle of the square. A crowd began to stop and stare at this masked mad man as he trapped the area. KABOOM “AHHHH!” Screams began to resonate throughout the village as over-eager ninja were condemned to death. “Hold it right there, Akatsuki”, Reo sneered as he jabbed his sword in the enemy’s direction. Reo eyed the masked Nin expectantly. He knew an Akatsuki member wouldn’t hesitate to attack him at a moment's notice. Best he didn’t give any sign of weakness. “Ah, well look who decided to show up. My damn colleague seems to have disappointed me once again. I was supposed to be the diversion while he grabbed you, but-", the masked ninja sighed. “Well, come along. Hikari is waiting for you.” Reo’s eyes went wide. So that’s why Shon pressured me to join Leaf. The Akatsuki came for me so the Leaf higher ups decided to kill two sticks with one stone by making me kill them. Humph. “Listen here and listen close. I’m with the Leaf now. Tell Hikari to beat it. Our time together in Takumi is over. Same thing with Takusan and my contracts”, Reo said with dedication. The masked Akatsuki member’s eye began to twitch from under his sakkat. “Sadly, you don’t have a choice”, he grunted as he charged Reo. The two ninjas clashed in a furry of blades. The Akatsuki member aimed for Reo’s legs for the most part hoping to cripple him. Reo, understanding that one false slip landed him in a circle of explosive tags, did everything he could to deflect the blows while maintaining his footing. SWIPE Blood began to trickle down the Akatsuki member’s arm as he blocked a quick slice that was heading towards his chest. Holding the blade against his arm for a few moments he glared into Reo’s eyes and grunted. Then with one solid leap back, the Akatsuki member began to flee. North of Konoha Village Yurei from on top of the Hokage building sees a masked ninja running to the east towards the LMPF building. As he begins to start after him he sees Reo running out of the LMPF building heading up towards the cemetery and then to the west. The two ninjas completely missed each other. What was going on? Yurei charged head on towards the masked ninja. “Hold it”, Yurei cautioned. The masked ninja made no comment and on closer inspection Yurei could make out the masked ninja’s robe. He is Akatsuki. Yurei pressed closer as he shot a wind scythe at the foe. The Akatsuki simply subbed the attack, powering on towards the LMPF building. When the masked ninja got closer Shon appeared in a straight flickering motion, using his morning peacock. The masked ninja subbed this too as water splashed the area. Seeing he was surrounded; the masked ninja ran back towards the exit of the Leaf in despair. Shon and Yurei stopped and stared as they knew they couldn’t catch up. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've seen the interest in this story has kind of died down, but that's okay! I got bored so I typed up some more anyway. I wrote the story in a different way - outside of the script style I used previously. If you want to show interest just like this comment, if not I may still post more to the story just at a slower more casual pace. I'm just doing it for fun really. Also, feel free to let me know which typing style you like better.
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    Give it some love. Pillars too
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    The Hermit Forehead Protector is currently in the same slot as a cig (Left side, 2nd slot going down from top) which is weird. Though I think it's because cash shop paint/tatoos take up headband protector slot. Can you switch it so paint/tatoo to cig slot and hermit band to headband slot? Or a new slot all together? I just want to be able to customize more.
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    This game can't support that many people on one map. That is why every time there is a major raid the whole game crashes or the fancy way you put it is 'Server is on, but kicks players out.' The only thing people can do is pvp and even that is troubling. Also, I've noticed sections of maps just being laggy and giving people such as I spikes. It can't be our connection because it is selective. For example I could walk in Leaf square and be fine, but when I run north towards a raid I start lagging. I don't know if it's the amount of tags giving me these huge lag spikes or players or what because sometimes there won't even be people near me and I lag at certain map locations ONLY. Respawning at hospital causes major lag too sometimes. Like I get a black screen for two minutes and THEN the images start loading in as I walk slow-mo until the effect wears off. Another problem is map switching causing players such as I to crash all the time. I change map, program just disappears and I log on to find myself dead to other players. The game itself is murdering me and other players. It's not just the connection on our end. Someone help :C
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    Oh,the time has come already,that was a long run! I could never imagine that I would ever get a chance to support Leaf Village throu a role like the Council.I have to admit that it was my pleasure serving as one,specially with such great subordinates like the two other members of Council ( Hawt & Caio) and of course,a great Kage as Deathmall himself. We met lot of difficulties and issues during this run,but we managed to stay calm and of course we did our best. Regarding the game,such role as the Council holds great RP opportunities and it's really a unique experience.I would advice the next Council to enjoy their run and of course..To have fun!I will assist the new people on this roles,as much as I can and I am sure they will do their best to keep Leaf Village safe. On my behalf,I want to thanks the Ninjas that trusted us with such responsibilities,I hope we came across their expect expectations.Also,I want to thanks @Caio Mirana,a great war commander and advisor and also @Hawt,a calm strategist that did well!And of course, @Deathmall Sasayaki,this dude went through really lot of stuff during these six months,he needs an applaud for all the work and the effort he putted on,let us all remember the benefits he gave to our village! Best of luck to everyone and to the next Council! Best Regards, The Hidden Leaf's Third Council™.