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    Make sure to click the music below the page number while you read. It's better. Title "The Strongest" . . . . . . . . . . Intro . . . . . . . . . . >Page 1< Click -> ((Page 1 - 4 BGM)) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 2< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 3< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 4< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 5< Click -> ((Page 5 - 8 BGM)) (wait until like 16 sec in before you start reading lol) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 6< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 7< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 8< . . . . . . . . . . (Explanation) Swift Style - Afterimage Clone AssassinationImmediately after the Swift Clones are made, they would all simultaneously attack to overwhelm the enemy. The clones are merely a diversion because the real user (who's most likely ahead of the enemy) would of already blitzed the opponent. In Booty's case, he blitzes the opponent with his sword. Before the enemy realizes it, with their last bit of sight, they would see Booty placing his blade in its scabbard while they're left bisected, decapitated, dismembered, or fatally wounded. If however the enemy survives this strike, the clones are left to finish them off. . . . . . . . . . . >Page 9< Click -> ((Page 9 - End BGM)) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >End< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Make sure to like, follow me, and leave a comment on your thoughts and opinions! ...and hit me up on Discord @The Booty Sensei#7384 for prices if you want me to draw your Ninja!
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    Simple as in topic name
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    Rebalanced Slashing Tornado/Slashing Tornadoes technique damage from (24/25/26/23/23/23) to (25/25/26/26/27/27). Fans now have a 20 requirement to take it out of the meta for non-fan users for it's knockback and interrupt cast. Fixed Ravaging Earth Spikes Technique description.
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    The Chinome Clan Long ago, our clan existed in the Hidden Leaf Village. We were many, and we were strong. We grew quickly, and achieved great power in this world... But all great things come to an end. Our clan was forced from the Village Hidden in the Leaves. We were hunted down, and destroyed one by one... What few remained of our clan, went into hiding and exile. Most simply vanished and were never seen again. However, much time has passed since the purge... A fitting name for the eradication of an entire family. After all this time, the survivors, the few remnants of our once great people, have risen from the ashes of the fallen to re-unite and exact vengeance on all those who have wronged us. We are done hiding. It's your turn. Description: The word "Chinome" roughly translates to "Blood eyes" or "Blood enchanted eyes" depending on your translation. The Uchiha Clan will not exist in Nin. The devs have stated this several times... However, this clan is for those of you who want to to be the Nin canon equivelant of the legendary clan of the world of Masashi Kishimoto (The creator of the Naruto manga and anime). The symbol of our clan is the owl, a universal symbol of wisdom. Though we are not just any nocturnal predators. Our eyes are blood red, a clear sign of our clan's Kekkei Genkai. Not a single Chinome clan member that still lives has awakened this power as of yet. The powers of the clan before the purge... before our elders and veterans were destroyed... were written down and passed on by word of mouth. Only a few of us have even witnessed the power that our ancestors once possessed. Someday we will awaken that strength that each of us inherently possesses... But we know not when. Before the purge, our numbers were enough to rival the Hidden Villages themselves... And rival them we did... But in the end, we were defeated. Now, we are few... very few. Our current members: 1. Clan Leader: @Viduus Chinome 2. Clan Elder: @Oriax Chinome 3. Clan Elder: @Balcoin Chinome 4. Clan Member: @Maku Chinome 5. Clan Member: @Lil Woo 6. Clan Member: @Uni Chinome A list of the fallen... killed during the purge. Never forget, never forgive. 1. @Lucy Chinome 2. @Maki Chinome 3. @Logic Chinome 4. @Hikari Chinome 5. @Laguna Chinome 6. @Shouri Chinome 7. @Kikenna Chinome 8. @Quinteiku Chinome 9. @Saku (Ally of the family) 10. @Sakei A list of those who abandoned the clan's name in order to survive... they are not to be blamed. Any sane man or woman would have made the same choice: 1. @Maj 2. Soul Apparition... This is the last name I knew him by. 3. @Sasuke 4. @IKage Toitsu 5. @Goblin Hoshigaki 6. @Crush 7. @Crowlock 8. @Niti 9. @NightAoi 10. @Omega 11. @Riley Ajisai (Ally of the family) 12. @Meth (Ally of the family) 13. @Nell (Ally of the family) 14. @Daishin (For a brief while.. One of the very first to fall) 15. @Pinku the Original (Was a slave... but still family in my book < 3) 16. @Tartarus (Ally of the family) We have returned.
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    Me loggin in after peace treaty was announced to see 10 Sand Ninja casually chilling in Leaf square.
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    Me when leafies and sandies Raid takumi.
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    Increased cooldown of Toad Oil from 30s to 90s. Prevented exploit of using Land of Toads to return to your village. Fixed Summoning Toad in Takumi Village.
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    Well, I thought it would be good to make a section of clans so that people are well informed, I will put the clans of each village in the order that I think are essential in the villa so that you also know the most active and important of each village (Notice in this list the order I consider it by: number of members, the ranges that each member has and the importance for that town.) Well here are the clans that there are in all nin: LEAF The primary clans: 1. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/6899-sasayaki- 囁き/ 2. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/8217-mirana-clan/ 3. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/6014-the-kuraen-clan/ 4. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/12888-suwa-clan/ the secondary clans: - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/25517-ryokaku-clan/ - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/25375-the-ryuta-clan/ - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/15613-kurbaki-clan/ Sand The primary clans: 1. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/12876-the-toitsu-clan/ 2. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/20111-hozuki-clan-reborn/ 3. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/15423-vongola-clan/ 4. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/21076-adenium-desert-rose-clan/ the secondary clans: - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/11383-blood-raven-clan-ketsueki-karasu/ Missing or clans that contain people from all three places [Leaf, Sand and Mssing] The primary clans: 1. Sand: https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/18845-kurama-clan/ Leaf: https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/18844-kurama-clan/ 2. org/clan: https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/gc/85-yagami-no-te/ 3. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/14871-yαgyu-clαn/#comment-84110 4. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/6421-the-chinome-clan/#comment-69208
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    Suggestions I have in mind for the game. Suggestions for bugs, content, pvp: Add Monk NPC to Takumi ( It is frustrating sometime when you can buy a bless for yourself but have to walk all the way to a village. ) New Mob -> Bee Queen ( After killing Bee Hive another mob should spawn from it, Bee Queen a higher level mob than hornets and bees that drops more combs. As of now it feels like a great mob to train jutsu on without moving around at all. ) Add a STR Fan level 35 Jutsu. ( Currently it has only 5 jutsu. STR Fan is still lacking, a sixth jutsu could the push it needs to compete with other masteries. ) Create a count description for WW or CBK. ( Sometimes it is hard to keep up with how many kill you have especially if you don't do it in one whoop. ) Reduce duration of invisibility jutsu when in combat. ( It is too hax if you consider how easy it can sometimes be to just cloak and run. ) Make BI Stack x2. ( Meaning your stat reduced after 1 death and then second as well. To prevent Bi-Warrior. ) Make BI fade 2x faster when lying in hospital bed. ( Adaptive suggestion to compensate for Bi-Stack, could also be implemented without the stack. Many people especially new ones are disliking that BI halt's their progress or waste their time. This could be done to make it a bit easier for the little guys. ) Reduce Poison Cloud dot damage 20 > 15 ( As a medic myself I find the dot too powerful, being already very easy to land. ) Fix Summoning Toad name in Takumi, Leaf village. ( Unknown if Sand Village toad name is different. Current name ''Poster2'' and ''Itori'' ) Fix Medicine Supply mission reward for Takumi. ( Currently you require to bring blood pills to Daimyo. It is already a risk taking mission and it costs ryo to complete via pill purchase, yet it does not give out any ryo as reward. ) Change Time Off!? reward for Sand and Missing. ( With the recent update to time off mission, for example Leaf Villagers gain just as much if not more exp for this mission, while a sand or missing has to risk and travel a long distance to gain just as much exp. ) Fix lightning cutter not able to stun mobs. ( To make farming with lightning less a horrible experience. ) Thank you, Make kills count in safe zones for WW or CBK. ( For majority of player, it take too long to do this mission, for lower levels especially as when not on mission like this they spend most of their time in safe zones and if an enemy does approach those zones, they will die anyway. ) (IF) Kill in safe zone will not count as mission kill then reduce the requirement for kills for WW and CBK ( Again, it takes far too long for some players and sometimes you just give-up the mission because there is nobody online or nobody is crossing danger zones when you are around. As of now I see people simply killing multiple alts or ''asking'' for kills to complete the mission because of how absurd it is. Is this what you wanted Rory? ) Make unable to gain bounty when on BI to prevent abuse. Add fan requirement.
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    •THE RYUTA CLAN• Known as a warrior clan, the Ryuta Clan has been formed by two brothers trained specially in Taijutsu since their parents were kidnaped by the Akatsuki member @Itachi Uchiha when they were 6 years old, and have been seeking for them since today, being both of them 19 years old now. They have been fighting each other to become stronger, so one day, a sage dragon noticed an overwhelming potential on them, so decided to train them in dragon sage arts, what brought them a blood bond by summoning, beginning the first days of the Ryuta Clan. General requirements: Send them to me or @Takashi no Ryuta by pm -Name: Player’s name must have “no Ryuta” after it. -Level: +25 -Mastery: Doesn’t matter, but preferably Taijutsu. (Rarely, a newborn Ryuta would be able to master the Dragon Path, which is Taijutsu+Fire, making him a “Ryuta Kenton”, a special bloodline inside the clan.) -Hair color: Prefered colors are Blonde, Orange and Red. -Nature: Ryuta ninjas are known for being agressive and fast in reacting when they feel in danger. -Village: It doesn’t matter, Ryuta can have ninjas from any village, but they’re allies, since they share blood link. Types of bloodline: Ryuken (Specialized mostly in Taijutsu, also WM and Medic) Ryuton (Specialized in pure elements) Ryuta Kenton (Specialized in Fire Taijutsu) Name: Level: Village: Rank: Bloodline: @Takashi no Ryuta 50 Leaf (Missing) Leader Ryuken @Moixo no Ryuta 42 Leaf Leader Ryuken @Razjel no Ryuta 27 Leaf Member Ryuken @Nutron no Ryuta 25 Leaf Member Ryuken @Bakugeki no Ryuta 23 Leaf Member Ryuton
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    Northern Sand Gate Walls can now be climbed by Sand Ninja. Fixed exploits caused by new Hermit rank.
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    When you get home from a long day at work and a lowbie gets pissed you don't want to host an RP.
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    Rory, you've outdone yourself! You've added a jutsu thats exclusive to one village, that makes it near impossible to beat them! Trash players use OP moves given to them by the developer! And you continue to support it. After people have complained for wind mask for so long, you went and buffed it. You've ruined this game for me. It's not even worth it to try and fight these people. Getting around a move that snares and slows for 5 seconds without any sort of sacrifice to the user is just stupid. Gentle Fist? Rotation has a self stun for about 1 second. It also doesn't slow for as long as wind mask does, and wind mask only requires a certain amount of points in str to use. It is completely unfeasible to try and compare Gentle Fist and wind mask. I'm done. I'm not going to keep spending money on this game. Some of the things being developed don't even make sense in terms of PVP. You continue to ignore half the community and expect people to just keep stringing along and not getting annoyed about it. This is too frustrating.
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    Nin Online Installer updated. Reported virus detections for updater and client.
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    RE: Battle Injuries We don't have any consequence to death in this game besides Battle Injuries. You don't lose Ryo, you don't lose EXP, you don't drop items (except for some missions). If there is no stake to dying, nobody will be fearful of it. Sure, being in penalty mode isn't fun to people who just want to get all their dailies done and go off. but it's also there so that you can take a breather and spend time doing things other than that. RE: Scale damage to level This isn't an arena game, it's an Online RPG. If levels mean nothing in pvp, there's no point in leveling. Armies of level 10s? RE: Squad EXP Share AFK Leveling and power leveling is not fun. It's already better to play together, just because it's more fun and you kill counts share. RE: EXP Killing missions take into consideration the amount mobs you killed during the mission and thus gives you less XP. It is there to make it more worth it to do non-killing mobs missions. What level were you when you did that mission? RE: Defense The idea that somehow a defense system would make fortitude less needed in Nin is just wrong. A defense system would just coat the simple fortitude based health system we have with another layer of complexity. Clothings are not a big part of Naruto. As much as an armor system sounds cool, it would just force people to all dress the same, optimally for the best defense. Eg. everyone would wear robes because it adds +3 armor, or everyone needs to wear headbands because it's +1 armor. That's not fun, and ruins the whole point of adding thousands of cosmetic options and millions of combinations. What we've done is combined all the complexity into a simple - if you have fortitude, you have more health (and armor) system - that is transparent and linear. If people choose not to put more fortitude, that's their problem. I think there's good common knowledge on where fortitude should be in relation to your level, and it's not like if I were to add armor people would need less fortitude and hence can spend more points in other stats. It's not that simple. If you have more armor, people need more damage output, and If you have more points in your damage stats, people need more fortitude. I think what people can regard as minor annoyances can be explained by imperfect systems. Yes it may seem annoying, but the alternatives are worse. That's why it's an act of balancing. Eg. if there's no stake in dying, people will be less worried about approaching enemy villages. If people are less worried about that, they can freely kill newbies with no fear of repercussion. 2 minutes is less than the time it takes to run back to the enemy village and kill more people. Hence by reducing BI, you made noob killing a harmless sport. What other MMOs do is punish XP or losing money, but it's not fun to lose things you've already earned, so a temporary punishment is better.
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    When people ask me about event rewards.
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    Fix Debuffs not damaging. Chat bubbles do not display for ignored players.
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    I'd like to see eyes change in the cash shop, basically working like skin color dye
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    What is DPK? (Drop per kill) When player kill the same mob after xxx time it will guarantee rare item drops this is a nice system to mix it with rng system to reward ppl who love farming or grinding Killcount is reset once item drop Killcount is reset if server go maintenance Killcount count as whole server not player ex. rare item has 1250dpk player 1 kill 250 then log out player 2 kill 500 then log out player 3 kill 500, rare item drop at 1250th boss and dpk reset edit: i forgot to mention about killcount
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    So if you complain long enough about something, it gets removed? Hey @Jessica !
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    @Rory as far as I am aware, there will be some sort of story line for the villages in the future but this change should still work with a exp giving story line or not. I think missions how they stand now are just agitating, and maybe to a further extend leveling as a whole. Yes people can like grindy games but we can all be real for at least a brief second and understand that out of every leveling system that has ever existed, grinding is one of the easiest to make and one of the most unfulfilling. I say this as an AVID MMO player, really hyped for the upcoming Crowfall game, have played many other MMO's in the past such as ShadowBane, but even then I can say with full certainty that grind is just not for the best. I mention this not to harp on the leveling system as much as look at what missions do at this point in time for the game. Missions are there to speed up the leveling process so grinding isn't the only thing you do to level, because without missions giving exp I feel a lot of people would go insane trying to level up in this game (unless you no life and if you do that's fine but most can't afford to do this). If I look into the Naruto universe for inspiration for a moment, most of their real training improvement (talking about the majority of citizens in this universe) improve or level up by cold hard training. Naruto as a character is an exception for most of the serious only because he faced situations of grand scale that allowed for massive improvement but even he did most of his improvement through normal training. Now with all of this in mind, this post isn't about leveling its about the missions! Now for the idea: I feel like missions shouldn't be this daily check mark, generic activity as it is currently in the game. They are almost always tedious in some way, they have no real significance other than being able to get exp/ryo from the mission, and they are the only way I can level without pulling a "Delete System 32" if you know what I mean. My idea is you can get 5 basic missions, which give a lot more exp now, and every week you get a "Assignment mission". Let me give a couple mission examples so you can get an idea. Basic mission: patrol! *for villages* Description- The village could be attacked at any time, we must stay vigilant and keep a close eye on our surroundings. Go around and patrol the surrounding areas to make sure no wrongdoers get any funny ideas. Objective/task- you would be asked to go to a certain map near your village and stay in the map (guard/watch/patrol) for a certain amount of time, then after that time is up you would be asked to do the same thing but for a different map. If you are killed during this mission, you won't be asked to start all over but you will have the current timer you have for the specific map reset. You would have to do this process for maybe 15-25 maps, the maps will end up repeating, more if this mission was givin at a higher level. If an enemy is on the map, the mission timer will be slowed. Hermits (when that system is working as intended) will not affect the timer. If an enemy attacks a friendly ninja, the timer will stop until that enemy ninja either dies or leaves the map. Reward: ryo, strong amount of exp (enough to get you maybe 1/5 of the way to your next level, whatever level you may be currently), New Item- Hokage Accommodation, any enemies killed that have a bounty will give you a decent amount of exp while you have this mission, this bonus does not occur if you are not currently on timer for patrolling a given map. This mission first of all gives a lot of exp because it will take you a long time. you can't really do this while afk because the mission design is set up so you have to keep moving map to map if you want to progress through the mission at all. This would not replace a guard duty like mission but rather be a good quest to not only add to the overall roleplay, but make missions feel like they have real purpose. Basic Mission #2: Time to Train! Sparing! *this mission works for missings, also this mission unlike most basic missions can only be done once a day or once every 2 days* Description- You can't just expect to get better by wanting it, you must train for it! If you don't get stronger now, you will get lax and forget your path. Go battle with a friendly villager for a couple rounds to keep yourself on your toes. Objective/task- You will be asked to spar with some fellow villagers, this task is a way to reward people who would like to gain benefit from sparing. You will be asked to spar a minimum of 10 times, increasing with your level. This mission considers "sparring" as fighting a friendly until death but if more intricate systems are put in place, maybe there can be a way for the game to know when you have gotten your chosen opponent to low hp rather than death. This mission does not give you credit if the person you fight has Battle injuries. Reward: No ryo, An extremely large amount of exp, in some cases enough to get you 1/2 of your leveling bar, 2 Recommendations, 3 blank scrolls, and maybe a little bit of jutsu exp for each of your jutsus. This mission could also give meaning to something a decent amount of people like to do, but give them more reward for it. This would in many ways give LESS reason for the need to grind, since I truly believe that having fulfilling ways to level up that do take time but don't require such monotony would be better than what nin online has currently. Assignment Mission #1: Mastering a new technique (you could get this specific Assignment Mission from level 10-20) Objective/Task: You must gain and master a new technique but this isn't just a one day activity, it will take you a full week to complete this mission. You will have to do a variety of things but you can only complete 1 task everyday max, and you can only get 1 Assignment Mission each week. This mission will have 5 tasks, so you don't have to play every day of the week but for most of the days if you want to complete this mission. At the start of every day (daily reset) you will select in the mission menu which task you will complete that day, when you do this you will have to have a Recommendation to trade in otherwise you won't be allowed to do any task for the day (or until you can get one). the selected task will be the only mission that will gain progress for that day until the next daily reset where you can select a new jutsu. these would be the 5 tasks... 1. Aquire a new jutsu! use a blank scroll to get yourself a new jutsu than deliver a finishing blow with this jutsu to 20 Larva, Wolfs, spiders, Tigers, then deliver the finishing blow to 5 players with this jutsu. If its a support jutsu, instead heal a total of 150 times (experimental number you get the idea) 2. Understand the inner workings of your new jutsu. level up your jutsu one time, then deliver a finishing blow with this newly leveled up jutsu to 20 larva,wolfs,spiders,tigers, then deliver the finishing blow to 10 players. If its a support jutsu, instead heal a total of 200 times (experimental number you gett he idea) 3. Advanced jutsu training, learn the best ways to use your new jutsu! Use this jutsu while on water 100 times, Use this jutsu while running 100 times, Land this jutsu on a moving target 50 times, use this jutsu on a mob that's at least 10 levels higher than you 50 times (or heal a target that is lower than your level 100 times if a healing jutsu), land this jutsu on a target that has its back to you 50 times. 4. Daily practice- Use this jutsu to kill enough mobs to give you 1000 exp. Use this jutsu to kill 50 larva, 50 wolfs, 50 spiders, and 25 tigers. 5.Complete mastery- Use this jutsu to kill/heal a mob/player that is 15+ levels higher than you 50 times, use this jutsu to kill/heal a player that is 15+ levels higher than you (this is worded this way because you are allowed to kill a friendly ninja. no use trying to restrict to player like with waging war), land this jutsu on a moving target 50 times, use this jutsu to kill an enemy ninja 10 times Rewards- enough exp to level you up 2-3 times or maybe more, 800 ryo, 20 chakra and blood pills, 2 Recommendations, and you can now get a new Assignment mission but you must wait until the next daily reset to start a new task. This second assignment example sounds more fun to me Assignment Mission #2: Gain Control! Take what is rightfully ours! *this mission is meant for missings only* (You can get this specific Assignment Mission as a missing ninja from levels 25+) Description- We have either been cast out of our villages or never had the luxury of being born into one. They let us have almost nothing all because they are more powerful but I say lets take some of what they enjoy so much! Objective/task- You want to cause a little shake up in the ninja world, let those big shots know your here. This will work similar to the first assignment mission with having 5 tasks to complete and such. This mission may be harder to complete however, which means the rewards will also be greater. these are the 5 tasks... 1. Big Entrance! There are different choke points in the ninja world, you will be asked to hold down these different maps for a certain amount of time (similar to the patrol mission) the maps will be places like Bears 2 or maybe the bridge leading to the sand village, or maybe even the mini bridge at the leaf. After holding 3-4 of these maps for a certain amount of time, you will then be asked to kill 4 enemy ninja from both the sand and leaf village (when mist is added, you would be asked to kill 4 of their ninjas as well) 2. Together, we are a force of nature! Missings by principle aren't grouped together, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Team up with a group of missing ninjas, minimum of 2, to complete each part of this task. First, spy in different areas of the leaf and sand, for example the kage office, next to the hospital, and at their entrance. You must have everyone in your team with you at the spy position to complete this part of the task. Next, kill 2 enemy ninjas near their kage building, "near" would be the ninja has to be in easy line of site of their kage building to count. Then, kill a chunin or jonin level ninja in each village and escape (meaning leave village territory which would be 3-4 maps away from their village) without getting killed. 3. Preparation is important. Buy supply boxes for the missing village a total of 10 times, spar with a missing ninja 5 times, kill 20 tigers, 5 bears, 20 bees, and 20 snakes. You must complete this task before you are allowed to attempt the "Together, we are a force of nature!" task. 4. Winding down the causes of war. Guard the entrance to Takumi Village for 30 minutes, then guard the "Mission Giver* for 10 minutes, then go into different buildings in takumi (mission randomly selects the building) for a short amount of time to make sure no unwanted guests are among us. Similar to patrol but this one is to give missings a reason to check for intruders, since people sneak in their village a lot 5. We lurk in the shadows, always expect us. Spy on maps randomly selected by the task for a short amount of time, you will be asked to switch maps between 15-20 times or more if your higher level. Then, kill 2 enemy ninja the village doesn't matter. Then kill a jonin (in a team or not in a team) then return to takumi without dying. Rewards- enough exp to level you up 2-3 times or maybe more, 1200 ryo, 2 Recommendations, 5 blank scrolls, and you can now get a new Assignment Mission but you can not select a task for it until the next daily reset I just put down some examples of missions I thought of on the spot but I think my idea is gotten a crossed (if you read through them all ). a system of weekly missions that gives A LOT of exp for a specific task that involves something about the gameplay experience, whether that be improving your skills, or maybe if your a missing ninja you can get a assignment that is all about causing chaos for the other villages. Maybe the times where missing's block off certain areas could be some sort of mission to give them some real reason to do so rather than just out of boredom (this would annoy me but its just an idea). I might put more mission examples in this post if I think of a new idea or an interesting one is posted in the comments. Tell me what you all think
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    Inazuma Description: The clan is known for its swift ability to hunt, stalk, and kill its prey. They are trained from a very young age in preparation for the trials ahead. Their focus in training remains on the use of jutsu to kill their opponents, and to throw away mercy and hesitation as an option. The most gifted members of the clan endure the trials of the Circle, while those incapable of undergoing the trial are used to sustain the clan in other ways. The clan has no affiliation with a village although to many they are not technically considered allies. Many members of the clan have served the villages as assassins in the past, and handled their shadier work. The Inazuma clans true ties are unknown to many. Their secretive nature allows them to move a bit more freely, but there is push back from the villages as to their actions. History: The Inazuma clan was founded by Yuuma "Crimson Bolt" Inazuma. He was a powerful lightning user, who gain his title for his blood red lightning techniques. He was ruthless and almost completely without conscience. Many question if the clan actually descends from him, as it is unclear if he ever had children in his lifetime. Yuuma would go to establish the clan from the bones of his fathers clan, the Araki clan. He had gained his ruthlessness from his father who desired strength over anything else. Your ranking among the clan members was based purely off your ability to survive. Yuuma grew strong and covetous of his fathers position, believing his father to be too weak to lead the clan. It wasn't long before he challenged his father for the right to lead. In a calamitous duel, Yuuma was victorious with a single bolt of lightning. He would go on to rename the clan as a reminder of how it was born. From there he would systematically wipe his fathers legacy from the history books in an attempt to solidify his leadership, and reorganize the clan away from the brutality of its past. It's directive would become more covert over time, and eventually lead towards its current known legacy of assassination. The Inazuma clan is also one of the five founding members of the Kuroi te. The leader of the time Namiko, was obsessed with the occult and the concept of death as a living entity. Believing she could give the clan supernatural powers beyond that of a ninja, she studied ancient texts endlessly. She would happen upon texts dating back to ancient times discussing a form of training ritual that could make the person transcend limits by becoming a servant of death. She was not alone in her pursuit as other leaders flocked to her in search of this forbidden knowledge. The Kuroi te would be born from the creation of the Circle. The Circle, was what came from their study. A form of extreme training that was more closely considered torture. Hundreds of clan members died in its failures. It never had the intended effect, but those who survived its horrific process were stronger than they were before by very noticeable margins. Namiko wished to go further, but the price for what they created so far was too much for the other leaders. Namiko left the clan to continue her studies and the Circle was adopted as training method for only the most gifted members of the organization. Many of the leaders are still consumed by the idea of the Perfected Circle, and believe it is the purpose of their organization as a whole. The final chapter of the Inazuma, begins with the flight of Michiko, the heiress to the clan. She was trained within the Circle, and expected to take up her rightful place on the Council of the Kuroi te. She would go on to fall in love with a fisherman from a small village, and abandon her duties. The clan was disgraced in the eyes of the Kuroi te, and they were systematically hunted down. The Inazuma were all, but stricken from the organization. It wasn't until the knowledge of Michiko's son came to light that the slaughter was stopped. Mattsu, her son, was collected by the Kuroi te. He was forced into the Circle at a much younger age than commonly practiced. When he succeeded, he took his place as the leader of the Inazuma. (I'll go into more detail about the process of possibly joining the clan a little later. This is mostly a test to see what people think of the idea)
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    I want to bring a lil example here of my friend @Sarus. He was playing with high ping, long ago before Seth's updates, then community came up with the idea of programs like pingzapper, noping, exitlag etc. So he chose pingzapper. Game was running fine for him ever since. Then since few patches he has problems with his connection again. Even with pingzapper he had high, red ping and he was lagging, spiking and teleporting. So in the end he managed to fix that after like 2 weeks with some of Seth's assistance. Then you take the ping out. Now hes lagging as hell again after another patch, to the point when other players can see him teleporting on the screen. He cannot see if choosing a different server from pingzapper could fix it or different program could. Cause u took the ping display away. You cannot also say that its "his connection" cause SOMEHOW, thanks to gods grace there was a point where he was playing fine on pingzapper with decent ping without no teleports up until recent changes. @Seth People with low ping have it already easier, especially since "rubberband fix" where they recover from those 0.5s selfstuns quicker than people with worse ping(when i use rotation sometimes, which stuns others for 1s and me as well, i see people recovering from it sooner, even able to cast their jutsus at me already, when i still cannot move). Thing is, we already pay for programs like noping already, where we really shouldnt - just to be able to play the game decently. At least let us monitor our ping, cause its vital in the game you have made.
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    Removing ping will simply give players another thing to complain about. Instead of saying "I have high ping", they'll just say "my game is lagging a lot". This is an unethical solution to a trivial problem.
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    #8 Bi-Weekly PvP Tournament results: First Place - @Tresmorne Toitsu @Kakushitsu Toitsu Second Place - @Juken @Kokuryu Third Place - @Zabu Yagami @Oriax Chinome
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    I know that the sand and leaf forums have their kage "rule" over them but for clans that don't center on any one village, or a post that only really pertains to non-village ninjas, would be nice to have a forum spot for them we would have a leaf village section, sand village section, then missing/non village section. what you all think?
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    I agree why is it that the fire ball jutsu is more powerful has more tiles and travels faster the water bullet, its called water bullet and it litterally shoots so slow, that's kind weird, plus now that prison is a snare (which I'm fine with) the only thing water has going for it is the extra sub.
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    Then how do you expect for devs to keep server running? Eye change doesn't affect balance and it's not like you have some dull eyes at start and no way of setting them yourself during char creation, it's not necessary at all so there is no problem with it being in CS
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    We have returned in time to save the world from it self
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    No being missing isnt being part of a 3rd village its a lonely life or u can just join org and clan but missings should not look like 1 village
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    cool been waiting for u guys to return
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    Im hoping Mist will meet it's deadline @Viduus Chinome Let's just hope and wait :/
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    Maybe by the time Mist gets here. Soon tm
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    Lmao nice, hopefully Chinome rises up again Soon tm
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    When i finish a mission The first time i got killed bringing a danger dango for a mission My first time at war
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    I think this would be a fair decision.
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    The leaf arena is one of the locations in which you can respawn on death without getting BI/Teleported to hosptail, PVP "Just for fun" is something done a lot when people are chilling in the village, however, medics are not always available and it gets tiring for them to have to revive everyone all the time and often not having the chance to pvp themselves. I think making an arena or grant the access to players to the existing arena without having to ask a staff member to be teleported inside would be a very good solution to this problem, people could PVP at their heart's content without having to worry about revive or getting revived, plus the advantage of having an indoor map whose FPS are surely better than the village map.
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    noticed the same problem
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    Wrong. The ping is a measurement of connection latency, you "poke" from the client to the server and then back, and it prints in how many ms that happened. Such information in an online game where action is involved is basically vital, sure, you can spend 5 minutes walking around and crossing fingers that no one raids or tries to kill you while you are testing, or you could simply wring /ping and obtain the information you need right away. It's like saying "Hey you can walk 30 minutes to that place, I know you have a driving license, but you don't need it! you got legs!" Sure, you can walk but why do it if you can arrive there in 5 mins with your car? Also, when someone pays for a service (pingzapper, nolag or whatever), they want the best possible result, having 30 ping or 70 ping may not be noticeable right away, it does make a difference, but not as easily as seeing the actual number. I could "maybe" understand if those services were free, but they cost money, so at the very least I would like to pick the best possible option, even if the difference was by 1ms. Hiding things under a carpet is not a solution, especially when those things are needed by the players to improve their playing experience.
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    Can you read lol? he is asking for a section, not to make Takumi feel more like a village. This could be named like "exiled clans" or something like that. I don't think it's a bad idea. Missing orgs have their own section "others" already. I don't see a problem here at all.
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    I'll hide myself then.
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    lol they need allow ppl to put clan names on there nin online game profile like when you look at bounty you can put your name on and when you get booted it should be a fee that goes to clan bank or something like a - of rye from the player that leave or get booted becuase
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    boy WM, lightning and AGL Tai (that one is in my personal opinion) need a lot more attention than water does at this point XD
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    Don't worry Jay, most of the community feels more or less the same way when they are hunting or bounty hunting and their prey just decides to suicide. I would also add another thing which bothers me, which is when people switch maps many times too run away to wait for the right moment to attack you.
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