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    Hello! I have a suggestion that has been suggested before, so consider this a repost but anyways as always we see GMs getting the Ryo from Chunin Exams and we all know that it's not a small amount and we also know that more or less it serves no purpose and is wasted. So, I suggest that an automated treasury is made for each village which can either be governed by a Village GM or Current Kage, it's working should be the same as a player account's inventory and whatever goes in and out is known by everyone through the village notice board and is also logged/recorded by GMs. The amount that is donated or is collected by the GMs for C.E registrations goes into the treasury for each village or any kind of donations donated by the respected villagers of each village. Some rules I would suggest if it's supervised by a Kage: 1. Each village kage has the authority to withdraw "X" amount from village treasury but he must first write a formal report and state the reasons for the withdrawal to a Village GM. 2. The amount that was withdrawn must be used in certain amount of time, failure in doing so must result in a fine. These rules must be enforced strictly by a village GM, so no abuse takes place. Alright, this is all I had to say, please leave your remarks in the comments below and feel free to improvise on the suggestions stated above.
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    Hello, My name is Noth and I've found interest in Nin Online from a friend. I soon found out that it was a Windows only game. Being a Mac user, and one that shares it, I don't want to download 10 different softwares just to play. I've also learned that the Software the developers use doesn't support Mac. My birthday is soon so I may get a personal windows pc/laptop. So my question for the Devs if I don't get a gift. Will you be switching softwares? And if so, when? I'm sure Mac Users will be very pleased.
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    A treasury that a kage could withdraw from could be good, but at the same time the developers have to be cautious with implementing features such as this since they are easily abused. Perhaps there could be a feature similar to the one that keeps GMs in check by globally announcing their trades. A message could appear on a villages chat like "Atrane has withdrawn 10,000 ryo from the treasury" Funds like CE payment, council registration fee could be deposited there, or perhaps there could be a deposit monthly from a villages Economy Score. Like if a mission gives econ points, it would give funding to the village treasury. Very good idea overall that gives space for kages to host events for their village.
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    Today i got Surveying the Sand Village Enterance, read description and went to Sand to do my mission. Everything was cool sneaked away from some Sandy died few times to bears. I met someone before enterance, there are some places to hide there but with HUUUGE bubble of SURVEYING text it becomes impossible because everyone can see your text even if you are cloacked. It supposed to be a sneak mission how are we supposed to do that "sneak" quest? Anyway enough complaining more suggestion. I tested what i told twice so i am pretty sure they can see. I might advise only your Villagers must see that text. On Guard Duty they shouldnt see it or if i am Surveying i shouldnt see they are. @Ueda you said game is mmorpg and heavly based on rpg and everything you try to do is for Rpg, this way we will have more rp. No one have God like senses like "Oh? There is someone spying on my village! He is there!" this. I dont know what will others going to think about it but i would be thrilled if you consider this opinion.
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