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    https://youtu.be/I7hGnjAiq1Q ^^^ Show some love to our homeboy Rumaki for making this. He really worked hard to make this video look awesome as hell for Mirana so you guys should subscribe!!! Oh and also... MIRANA WILL BE COMING BACK SO STAY TUNED!!!
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    I come back from NIN about 5 months later, and we still have the "exclusive" 5th Anniversary cloak, which can't be exclusive when it's been out for that friken long. We got what one update, a boss/dungeon that I hear is boring after you first run. The community is the only thing keeping this game together. So much potential is in this game, but you aren't using it at all. Promised so many updates in terms of more elemental combinations, Eight Gates, double elements, Mist Village. I don't need them all to be hear, but maybe give us some updates, even if all it was is "we didn't do anything yet" I rather have that then have the devs pop content out in short bursts instead of more mediated and long term updates. I loved this game, even with constant rind that was required to get to late game content. But, the community is something one of a kind. You guys really need to step up for the updates you want, not wait for the updates and just pvp/raid all day. If there's anything wrong with what I said, feel free to tell me. I encourage you to argue with me if you feel differently.
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    I was just messing around in game a few minutes earlier, so far it seems really cool. Figured I'd make an introduction post. I'm not entirely confident in what to write here. So, I'll just put some stuff. I like reading and playing games. Strategy, 2D, Retro, Adventure, Fantasy, etc. I dislike horror to some extent (I scare easy). I enjoy the cold winter months, compared to the summer ones (I'm weird, I know, I'm not really a heat fan, burn easy). I'm not a very skilled PvP person. I've done very little of it. Still, I hope to meet you all in the game. Hope your future days are sunshine and happiness. -Lycoris
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    Fucc you,people work hard for silvers and there is list of people that got it for 1 random shit,where is justice in it? I made 2 guides about seals some time after start of the beta(now outdated) and I got middle finger. This guy made guide too and got shit. Yeah show me your mod powers and delete answer and ban me for bad behaviour.
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    Take the two cents of a new guy: Genjutsu could work, it'd just be more of a status effect/debuff thing. I haven't watched episodes of the series where Genjutsu was used recently, but why not just have a variety of status effects that genjutsu could put the user into. Low level examples would include: Confuse - The victim is percieving that attacks are coming in from a different angle than they actually are. Evasion decreased. Disorient - The victim is under a genjutsu that is making their world spin slightly, disorientating them. Their accuracy with all forms of attacks falls as a result. Fearful - The user puts the victim into an illusion where they are dealing with a personal phobia in addition to combat, decreasing their defense drastically. Sexy Illusion - The user, if fighting someone of the opposite gender, places them in an illusion where the user is wearing the outfit that the victim finds 'sexiest'. Therefore, their (offensive stat) is lowered. And their nose is bleeding. I dunno if the idea even has potential, or if the stats in the game would allow for something like this, but hey, every little bit helps, right?
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    Good Ole Wondershare FIlmora. Rumaki don't feel bad I use to be just like that. editing nin videos was taking 30 minutes to an hour now it takes like 5 minutes to do or less lol. I enjoyed the video thought but I must say try to pick a song with less vulgar words about private parts lol
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    im on same position like maga i made 2 guides and i do tons of work in our wiki and what i get like upper man said middle finger. Im not saying its wrong move to give oriax silver ninja but its hurts me thats i spend almost 30h of working finding info checking everything and i get nothing and man after 1 guide get silver /slowclap (no offence oriax but its true) ppl working hard and getting nothing from it
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    That's it for another "secret" in game.
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    my mind has been blown...kappa.
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    Well thats an easy way of getting that..thought it was way harder Nice work.