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    Hello Leaf, The Kuraen clan has decided to hold an event for the Leaf Village. This Saturday (03/23/2019), 3 PM EST, I will be hosting a unique 1v1 style tournament. It will be held at the Leaf's Training Ground. The rules will be explained during the day of the tournament. A few minor details regarding the tournament: Everyone participating will be rewarded (even if you lose your first round, you can still win a small amount of Ryo) First place gets to pick 1 of 3 prizes ($10 (maybe $15) Gift Card, 10K Ryo (Could Increase), or Gold Armor) Second place gets to pick 1 from the remaining 2 prizes Third gets the last prize Fourth gets some (around 1K Ryo [subject to change depending on number of participants]) There are bonus fights throughout the tourney that will allow for participants to get bonus Ryo (will discuss on the day of the tourney) At the end of the tournament there will be a draft for a few other items (including cig, bandages, and white hooded robe) There will be 20k Ryo Total to be distributed during the even There will be a few new rules people haven't seen before so try your best to make it. - Kuraen Elodin
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    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The History of the Hinode clan Chapter 1 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Land of Iron, in the Far East, has always been remembered and praised for the peace that reigned there for years…But it hasn't always been this harmonious. Hidden from the whole world, internally, in those cold and distant lands, unforgivable acts of the most despicable people were committed; almost 500 years ago, a corrupt group of warlords plotted a vile plan, which consisted in assassinating the current Shogun and his successor, Hamerashi, so that the Daimyo would be forced to choose the next in the chain of command, who would benefit this corrupt group of criminals behind the back of the Daimyo. Hamerashi heard about this, and tried to gather the other warlords, but they all refused to collaborate; most were in conch with that corrupt group, and the rest called him crazy, ignored him, and even accused him for treason against the Daimyo, being stripped of his title and exiled from the Land of Iron for high treason. With his honor shattered, unable to protect his mentor, and unjustly accused, Hamerashi was forced to flee his homeland... Fortunately, he did not leave alone. A select group of warriors, loyal to their lord, decided to follow him, abandoning everything they loved in pursuit of their loyalty, so they left for the Land of Fire, in search of a new life. During the boat trip, many of them longed for their old home, and seeing the sun rising from the east, reminded them of what they left behind and refusing to forget this past, they adopted the surname "Hinode", in honor of the sunrise that reminded them of their home. Their arrival in the land of fire was not friendly at all. As soon as they docked at the port, the Hinode’s ship was attacked by Rogue Ninjas, who possessed extraordinary powers, able to invoke fire and control the seas at will. Many of Hamerashi's men were wounded, and many of them died, but none fled. They fought and resisted until the end, as they had been taught in their old home. Hamerashi also fought until the end, and even faced against such powerful enemies, he faced them and defeated many, but in the end he and his forces were defeated by a very dirty trick: By controlling the tides, their enemies were able to drag all the warriors to the sea... Many of them wore heavy armor, and ended up drowning without remedy. Luckily, Hamerashi wore no armor. The attack had been so surprising that he had not had the opportunity to put it on, but it was of little use: he swallowed too much water, and ended up falling unconscious, believing that his end was waiting for him at the bottom of the sea... But his destiny had something much better in store for him. When he awoke, Hamerashi was safe, but disoriented. He woke up in a luxurious house, decorated with exquisite fabrics and oil paintings. Almost immediately, a young woman entered the room. Hamerashi was put on guard but the woman was alone. His honor prevented him from attacking a woman, and even more so from one who was alone. So without many more options, he decided to listen to her. The young woman who called herself Sumiru was the daughter of a wealthy landowner. She was the one who found him while walking near the beach. He was brought by the ocean’s current and lay there unconscious and injured, so she brought him home and took care of him behind her father's back. Both agreed to keep the secret, at least while Hamerashi recovered. She took good care of him and kept him company. Hamerashi asked about his men as soon as he had the chance but Sumiru had not found anyone else on the beach. The days passed, and Hamerashi recovered from his wounds quickly and although he wished to go out to look for his comrades, Sumiru would not let him: the simple fact of having brought him there had been a titanic effort for her and she was not going to let him ruin everything just like that. Besides, her father's castle was impenetrable. Trying to escape would be crazy, so the warrior stayed with her for at least a couple of months in which the couple began to get to know each other better. He told her how he was betrayed by a corrupt group, accused of a crime he did not commit and exiled from his homeland although without too much hope that she believed his story. Sumiru, surprisingly, believed him and showed him her sincere condolences and felt sorry for his tragic story. That made Hamerashi see something special in that woman; in his eyes, he saw the kindness, the affection, the tenderness and the honesty that, without knowing it, he had always wanted, in those cold lands to the east. Sumiru on the other hand, had a life of riches and whims but that never pleased her. For years, Sumiru witnessed the horrors that a bad leader can cause; her father, the owner of all the surrounding lands imposed such ridiculous taxes that his subjects died out of hunger or by forced labour. Sumiru wanted to change that and suggested to his father a thousand ways to do it but he refused to give up a single Ryo. Hamerashi, on hearing this, felt useless for the first time; he had always received orders to kill invaders and defend his people and when he heard the problems of that girl, he felt misplaced. He did not know what to say. After all, Hamerashi was a man of honor and as such, he couldn’t stand and do nothing about it. His code prevented him from keeping silent about such a sad story. "If some day my sword can be of help, tell me. You saved my life and therefore, I will serve you as your faithful follower until death takes me away from you." So were his words. Sumiru gave him an intense look in which the warrior saw something more than simple gratitude. Those intermittent conversations soon became a routine and before either of them could notice it, they fell in love with each other. Until one day, “they” attacked the castle. Some men dressed in heavy armor and carrying an unknown symbol burst into the castle and began to brandish their swords against all who opposed them. Hamerashi recognized them: they were his samurai, the few of them who remained alive after the ambush, decided to enter the impenetrable fortress only to search for their master. In the middle of the attack, Sumiru's father went to look for her and finally found her with Hamerashi. The landowner immediately ordered his men to assassinate him but Sumiru interposed. The guards stopped, unable to attack their mistress. But the landlord ordered them to kill them both, calling his daughter an impostor and a traitor. Hamerashi protected her. He managed to snatch the weapon from one of his enemies and kill the guards. Now as he is ready to kill the man who had ordered to kill his own daughter, Hamerashi raised his sword... but he did not kill him, because Sumiru interposed once more, refusing to renounce the man who had brought her to this world, no matter how much suffering he has caused. "Stop!" She said. "I do not want anyone to die! I... I just want peace, I do not want to lose any of you two..." Hamerashi hesitated for a second but then, seeing the tears of his beloved beginning to form in her eyes, he lowered his weapon. "As you wish". Hamerashi ordered his men to stop the attack but it was too late; that "impenetrable bastion" was of course immense, and it was exquisitely fortified... but the men who guarded it were doing it for gold, not out of conviction. Facing tough unknown opponents who even wounded, were able to destroy them. They prefered to flee rather than die. Sumiru's father, finding himself defeated, fled as well, dragged by his subordinates. Sumiru, Hamerashi and the samurai decided to remain in the fortress, but peace didn't last for long. Showing mercy to Sumiru's father proved to be disadvantageous. He and his men would try to inform the Daimyo about this massacre, this was clear to Hamerashi. He also knew that the Daimyo would take this as an insult and that, to keep his face, he would have to answer with an attack of his own. The samurai were prepared to fight to death but their master had other plans. Hamerashi was a warrior and he had honor but above all, he was a reasonable and logical man and he saw no point in dying for nothing other than his own pride. The group surrendered without resistance and due to their extraordinary case, they were taken to the Daimyo of the Land of Fire himself. The Daimyo in fact, was a reasonable man, though fair and severe. He listened to the story until the end, without questioning anything. When Hamerashi finished the story however, the Lord said: "You have committed crimes against our land and none of your reason justifies them, therefore I condemn you and your men to death and I condemn the woman to prison for hiding a foreigner without authorization." Upon hearing the sentence, Sumiru burst into tears and Hamerashi, seeing her pain, knew that he could not die. Until now, he had only brought suffering and pain to his beloved and if he wanted to keep his promise, he had to keep his life first. Hamerashi waited at the indicated time; he let the Daimyo’s guards take him by the arms and try to take him away, but when they were about to leave the room, he gave one of his captors a push, and when the other tried to use his sword to attack him, Hamerashi used the shackles that were bound to his hands to stop the attack and with a skillful movement, he entangled the weapon of his enemy and pulled it away. The sword dropped to the ground, he took it, and then prepared to fight. He did not attack anyone, he just blocked the attacks that came to him; even with tied hands and legs, his ability was unparalleled, he moved with the grace of the waves and with the simplest movements of the wrist, he made his sword dance in his hands, deflecting deadly attacks as if they were nothing. The warrior ran through the guards and approached the Daimyo. When at last he had him in front of him, he threw his sword to the ground, fell to his knees and said: “Lord Daimyo, please, hear what I have to say. That’s my only wish.” The Daimyo did not even flinch during the whole process. He just stood there, watching, as his guards tried to fight uselessly against an enemy that seemed invincible "Do not listen to him, Lord Daimyo!" replied the adviser of the Daimyo. "He’s trying to trick you, my lord!". “It could be, but I'm about to execute this man, so I want to hear everything he has to say and then I'll make a decision”. The Daimyo said, paying attention to Hamerashi but making sure to keep the distances. Not out of fear but out of simple precaution. “I know that my crimes have no forgiveness but there is something in this world that I need to protect, something I love and why I want to keep my life... Lord Daimyo, I do not want to cause pain to that person and I know that my death would destroy her, so please, give me an opportunity to amend my mistakes..." The warrior said, leaving aside his honor for the first time in his life, because at that moment, Hamerashi considered that there was something even more important than that. When the Daimyo heard the warrior's request, he was not alarmed and accused him of insolence. Instead, he said: “And what can you offer me in return?" "I..." the warrior stammered, not knowing what to say: he was never good with words. "All I know is to fight, my lord... If you allow me, from now on, me and my comrades will protect you and serve you as your most faithful warriors... I only ask you to let me keep my life..." For a few moments, a suffocating tension reigned in the room as the Daimyo considered what he had just heard and then, he said: “You have shown me an impressive ability right now, so to have you among my ranks would be much more profitable than killing you... I have made a decision, you and your men will now be my servants and will abide by all my orders, in exchange, I will spare your life.“ Astonishment reigned in the room, even of Hinode himself. "My lord, I should consider your..." the counselor of the Daimyo stammered. "Silence, I said that I have made a decision, I see in the eyes of this man a will of steel and a loyalty that few have professed towards me, He does not lie and he will not betray me, I am sure of it." The Daimyo turned to look at Sumiru. "And you will take your father's place and inherit your lands, after all, it would be terribly unfair to spare this man's life and leave you imprisoned... Will you be able to fulfill this task?" Sumiru, even with her eyes full of tears, said: "I swear by everything I love in this world that I will do everything in my power to help you... Thank you my lord, thank you very much..." after that, she knelt and sobbed, partly because she was happy to know that she had not lost everything and partly because she was terrified. And so, the Hinode became the faithful and fierce warriors that the Daimyo had at their disposal. Of course, not everything was blissfull; even till today, the Hinode are still accused of being invaders and criminals because of their past but the reality is that few clans are considered more faithful to the Daimyo than the Hinode and that loyalty says more than any false and unfounded accusation. One day, no less than a hundred years ago, the Lord of the Land of Fire asked the Hinode to serve as protectors of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, thus reinforcing the connection between these two entities. With the passage of time, the Hinode learned that their traditional chakra control skills, brought by their samurai ancestors from the Land of Iron are compatible with the Ninjutsu of Ninjas from the Land of Fire. Soon they started to transform their martial arts, originally based on Kenjutsu, into a combination of both styles. Today, many Hinode are not even that interested in perfecting their mastery of the sword, but instead they focus entirely on their Ninjutsu. Even so, each member of the clan has at least a basic idea of how to handle a sword, cultivating Hinode's samurai heritage. And this is the story of the clan that prays every day as the sun rises and covers the Leaf with its light, watching over their safety in the name of the figure that once gave them a second chance... but what is really important is... What will come next?... That will depend on the current members of this clan and their actions... Who knows? Maybe a new legend is about to be born or maybe not but in any case, one thing is sure: The sun will continue rising every morning and while this is so, the Hinode will keep their word and serve the leaf until the end of their days... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A big,,thank you''goes to @Healy Hinode , for writing this story. But i also want to thank every clan member who helped out by providing new ideas for the plot, making additions, or by checking the text for errors. It was a fun, little clan project Expect to see new chapters in the future!
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    Fixed Akatsuki Rings not going on cooldown.
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    Am I the only one to experience: hard lag/ stutter/ players stuttering while moving/ rain or sand storm freezing still on screen/ hard lagging when it rains/sandshits/ experiencing silences when using jutsu too fast/ crashing in teams while switching maps/ being bugged out due to non-existent combat and unable to switch maps/ ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! it is lagging like fuck
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    I had to use translate and it took me time to read it but honestly it's a great story, your RP as a clan I like reminds me of the old Hozuki style in sand, LIKE.
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    The way that the jutsu is casted, range, chakra requirement. Everything is fine about it. Beside one thing cough cough. Sensory jutsu isnt working as intended. If it is, im losing the remaining respect i have for the game. Sensory jutsu is MORE than fine if we forget aobut the fact that it triggers pvp. This is the most abusable and wrongly made jutsu I have Ever seen. And to be really honest, its not working as intended. Everyone knows rory didnt wake up a morning thinking about a jutsu that could literally ruin someone's game experience because being seen blocks you from running. this makes no sense, prove a huge lack of logic or prove how little the game developers know about their own game. This simple fact should have been fixed a long time ago and the ones who abused it to get bounty kills should have been banned for a month. take off PVP trigger and this jutsu will be basically the most balanced jutsu in nin online. Its a good way to counter cloaking jutsu if you invest enough chakra.(shouldnt lock down your enemy.
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    very beautiful writing story ^_^ i will waiting to read more
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    Sensorys purpose is to “sense” INVISIBLE people. It’s being used even if the opponent isn’t INVISIBLE to maplock that’s borderline abuse lol
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    Synposis: The Ukiyo Clan (憂き世, "Sorrowful World") is a renowned ninja clan famous to the Land of Fire; originating south of the continent on a remote island used to ship weapons to and from villages hidden in the rain, leaf, grass, and rice county. Known for their plethora of talents and unwaverable skill, ("commonly identified with their ability and affinity to sing, dance, paint, and sculpt") their fighting deemed ruthless and unmerciful, with only accessible knowledge of fundamental techniques the clan thrived and prospered upon a long history of both smiting and crafting/weapon designing - to profit off other villages supplying on going war. Unfortunately due time shinobi learned and mimic their iron casting ability making their services no longer needed. A depression fell upon the village causing them to move to Konoha where they are now infamous and known for their bomber style techniques. Having died off due to illness, starvation, and simple bystanders of experimentation the knowledge of the clan began slowly decaying. Though the Ukiyo are a basic group they were tested with the ability of heighten'd sensibility which began to pass down as a blood limit ability. Knowledge of the blood history was passed down to it's final successor who was sold off to Takumi along side his brother and a kunoichi surgeon. Clan Leader: Ashido Clan Colors: Red, White, and Black Clansmen Characteristics: Bronze or Dark Skin, Bushy hair and steeping brown eyes and hair color. Though some clansmen have lighter shades of skin as a birth defect. It is not uncommon to see someone who is albino with abnormal features such as blue eyes and blonde hair though they still carry bushy hair such as former clansmen. Brief History: Originating in the Demon Country the Ukiyo Clan has been by far one of the most reknown clans of today's society. During times of war upon the ending age of power seeking and total destruction the clan were one of the most profited clans amongst the five nations as they supplied most countries with advanced weapons and technology which drew in many clients. However as time passed the secrets of their creation and product had been given through trade and information thanks to the hidden grass village shinobi which specialized in intelligence. Nearing poverty the clan began dying off in vast numbers leaving a few who were commonly known as Serafimu ("literally Meaning; The Burning Ones") who possessed great skill in not only gathering information but prolonging the tradition of former river clansmen. Low on profit the elders of the village decided to build and train a very selected few shinobi who were brought up to be the village's saviors. Upon their teenage years the very few that did learn the ways of the Ukiyo and branded blood tithes were sold across the countries as prized shinobi who rose up through ranks being known as esteemed ninja. Today the Ukiyo left remaining are those true soul survivors, leading lives of their own. One being a male who was known for his intellect and had became very profitable and sought to become the richest shinobi in the world. The other was a woman who was skilled and a master surgeon, having prophetically learned the ways of complex medical ninjutsu without the help of systematic schools. Seeking refuge in Konoha it was almost common to see one of these familiars. Though not always accepted they seek to build and change the place that they now call their home. Requirements: Weapon Master + Fire Master = Bomber Style / Weapon Master + Medic = Cloak Style Native Clan Abilities: Bakugeki-ki no Sutairu (Literally meaning "Bomber Style") Allows the user to dish powerful attacks that develop around explosive powder, However the abilities below are pertaining to a more so an assassination style such as smoke bombs, frag'd or flash shuriken, A clan's short blade that has a swift swing. Dual Pathway - The clan mostly focuses on gunpowder techniques so they are more skills that WM can choose from without having to pay. Small smoke bombs which create smoke screens that temporarily hide the user or clansmen unless detectable by an sensor shinobi. Flash shuriken that does minimal damage that temporarily slows or blinds the opponent, sticky paper bomb that can be home'd to an opponent within range, small black explosives, and poisons that help utilize their potential as weapon users. The clan would enable abilities from said both mastery but would level more so with intelligence than strength as it would take much to create and use as well as skill. Status Effects are minimal to the overall cause, a single status effect that effects the user would help more such as an ability to become more agile and more stealthy rather than a slow. Lastly a clan sword that can only be held by Weapon Masters, decent damage that can swing as fast as a kunai to anchor off physical damage would be nice since it's a mid range choice.
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    Its not fine at all, can’t switch map after attacking someone 15sec and the cooldown is about the same how do you want to escape that... there’s no counter. Chakra is a default stat so having 80 chakra isn’t an issue for how powerful that jutsu is.
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    Added Suwa Clan house.
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    So basically everyone can abuse mask :thinking: SMPF/LMPF should have the ability to remove masks on non-anbu members of their respective village.
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    Going to discuss a design change for the target system with Rory.
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    That doesn’t work. Smart people use it when you’re about to leave the map or cloak. You won’t cloak with a medic spamming sensory and 3 guys chasing you with autos.
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    Well done too everyone that worked on the story!
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    Who the fk cares about that 2 sec cast....just make it that it doesnt trigger pvp you buffons
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    why does no one use this feature.. hello oriax.
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    As a sensory user myself, I agree to this. It won't lose it's purpose or become irrelevant jutsu to use, instead it will become less opressing for everyone else, which I think is a problem. Since maps are not that large with the exception of of selected few, its way too powerful to just map-lock someone with 1 click. 1.5-2s cast time would be nice.
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    Sure, it can be frustrating in certain situations but thats what a Sensory Jutsu is meant to be
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    its your connection
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    Give it a 2 second cast time.
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    This started happening when Seth released a fix for the bug that made Lightning Cutter go full run cast if you chained it with an instant cast. Now, when you use an instant cast and try to go for a cast time really fast the cast time jutsu cancels itself. This can even happen with instant casts, you use a shuriken and go for a jutsu like Vacuum Sphere that selfstuns, Vacuum Sphere doesn't cast but it still selfstuns you for 1 second.
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    I've seen so many Sand ninjas enter the dark forests and attack our bears. Do they not know this is part of the Forest, which means Leaf territory?