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    I know there was some drama involved in this exam but be respectful to each others please, I made this only for fun. Hope You guys enjoy!
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    Hello everyone! So i was thinking that adding extra slots can unlock the potential of the character. Basically one slot for ''coats'' and one ''Slot x''. The "X slot" can support Accessories, Headwears and Masks if possible, otherwise a secondary accessory slot can be great too. This is a preview I made to make it clear.
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    As the title says, make the server automatically disconnect you if you have been afk for 10 minutes. It'll free up space and prevent server bloat
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    June 2020 PromotionsLeaf Village Jonin: @M o o n @Esty Chunin: @Hasty @Enver @Eroyuu @Andura Fuinha @Phoenix Hinode Sand Village Jonin: @Dona @SparkZZ Chunin: @sajin @Ryujin Goto @Vipe @Donatello Johnson @Sukki Mist Village Jonin: @Vint @Zoomy Chunin: @Vangeance @Nitche Mirana @Fletch @Boo @Greasy
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    Everyone is an S rank in their own special way ;] except alar-
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    Okay...first of all,i shall introduce myself for those that don't know me. My name is Tobi,of the Suwa clan and a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf village. I really didn't want to post this,but I can't hold retain myself anymore. I was playing this game from June 20th,2017 and I'm still active...(I know I had my ups and downs where I wasn't really that active bcs irl, but okay). Put that aside,I was living by a shinobi codex from a first day..And I did everything I could for this village,and I still got many plans of doing even more. The truth is,I've been joining CE's since the very beggining i hit lvl 50,and in this years I've hit a number of 10 entries or so...Now (make in mind that I'm not trying to say I got anything about his people,and they are all of my friends, but I must say this). In these 3 years i had so many entries,and I even got a 2nd overral place at the CE in 2018,and I didn't get promoted,for the reasons unknown to me..While people who didn't even get to the finals got promoted over me...But okay,i didn't want to speak about that because if wasn't the only one that didn't get promoted also despite their great effort in CE's. All these years I never broke a single rule,i focused myself helping lowbies,training them,helping them with ryo and items. Also,I've been a member of many organizations and groups inside the Leaf village,and I've also been a LMPF captain... All I want to say...I feel like I deserve more.I think I deserved to be promoted because of my effort in all that time. Also,I'm not the only one that deserve more recognition... There was a case that one person got a SJ only based on his entries alone,while others shed blood,sweat and tears working their ass off. I joined so many CE's not because of myself, but because I care for this village dearly, and I don't want to see it fall. I was a witness of many afk chunins and jonins,and many of them that left the village to become a rogue just like that. I wouldn't be a person like that because I would be active, and I would host as many Rp's i can per day. I never went rogue,and I was a 100% for my village 24/7... I know this post will not get many recognition,but I'm doing it because I can't stand this injustice anymore. I hope that nobody gets offended by this post..But I really spoke the truth,and I lift a huge burden of my heart. Peace and Love...Tobi Suwa.
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    Ping FPS and Masteries are too much of a factor to determine an accurate list. Especially Ping and FPS. Therefore , I think that if you want to chose people in the S-Rank tile you must : Good ping : - Master a mastery to the point where nobody can compete with you (Sparkzz with lightning for example.) - Play mediocre( or even bad) masteries and still compete at the top tier level. - Be ahead of your time ( the great Aghila for example) -There is no excuse for you to be mediocre at the game if you have low ping even if you don’t play meta, that’s why the requirements are made this way. @SparkZZ @Dona @Mylu @Aghila @Zabu and @Zoomy (he is slept on heavily) Outside of NA ( 90 ping and above) : - Being able to compete at a top tier level regardless of your ping. @Yamikami : Played many masteries and still managed to be at a top tier level on it with a ping above 120( regardless of what you say, it is blatant hate if you deny it.) @Vipe : Competes at a top tier level with elementals while using pingzapper ( ratchet ass) @Shissei : Stayed WM for years, and always managed to be at the top @Enver : under rated PvPer that is really good at the game. Pretty sure he would manage to play well on elementals. This is the most accurate S-Tier list you could make in my opinion. As for the rest, I don’t really care, I won’t do the rest of the list. I don’t have the will to think about names.
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    I heard that Devs want to add more clan content such as jutsus, boosts and final 2 clan outfits, so I thought that it could be also a good add the clan turfs. What are clan turfs ? those are teritories in every village that every clan can fight for. Owning those turfs can grant you rewards such as ryo for exemple. My idea of turf rewards would be 1 turf=300 ryo per week, 2 turfs=600 ryo per week etc. So tehnically if your clan has 1 turf, the active members of this clan will get 300 ryo at the end of the week. I think is a really good update that could bring another method to get ryo, friends and of course activity in game. Also this thing will force dead clans to mobilize and create a proper army. pros: New way to gain ryo Comptition Increased activity Cultural development clan-wise cons: Village can get raided while fighting for those turfs
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    Hi it anteprs/ana primal. I am making this post to say farewell to you all. First I would like to thank you all, who helped and played with me for this 1 year and 4 days. I have chosen to leave the game for many reasons, some being toxicity and the staff's lack of helping with it, other are the game simply doesnt feel fun to play anymore. I would also like to add, that I am thankful for all the time I've spend with my friends and the people I've met. I wish I could bring myself to enjoy nin again, but after resentful event that happened, I simply can't. I try to log for the nostalgia, but the good old days simply are gone and the feeling of login to nin feels simply sad, deppresing and boring honestly. I feel to a point so sad when I log on, that it's hard to enjoy anything, wins or loses that I may experince. I was going to leave last month already, but I decided to stay, to host friend's team during chuunin exam as a chunnin. Also I would like to point out: my issue isn't so much with the community or any player, but rather the way this game is handled. I simple disagree and can't stand bullies and thiefs being allowed a free pass, without a warning. One thing people need to live, is to have some honor and dignity, even if they play a game only for fun. If they dont have that, I expect the staff to be able to make sure to keep such people in check. To this day you can't post a list of all scammers in nin online, because it's seen as public shaming. But no new player is safe from scammers this way and this game is simply not "new player friendly". As a fan of Naruto, who's message teaches us to accept all people and try to help them, I think this game is going in a wrong direction. First I would like to adress the community, that includes the people who know and don't know me. Thank you for becoming better in time. When I joined the game, it was beyond toxic. I must say that I feel proud, that most ppl matured in time. There is a lot of work to do for many of you, but many have changed and chilled with the toxicity. I also wish to remind to not grow your ego over a 2D game. Be proud of your skill, but know the limit between pride and ego. Beyond that: thank for all the help. Hope one day we will move beyond being childish. The "harrasing world" meme is old and dead, like the Harambe memes. Let's burry them with honor and move on to help new players. Something I would like to see in the future from the nin community would be :new player friendliness, less toxicity; less fighting, more working together; also more solo hunting . Many of you lost the balls lately (joke ). To all my friends, who I will try to name at the end, I would like to say thank you for everthing. Past all the toxicity, you guys helped me stay for as long as I did. Thank you for all the fun, the spars and the simple chilling we did. For that I will be eternally greatful. Also I would like to say: I am proud for what I achived in the 1 year and 4 days I've been here. To the staff and Rory I would like to simply add a: thank you. We may not agree on how to handle nin and I disagree with many things in your vision, but it's fine. The world is full of people who disagree. Also I would like to apologize to anybody who I hurt or looked mean at, as I too am not perfect. I will work to improve myself everday. And to all who will miss me and those that wont: once again I say thank you for the time. The good and the bad. Also I would like to thank you for this emoji ;-; I love it! Something I would like to see in in game: balanced classes, justice for lighting, no ping or fps importance, but balanced for most if not all players, so people can fight fair. More content, more maps and a second village in sand. Both other villages have a second one in the region. Also I like to see a story for a mmorpg. To make the players make the story is simply stupid. Everybody will be a big strong player, with a epic origin and a 20 INCH p----. Or just be a cute girl like me . For Rory, I challenge him to make a char and try to level it, to see why people hate missions and leveling as a whole. I hope you start being more "show" then "tell" guy, when it comes to nin online. To show the people what you up to. Some behind the scenes, to boost the morale in the dark times. Well, this felt a bit like a rant, but it'ssadly a goodbye message. I may chose to return after advanced mastery comes out, to see what improved. Also, before people ask: no, I am not selling my bonesword or anything on my account. As I said, I would like to add now the huge list off all the players, who I was happy to call friends: Raw,tekkey hinode,zabuza momochi,quips,emiya,baller,aaruni,forestedge,savi ,itama date(dad),shissei,eagly,tobi suwa,arumin,angelik date,dona,frezehud,yuan,zaminade;kaen,heraldos,peperoni johnson,sansohuo,exiled kyoho,exiledtheridion,ljones,capri,hunt,senku,yeato,deko,nej,zabu,woo,zoomy,aikya,nauq,arumin,sasukeee,asshu,fuzeko,blackage,mamadou bah,dairuto,leevi,tea drinker shinra,tifa,antar86,mrchubb,hari nogin.kitanaye daiya,vali,akali,kotarohinode,nitche,atari,daffi,hekla,harmony,putnutbutter,jero,enver,tate noroime,cabo,yousei reiketsu,kekiro,vaga,james bald,hoseki songo,jaybird,samantha,baby,neotensei,azhura,maupi,shadow jay,felt,yukon silver,sofumatcha,roei,doc86,crash,caroline,urizen,indra,light,pandora,niti,azuuki,black devil,ifrit,kaitoo,nau ... and so on sorry if I havent thoguht of more I check all my discord to find as many off you as I remeber. Ty for all and have fun playing nin and best wishes too all.
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    Hello everyone. I was wondering,what could possibly push people who have reached the max lvl to still do their missions and go in danger zones leading to making the game at least a little more fun and i came up with something that might be the solution to that. Village buff for everyone in the village but with a condition To get that buff,each village has to complete a total of X missions in total during the month and if they do they get the buff for the entire next month during which time they have to complete the necessary mission quota again. For example " Each village has to complete a total of 200 missions for this buff to be activated."
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    Us GMT timezone players are never able to participate in events and mostly CE's because events and CE's are hosted after midnight for us. All i'm asking for is that there should be a CE hosted in GMT hours for us GMT players or maybe some tournaments or events in GMT hours. #GMTLivesMatter. Please hear me out @Ueda
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    CE is a joke. If you're not friends with the kage it doesn't matter how well you perform in rp and skill. Just a popularity contest.
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    We've conclusively debunked that having more FPS = running faster. The problem is that frame dropping causes running slower. Whenever your client hangs for a second when loading texture your client isn't sending movement packets and hence isn't moving as far as the server is concerned. We are at the peak of optimization when it comes to texture rendering on our current client and are in the midst of creating a brand new client based in Unity Engine. This will improve and solve this once and for all.
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    So this topic is probably late but none the less needed in my opinion. I have been in every village and rogue as well and one thing I find annoying to try to do is Waging War, Cold Blooded Killer, and bounty hunting missions. These missions are annoying because you can't go into enemy villages or zones and kill them and it count towards these missions. In the past this was possible but for some reason it was removed. I recommend allowing Ninjas that enter enemy villages able to obtain Kill mission and bounty hunting mission rewards for successfully killing ninjas in villages. Reason being is because in the tutorial it says that enemy ninjas can attack you in a safe zone since they are not from your village, but why cant we also gain bounty and have the kills count towards missions. Let's say I'm a Mist ninja and I decide to raid sand/leaf/takumi; If I kill you in your safe zone the kill should count towards my mission whether its bounty or waging war. If they kill me in return if I'm trying to escape or continue to kill people it should count for a kill towards they waging war/bounty hunting. I'm recommending this because sometimes people don't go into danger zones. You spend several hours sometimes a couple days trying to complete these missions if you hold on to them for that long. This will also increase activeness inside the villages and make it more worth while to raid a village. This also makes it more fun to defend your village against enemies and add some RPPVP sense to the game a little more. Imagine Leaf ANBU successfully sneaking into your village or Takumi to assassinate a high bounty older from another village knocking the bounty they had in half then trying to escape(if not successful) and in the attempt to escape Hunter Nin pops up destroying them and reaping the bounties they have. There is already something in place where if you kill anyone under level 10 that's not a genin or even if they are a genin you don't get any type of reward. I feel this should be raised to level 15 if something like this is implemented. This is just an idea to increase activeness within the villages instead of afking all day waiting for a blessing to be popped to do dailies and log off. it also increases the want and need to enter enemy villages besides just trying to sneak and do documents, spa, or spy.
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    I have also been playing this game for a while and from the beginning I have seen people come and go. People who have been faithful for a time and then have betrayed the village. But this man has always given his all for the good of the village. I remember when I was just a new player, this man helped me on my missions without making an excuse and not just me, every lowie who asked for his help. While other "Chunin, Jonin" only ignored me or pretended to be AFK until one of their friends entered to play Definitely this man deserves his title and not only Chunin, he deserves to be recognized as a Jonin. It is very easy to blame the kage that is on duty, but we must be clear that this is not the culprit since he must have followed the basis that Rory proposed for the CE which are wrong It is simply a tournament to see who is better in PVP. But making things clear, what good is it to be the best in pvp if your loyalty is not with your village This system must be changed, the rank of chunin or jonin must be awarded to ninjas who are truly committed to their home and to help the growth of new players, organizations and the village. This is not a rank you get just to feel superior to others, this is about fidelity and honor #JusticeForTobi
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    You see how your FPS is shown on the bottom left of your screen? There should be the same function but for Run/Walk. Why is this necessary? Well, if you're trying to passive heal but forget whether or not you're walking, your healing timer can get reset. Personally, I sometimes log out when im low HP and then log back in at about half hp. I then start moving thinking im walking, but end up running which costs me about 40 seconds of time that i could spend running instead of walking. Also after a spar, I might go on my phone or something while I wait to heal. When I'm about to finish healing, I get into position to spar but end up messing up the passive heal by running. I'm pretty sure its a simple piece of code that can be added in like 5 minutes. It'd be extremely convenient to have. @Ueda
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    If there was a GM in EU timezones which is next largest area of playerbase, it would be slightly better for eastern playerbase.
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    I disagree with that list, I clapped 2 peeps on that S rank tier and I’ll gladly do it again, can also beat Mylu and Sparkz in a bo3 rn what’s the word? #KnowtheRealGoat
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    Aghilla, Wave, defyos, jin, zabu, and bolan aren't really active so they were put in D tier Aghilla, Zabu, and Jin are S tier Bolan is B tier Defyos is B Wave was A when he played. S Ranks - Dona, Jun, Sparkzz, Yami, Lumy, Mylu, and Yukimura all shown they can be threats with other masteries besides only 1/2 thus they earned such rank. Feinz is S because i haven't see any other water/wm play it better. Shissei is the best pure wm I've ever seen and Yukimura plays medic/int wm like it should be played and no one has shown me otherwise. The people in A are people that only have shown they are capable in playing certain masteries and with those certain masteries they have made their name. Bs are people that have fell off from the A status or I've gave the blues to prior to hitting 50 and after hitting 50 constantly or simply is better as support and not as a top shotta. Cs are people that I don't like, they ping is horrible, or they fps is horrible causing them not to be able to play at full skill potential. Ds are people that like C have bad fps/ping but also aren't good in pvp at all. These are people you can beat with above 50% health.(excluding the people that are inactive)
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    Yea if this gets done, then there should be a debuff to their heals when they get bi, similar to everyone else.
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    Dragon Force Tai/WM Division(Dragon Squad): Lowbie Tai/WM Division Requirements: lvl 20+ Tai/Wm affiliation Decently active Be a part of Dragon Force Mist(Talk to Leiting/Yuu Kanda) Captains of Division/Squad: Me (Kawaki) Krait Dragon Force Medics' Division (Phoenix Squad):- Lowbie Medics' Division Requirements: lvl 20+ Medics' affiliation Decently active Be a part of Dragon Force Mist(Talk to Leiting/Yuu Kanda) Captains of Division/Squad: Double Dragon Force Elements' Division (White Tiger Squad):- Lowbie Elements' user Division: Requirements: lvl 20+ Elements' affiliation Decently active Be a part of Dragon Force Mist(Talk to Leiting/Yuu Kanda) Captains of Division/Squad: TBD Tryouts will be held on every Tuesday and Thursday Includes a Bo3 match with current attendees to determine which squads and whom the captain of each squad is. You must give us Timezone: Mastery: RP Background: Talk to any of us in game or discord and reply to this forum post with your application for joining. I hope to receive many apps for this new division as this could help us with upcoming raids and to help Lowbies grow together in terms of RP and PvP. Contact : Kawaki, Krait, Double, Yuu Kanda, Leiting after posting App
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    「まだ踊りたいようですが・・・もう歩けなくなります。」 - The late Madara Uchiha Welcome everyone; to the lovely announcement of my Weekly Shadow Games; now with new rules. With the aid of Erox I can make your dreams of weekly events come true; coming soon to a timezone near you. The Shadow Games will be recorded, not streamed and uploaded to the Booty Gang YouTube Channel managed by everyone in Booty Gang. Let's give a special shoutout to the gang. @Booty Gang Captain @Booty Gang Pinku @Booty Gang Sasori @Booty Gang Oriax @Booty Gang Nova @Booty Gang Fairytail @Booty Gang Khiomal @Booty Gang Arctic @Booty Gang Danko @Booty Gang Usoko @Booty Gang Nik Before the Shadow Games begin; a member of Booty Gang will give a speech if desired. Pray to Lord Booty for the win; or else you probably won't. Scheduled for every Wednesday at 5pm EST and 12am EST; The Shadow Games is an event created by yours truly; Nik, Son of Dyan the 8th and Preacher of the Booty Gang Cathedral, hosted together with the help of the dangerous assassin of the Mist; @Erox The Shadow Games consist of Free For All and 1 v 1 Tournaments. Anything goes. Tools, weapons, pills, Org items; you name it. ANYTHING goes. The Shadow Games will start with an FFA; and the winner of that FFA will receive the title Shadow Slayer. You may work in teams during this FFA; we will Bingo Book turn a blind eye. The first person eliminated will be known as the FOOL. The FOOL will fight the Shadow Slayer at the start of the 1 v 1 Tournament in order to have a chance to redeem him or herself; in which if he or she loses; they will reverse titles. The winner will receive 10 event coupons. The 1 v 1 Tournament will proceed from that point on with brackets being randomized and shuffled a total of 20 times. The Shadow Slayer will be given the chance to choose whether to pay 100 ryo to shuffle the brackets or to keep them the same but if he chooses to do so it will only be one time. The 1 v 1 Tournament will proceed as normal, and the winner shall receive the title Shadow King and 10 event coupons. The runner up will be known as the Shadow Prince, and shall receive 5 coupons. The three before them will become the students of the Shadow King and the Shadow Prince and shall be known as the Shadow Disciples. Good luck; you're going to need to be silent... deadly... like a ninja........ muahahahahahaha!!!! Those who ask why the conditions are unfair; have no skill and will most likely be eliminated in the first round. In the words of Dyan the 8th; go tren. The conditions of this Tournament shall not be changed because you believe something is not to your liking. Get over it; the world is unfair. Madara_Gif1.webp
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    Recently, I had a discussion with @Senketsu about players' tiers - it was a formal (and honestly fun) discussion, so I'd prefer if you all keep it formal on here too. I've created a Tier list, which I want you all to fill out with your choices from the various players, and post them on this topic. I've tried to keep it as unbiased as possible by adding names from all villages. If anyone else would like to be included, let me know and I will add you. The same goes for removal - If you want to be removed from the list, let me know. Without further ado, go crazy: https://tiermaker.com/create/nin-o-tiers-stuff-472975 Please avoid any toxicity, this can be a really funny forum topic if we all just keep formal tone.
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    There are masteries that simply do not allow you to use a summoning without deleting a jutsu for it. There are other masteries where you can't even fit your whole skillset in the 15 slots available at the moment. I suggest making a special jutsu slot for summoning.
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    I find it enjoyable to read all of your tier lists lol, you end up noticing how as a community, people collectively agree some players are a step ahead of the others. Now that doesn't make them unbeatable, anyone can lose spars, a bo3, etc. Some people have bad days and some have good, but overall these players were put there mostly for their consistency, and making a difference on the battlefield. Some were put on there just because they're respected or liked. Like I'm an A rank on some but I'm probably a B in terms of skill.
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    I mean in my opinion you all too much care about ranks for real chunin jonin genin even akatsuki or w/e how is it matter
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    It isnt milking the game for profit.. its exchange i just brought up the profit to show you how it'll help on your end.. some people dont have time to GRIND forever or their just lazy and rather pay to lessen the time they need to get where they wanna be .
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    Good luck man, ill hope you eventually comeback, you might just need some time, so you know you always going to be welcome!
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    Aite I'm sad that I'm not on that list, but I wish you the best in life and I will always remember you, not as a meme, but as someone that tried to change the game by his/her own way.
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    I'd like to start by tagging the inspiration for this post @antar86 and @Senketsu 1. In leaf, as in mist or sand, we have a chain of command. However, it's loosely enforced and many of the rule breakers are not punished. 2. Unlike in other villages we don't have a true way to teach and train lowbies. Everyone (like in the show) wants to be a Naruto or Sasuke. We need more shikamaru's, kiba's and shino's. 3. Believe it or not there are a lot of mist and sand mains that are 'disguised' stirring up unnecessary drama or old necessary drama. 4. Leaf is lacking quality leadership. We have a fair amount of chuunin and jonin bit I see a lot of them afk once they pass the exams. Even worse some of them start breaking rules themself. 5. Constant raids against us leaves us with low morality with a bunch of finger pointing as to who is to blame. Not a problem to be raided, do something about it. Train, attend the classes, grind for those levels. 6. Many lowbies finding all this difficult have reset to sand or mist with promise of a better life. From what I read in the other two similar posts, it was given. I don't write all this to bash my village, rather, I am pointing out the key problems that, as co-chief of LMPF, I will be focusing on to make our village prosper again. You may think we are weak and squishy but I assure you we will have a comeback.
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    Don't forget there is no valid list or correct answer, it's based on your opinions and experiences with the players. I can at least speak for myself when I say no current answers matches how I'd rank them.
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    I think there should be a fixed speed for all players or there should be a cap on the speed you can get from your fps like the speed you get on 60 FPS so other players with higher fps then 60 can't abuse it or in another word have an unfair advantage and if they want faster speed they should become taijutsu user instead. these are the following reason I think there should be an equal speed for all player -> entry barrier on taijutsu mastery: I once asked some player that I want to test out taijutsu mastery but I was told that I need high fps and ping to get better at it or play its better in PVP while i lack both fps and ping I don't care much about ping as i live 11,462 km away from the server and now I am used to it but fps being an issue is bad as I can't play this mastery better because my fps is low(60) which makes me slower than others high fps players. easier for high fps players to land jutsu on low fps players: landing jutsu such as homing are hard on high fps players as they can run out of it range pretty easily as they can move faster while they can reach you fast and hit you with homing easily. running away as high fps is easy: when you are chasing a high fps user just because of there fps they can run quickly and get out of yours reach and even get away I seen this abused by players as they run in circles while the low fps players try to catch them but fail even if they try flicker and after the high fps player map lock counter is over they simply run away. its make flicker combos even more deadly: I think I read somewhere in Ueda dev logs that flicker was originally made so ppl can close the distance between them and other ninjas which is great I love flicker and its an amazing jutsu after I understand how to use it properly in PVP but the high fps user gets an advantage as they can get close to you fast and flicker easily while it's hard for low fps player. so lastly I just want to say if a cap on fps is added then it would be beneficial for all player even the high fps players since there's always a player who got higher fps then you also if it's not patched then it's fine too I will soon get a new machine so after I get it I will prob will get high fps too but I don't like other new players with low fps too went through the same thing as me.
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    The game should have a little icon indicating when you are with walking toggled or not, like a little guy running or walking icon next to the hotbar.
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    ITEM FETCH EVENT 6/25/2020 - 7/2/2020 Since the first Mini-event is being well-received! I've added another one somewhere in the Ninja World for players to find. This one gives you a Stat Reset and Daily Reset! This event will last for the next week Earn a pack of rewards including Blank Scrolls, a Stat Reset and Daily Reset!
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    A lot of my medics like to play the chakra support style and constantly heal they teammates but at certain times they feel they're heals are not up to par to the damage being dealt. Boost have now been added to the game whether its because you are a part of an organization, you have a charm, or you have a skill that boost your stats(Curse seal and things to come in the future). These buffs/boost are nice but something isn't right! There is no increased output in the amount of healing you do. Currently I am playing a tai/medic build with high chakra and my heals do 75/65 without a buff on at 100 chakra. When I buff myself my heals still do this damage and my chakra goes up to 125. My throwing senbon damage is increased but not my heals. Does anyone know why? Me either... I am suggesting that Heals do more just like Jutsus when a buff/boost is applied that effects chakra. I feel there is no reason that a medic shouldn't heal more with a buff unless there is an actual reasoning behind this in your vision Rory/Ueda/Akko is Akko. Currently 2 of the 3 villages have medical corps and if I'm not mistaken Mist will get a medical corps as well and medical corps will give a chakra buff. I feel this buff will be useless if it can't increase a medics healing ability. #Justiceforchakramedics
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    My boy Tobi never gave up, he cared about his village even when IRL struck him hard. He deserved Chunin more than anyone who got it in the last exam.
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    I heard that med corp will be prob released after the new server and all the medics and community are hyped about it as they make the game even better and give more things to do and let ppl join more official org which I liked. I thought about something that med corp could get additionally and wrote this post. the things i will like to see in med corp are: medical mission -> similar to how RP mission works these mission will teach the medic of the village about their mastery as I feel many medics don't really know how to use many things and this will be a great thing to teach them while giving them some experience both skills and level wise.additonally only med corp member can host these mission as they know the most about medic. buff for med corp member -> I think med corp should get buff since they are one of the best medics in a village some ppl might think that no they should not get any buffs as military police force didn't get any buffs too so why should they get buffs first of all MPF does not gets buff because it's not needed as their main job is to solve the internal matter of the village while med corp is needed on the battlefield and need to fight alongside the hunting party. special weapon for med corp -> I am not really that sure about this one because it a bit different but I was watching a video and in it, med corp was using sleeping darts so if a special weapon like this is added to med corp then it will be fun but if it's not added then it's fine too. cheaper senbons -> it will be fun seeing ppl in med corp able to buy senbon for cheaper like how in Takumi you can. I heard balcoin say it so its not my original idea for now, these are all things i want as a wishlist if I get more ideas I will add them too also can we get a date on when they will be realeased because I am too hyped for it here the link of the video where I saw the darts
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    I'm gonna download world of warcraft again and play with u so no goodbye for me!!!
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    if i could find your discord i'd post all the sus pm's you sent to me when u thought i was a girl o. o
  49. 2 points
    I'll get a pardon if it'll get you stay... /cry
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    No one really quits Nin. Especially after a farewell tour message. BUT, I wish you the best, even though we had our arguments you made me laugh so much and it was funny being on your side.
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