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    Hi everyone, As most of you know, 4 months ago i released the first version of the metanin calculator And now Im happy to present the improved version! http://metanin.metanin.xyz So, whats new? - You can now signup, login on your own account. - upload your own builds (and you can view them at any time) - View other peoples Builds - Share Builds easily with the url (no more annoying SS) More features will come soon I hope you enjoy it!
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    Hello Nin Onliners and welcome to the Mastery Guide of Nin. This Guide will give you a rough summary of what each Mastery is about and the playstyles revolving said masteries. Also the current High to bottom tier of each mastery. I will also update that tier list every month due to the "Metta" always changing. *Please Note: If you pick a mastery strictly because it is top tier at the moment or high in the Metta food change just keep it mind it does change. Choose a mastery because that's who your ninja character is not because it's the hot thing. Also this is my view on each mastery and not the actual lookout on them from Rory's perspective or the rest of the community so please don't bash or slander what is said here but simply provide positive feedback until the topic is locked.* List of all Masteries Fire Water Earth Medic Lightning Weapon Master Wind Taijutsu ------------------------------------------- Tier List Tier 1 - Taijutsu, Medic, Weapon Master Tier 2 - Lightning, Earth, Water, Fire Tier 3 - Fire and Wind(Both paths fall under here) *Fire is classed as Tier 2 and Tier 3 because it's CC and Damage make it Tier 2 but the casting times, chakra cost, and self stuns make it a Tier 3* Also this Tier list is how I see them and not the collective of the community. Tier List is also Subject to change along with the Metta. ----------------------------------------------- Fire - Fire is one of Nin's most original masteries and was one of the first created in the game. Fire mastery is used a lot by new players and experienced ones due to the fact that their abilities have a lot of Crowd Control with long range and High Base Damage. The Jutsus of the fire mastery can damage multiple opponents at once and cause a Damage over Time Burn status to who is hit increasing the damage output of that jutsu. Fire is GREAT for training and farming for items in the game. The downside to using fire however is that the jutsus take a moderate amount of chakra to use and several of the jutsus require you to cast, aim, and you can even get self stunned from using them. Water - Water is one of the most balanced masteries Nin can offer and has nice utility with its jutsus. Water has some of everything that everyone likes when it comes to playing the game. Crowd Control, Stun, and Knockback are things people like and this is where you can get it. Water is great for training and it's jutsus aren't as hard to land as some of the other masteries. Water has a second substitution jutsu which comes in handy with escaping and has a stunning jutsu called Water Prison. Water is overall balanced in terms of damage and chakra cost making it new player friendly and easy to use. The downside of water is that Water prison takes a while to master so don't expect to land it in fights at levels 1 and 2. Water Shark is also terribly hard to land due to you needing to stand still and cast it giving your opponent time to evade the move. Earth - Earth is 1 of the most crowd control oriented mastery's and most defensive mastery in the game. Earth allows you to knockback, snare, and slow several opponents at once with its jutsus and even gives you the ability to create an Earth Wall which can repel most if not all ranged attacks until it's destroyed or disappears. Earth has 1 of the best AOE Snaring jutsus in the game as well called Earth Prison which allows you to bind several opponents at once at given levels. Earth revolves around team play mainly due to its innate nature to Crowd Control everything it also has great synergy with almost every elemental mastery. The down side with earth is the Chakra cost on a few of the moves and the need to stand still to cast the jutsus. If you can manage with that its good. Lightning - The Mastery that rules Stuns; Lightning is a deadly mastery but takes a lot of skill to use solo. Lightning has 4 stunning jutsus one of them being the famous Lightning Cutter Technique that sets up for outstanding combos and does great damage. Lightning is great in 1v1 battles and team battles due to their stuns and the little crowd control that they have from the jutsu Lightning Current. Lightning cutter also sets up combos for teammates. Training wise lightning is a little slower than most masteries due to not having not as much Crowd Control. It's more of a single target mastery. The downsides of lightning is that the jutsus require precision and timing to land certain moves and requires a decent amount of chakra as the moves cost quite a bit. Wind - A strong wind that can blow you away! Wind is a mastery that consist of High damage and Long range techniques. Jutsus Like drilling air bullets or vacuum sphere has high damage and long range going up to 15 tiles away. Wind requires great accuracy when using it's jutsus with moderate to high chakra cost. The highest chakra costing jutsu cost 52 chakra but does high damage as a result. Wind also has the ability to knockback the opponent but again only if you can land the jutsu. If you're from the Neo-Sand Village Wind also has a sub path which uses Fans and the strength stat instead of the intelligence stat. The fan path allows you to equip a fan and knockback opponents doing average damage from a distance and helps boost your overall damage with jutsu. It also knockbacks opponents for every ranged hit landed to keep them at bay. The fan path also allows more Crowd Control as it has a few jutsus that hit multiple opponents at once. You also gain jutsus that knockback and slow to help set up combos or to simply run. Training as Wind as either path is easy but more easy for the strength path due to the Crowd Control. Medic Int - Sinner and Saint; Medics keep the game going and keep the players surviving any creature or opponent they face. Medics have 2 different playstyles with the Intelligence path revolving around Poisoning their opponents and the Chakra path which supports his teammates and himself through heals while dealing moderate damage. The Poison path for medics is a grueling path early on due to the need for tools to cast 1 of the jutsus, but as you progress it gets moderately better as you unlock 2 other poisoning jutsus that help with training that cost nothing but chakra. this path also allows you to learn Curse Mark which allows you to boost all your stats by a set percentage based off your overall chakra. As a poison medic you also have better synergy and a better chance at getting a mastery that works well with it mainly an elemental. Due to recent changes however you can not use this path and cast healing techniques on teammates as they share cooldowns so decide properly in the middle of combat. If you're ok with using only 3 jutsus to deal damage you will survive the grueling training, but if you can not then my friend its ok for there is always another path to take. Chakra -The Chakra path for medics has it harder early on than the other path due to you needing tools to level until level 15 where you get chakra scalpels. Chakra Scalpels will be chakra medics main source of damage as well as Throwing Senbon. The Chakra path can apply a lot of pressure in combat due to the need to not charge chakra as often as most people in the game. They can also solely focus on 2 stats; HP and Chakra which makes them a force to be reckon with. However, if you can not land melees or Senbon the other path may be better for you because this path takes more skill to deal damage but on the bright side your healing abilities will make you a nuisance throughout the game. Choose wisely. Weapon Master Strength - What's hotter than someone with a sword? Strength weapon masters have the ability to use swords to hack and slash at the opponent and dwindle down their hp using sword based attacks. Harder time training due to needing to be in close range to land blows but if you can stick it through weapon masters are great in the end game experience and in Combat against other players. Feeling bored? You can always get some friends and go fight bosses to achieve a stronger and better sword! In the future weapon masters combined with elemental masteries will gain enhanced sword abilities that give their swords other little things like burn, stun, knockback, slow and so on. There is always a new sword coming out as well so never be bored as there are continous bosses to fight or bosses to be added they drop new swords. Weapon Master Intelligence - The Intelligence path for weapon masters is mainly played as a second option and not a first. Reason stating...RYO! This mastery is a money sink and if you dont have the money or the means to make the money to use this path of the weapon mastery then don't go it. However if you can handle the costly need for ninja tools to use your jutsus this mastery is great! Low Chakra cost, Great Damage, and Great Crowd Control is what this path offers. You also have the ability to set traps in prepartion for raids or to block enemies from getting through locations. This path excels in team gameplay due to these traps but is tougher to use in 1v1s as the opponent can just avoid your traps. This path also has some of the nicer animations and cool tricks for example: Shadow Shuriken warps you to your opponent if you land it. Exploding Kunai causes a nice size explosion when maxed and it hits someone or something dense. Choose your path Wisely. Taijutsu Agility - Agility Taijutsu use to be one of the best masteries and still is if used correctly. It offers a second substitution jutsu to evade jutsus, knockbacks that can interupt casting, low cooldowns, a stun, and consistent DPS. Moves like Seismic Dash combined with Body flicker gives you the opportunity at easy damage and low cooldown moves like Breaking Kick offer you the ability to continously pressure your opponents into a corner as you rush them swinging your fist and your legs in this case. 2 of its other jutsus offer great range and 1 of them even stuns the opponent for a slight second! If you build your character correctly you can even combine it with elements like Water(Tai Water FTW) or Fire. The best synergy with this mastery is Medic due to Chakra Scalpels and Agility working together to give higher damage output when punching your opponent. The downside of being agility taijutsu is that the jutsu damage/scaling isnt as good as the other masteries as well as the mastery not having any other mastery that is based off agility. Taijutsu Strength - The sub path of agility taijutsu is its strength counterpart called Gentle Fist. Gentle Fist has higher base damage/scaling and a good variety of jutsus. Jutsus like 16 Palms if landed can silence your opponent for x duration and drain there chakra over time causing them to constitently need to charge. They also have Rotation which allows them to knockback opponents if surrounded but this jutsu you dont get untl you are higher level and train one of the other jutsus to achieve it. Some of the other jutsus of this sub path cause knockbacks and stuns as well but give a higher damage output than its brother Agility taijutsu. Focusing more on burst damage than DPS this mastery can offer some good follow ups. Downsides of this path is that it only has 1 substitution and its the basic one so you only have 1 chance to evade a jutsu. This mastery also has higher chakra cost than the other path with a couple jutsus that have cast times. On the bright side because you are strength based, you can combine this mastery with the likes of Strength weapon master to maximize damage output. However there is no advancement if you combine the two but there will be advanced gentle fist in the future. Choose your path Wisely.
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    Hello Mist Village, as the Second Mizukage I was given the oppurtunity and power to choose 3 Clans that will be represented in the Shadow Council of the Mist Village. As the clans have already elected and told me their Clan Leader, I will gladly also announce the Representives for the Shadow Council. The 3 Clans that I chose are: Sakame Hoshi Murasame Clan Leader: Clan Leader: Clan Leader: Anborn Deviax VestaOrion Congratulations @Anborn, @Deviax and @VestaOrion. I'd also like to use this opportunity to officially announce the MMPF-Chief of the Mist Village: Congratulations @Maj. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There will be held a (RP) Ceremony to briefly introduce myself and the new Shadow Council. After the introduction we will hold a Free-For-All Tournament (FFA). For those that want to participate in it, there will be a price (Ryo) for the winner. Where: infront of the Chunin Exam Registration Building (located north, inside the Mist Village) When: This Friday, the 19th July at 4 PM EST I hope to see as many people as possible. ~Second Mizukage („The Unbreakable Blade“) Kureji
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    Dear Ninja, Once in awhile I have to go through logs to make sure people stick to the rules of the RP System, the following ninja have gained a strike. If you are on the list and are caught doing anything suspicious again you will lose your rank or be banned. If your account is found to contain any RP Token did you not earn or you are holding onto RP Tokens you shouldn't, you will be banned. If more illegal RP Tokens are traded from your accounts, you will be banned. If your name is here, it is because unearned/illegal RP Tokens have been into your account. A record has been added to your account, and depending on if you get any future punishments, these records can stack up to lengthen your sentence. Regards, Uewa
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    Created some clan clothing concepts for devs to take on if they are interested and basically to just show everyone xD Mist mist mist! P.s I'd be down to make some concepts for leaf and sand, but everyday you've raided mist it will take one day longer to finish your concepts! P.s P.s Female version coming soon too i'll never forget about you ladies
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    If there is one thing in the game that is hard to get is money. Unless you grind like a mad man, or get rare drops to resell, money is very hard to come by. Since we are trying to make Nin a living breathing world, ninjas should be able to do daily jobs to get some money. I suggest a second set of dailies, but these give NO XP AT ALL. Just money. I believe it would add content to the game and make it more fun without increasing the normal dailies(something @Ueda is against) This would help the in-game economics since players would be able to buy stuff off each other faster and would make getting Ryo less of a freaking pain. so, what do you guys think about this? We should have 2 types of Dailies, Normal Dailies that give xp, and Ryo dailies that give money only. You could even take the ryo out of the normal missions too.
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    I think there might be possibility of DDOS attack. Mist was preparing for a defend against a raid, we set our traps but then the game crashed right when @Baller and @Enver were about to raid our village. I think they might be DDoSing the game to exploit our defensive lines.
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    Hello Ninjas! I am pleased to announce to you my next event. This time, it is a forum event! To win you must show how good your fashion sense is! How To Participate To participate all you need to do is reply to this post with a screenshot of your character in the best outfit you have! Prizes First place will receive 7 coupons & a forum title of your choice! Second place will receive 5 coupons & a forum title of your choice! Third place will receive 3 coupons & a forum title of your choice! The winners will be announced on Sunday (7/14/19). Good luck to everyone who participates!
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    There comes a time in every man's life that they realize the injustice they face, there is a crime that has been commited yet noone is even questioning why such an easy solution to this problem hasnt already been added. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you, Black Arm Bandages. #FashionCriminals #WeNeedItNow Whether a cash shop item or a new boss drop we need it! Model: @Zabu Edited by : Yours truly
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    Hello Misties! Well, as most of you already know, my term as Mizukage is about to end. It was supposed to be short since the begining, just until people could actually be able to fight for the Kage spot... And that time has finally come! We will be hosting a 1v1 tournament on 13th of July (1PM EST) to decide the future of our village. It's going to be a battle to decide who is the strongest Mist villager, and that ninja will be granted with the 2nd Mizukage title. If you want to join, you must be at least level 40. Mist Missings are also able to join the tournament, if they win, they'll be able to come back to the village as it's leader. Registrations will start some minutes before the tournament. May the best Mistie win!
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    Updated every 10 minutes
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    I'd like to discuss some things about this mastery that came to my mind lately. First thing would be the jutsu Vacuum Sphere. This jutsu used to fire in 4 directions around the user and this was removed cause of a bug which made it possible for this jutsu to hit with all the spheres at once. That bug was fixed along with the Wild Slash multihit bug but Vacuum Sphere never got it's 4 direction spheres back. Second thing would be the jutsu Wind Scythe. For a mastery which is said to be fast and have long range this jutsu is not really what one would expect it to be. It has 7 tiles range and is quite slower than all of the other projectiles that Wind has. Last thing would be the fact that Wind is still the only elemental mastery which has 5 jutsu. All the other elemental masteries have 6 of them, putting Wind users at a severe disadvantage cause they don't have their strongest jutsu. It's equivalent to a Fire user not having Fire Dragon or a Water user not having Water Prison.
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    Reintroduced Bandit Mobs Added new Boss named "Ieyasu" and added his map. Revamped the indoor snow map.
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    Wm/tai need to be deleted
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    Having to buy 3rd party programs shouldn't be a thing just to play a god damn 2D game...
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    The Alliance On the 26/6/2019 Sand village made alliance with Leaf village. Rule Book Breaking any of the following alliance rules will result in punishment. The rules are punishable by jail time, where two jail sessions lead to one strike and three strikes end in an exile. Note: Rogue ninjas who have alts in leaf and/or sand will be instantly exiled if their intention is to break a rule on purpose and ruin the alliance between the two villages. 1. Do not attack a Leaf ninja with the intention to kill. 2. Do not go to the allied village masked. As soon as you arrive in Sand/Leaf territory unmask instantly. Unmask at Chakra Forest if you are heading to Leaf and Large Desert map if you are heading to Sand. If you get killed because of having a mask on you won't be able to blame anyone for that action. (You can pass while masked if you show them your identity and they allow you to keep the mask on) 3. Sand ninjas are to avoid getting themselves involved in a conflict with Leaf ninjas. If you are being attacked by a Leaf ninja, make sure to take screenshots as proof and try avoiding the fight or arguing. Report the incident, along with the evidence, to the council or Kage either via discord or forum’s direct message. 4. Do not assist an enemy (Mist) “friendly” or Missing-Ninja “friendly” if he/she is under attack by our allied forces. 5. If you have an argument with a villager, try to solve it respectfully, if you are unable to come to an agreement contact your village Kage or council. In the rare case where they are not available, try to get in touch with a trusted/respected Jonin or Chunin from your village. 6. It is prohibited to invite a known enemy of the Leaf to the respected Leaf territory whether it is for sparring reasons or otherwise. 7. Do not place a bounty on ninjas of Leaf. 8. If people of the opposing villages are sparring in a specified village and the spar leads to a death where the downed shinobi is not revived (even if there was a medic around refusing to heal), there will be no punishment for either side. Common courtesy and respect are expected from ninjas of both sides, but in this case, those who spar with one another need to keep in mind that medics can’t be forced to revive you. Note: If the Leaf ninjas break these rules which apply to both villages , please make sure to take a screenshot and report it to Council/Kage. (in case you are the victim being attacked). If a Leaf ninja invades the hidden Sand village with the intention to raid leaf , you are free to proceed with killing the invader while having proof about the situation.
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    I will represent the my clan and it warriors with honor and the role of shadow council member with pride and diligence!
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    1st place: @Aikya 2nd place: @Wrathful 3rd place: @Kureji Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated. To receive your forum title please message @Ueda
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    First of all, I would like to congratulate @Kureji for becoming the second Mizukage of Mist Village, you are really strong and great and I would look forward to your successful reign and will do my best to offer my best services to Mist Village. The Most Epic Survey Mission :- In my life in Nin, none of my missions were filled with the thrill and support I received like what happened yesterday, I received Sand Survey mission and yea I repeatedly failed to get it done, due to leaf guarding b2 and snakes, after my 5th failure, I asked Mist Village if they can help me with the mission and much to my surprise, the village who have just successfully raided leaf gathered up under the lead of @Adult Sasukeand set off along with me, I asked what were their reason, after all it never crossed my mind that a whole village can be so supportive of their younger players(prior experience with leaf as their were only few good people around willing to help while higher level players just protected their bounties), at this time, Sasuke replied to me, "We're here for you bud." and it was this moment I really felt truly gratified of my actions to forsake leaf, even though it ended in our defeat at KB due to leaf number advantage, I still felt really happy. Thank You Mist, we are the greatest.
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    I have some Naruto OCs I've made for a fan-comic on Deviantart I've been slowly working on.....now I'm gonna have to create a new ninja for my character in this game lol. link to my deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/foreveritachi
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    At the very base of the Mizukage’s spire below the depths of the village itself, a restricted area for only those cleared by the Mizukage and shadow council to enter. A sacred and private arena can be found. The sound of the ever flowing water echoed around the enclosed arena, crashing and gushing against the concrete created structure. In the centre of the room five or so meters above the water’s icy cold depths was a large platform, built in the shape of a katana’s tsuba hand guard as the village is know for it’s renowned swordsman. The central platform was surrounded by two viewing platforms and two smaller platforms for the users of the arena to enter from. This sacred room was used only for when the shadow council of the mist village had decided they no longer acknowledged the current Mizukage and they must prove themselves worthy of the tile once more verse all wanting challengers. Such a time had come…. Twelve challengers had thrown their claim to the next leader of the village hidden in the mist. With many falling short of such a prestigious title. The final two combatants stood across from each other, tired, bruised and hungry for one last win. With those who failed to reach this climatic fight watching on from the viewing platforms, the tension in the room could be cut with a knife. Who would win this fight? Who would grasp destiny in their hands and claim the title of Mizukage? On one side stood one of the two fighters, athletically built, his long jet black hair kept in place by a black bandana. He wore a long grey poncho to cover and disguise his body movements and attack pattens from his opponents. He radiated with an aura of confidence, determination and a want to win. “Adult Sasuke - The Crimson Lightning”, known for his legendary swordsmanship and his renowned Dōjutsu techniques he had fought his way to this final battle, all that stood between him and the victory was his opponent. “Kureji – The unbreakable blade” another known in the village for his skill with a sword. His ice white hair rose up from his head spiked upwards. His yellow eyes burned brightly like the core of the sun as he stared across at his target with the look of pure determination and grit. Dressed in a long white jacket similar in colour to his hair, a bright red scarf was wrapped around his neck adding style and character to his appearance. Standing tall and muscular from the many hours of training, the shinobi gave off a threatening but calculated sense of power. He gripped his sword tightly as he prepared to fight one last fight that would shape his future. The two combatants knew each other well, they had fought side by side, during many battles and missions together for the village, they shared a comradery but now they had to put that aside and face each other as enemies. Both wielded the same sword, “Kotsuzui Tanto” known to be crafted from the bones of an ancient clan from the village. The bone were compressed to the maximum density, making it as strong as steel but lighter and more agile to wield. They were seconds away from fight to begin, only the sound of the crashing waves could be heard as the two squared each other up from a far, the official flicker away from the central arena as he yelled “Battle begins!” The two shinobi jumped towards the central arena from their starting locations, swords in hand. Both looking to land the first blow to take control of the fight, Their swords clashed as the two came together. Spark flew from the clash of blades, the ringing of bone clashing against one another filling the all but silent room with sound. Kureji pulled away, pulling his blade upwards, twisting on the spot, switching his swords between hands, he drove the blade down towards his opponent. Unable to react to the trick and risky attack, Adult Sasuke felt the cold bone blade cut through his poncho and under garments and sliced a gash on his chest. Reeling backwards in pain, Sasuke threw several kunai as his on rushing opponent to delay his arrival. He knew he had to lead the counter offensive, charging head on towards Kureji, he knew he must face his destiny. They two shinobi clashed blades over and over again, both showing great skill with the sword and in the ninja art of kenjutsu. But after several minutes the outcome was clear. Kureji had taken control of the match and was slowly beating Sasuke into submission. With Sasuke realising the battle was not in his favour he yielded to his opponent and admitted defeat. Finally the battle for the second Mizukage had come to an end. “Kureji – The unbreakable blade” had won and would now become The Village Hidden in the Mist second Mizukage. What awaits the villagers of The Village Hidden in the Mist under their new kage? Well maybe that a story for another time… @Kureji@Adult Sasuke
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    Dear Ninja, War detailsThe event portals will open in each Kage office at 1pm EST and the entire event will commence at 1:30pm EST. It may last anywhere between 2 - 3 hours. Kage of each village are expected to attend or to elect a Council Member or Jonin to lead the war effort for each village. Village Score Details Intel score is used to determine which village will draft first. It will go in the order of lowest intel, to highest intel village. Economy score is used to buy supply boxes for the ninja in each village, this contains healing items. Manpower score is used to add more ninja into the waiting area. As of 7/7/2019, When a village Kage changes, village score will be reset to default values of 10000 each. The village score will be an indicator of how well a village is doing under each Kage. RP Peace Agreements If there is peace between all 3 villages, the war event will become a different event. If 2 villages have a peace agreement, the two villages will have 2 commanders and will draft together. The winners will split the prizes equally. Fighting Ninja Details War Events will always take place in a War Zone, as such, bounty is at risk of being lost. Ninja who wish to attend also must make sure that their inventory is clear of the following items. (This list may increase in the future) Blood Pills Chakra Pills Toad Oils Some of these items will be available to be bought with economy score in by the commander of each village. Commander Details Starting phase is when the rules have been announced and commander has been picked for each village. The commander will have to pick 10 ninja to enter the waiting area for their village. Drafting phase is when the commander picks the ninja who will fight in the war. The first thing that will happen is that the GM whom is hosting and narrating the war, will announce the requirements for the next battle. For example, "2 Genin and 1 Chunin below level 40". The commander will have 30 seconds to pick the ninja who fit the requirement into the battle by telling the GM who will fight. If there are not enough ninja to fulfill the draft for that round, they will fight with an incomplete draft, or in some cases just lose that round. Battle phase is when there are ninja battling on the field. Ninja who faint in combat during this phase are immediately teleported out of the waiting area, they are considered casualties. As this is a war zone, they will have battle injuries. You can bring them back into the waiting area by spending manpower score if you want still though. There will normally be a short intermission in the middle of entire event for everyone to take a break. (not very war like I know, but everyone needs to use the bathroom sometimes) The final winner of the war is the village who wins the highest amount of battles. Notes: Commander/Kage may be part of the requirements for a battle in some cases. Each battle requirements are randomly generated before each war event starts. Using scores is allowed at any time, however, adding people into the waiting area is not allowed right away when being asked to choose ninja to participate. If a village runs out of ninja and is unable to continue battling, they are immediately disqualified, which means even if they have the highest wins, they will still lose. Regards, Ueda
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    I will represent the village and my clan to the best of my ability! ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY MIST VILLAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm fit today! I have another idea! I know we have a lot of time in front of us but I wondered if it was possible to add the "Hidan style" for WM + MEDIC ninjas. With mainly 2 techniques related to the Jashin sect. The first: Immortality, a self heal jutsu that allows to recover by wave the damage inflicted by an attack launched after the activation of jutsu. The second: Jashin's maledicion that prevents the TARGET enemy from moving for 1 second and at the same time inflicts damage (a bit like lightning pillar) And two techniques related to weapons. The first: The Jashin ritual, a targeting technique like Risky Blade that causes bleeding (since Hidan has to harvest blood from his target) And the second:(did'nt find a name) A weapon projection technique (throwing the weapon whose handle is connected to a chain) that causes damage in all directions.
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    I was sort of thinking of a few events that we could do to make this game more fun. So I kind of came up with this idea of a event that is pvp but Pokémon style. Basically a player plays the role of a trainer and another plays the role of the Pokémon. The trainer players face off in a 1v1 and take turns commanding each Pokémon player to do a move. They will both take turns until there is no one is left out. I think with a little more creative events like this that includes everyone would be good. I have a lot of ideas so let me know what you all think and feel free to leave any suggestions of your own!
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    Chapter 2 Staring into the eyes of Kenock feeling the wind in my hair as the mist begins to fade while the moon shines brightly on us as we whisper in my ear "You're unnaturally beautiful and I'd like to take you home" he said gently I politely declined even tho I became weak in my knees as I felt how toned his body felt under his kage robe "I don't think it's a good idea sir" I said looking over his shoulder I noticed a dark figure on the ground not too far from us I then ask him if he saw it as well hoping he did cause it would be pretty awkward if he didn't we then walk towards the figure to then notice it was a jonin his name is Elivex Kenock then said he was stationed to the gate he wasn't dead he was just knocked unconscious kenock told me to stay behind him feeling something was off Liones came running towards us saying enemies have infiltrated the village and he came to get me and Stormi to take us someplace safe Kenock then ordered him to take me back to the dorms and wake Stormi and standby for his orders after he said that 3 ninjas came out of the fogs one of them with shot red hair carrying twin swords and wearing a hermit headband the other two wore tan robes and spiral masks which lead me to assume the redhead was in charge they then charged at us Kenock created a bubble barrier to protect me and Liones but at that same moment, one of the masked ninjas were imprisoned in a water prison jutsu and ran through with a blade made of lightning coming from the shadows it was Anborn I remember seeing him around the academy 3 kunai then hit the ground between us and the 2 enemy ninjas 2 more from the shadows "Lord kage we're here to aid you most of the enemies have been taken care of already" they said "Ahh nice of you tree to join us Tresmorne and Snori" kenock said they just chuckled and said "well someones gotta be here to save your ass" the red-headed ninja then started to perform hand seals and started using water style he created 3 water clones which distracted tresmorne, kenock, and Snori and he then used the water shark Jutsu which targetted me and liones out of nowhere Stormi, Riley and Maj showed up countering his water shark with they're water style and Maj's earth wall jutsu to block the aftermath of all the water from those jutsus Elivex then came too and beheaded the other masked ninja leaving the redhead ninja surrounded after his clones were defeated he then used a smoke bomb saying to us his name and this won't be the last we see of him and and his name was "Bmore" as the smoke clears he was no longer there Kenock then told us Bmore is a ranked ninja in the hidden sand village and he wasn't sure why sand would be attacking the village The Sun started to come up over the Horizon Kenock then told Tresmorne, Elivex, and Snori to dispose of the corpses and tend to the injured he then told Anborn to come with him and sent me, Riley, Stormi, Maj, and liones back to our dorms tell us we still have to attend our classes at the academy so we should rest Walking back to the academy Liones then found the courage to tell Stormi how he really felt being so close to the danger he then told her he has feelings for her she then stops turns around ran towards Liones and kissed him with intense passion Leaving Maj, Riley me in aww and a little awkward just watching them make out as the sunrise... The End...
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    Hello, i have played for a week already because i didnt notice this thread, so im not fresh new but still know a little about the game. Really love naruto and ninja universe, so i played a lot of naruto based games like nuns which i played a lot, naruto online but it became the same clicking everyday after while and shinobi striker which was really close to my perfect naruto game but died first week cuz id bad avertising. And as iam in load of naruto groups on facebook, i saw this neoakatsuki video and instantly downloaded the game, and so far its my favorite naruto game, even with just a little content of the bug universe, and id love to support developers cuz i see they have done great work best naruto game i played so far (mby for thr rp aswell). And im looking forward to all the fun that awaits me.
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    Its a huge honor for hoshi to get chosen! I wont let you or mist down! MistForever! < 3
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    Man im broke 24/7 cuz the ryo you get from missions are not enough to cover my ryo loss from tools.
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    Episode 1. An ominous bird ... 1 year ... 1 year has passed since Kaen Yagyu went to train in the mountains ... Today, he goes home to Kirigakure ... Nobody could say what had changed in the young leader clan (apart from his hair color, of course). The children of the academy already exchanged all the rumors that people imagined ... "My father told me that he underwent training so hard that his hair went from black to white" or "My brother told me that he saw demons that made him so afraid that his hair became white like snow" ... Kaen's training was to last longer ... 3 years normally, after everything, he had to prepare for the war, since Mist is no longer neutral. But why had he returned so soon? None of the many rumors about him had the answer... Kaen went directly to his house, home of the Yagyu clan. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kaen was the 34th leader of the Yagyu clan. Actually, @Amatizu was respectively the 35th. There are 3 leaders of the clan, @Anatsu occupying the role of 36th leader of the clan. It was not uncommon for Kaen to ask Amatizu for information. Amatizu is the head of the Tsukinome branch of the Yagyu family. As a result, he has access to the clan's archives, as old as they are. Exactly, that's good, Amatizu was probably the most qualified man to answer this question ... -What do you think about this scroll, Ama...? -Shit...! Kaen where did u find it? -Ok then... -I thought well ... It seemed strange to me, this sudden change of situation ... This alliance between Konoha and Suna made no sense, now I understand everything ... -These bastards want to recreate a perfect Gukoizan ... And destroy the surface of Kiri. -Go to the Mizukage office, tell them everything you have! Meanwhile, I will search the archives, see if I can find something interesting ... Kaen would have liked to enjoy longer his return to the village, unfortunately, time is running out. Obviously, the alliance between the country of the wind and the country of fire did not leave anything good ... But the problem did not seem so threatening before the adequacy "ultimate forbidden technique" ... The Mizukage, @Kenock unrolled the parchment ... A forbidden seal seeming come from an ancient time was painted on the roll ... -Obviously, this forbidden technique that we thought to be a legend ... Exist indeed ... There are two options before us ... The first and the most optimistic: They intend to use Takumi against the organization Taka ... The second and the worst ... They will use it against the land of water ... Probably dirrectly on Kiri. -What do you think we should do? -Hmmm ... It's already a famous stroke of luck, to have got your hands on it. Good work! For now ... We will have to take drastic measures of defenses and anticipations. You will receive mission orders during the evening ... Get ready, ninjas.
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    Basically as the title suggests, I suggest we have projectile tools, with no ryo cost, that can only be used for sparring. How it would work: You can go to an NPC in your village and the tools would be free of charge(maybe deduct points from the respective villages economy points.) And to prevent abusing, the sparring tools can only be used if both players have PvP enabled and/or if they are in the same village. The damage should scale the same as regular tools as well. Reason: INT WM eats up a lot ryo, especially if you aren't close to Takumi. I wanna be able to spar fellow villagers without wasting 1K ryo daily on tools. This suggestion is open to changes and feedback as long as the concept of free sparring tools remains.
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    So I kinda have a suggestion on the way that the boat npc works. There is no delay which makes it easier for people to go on and off the boat to avoid dying. I think It will be not only beneficial to everyone but also make it more interesting. To go to toad land there is a 15 second delay that prevents players from running there as a safe haven to avoid dying. By adding the feature to the boat Npc it'll help stop people from abusing it. Let me know you guys opinions or suggestions.
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    Yeah its almost impossible to beat wm with a single element mastery but i guess its being done this soon for a reason , but its safe to say the kage will be a weapon master
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    Should ve wait till a lot of people reach lvl 50 and train their jutsu maxed. When they reach their max potential to fight. Because we do not need weak kage or just a wm homing fight
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    yall cant tell me nej dont got the drip now.... and thats on Zuh..... 69th STREET YAKU BLOODS SUWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO They call me the pixel gangster. Hyuga Clan
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    Messing with Mist, is a MISTake.
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    Hey, everyone! I'm Katsuryoku! It means "Vitality" in Japanese. I chose it because I want to heal. I decided to join after seeing Forever Itachi's deviation on Deviantart. I follow her there. I believe her name is @Dreissea here. I hope to see a Land of Lightning someday! I love the dark-skinned, white-haired look.
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    Mist village chat still doesn't work. You can go to the aviary and type in v-chat but nothing happens. If you try to do it again it says you're on cooldown for it.
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    Congrats you guys, well deserved! Mist will definitely bloom with your wisdom at the helm.
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    Reworked RP Missions Assignment Desk This fixes people who are unable to finish their RP Missions due to trying to turn in multiple tokens at once. This bug was kept for the longest time as it helped locate people who were abusing the RP Tokens, however manually fixing accounts has become too much a chore. We will instead just do regular checks on logs. This is a reminder that abusing RP Tokens will result in both losing your rank and potentially getting banned.
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