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    Make sure to click the music below the page number while you read. It's better. Title "The Strongest" . . . . . . . . . . Intro . . . . . . . . . . >Page 1< Click -> ((Page 1 - 4 BGM)) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 2< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 3< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 4< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 5< Click -> ((Page 5 - 8 BGM)) (wait until like 16 sec in before you start reading lol) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 6< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 7< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >Page 8< . . . . . . . . . . (Explanation) Swift Style - Afterimage Clone AssassinationImmediately after the Swift Clones are made, they would all simultaneously attack to overwhelm the enemy. The clones are merely a diversion because the real user (who's most likely ahead of the enemy) would of already blitzed the opponent. In Booty's case, he blitzes the opponent with his sword. Before the enemy realizes it, with their last bit of sight, they would see Booty placing his blade in its scabbard while they're left bisected, decapitated, dismembered, or fatally wounded. If however the enemy survives this strike, the clones are left to finish them off. . . . . . . . . . . >Page 9< Click -> ((Page 9 - End BGM)) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >End< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Make sure to like, follow me, and leave a comment on your thoughts and opinions! ...and hit me up on Discord @The Booty Sensei#7384 for prices if you want me to draw your Ninja!
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    Hello! So I really enjoy this game and found out, that the Stat Calculator from @Kyokotsu is not findable anymore, so I made one by myself (with some help tho' xD - thanku @Keyui for the information) and wanted to share it with you: https://krextiv.de/projekte/ninstat/ I dont know if it's accurate enough so that you can really use it, but maybe it's not that bad and may help someone here. Also I haven't added the Intellect stats but I will soon add it. Hope you like it, it'll be updated frequently // Sharing // You can now share your build by copying the generated link under the calculated Melee Damage. Such a link could look like this: https://krextiv.de/projekte/ninstat/?str=11&int=10&agi=12&fort=13&chakra=14 This makes it able to share builds. Hope you like it // Changelog // - added total point (you see how much points you can build at lvl 50) - now the needed level for the current build is shown - added sharing option (URL Parameter)
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    Game Rules and Guidelines 1. Read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy By registering to Nin Online, you have agreed to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Failure to adhere to our Terms of Service may result in permanent termination of your account. 2. 3rd party tools 3rd party tools which automate parts of the game (eg. training/farming/ranking up jutsus), acting as bots without the user present is prohibited Tools that can be used to edit packets or client side data is prohibited Illegal tools include physical tools like placing a paperweight on your keyboard to automate ranking up jutsus while you sleep. Illegal tools include using younger brothers whom do not speak English to repeat a set of tasks for hours. Tools that automate combo-ing jutsus as long as the user is at the keyboard, for competitive edge is allowed. Tunnel programs eg. NoPing is allowed Your account and I.P will be permanently banned from the game and forums. 3. Open World PvP Killing Other Players is allowed Players will not be punished for killing other players. 4. Abusive Behavior Do not harass other players eg. (OOC) Do not be toxic to other players (OOC) Do not use use offensive language or slurs (includes race, religion, gender, etc.). If you are reported by somebody who takes offense, you may be given warning points depending on severity. As a rule of thumb, if you feel that you or somebody else could take offense from what you're about to say, don't say it. This is note to be mistaken with using swear words within a roleplay context. Eg. "Fuck the Leaf, I'm going to kill them all!" It is not an excuse to say your in-character RP character is a guy who PMs him victims and calls them a little bitch etc. In the same way it is not an excuse to say your in-character RP character is a guy who abuses exploits and uses hacks and 3rd party programs or your in-character RP character is somebody who has the power to automate his training by turning off his mind through bots. 5. Bug Abuse & In-Game Behavior Do not knowingly abuse a bug, exploit or feature, including but not limited to unfinished gameplay mechanics or programmer oversights. Do not use multiple accounts/clients/computers to give yourself an unfair advantage over other players. Do not obstruct another players path through the usage of multiple accounts, clients or machines. These actions will result in a warning and punishment applied to your account. 6. Moderation Appeals All Appeal against action which has been taken on your account must be sent to a member of the community team. You are not permitted to protest to the community or on discord/facebook. Doing so so will result in further action against your account Failure to follow, may result in your account being temporary disabled.
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    Simple as in topic name
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    。。。 。。。 Hello! Many times I've met people who were level 20, and their statistics were very badly distributed. Such people had to start their adventure from the beginning. I don't want you to be in this kind of situation, that's why I created this guide for this purpose. Let's start with the fact that you can not give out statistics the way you want. If you want to achieve something, you must know what you are doing. First, I will show you the ways that you can go and then I will show you how to give out statistic points. So, not prolonging - let's start. 。。。 。。。 Strength increases your base Weapon Damage with swords and kunai knives. It also increases Weapon Jutsu damage. Agility increases your base Taijutsu damage, reduces the cast time of Jutsus and increases attack speed. Each 100 points of Agility reduces cast speed by 200ms. Intellect increases your Ninjutsu and Genjutsu effectiveness. It also scales with your base Weapon Damage for Shurikens. You will deal more damage and be able to hide from enemies better. Exploding Tags and a few other weaponist weapon skills are based on this stat as well. Chakra increases your maximum Chakra and charging speed (50 Chakra reduces the time from 1 second to about 900ms). Each point into this stat will add 5 Chakra to your maximum Chakra pool. They are used to cast ninjutsu in combat. Having a high amount of Chakra also allows you to detect hidden enemies. Chakra also scales with your base Weapon damage for Senbons. Fortitude increases your maximum Health. Each point allocated into this stat will grant you 10 Health. The more Fortitude you have the longer you can stand in battle. It is a necessity to be able to endure more hits as a ninja unless you intend to always fight at a distance. 。。。 。。。 Yes! Here you have detailed information about each possible choice. 。。。 。。。 By choosing the ninjutsu elementary path you have to give statistics in: Intelligence, (All your jutsu will scale with her.) Chakra, (You must have enough to not have to charge her every while during the fight.) Fortitude, (This is the statistics for your health. It determines how much damage you can take.) Example Build for Elementary Path: Intelligence: 110 Chakra: 40 Fortitude: 95 。。。 。。。 Water is overall a really nicely balance mastery. It has many advantages to it while not really having any drawbacks to it. It has instant cast techniques, good damage, piercing, AoE, a stun and a substitution as well. These things make it one of the best masteries to choose to start with. Fire Mastery offers many advantages in terms of area control and damage. Most of the techniques available have very high base damage, range and AoE(Area of Effect). With this combination they are able to hit multiple targets at once for large amounts of damage. They are also able to cause a burn to deal damage over time. One small drawback to this is that some of their techniques have a slow travel time. Wind Mastery has many fast shooting projectiles and covers a large range of technique variations. It's overall a very nice mastery as it has good damage, fast projectiles, piercing, a homing, and 3 tiled techniques too. Wind is one of the Masteries that has 2 paths, there's the regular Intellect Path and the Str based Fan Style which is a Sand exclusive mastery. Lightning Mastery has some pretty nice benefits to it but like other Masteries it does have its drawbacks as well. The main benefit is its stunning capabilities, while the biggest drawback is the cast times and self-stuns. While the biggest advantage are the stuns, Lightning also has homing techniques available and a gap closer. It is mainly a single target mastery as a lot of the techniques require a target, however some of the techniques have an AoE to them allowing a chance to multi hit targets. Earth Mastery offers great crowd control capabilities with multiple stuns, the biggest being Earth Prison which when mastered will stun everyone within an 8 tile radius for 2 seconds. It also has a homing, a knockback and a piericing with range. A drawback is the cast times making it somewhat difficult to use some techniques in the heat of battle. 。。。 。。。 ┌xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx┐ Chakra Medic Build Example: A medic built on such a basis is an extremely useful person. He is able to heal his allies and himself. 150 Chakra. 95 Fort. Hybrid Medic Build Example: A medic built on such a basis deals average damage and is able to cure himself and his allies, but not as effectively as Full Chakra Medic. 75 Chakra. 75 Intelligence. 95 Fort. Intelligence Medic Build Example: A medic built on such a basis deals high damage from jutsu and his poisons, he can choose an element for the second mastery. His treatments are not so useful anymore. (But they are still there.) 110 Intelligence. 95 Fort. 40 Chakra. Medical Mastery is a pretty great mastery as it has decent fighting capabilities as well as support in buffs, healing and reviving. It has access to poison techniques allowing you to deal out nice damage since you can afflict a poison DoT(damage over time) allowing you to deal extra damage without having to do much work. You do get access to a self buff and a self heal later on allowing you to take your damage further and even allow you self sustain. Drawbacks to this are most of the damage techniques are pretty hard to land and you may struggle to hit targets. Another could include having to really split stats into either dealing more damage with Intellect or focusing on healing with Chakra. WEAPON MASTER COMING SOON.
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    May 2018 PromotionsLeaf VillageChunin: @Kuraen Senketsu @Fritzo @Persona Kurama Jonin: @Caio Mirana @Atrane @Ishyn SasayakiSand Village Chunin: @Booty Gang Pinku @Zelda @Huranza Specialized Jonin: @Nomady Hozuki the Adaptive Ninja Jonin: @Tresmorne Toitsu @Kenock Toitsu @Booty the Great Special Message It's always a privilege to watch amazing fights go down. That being said, I have to say that this exam probably had one of the more disappointing RP levels in the finals. I think it's very important to build your character and relationships with people in the community so that you have a story for yourself, and also with the people around you. Let's aim for that for the next exam We also had the first Tie in a Chunin Exam match up during the Sand village chunin exam between Booty Gang Pinku vs. Zelda. An amazing moment! It's always a hard decision to not promote everyone who deserves it, for me, assigning ranks is an easy task, and I know it is a big deal to you. So trust me when I say, it's harder for me not to just feel like giving everyone the Chunin/Jonin ranks. It's hard to see people lose. It's hard to see people win and not get promoted, but it's also what makes for a better story for everyone, and to maintain the rank system in the game. Getting Chunin rank will always mean something really big in Nin Online, and I hope that everyone understands the vision for why I have to hold back on giving everyone ranks..!
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    Rebalanced Slashing Tornado/Slashing Tornadoes technique damage from (24/25/26/23/23/23) to (25/25/26/26/27/27). Fans now have a 20 requirement to take it out of the meta for non-fan users for it's knockback and interrupt cast. Fixed Ravaging Earth Spikes Technique description.
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    The Chinome Clan Long ago, our clan existed in the Hidden Leaf Village. We were many, and we were strong. We grew quickly, and achieved great power in this world... But all great things come to an end. Our clan was forced from the Village Hidden in the Leaves. We were hunted down, and destroyed one by one... What few remained of our clan, went into hiding and exile. Most simply vanished and were never seen again. However, much time has passed since the purge... A fitting name for the eradication of an entire family. After all this time, the survivors, the few remnants of our once great people, have risen from the ashes of the fallen to re-unite and exact vengeance on all those who have wronged us. We are done hiding. It's your turn. Description: The word "Chinome" roughly translates to "Blood eyes" or "Blood enchanted eyes" depending on your translation. The Uchiha Clan will not exist in Nin. The devs have stated this several times... However, this clan is for those of you who want to to be the Nin canon equivelant of the legendary clan of the world of Masashi Kishimoto (The creator of the Naruto manga and anime). The symbol of our clan is the owl, a universal symbol of wisdom. Though we are not just any nocturnal predators. Our eyes are blood red, a clear sign of our clan's Kekkei Genkai. Not a single Chinome clan member that still lives has awakened this power as of yet. The powers of the clan before the purge... before our elders and veterans were destroyed... were written down and passed on by word of mouth. Only a few of us have even witnessed the power that our ancestors once possessed. Someday we will awaken that strength that each of us inherently possesses... But we know not when. Before the purge, our numbers were enough to rival the Hidden Villages themselves... And rival them we did... But in the end, we were defeated. Now, we are few... very few. Our current members: 1. Clan Leader: @Viduus Chinome 2. Clan Elder: @Oriax Chinome 3. Clan Elder: @Balcoin Chinome 4. Clan Member: @Maku Chinome 5. Clan Member: @Lil Woo 6. Clan Member: @Uni Chinome A list of the fallen... killed during the purge. Never forget, never forgive. 1. @Lucy Chinome 2. @Maki Chinome 3. @Logic Chinome 4. @Hikari Chinome 5. @Laguna Chinome 6. @Shouri Chinome 7. @Kikenna Chinome 8. @Quinteiku Chinome 9. @Saku (Ally of the family) 10. @Sakei A list of those who abandoned the clan's name in order to survive... they are not to be blamed. Any sane man or woman would have made the same choice: 1. @Maj 2. Soul Apparition... This is the last name I knew him by. 3. @Sasuke 4. @IKage Toitsu 5. @Goblin Hoshigaki 6. @Crush 7. @Crowlock 8. @Niti 9. @NightAoi 10. @Omega 11. @Riley Ajisai (Ally of the family) 12. @Meth (Ally of the family) 13. @Nell (Ally of the family) 14. @Daishin (For a brief while.. One of the very first to fall) 15. @Pinku the Original (Was a slave... but still family in my book < 3) 16. @Tartarus (Ally of the family) We have returned.
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    Hello Ninja, I have served Nin Online as the Community Manager for quite a few months now, and I thought I was going to remain CM for quite some time, but for a few weeks, I've been kind of wanting to step back to just be able to play, host events, and chill with the community, and I felt like being a spokesperson for the community team was interfering with that. I am also super busy, and gaining many responsibilities elsewhere such as work, a trip this summer, and working on another project, that I needed to pull back from the high expectations of both my Co-GMs and Admins and of course, you guys. I have no wrong feelings for this community or the team, in fact I still want to be apart of it, so I will simply just be stepping down to Game Master for now. So, you can still message me and send me your reports, but I won't be the manager of the community anymore. Things to be aware of: - I do not know who the next Community Manager is, I recommended all of the current GMs and a few people who have shown interest in the position before for Rory to connect with, but obviously, that's his choice, and I'll respect whoever takes on this amazing role in the future! Please don't bother Rory asking about it, as I don't think Rory will replace me right away as I don't believe there's much need for a CM right now with all the work the GMs do as a whole, but I'm sure it'll happen eventually. - I will still be the host of both the Premium Ninja Brawl & Ninja Festivals. These weren't Community Manager-locked events, they were more so mine I created as a staff member, so I will remain the host of them along with Sezu and whoever else helps with them in the future. The Summer Ninja Festival will still happen and you'll see an announcement soon! - Please note: I'm not leaving! I will still be a GM, and I will still play the game quite a bit, I just need to remove some of my responsibilities. (Sorry if this post has any typos or anything, I kind of quickly wrote it!) Best Regards & Thank you all for all the awesome things you've allowed me to do. I can't wait to see what this change has in store for the game and myself, Jessica
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    Me loggin in after peace treaty was announced to see 10 Sand Ninja casually chilling in Leaf square.
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    Added more Danger Zones. Now only Villages and starting areas are Safe Zones. Fixed missing blocks on several maps.
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    Me when leafies and sandies Raid takumi.
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    I've been testing the fire wall hit box and noticed that the hit box is larger if you place it while running diagonally. I have some quick screenshots to show what i mean. If the wall is placed while running horizontally, the hitbox ends up like this: If the wall is placed while running vertically, the hitbox ends up like this: Now, if you place the firewall while running diagonally, the hitbox gains two extra tiles like this: (Sorry for the poor boxes, made this quickly in paint)
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    Are you new and you're wondering what kind of build you should use or even how you should build your character each level early on to level up? Look no further!!! I Jun will guide you through this venture and help you decide on the type of build you can do. Strength increases your base Weapon Damage with swords and kunai knives. It also increases Weapon Jutsu damage. Agility increases your base Taijutsu damage, reduces the cast time of Jutsus and increases attack speed. Each 100 points of Agility reduces cast speed by 200ms. Intellect increases your Ninjutsu and Genjutsu effectiveness. It also scales with your base Weapon Damage for Shurikens. You will deal more damage and be able to hide from enemies better. Exploding Tags and a few other weaponist weapon skills are based on this stat as well. Chakra increases your maximum Chakra and charging speed (50 Chakra reduces the time from 1 second to about 900ms). Each point into this stat will add 5 Chakra to your maximum Chakra pool. They are used to cast ninjutsu in combat. Having a high amount of Chakra also allows you to detect hidden enemies. Chakra also scales with your base Weapon damage for Senbons. Fortitude increases your maximum Health. Each point allocated into this stat will grant you 10 Health. The more Fortitude you have the longer you can stand in battle. It is a necessity to be able to endure more hits as a ninja unless you intend to always fight at a distance. (Credits to @Daishin for showing me de wae) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the earlier levels of training I personally use a build that offers moderate hp but high damage. Since I'm a Str user the build I used for levels 1-10 is as followed: Strength Strength:35 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 5 Chakra: 5 Fortitude: 25 (This build I can work with for levels 1-10 only because Strength users get a sword early on to help boost there damage) As an intelligence user this build would be different for the simple fact of you needing Chakra, Intelligence, and Fortitude to deal decent damage. The Build is as followed: Intelligence Lvl 1-10 Strength: 5 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 35 Chakra: 10 Fortitude: 15 (This build works for intelligence users early on because you will primarily fight at a distance blasting your foes with your skills. You also get the ability to wield a melee kunai at level 8 and 11 intelligence. You can also learn Fuuma Shuriken to blast your enemies from afar and stun them.) As an agility user this build would be simple due to their focus early on being HP and meleeing there foes to a pulp. The Build is as followed: Agility Lvl 1-10 Strength: 5 Agility: 25 Intelligence: 5 Chakra: 5 Fortitude: 35 (This build is similar to the strength build but the opposite. Instead of having more points in your damaging stat(agility) you put more into your fortitude instead. The reason is because, agility users have a higher dps than any other mastery in the game giving them insane melee speeds and movement speeds. Due to their need to be in close range they tend to take more damage than the average ninja so thus more point are put into fortitude to bolster your health more) Chakra medics revolve around Chakra and Fortitude only. There primary damage comes from throwing Senbon early on and later they get better accustomed moves. The 2 stats you would invest in would be Chakra and Fortitude The Build is as followed: M.Chakra Lvl 1-10 Strength: 5 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 5 Chakra: 30 Fortitude: 30 (Commonly with this build you would want your stats to stay close to being exactly the same as each other until higher up. I also recommend partying up with other ninjas around your level playing a support role while also providing damage to defeat foes due to your lack of moves early on.) Strength Lvl 11-30 Strength: 65 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 5 Chakra: 25 Fortitude: 70 (This build I can work with for levels 11-30 because as you progress your enemies get stronger and hit harder as you begin to hit harder as well. So I uped my fortitude(Health) 10 more than my strength so I can take more damage. I also invested into chakra as well in the process because as you gain more levels you also earn more jutsus thus you will need chakra to compensate them.) Intelligence Lvl 11-30 Strength: 5 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 80 Chakra: 30 Fortitude: 35 (This build works for intelligence users because you will primarily fight at a distance blasting your foes with your skills. You should have several ranged skills to fight your enemies with. If this is the case then you shouldn't need a lot of fortitude as you won't take much damage from fighting at a distance. You will however will need chakra to keep dishing out attacks w/o needing to recharge as much.) Agility Lvl 11-30 Strength: 5 Agility: 55 Intelligence: 5 Chakra: 25 Fortitude: 80 (This build is the same as the strength build almost except you're gonna trade 10 pts from your damaging stat and put it towards your fortitude. The reason is simply because of what I stated before; Agility has a higher dps thus your damage output will be quicker. You will also need to raise chakra within this level range due to you getting more moves to help with your damage input as well as substitution jutsus to help you avoid damage. Also you will need more fortitude because mobs are a lot stronger now and will take your hp down pretty fast.) M.Chakra Lvl 11-30 Strength: 5 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 5 Chakra: 170 Fortitude: 85 -Or- Strength: 5 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 5 Chakra: 120 Fortitude: 130 (At the higher levels with a pure chakra/fortitude build you eventually want to use 1 of the 2 builds posted here. The First build with 170 chakra is for the Die Hard Medic slaves that actually want to be more support with outstanding heals and moderate HP. The heals will compensate for the lack of hp but you will also be able to see almost everyone in game if they cloak due to your high chakra. The second build is more of a balance between fortitude and chakra giving you great sustainability with more fortitude but also great dps with melee and throwing Senbon.) @Suigetsine Made a Stat Calculator that lets you test and try out builds at your disposal. The Link is as followed: https://krextiv.de/projekte/ninstat/
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    Pillars of the Hidden Leaf Village... Sasayaki Clan @Corgee Sasayaki @Ishyn Sasayaki @Hawt @Leevi Sasayaki @Ori Sasayaki @Deathmall Sasayaki
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    This new Hozuki Clan is a clan of Sand/Mist/Missing Ninja, descendants of the Hozuki Clan from Kirigakure, lots of them specialized in WM or Water release. However now most of its members can be found within Sunagakure or Takumi. We have replaced the ancient Hozuki Clan in the past, however, we are still practising the Hydrification techniques and other special and traditional Hozuki clan techniques, such as the water gun technique, which was used by our ancestors. The Clan is known for their amazing Weapon Masters and their special clan techniques, but also hold a large amount of ninja talented in other masteries and releases. Now they mainly live in Suna, adapting to the customs of this village, and changing the use of their techniques in order not to evaporate in the boiling desert. Hozuki's enjoy a shaded and cool temperature in their special clan quarters, made for our clan so that we can still practise our special hydrification techniques without evaporating or being dehydrated in a short time. Motto: "We are more than just water..." After the fall of the Blood Mist village in the last great ninja war, only 2 villages were left; Sunagakure, ruled by the Kazekage, located in the vast deserts of the Land of Wind. And Konohagakure, ruled by the Hokage, located in the deep forests of the Land of Fire. Neither villages would ever be as a perfect match for the Hozuki Clan, and many other clans, which all revolved around Water jutsu and marine environments. Konohagakure, was the natural choice for most mist clans as it still had a plentiful water supply and moderate temperature compared to the demon desert of Sunagakure. Forward went the survivors of the Hozuki Clan and many other clans. Towards the leaf village, they went in a massive horde of ex-mist villagers fleeing the destruction of their home. However, the Konoha guards mistook this massive movement as a threat and launched an ambush on the refugee clans, leading to the extinction of several clans, and those who survived were either imprisoned or has to flee yet again, and this time the Mist villagers were dispersed across the world. Many people still have the Mist Village blood running through their veins and have an urge to return to their rightful homeland. The Hozuki Clan thought to be extinct, received a spark of hope as on a fateful evening a young boy named Hideo Hozuki, together with his cousin MrChubb the Hozuki, realized their Hozuki heritage, and trained themselves in the Special techniques of the Hozuki Clan. Their grandparents had migrated together to Suna, unlike the rest of the Hozuki Clan and given up their name to start a new life. However, Suna was not the best place to practise these techniques as the burning sun quickly evaporated any water found in the desert. Thus the Hozuki's had to adapt, to live in Suna. Suna welcomed the Mist refugees that had come and the reborn clan, as they were welcomed due to their common enemy; Konoha. As the Clan was reborn, it grew little by little, expanding into the Sand Village community, where they were not seen as foreigners but as extended family. Slowly ninjas in Takumi discovered their Hozuki heritage and were adopted into the clan. The Hozuki Clan still sees an adoption of a new family member as a joyful and sacred ritual. Just like the Kazekage had adopted the Hozuki Clan into the village. Now, the Hozuki Clan still shares there blood with adopted family to give them the special Hozuki Clan Techniques and in order to teach it to them. Some Hozuki's still hold a grudge against Kohonagakure for massacring their clan. Suna their new home will forever be in their hearts, but still, a part of the Hozuk Clan desires to go back to their ancestral seat in the Blood Mist village. Clan Head: @alba hozuki Elder Hozuki: @Shin Hozuki @MrChubb The Hozuki Hozuki Captains: @Datsuji Hozuki @Nomady Hozuki Hozuki Members: @Opal Hozuki @Sabaki, Hozuki @Tri Hozuki @Lewis New Hozuki: @Laskian @Exploit @Hozuki Deemo @Ryu @Kiwasame Missing Hozuki: @Suigetsine Be at least level 25 on your main Join the clan discord with your main account (No alts in the discord.) Change the name of your main account to (insert name) Hozuki or under special circumstances and you are already in another clan; your alts name + Hozuki Be a Sand, Missing or Mist ninja. PM: @MrChubb The Hozuki or @alba hozuki me, but you can also contact any other Hozuki member, however, it is prefered to contact us. Then add: Level: Name: Village: or you can fill it in below in the replies ^^.
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    yagyu is an anagram for yu gay
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    Increased cooldown of Toad Oil from 30s to 90s. Prevented exploit of using Land of Toads to return to your village. Fixed Summoning Toad in Takumi Village.
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    Well, I thought it would be good to make a section of clans so that people are well informed, I will put the clans of each village in the order that I think are essential in the villa so that you also know the most active and important of each village (Notice in this list the order I consider it by: number of members, the ranges that each member has and the importance for that town.) Well here are the clans that there are in all nin: LEAF The primary clans: 1. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/6899-sasayaki- 囁き/ 2. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/8217-mirana-clan/ 3. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/6014-the-kuraen-clan/ 4. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/12888-suwa-clan/ the secondary clans: - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/25517-ryokaku-clan/ - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/25375-the-ryuta-clan/ - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/15613-kurbaki-clan/ Sand The primary clans: 1. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/12876-the-toitsu-clan/ 2. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/20111-hozuki-clan-reborn/ 3. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/15423-vongola-clan/ 4. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/21076-adenium-desert-rose-clan/ the secondary clans: - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/11383-blood-raven-clan-ketsueki-karasu/ Missing or clans that contain people from all three places [Leaf, Sand and Mssing] The primary clans: 1. Sand: https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/18845-kurama-clan/ Leaf: https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/18844-kurama-clan/ 2. org/clan: https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/gc/85-yagami-no-te/ 3. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/14871-yαgyu-clαn/#comment-84110 4. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/6421-the-chinome-clan/#comment-69208
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    Suggestions I have in mind for the game. Suggestions for bugs, content, pvp: Add Monk NPC to Takumi ( It is frustrating sometime when you can buy a bless for yourself but have to walk all the way to a village. ) New Mob -> Bee Queen ( After killing Bee Hive another mob should spawn from it, Bee Queen a higher level mob than hornets and bees that drops more combs. As of now it feels like a great mob to train jutsu on without moving around at all. ) Add a STR Fan level 35 Jutsu. ( Currently it has only 5 jutsu. STR Fan is still lacking, a sixth jutsu could the push it needs to compete with other masteries. ) Create a count description for WW or CBK. ( Sometimes it is hard to keep up with how many kill you have especially if you don't do it in one whoop. ) Reduce duration of invisibility jutsu when in combat. ( It is too hax if you consider how easy it can sometimes be to just cloak and run. ) Make BI Stack x2. ( Meaning your stat reduced after 1 death and then second as well. To prevent Bi-Warrior. ) Make BI fade 2x faster when lying in hospital bed. ( Adaptive suggestion to compensate for Bi-Stack, could also be implemented without the stack. Many people especially new ones are disliking that BI halt's their progress or waste their time. This could be done to make it a bit easier for the little guys. ) Reduce Poison Cloud dot damage 20 > 15 ( As a medic myself I find the dot too powerful, being already very easy to land. ) Fix Summoning Toad name in Takumi, Leaf village. ( Unknown if Sand Village toad name is different. Current name ''Poster2'' and ''Itori'' ) Fix Medicine Supply mission reward for Takumi. ( Currently you require to bring blood pills to Daimyo. It is already a risk taking mission and it costs ryo to complete via pill purchase, yet it does not give out any ryo as reward. ) Change Time Off!? reward for Sand and Missing. ( With the recent update to time off mission, for example Leaf Villagers gain just as much if not more exp for this mission, while a sand or missing has to risk and travel a long distance to gain just as much exp. ) Fix lightning cutter not able to stun mobs. ( To make farming with lightning less a horrible experience. ) Thank you, Make kills count in safe zones for WW or CBK. ( For majority of player, it take too long to do this mission, for lower levels especially as when not on mission like this they spend most of their time in safe zones and if an enemy does approach those zones, they will die anyway. ) (IF) Kill in safe zone will not count as mission kill then reduce the requirement for kills for WW and CBK ( Again, it takes far too long for some players and sometimes you just give-up the mission because there is nobody online or nobody is crossing danger zones when you are around. As of now I see people simply killing multiple alts or ''asking'' for kills to complete the mission because of how absurd it is. Is this what you wanted Rory? ) Make unable to gain bounty when on BI to prevent abuse. Add fan requirement.
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    Added 40 Ryo reward for Waging War I. Changed amount of kills for Waging War II from 6 to 5. Added 50 Ryo reward for Waging War II. Changed amount of kills for Waging War III from 8 to 7. Added 70 Ryo reward for Waging War III. Changed amount of kills for Waging War IV from 10 to 8. Added 80 Ryo reward for Waging War IV. Changed Cold Blooded Killer ryo rewards to match that of Waging War missions.
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    Well, finally I ended my own character drawing, which is (obviously) based on Katsuki Bakugo from Boku no Hero lol. (Btw I'm thinking in making some drawings for the ones who ask me to, will be cool to see what i can do and improve! What do you guys think?
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    raise it to 600 seconds and then if ur in the hospital it'll heal quicker? or just make the hospital beds heal the wounds quicker
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    •THE RYUTA CLAN• Known as a warrior clan, the Ryuta Clan has been formed by two brothers trained specially in Taijutsu since their parents were kidnaped by the Akatsuki member @Itachi Uchiha when they were 6 years old, and have been seeking for them since today, being both of them 19 years old now. They have been fighting each other to become stronger, so one day, a sage dragon noticed an overwhelming potential on them, so decided to train them in dragon sage arts, what brought them a blood bond by summoning, beginning the first days of the Ryuta Clan. General requirements: Send them to me or @Takashi no Ryuta by pm -Name: Player’s name must have “no Ryuta” after it. -Level: +25 -Mastery: Doesn’t matter, but preferably Taijutsu. (Rarely, a newborn Ryuta would be able to master the Dragon Path, which is Taijutsu+Fire, making him a “Ryuta Kenton”, a special bloodline inside the clan.) -Hair color: Prefered colors are Blonde, Orange and Red. -Nature: Ryuta ninjas are known for being agressive and fast in reacting when they feel in danger. -Village: It doesn’t matter, Ryuta can have ninjas from any village, but they’re allies, since they share blood link. Types of bloodline: Ryuken (Specialized mostly in Taijutsu, also WM and Medic) Ryuton (Specialized in pure elements) Ryuta Kenton (Specialized in Fire Taijutsu) Name: Level: Village: Rank: Bloodline: @Takashi no Ryuta 50 Leaf (Missing) Leader Ryuken @Moixo no Ryuta 42 Leaf Leader Ryuken @Razjel no Ryuta 27 Leaf Member Ryuken @Nutron no Ryuta 25 Leaf Member Ryuken @Bakugeki no Ryuta 23 Leaf Member Ryuton
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    I've decided that every week starting from now, I'll be giving out a prize to the winner of the weekly spin. The spins will be done on a 3rd party site, I'll input the names of those who've applied and spin. (Most likely will be streamed) The "Weekly Spins" will start this week until the last of June which will be my last, this will be fully sponsored by me (there might be people who will wish to contribute to the rewards, that'll be mentioned if so). It'll range from in-game items to in-game credit, there'll be some weeks where 3 winners will be announced and others where only one. In order to participate, you must send me a message with your account username and say that you wish to enter this month's weekly spin. Your name will be taken and placed in the wheel. This month there'll be 4 spins, the same names will be used in every spin for the rest of this month. If you win once your name will be taken out from the list for the rest of this month's spins. You only need to register once a month. For this month's weekly spin the deadline for entry is 5/12/2018. So please send me a message with the account name you wish to enter. The prize will be announced a day before the spin. All winners will be posted on this topic and their prizes. Make sure to review this topic the day before to see what the prize will be for the spin! Requirements are... You can only enter 1 account. You must be a Leaf Ninja. Your account must not have any strikes.
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    Northern Sand Gate Walls can now be climbed by Sand Ninja. Fixed exploits caused by new Hermit rank.
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    Please update the descriptions on jutsu to match the new changes made to them. Every time I look at lightning cutter and see "Charges on the spot for 1 second" I die a little on the inside with the memory of when lightning wasn't complete and utter garbage. Cutter is just an example. Other jutsu need description updates too (But cutter in particular makes me cri errytime)
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    Fix bug with casting animation not stopping sometimes. Fix being stuck logged in and other logout issues.
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    It's overlooked, but Safe zones are meant to discourage PvP warring and provide a place for safe RP and safely AFK-ing, trading, or just chatting with friends. Open world pvp still applies for people who want to kill for the sake of killing, but not rewarding the players for killing players when they are making use of a safe area to do the things I said is important.
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    Snow Field maps now use new Additive/Subtractive rendering mode to give bright effect instead of normal rendering. Giving a more vibrant and less washed out look! Added Bee Hives that drop Honey Combs. Added Bee Infestation and Hornet Infestation daily missions! Fixed Takumi River being an indoor map.
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    Probably each of you has experienced a sad feeling which is losing money from your bounty collection account. Im talking about having 50 Ryo to collect for mission but you have 190 Ryo in your bounty account so when you collect it you collect whole money from acc not only what you need for mission, I don't know if that's how things should work but I think it should only collect money that you need for mission.If you want to collect whole money just talk with him again. @Rory
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    That's how I imagine our little talk:
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    When you get home from a long day at work and a lowbie gets pissed you don't want to host an RP.
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    Chakra Medic Guide - Written by Ryouta Note: This is my analysis of the Medical mastery's chakra path, meaning you are by no means forced to or obliged to follow the information contained within this guide. Do what you feel is best and create the ninja you want to become! Table of Contents Introduction Role of a Chakra Medic Advantages Disadvantages List of Techniques Recommended Builds Suggestions for Leveling Tips Glossary Endnotes Introduction Chakra medics have slightly fallen off from what they used to be a few months ago. Before the nerfs that included the addition of stat requirements and the small changes to the medic’s overall kit, chakra medics were regarded as top tier in the overall game of Nin Online. Due to the power of the Curse Seal paired with high scaling senbons and heals, chakra medics were overpowered due to the overall idea that you can deal high damage while also mitigating a lot of damage. Although these gradual changes to the Medical mastery have deeply affected the chakra medic’s viability in terms of combat, other ninjas still value them highly due to their ability to save and heal comrades. In this guide, I will be taking a look at the overall role chakra medic builds play in the Nin world, covering the core strengths and benefits of playing as a chakra medic, as well as giving a list of techniques that prove to be useful for the chakra medic. Afterward, I will give my recommendations on the types of builds that consists of chakra being the primary stat as well as a few helpful tips that may help you in your journey to becoming a chakra medic. Role As a chakra medic, you play the role of a support who provides heals from the backline of your team. Your main priority is to keep yourself alive in order to continue providing support for your teammates. Due to the 2-second cast time of the Cell Regeneration Activation technique, it’s vital that you position yourself near your teammates while also keeping away from the enemy. Deal damage when the situation permits or if it is necessary to do so, however, always stay alive above all else. Advantages Some benefits chakra medics have are that they: Use the Medical mastery, the only mastery to have access to healing abilities so far Only need to focus on two stats: Chakra and Fortitude Are valuable to have on a team as they can provide sustain for your team Have access to the Mystical Palm technique which allows them revives Utilize the Sensory technique which allows for detection of cloaked ninja Can see invisible ninja depending on the number of chakra points they have invested Have access to medic-exclusive clothing Disadvantages Some drawbacks chakra medics have are that they: Only have access to two damage options: senbons and Chakra Scalpel technique Lack crowd control techniques which make it difficult to hit enemies Are a top priority target in team fights Can be seen when using the Cloak of Invisibility technique Cannot be efficient if built as a hybrid Difficult to level up due to costs for senbon and lack of other consistent ranged damage options Techniques Here is a list of techniques that are useful for the chakra medic: Recommended Builds Please note that these builds are simply suggestions and that it is up to you on what you’d like to create in the game! Standard STR - 5 AGI - 5 INT - 5 CHA - 170 FOR - 85 Notes 900 health and 850 chakra 170 chakra allows you to see most ninja using the Cloak of Invisibility technique Lower health than the average 950-1000hp Balanced STR - 5 AGI - 5 INT - 5 CHA - 160 FOR - 95 Notes 1000 health and 800 chakra 100+ more health than the standard build which allows you to take more damage 160 chakra is enough for you to see hybrid INT ninja, but not full INT ninja Sensory technique mitigates the lack of chakra to see an invisible ninja Leveling Chakra medics in their current state have a very hard leveling up due to the constant need to refill senbon and lack of area of effect techniques to farm efficiently. Without the help of another ninja, chakra medics have a terrible time acquiring experience. Here are some suggestions that may help you level up: Befriend other ninjas to increase your chances of receiving help on missions Establish yourself as a hermit through speaking to high ranking officials (i.e. Kage) in order to do the missions that involve entering or approaching their village Save ryo and only buy senbon from Kaito’s Tool Shop located near the top right of Takumi Village Offer your services as a chakra medic in return for another service or ryo Tips Commit yourself to the mastery path, as chakra medics receive a hard time in progressing through the game which will cause many people tilt Consider investing 5 stat points into INT, as that will give you access to the Poison Senbon Technique which allows you to stun an enemy if hit Try to have another account do the farming for your chakra medic to have an extra source of income Healing low-leveled ninja can make you feel good inside and may grant you help in the future The Cloak of Invisibility technique is still useful due to the ability to get passed by mobs, try to use it behind trees to disappear from your enemies Glossary Area of effect (AoE): term to describe an ability or spell that can hit multiple targets Crowd control (cc): term to describe an ability or spell that temporarily reduces a unit’s ability to fight (i.e. stuns) Chakra (CHA): primary energy power used in Nin; investing in this attribute allows you to have greater amounts of chakra and grants access to chakra stat required techniques Fortitude (FOR): health attribute in Nin; investing in this attribute will increase the amount of total health you have Intelligence (INT): stat attribute that scales well with any elemental mastery, investing in this attribute will make your cloak more potent and grant access to intelligence stat required techniques Senbon: metal needles that scale with Chakra; staple ninja tool used by Chakra medics Sustain: capacity to endure in a fight; how long you can continue to fight without having to retreat or die Tilt: the poker term for a state of mental or emotional confusion or frustration which usually causes a player to make less optimal decisions Endnotes Thank you for reading through my guide on the chakra path of the Medical mastery! I hope this has helped you in your journey through the Nin Online world. Updates will come soon once there are more substantial changes that affect chakra medics. If there are any questions, suggestions, or feedback; feel free to comment on this topic down below. Till then, good luck on your ninja journey! - Ryouta Logs [4/5/2018] Post of the guide (will be formatting soon) Reformatted to line up with the left side
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    Patch Notes 15/5/2017 Fixed several crashes. Fixed team target appearing when it shouldn't have, such as being invisible or offline.
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    Rory, you've outdone yourself! You've added a jutsu thats exclusive to one village, that makes it near impossible to beat them! Trash players use OP moves given to them by the developer! And you continue to support it. After people have complained for wind mask for so long, you went and buffed it. You've ruined this game for me. It's not even worth it to try and fight these people. Getting around a move that snares and slows for 5 seconds without any sort of sacrifice to the user is just stupid. Gentle Fist? Rotation has a self stun for about 1 second. It also doesn't slow for as long as wind mask does, and wind mask only requires a certain amount of points in str to use. It is completely unfeasible to try and compare Gentle Fist and wind mask. I'm done. I'm not going to keep spending money on this game. Some of the things being developed don't even make sense in terms of PVP. You continue to ignore half the community and expect people to just keep stringing along and not getting annoyed about it. This is too frustrating.
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    Nin Online Installer updated. Reported virus detections for updater and client.
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    RE: Battle Injuries We don't have any consequence to death in this game besides Battle Injuries. You don't lose Ryo, you don't lose EXP, you don't drop items (except for some missions). If there is no stake to dying, nobody will be fearful of it. Sure, being in penalty mode isn't fun to people who just want to get all their dailies done and go off. but it's also there so that you can take a breather and spend time doing things other than that. RE: Scale damage to level This isn't an arena game, it's an Online RPG. If levels mean nothing in pvp, there's no point in leveling. Armies of level 10s? RE: Squad EXP Share AFK Leveling and power leveling is not fun. It's already better to play together, just because it's more fun and you kill counts share. RE: EXP Killing missions take into consideration the amount mobs you killed during the mission and thus gives you less XP. It is there to make it more worth it to do non-killing mobs missions. What level were you when you did that mission? RE: Defense The idea that somehow a defense system would make fortitude less needed in Nin is just wrong. A defense system would just coat the simple fortitude based health system we have with another layer of complexity. Clothings are not a big part of Naruto. As much as an armor system sounds cool, it would just force people to all dress the same, optimally for the best defense. Eg. everyone would wear robes because it adds +3 armor, or everyone needs to wear headbands because it's +1 armor. That's not fun, and ruins the whole point of adding thousands of cosmetic options and millions of combinations. What we've done is combined all the complexity into a simple - if you have fortitude, you have more health (and armor) system - that is transparent and linear. If people choose not to put more fortitude, that's their problem. I think there's good common knowledge on where fortitude should be in relation to your level, and it's not like if I were to add armor people would need less fortitude and hence can spend more points in other stats. It's not that simple. If you have more armor, people need more damage output, and If you have more points in your damage stats, people need more fortitude. I think what people can regard as minor annoyances can be explained by imperfect systems. Yes it may seem annoying, but the alternatives are worse. That's why it's an act of balancing. Eg. if there's no stake in dying, people will be less worried about approaching enemy villages. If people are less worried about that, they can freely kill newbies with no fear of repercussion. 2 minutes is less than the time it takes to run back to the enemy village and kill more people. Hence by reducing BI, you made noob killing a harmless sport. What other MMOs do is punish XP or losing money, but it's not fun to lose things you've already earned, so a temporary punishment is better.
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    Fix server crashes. Battle Injuries prevents a player from earning Bounty or kills. Reduce the DDoS protection.
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    When people ask me about event rewards.
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    Fix Debuffs not damaging. Chat bubbles do not display for ignored players.
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    I'd like to see eyes change in the cash shop, basically working like skin color dye
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    What is DPK? (Drop per kill) When player kill the same mob after xxx time it will guarantee rare item drops this is a nice system to mix it with rng system to reward ppl who love farming or grinding Killcount is reset once item drop Killcount is reset if server go maintenance Killcount count as whole server not player ex. rare item has 1250dpk player 1 kill 250 then log out player 2 kill 500 then log out player 3 kill 500, rare item drop at 1250th boss and dpk reset edit: i forgot to mention about killcount
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    Thing is, some ppl are lagging after certain patches, like even teleporting, but they are not aware of that. When you see your ping it helps you to do something with it, aka change server on pingzapper/exitlag etc cause their servers sometimes are being worked on too, so ppl just have to switch. Without Ping visible you cannot really do much about it,cause you have no damn clue.
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    So if you complain long enough about something, it gets removed? Hey @Jessica !
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    Fix game server crashes. Fix game client crashes. Fix casting animation.
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    Removed /ping. Sorry guys! Fixed lag with casting jutsus.
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    One of the most essential pieces of Nin is the server being up. It has been crashing a LOT recently and I dealt with it for a long time like everyone else, but it's really getting to the point where it's borderline annoying. Not only does the game crash which I understand can happen from time to time, but the server stays down for HOURS. It's a rinse and repeat process. Can a Dev please re-instate that line of coding that reboots the server when it crashes? Or add some sort of stability to the server.