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    Description: The Suwa clan is a militarized shinobi clan from Konohagakure. They are a combative people known for their strategic planning and sometimes savage battle tactics. Suwa members are genetically predisposed to high levels of intelligence and superior physical ability. A select few possess the shikotsumyaku, a kekkei genaki which gives its wielder the ability to manipulate their own skeletal structure. By infusing their calcium with their chakra they are able to weaponise their bones. Upbringing for young clan members is very strict. At the age of 6, two years before the academy, children are taken from their homes to begin training early. Suwa academy students are expected to finish at the top end of their class. They are also expected to graduate before the average 4 years. Suwa genin are expected to be assets for their village upon graduation. History: The Suwa have always lived in the forest just south of the village. Their clan is one of the first to join the hidden leaf after the Senju and Uchiha pact. They adopted the philosophy of the will of fire and became loyal members of the leaf village. Various clans within the village today, are decedents of the Suwa. Due its militarized structure the 1st Hokage assigned the clan as a attack raid unit of the Hidden Leaf Village. Historically, the Suwa are an independent people who believe in living off the land. Hunting, fishing, and farming are all basic skills a clan member acquires growing up. The clan is also credited for inventing methods of irrigation & terraces. These techniques created more farmable land in the forest and prevented the topsoil from being washed by heavy rain. Today the Suwa clan is still a large contributor of the leaf village’s crops, fishes, and meats importation. The Suwa is also known for being fearless in battle. During the 4th great ninja war 1,000 enemy shinobi attacked the intelligence post of the allied shinobi forces. This was the enemies attempt to break the communication between various battle companies. The position was held by only 20 shinobi. Suwa clan leader and war advisor, Miyoshi Suwa, ordered everyone to retreat. He stayed behind, buying his allies time to escape. For 2 days Miyoshi fought and killed over 900 shinobi single handily. Only 42 shinobi returned to battle after Miyoshi was killed. It is said before he died he was offered a chance to surrender. Instead he recited his now famous quote “a shinobi dies, he does not surrender.” His last stand is infamous among leaf village shinobi, but resonates especially with the Suwa. Today the clan is led by a direct decedent of Miyoshi, Sour. His goal is to restore his clan back to power and make them a prominent clan in the leaf village. Nara Clan / Kaguya Clan Inspiration: Clan Leader: Sour Sour is a Jonin & an original member of the ANBU Black Ops. Serving under two Kages, he was relieved of his duties & registered for the CE. As a member of Team 8 he passed each phase of the exam to be promoted to Chunin. Due to his experience, he was appointed to Warchief of the Suwa clan upon Miyosi's death. Today his goal is to make the Suwa clan into an elite military unit of the Hidden Leaf Village. If you're interested in: Gaining rank within the village & becoming a member of an official leaf organization, Suwa may be for you. Characteristics: Enjoy the thrill of fighting Skilled in survival Brutally honest Extremely loyal to the village & their friends Skeptic of outsiders Criteria: Active player Lvl 30+ Like to PvP Application: Name Mastery Level Reason you want to join (can be RP) Warchief: @Sour Suwa Clan Elders: @Kamakura Suwa @Liroy Suwa @Takami Suwa @Suwa Dangan Blood Captain: @Tobi Suwa Sergeant Guard: @Josh Suwa @Charky Suwa Suwa Assassin: @Saggitch Suwa Suwa Shinobi: @Jin Suwa @Ak Suwa @Jay Suwa @Mokaru Suwa @max suwa @Kenz Suwa @Afka Suwa
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    Hello Leaf, The Kuraen clan has decided to hold an event for the Leaf Village. This Saturday (03/23/2019), 3 PM EST, I will be hosting a unique 1v1 style tournament. It will be held at the Leaf's Training Ground. The rules will be explained during the day of the tournament. A few minor details regarding the tournament: Everyone participating will be rewarded (even if you lose your first round, you can still win a small amount of Ryo) First place gets to pick 1 of 3 prizes ($10 (maybe $15) Gift Card, 10K Ryo (Could Increase), or Gold Armor) Second place gets to pick 1 from the remaining 2 prizes Third gets the last prize Fourth gets some (around 1K Ryo [subject to change depending on number of participants]) There are bonus fights throughout the tourney that will allow for participants to get bonus Ryo (will discuss on the day of the tourney) At the end of the tournament there will be a draft for a few other items (including cig, bandages, and white hooded robe) There will be 20k Ryo Total to be distributed during the even There will be a few new rules people haven't seen before so try your best to make it. - Kuraen Elodin
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    Game Rules and Guidelines 1. Read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy By registering to Nin Online, you have agreed to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Failure to adhere to our Terms of Service may result in permanent termination of your account. 2. 3rd party tools 3rd party tools which automate parts of the game (eg. training/farming/ranking up jutsus), acting as bots without the user present is prohibited Tools that can be used to edit packets or client side data is prohibited Illegal tools include physical tools like placing a paperweight on your keyboard to automate ranking up jutsus while you sleep. Illegal tools include using younger brothers whom do not speak English to repeat a set of tasks for hours. Tools that automate combo-ing jutsus as long as the user is at the keyboard, for competitive edge is allowed. Tunnel programs eg. NoPing is allowed Your account and I.P will be permanently banned from the game and forums. 3. Open World PvP Killing Other Players is allowed Players will not be punished for killing other players. 4. Abusive Behavior Do not harass other players eg. (OOC) Do not be toxic to other players (OOC) Do not use /v (village chat) for non-village related matters Do not use use offensive language or slurs (includes race, religion, gender, etc.). Show respect towards any development staff, it is not a requirement for developers to interact with players. It's not an entitlement to have direct conversation with development staff. If you are reported by somebody who takes offense, you may be given warning points depending on severity. As a rule of thumb, if you feel that you or somebody else could take offense from what you're about to say, don't say it. This is note to be mistaken with using swear words within a roleplay context. Eg. "Fuck the Leaf, I'm going to kill them all!" It is not an excuse to say your in-character RP character is a guy who PMs him victims and calls them a little bitch etc. In the same way it is not an excuse to say your in-character RP character is a guy who abuses exploits and uses hacks and 3rd party programs or your in-character RP character is somebody who has the power to automate his training by turning off his mind through bots. 5. Bug Abuse & In-Game Behavior Do not knowingly abuse a bug, exploit or feature, including but not limited to unfinished gameplay mechanics or programmer oversights. Do not use multiple accounts/clients/computers to give yourself an unfair advantage over other players. Do not obstruct another players path through the usage of multiple accounts, clients or machines. These actions will result in a warning and punishment applied to your account. 6. Moderation Appeals All Appeal against action which has been taken on your account must be sent to a member of the community team. You are not permitted to protest to the community or on discord/facebook. Doing so so will result in further action against your account My brother used my account/IP address is not a valid excuse for abuse. Failure to follow, may result in your account being temporary disabled.
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    Why do they have 2 instant cast jutsu that cc? Why do they have an extra sub?(if we dont count the one YS gives.) Why do every of their offensive jutsu cc? Why is agility the only statistic point to increase something else than dmg?(Makes you faster! Makes you cast faster! Makes you hit faster! Make you hit stronger! Makes you better!) Why were tai users the only mastery unnaffected by this cast time update? By that time, taijutsu was already the strongest mastery, and everything got nerfed beside them (dont talk aobut that 10 dmg nerf they got) Why are Taijutsu and gentle fist in the same mastery? Broken bs. Why does body flicker still combo with seismic dash or breaking kick? (free combo that gets you cced for aged like a ping pong ball.) Why do their melee stacks with chakra scalpel, or pressure point? Why is their cooldown so low? (even tho they think their jutsu cost chakra, everyone has the same cost if not even higher. Why is taijutsu(and gf) the most played mastery of this game? Why does WM have those 2 boring homings as the 2 only viable juts- oh wait. thats for another post.
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    Global Weather System! Something I've been planning to do for a long time. It now randomly rains in the world across all maps, and sometimes it's a thunderstorm. (Experimental) Village Broadcasts only usable from Aviaries. Leaf Aviary Added Leaf Aviary Added to Leaf Map Reduced the opaqueness of rain and sandstorm to be less jarring on the eyes.
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    Like the title says, remove instant cast Body Flicker combos. There is no way to react to an instant cast Flicker combo, you can react to stuff like Flicker+Whirlwind Kick or Flicker+Lightning Feast for example cause it's a cast time jutsu but it is literally impossible to react to Flicker+Instant Cast. I've never heard people complain about getting hit by a Flicker into Cast Time jutsu, people only have a problem with the instant cast combos. Make it so that when you use Body Flicker your instant cast jutsu are put on a 1 second cooldown. This way there can still be Flicker combos, just not instant unpredictable ones.
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    Weird topic I know, but hear me out. I think it’d be nice to try to give some credit to the people that I’ve noticed are good at RP and a actually do it. It’s a very underrated quality in a player of this game that I think deserves some aknowledgement. This won’t be in any particular order. 1. @Dairuto. Dai has always been good at it, and I see him acting in-character in many situations. Especially when dealing with an “enemy” shinobi. 2. @Kindred. I haven’t seen Kindred in-game, but look on the forums lol. Every single one of his/her posts have been in-character. That was really cool to me. 3. @Steezo I know we have our differences, but I’ve heard good things about the ludicrous amounts of RP missions you’ve hosted even so soon after becoming a chunin. Not only in RP missions though, as you make a good effort to act like your profile pic would suggest. 4. @Yousei Reiketsu gosh where do I start lol. ALWAYS in-character when in-game, has some of the best forum contributions this game has seen (Look how many profiles she made for people... some of those people won EVENTS for the work SHE did), and is genuinly a fun person to play the game with just to watch her interact with everything in-character. Seriously lol, I should start jotting down notes. 5. @Kakuzu. I’ve never seen him acting unlike his anime counterpart. Never breaks character. 6. @gowk gowk Mankzz on this character is genuinly funny to watch. If you haven’t interracted with this alt yet, go find it. 7. @Shissei Do I need to say much about THE GENERAL? He doesn’t RP as frequently as others on this list, but he’s still quite good at it. Old players that deserve recognition: 1. @Shirou. Easily one of the best RP’ers of his time. 2. @Booty Gang Captain. Say what you will, he never broke character. 3. @Wave. One of the Heroes of the Leaf and such a legend that nobody has forgotten his name. 4. @Saku Nin Alpha’s best medic. 5. @Niti One of the heroes of the leaf, always RP’d well when we were partnered in the akatsuki, says weeb shit all the time. 6. @Anborn leader of the red-lotus, an organization that was created to RP but ultimately became a raid group. Formed the akatsuki before the akatsuku became a thing. All OG and many future members of akat were once members of Red Lotus. He himself was great at RP as well. Future Mizukage or riot. Anybody else that you guys think deserves some recognition?
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    Your own contribution to the village's Economy, Intel and Manpower is now being recorded. (Resets if your character resets) Dark Clearing and Ledge Forest Encampment are now linked by pathways.
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    The History of Nin Online More images coming soon.. Introduction Nin Online's history dates back to 2006. This was the year which I decided I wanted to make a Naruto online game. What made me want to do it? During one long holiday back in 2006, I started watching the early episodes of Naruto and I was really obsessed with it. I was sure that there must have had been an MMO based on this world. I knew that It was too good a concept to not have one based on it and sure enough, I was right. At the time, there were two projects attempting what I would soon find myself doing. They were NarutoQuest and NarutoRealm. The latter being the game project created by Robin, who I'll talk more about later on. After realizing that none of these were released, I decided why not make my own! So I googled "MMORPG Maker" and found a Visual Basic 6 engine called "Konfuze" to use, I started learning to do my own graphics badly, opened a forum and which became the rise of.. 2006: Naruto Project Back then, I gave the game a working title. It was called "Naruto Project". The graphics the game was based on was mostly edited from other sources, graphics released into the public domain, and even rips from another Naruto game project back then known as NarutoQuest. The game was based on a really crappy engine, which back then I was modifying and programming on. I was really bad at pixel art or any form of graphics for that matter. Suprisingly, the game gained a large amount of attention. Though the Internet was a much different place back then, and there wasn't any good Naruto BYOND games released at the time. Early 2007: Hidden Villages Online I renamed the game to "Hidden Villages Online" abbreviated as HVO. The game was still really bad, based on the same horrible engine. The graphics slowly improved as people pointed out the faults with the game's graphics and I started working on them. The game was starting to shape up, it saw a release at one point, the server was hosted "24/7" by a guy who volunteered to do it on his VPS. It saw constant downtime due to the server files being unstable and buggy. I eventually decided to close the server and rework the game entirely. I was a dumb kid, and after receiving a few fake C&Ds, I decided it would be best to throw aside the Naruto theme and make it a purely "Ninja" online game. Mid 2007: Hidden Villages Online: Inochi Yes, I did a sequel to a game which was barely ever released or known to anyone. Inochi means "Life" and the reason I added that into the title, which seemed to make sense at the time, was because I was going to focus the game on the living aspects of the game, like being a civilian. I'm not sure how I expected this to work out, and so the idea never lasted. Late 2007 Nin Online This eventually came to be the title i stuck with for the next 6 years. it grew onto me, it was my game - the game I just had to make - from that point on. I continued using the graphics from Hidden Villages Online: Inochi. The game was going to be less about civilian life, and more about Ninjas. The game also lost a huge part of its fan base when it became a ninja online game and I almost entirely left out anything related to Naruto. Because of this, my motivation to create Nin Online literally vanished one day. I hated everything I did in terms of planning and graphics that point. Early 2008: A Short break I took a long break from working on Nin Online, I started working on a few other projects and because of one of them I met Robin the creator of NarutoRealm, one of the games that inspired me to start making games and what was back then known as Naruto Project. One day, I pitched to Robin, to bring Nin Online and Naruto Project back as one project. He agreed, and we started working on an amazing project. We had a large, active community with thousands of members. Late 2008-2009: Nin Online remake 1 Nin Online started off with whole new graphics. They were good at the time, and I was finally grasping how to make really good, solid graphics, thanks to working with Robin who had an eye for these things. The game project's development dragged on for over a year without seeing a released. This was due to both Robin and I having really busy schedules. Initially, because I was studying at the time, I was working on the game a few days a week, which soon became just the weekends, and slowly.. progress just stopped there. The game's graphics was constantly being reiterated by myself, and I spent so much time redoing the graphics just as Robin had spent a lot of the time rewriting the game engine (for the better). But because of this, the development never made substantial progress. The community was large, active and filled with enthusiastic members. But eventually, my graphics skills improved too far that I despised all the work I had done up until that point. The game died in 2009 with a long apology to all our followers. But I promised that Nin Online would be back, better one day. June 2013 to Today: Nin Online Yes, it took 4 years. But I improved a hell lot since then. I'm determined this time to create a game fast, to get a release early, and work our way up from there. Nin Online has always been on my mind since that day in 2009. I missed the project, wanted to work on it again, but every time the idea of bringing Nin back came to mind, I felt it wasn't the right time. I was waiting on a good game engine to be released, one which Nin would be perfect on. But then I realized, there is not going to be a better time to make Nin online than now. I started making graphics for the new Nin online. Day after day, I just kept making these graphics with one goal in mind - release a game. I was determined that I would learn to code the game myself as well.. But that's when I met Whack/Eddie. At first, when I posted around forums for any interested programmers, I was looking for just anybody to take on the role. But this guy came in and blew me away. He is talented, hardworking and fun to work with. That's when we started getting online everyday to work together on. Lets see where we can take Nin Online from here
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    Hello Sand Ninjas, This is the official post of the best organization in Sand : KURU We'll make it simple and not too long... __________________________________________________________________________ Leader : Lumy Objective : Install fear into the opposite village/enemies( We're here to kick ass) Backstory : Lumy, Suna's Elite, decided to create an organization that will be recognized as Sand's Force. What is Kuru? : An exclusive organization that is specialized for hunting and raiding. The group is composed of well-trained ninjas, the organization is considered as a real Military Force. Slogans : STRIVE FOR GREATNESS! We do not rule Suna, we rule the world. ___________________________________________________________________________ You want to join the organization? Here's a few things you should know -We're looking for elite ninjas, or ninjas with big ambitions(that eventually wants to be elite). -Bootlickers aren't allowed, if you're seeking for ranks and duties, you're not welcomed. - Being active is an important factor - Softness isn't allowed, if you're scared to be judged or not liked by others...the exit door is open. If you got those criterias just ask in here or in the organization section. If you would like to get any further informations about the organization, DM me on discord ( Lumy#0264)
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    Introduction When you become a Gold Ninja or Silver Ninja, you will be given a wide variety of perks that will benefit you both in-game and on the website. You can become one by purchasing it. Both 1 Display Name changes per year. Create an Organization of your own! Game Special name and chat color. Website Profile Backgrounds and Songs. Badge which displays on your forum profile, threads, and posts. 500 MB upload limit instead of 5. Gallery able to create custom albums and higher upload limit. Unlimited personal messages rather than 500. Access to the Ninja Hideout forum that has special announcements that are not publicly made available. Discord Discord rank. Cash Shop 10% discount in the Cash Shop. This is a one time payment and lasts forever.
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    Fixed exploit at Hidden Lair Entrance. Removed Chakra Regeneration granted by Shirokata's scaling to by Chakra. This was a decision made by a rogue developer. Sorry for the inconvenience. Fixed Whirlwind Kick Technique being 2 tile range instead of 3 on Ranks I and II. Renamed "The Chosen One" Title to "Hero of the Toads" Earth Split Technique Ranking up reworked to match other jutsu. Earth Split Technique now stuns enemies by 2 seconds on all ranks. Earth Split Technique Chakra Cost reduced from 38 to 28 on all ranks. Earth Split Technique is now a run cast. Earth Split Technique damage changed from 30/40/50 to 32/34/34. Ravaging Earth Spike Technique no longer stuns targets by 1 second. Ravaging Earth Spike Technique damage increased from 30/32/34 to 40/40/44.
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    What a useless post
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    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The History of the Hinode clan Chapter 1 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Land of Iron, in the Far East, has always been remembered and praised for the peace that reigned there for years…But it hasn't always been this harmonious. Hidden from the whole world, internally, in those cold and distant lands, unforgivable acts of the most despicable people were committed; almost 500 years ago, a corrupt group of warlords plotted a vile plan, which consisted in assassinating the current Shogun and his successor, Hamerashi, so that the Daimyo would be forced to choose the next in the chain of command, who would benefit this corrupt group of criminals behind the back of the Daimyo. Hamerashi heard about this, and tried to gather the other warlords, but they all refused to collaborate; most were in conch with that corrupt group, and the rest called him crazy, ignored him, and even accused him for treason against the Daimyo, being stripped of his title and exiled from the Land of Iron for high treason. With his honor shattered, unable to protect his mentor, and unjustly accused, Hamerashi was forced to flee his homeland... Fortunately, he did not leave alone. A select group of warriors, loyal to their lord, decided to follow him, abandoning everything they loved in pursuit of their loyalty, so they left for the Land of Fire, in search of a new life. During the boat trip, many of them longed for their old home, and seeing the sun rising from the east, reminded them of what they left behind and refusing to forget this past, they adopted the surname "Hinode", in honor of the sunrise that reminded them of their home. Their arrival in the land of fire was not friendly at all. As soon as they docked at the port, the Hinode’s ship was attacked by Rogue Ninjas, who possessed extraordinary powers, able to invoke fire and control the seas at will. Many of Hamerashi's men were wounded, and many of them died, but none fled. They fought and resisted until the end, as they had been taught in their old home. Hamerashi also fought until the end, and even faced against such powerful enemies, he faced them and defeated many, but in the end he and his forces were defeated by a very dirty trick: By controlling the tides, their enemies were able to drag all the warriors to the sea... Many of them wore heavy armor, and ended up drowning without remedy. Luckily, Hamerashi wore no armor. The attack had been so surprising that he had not had the opportunity to put it on, but it was of little use: he swallowed too much water, and ended up falling unconscious, believing that his end was waiting for him at the bottom of the sea... But his destiny had something much better in store for him. When he awoke, Hamerashi was safe, but disoriented. He woke up in a luxurious house, decorated with exquisite fabrics and oil paintings. Almost immediately, a young woman entered the room. Hamerashi was put on guard but the woman was alone. His honor prevented him from attacking a woman, and even more so from one who was alone. So without many more options, he decided to listen to her. The young woman who called herself Sumiru was the daughter of a wealthy landowner. She was the one who found him while walking near the beach. He was brought by the ocean’s current and lay there unconscious and injured, so she brought him home and took care of him behind her father's back. Both agreed to keep the secret, at least while Hamerashi recovered. She took good care of him and kept him company. Hamerashi asked about his men as soon as he had the chance but Sumiru had not found anyone else on the beach. The days passed, and Hamerashi recovered from his wounds quickly and although he wished to go out to look for his comrades, Sumiru would not let him: the simple fact of having brought him there had been a titanic effort for her and she was not going to let him ruin everything just like that. Besides, her father's castle was impenetrable. Trying to escape would be crazy, so the warrior stayed with her for at least a couple of months in which the couple began to get to know each other better. He told her how he was betrayed by a corrupt group, accused of a crime he did not commit and exiled from his homeland although without too much hope that she believed his story. Sumiru, surprisingly, believed him and showed him her sincere condolences and felt sorry for his tragic story. That made Hamerashi see something special in that woman; in his eyes, he saw the kindness, the affection, the tenderness and the honesty that, without knowing it, he had always wanted, in those cold lands to the east. Sumiru on the other hand, had a life of riches and whims but that never pleased her. For years, Sumiru witnessed the horrors that a bad leader can cause; her father, the owner of all the surrounding lands imposed such ridiculous taxes that his subjects died out of hunger or by forced labour. Sumiru wanted to change that and suggested to his father a thousand ways to do it but he refused to give up a single Ryo. Hamerashi, on hearing this, felt useless for the first time; he had always received orders to kill invaders and defend his people and when he heard the problems of that girl, he felt misplaced. He did not know what to say. After all, Hamerashi was a man of honor and as such, he couldn’t stand and do nothing about it. His code prevented him from keeping silent about such a sad story. "If some day my sword can be of help, tell me. You saved my life and therefore, I will serve you as your faithful follower until death takes me away from you." So were his words. Sumiru gave him an intense look in which the warrior saw something more than simple gratitude. Those intermittent conversations soon became a routine and before either of them could notice it, they fell in love with each other. Until one day, “they” attacked the castle. Some men dressed in heavy armor and carrying an unknown symbol burst into the castle and began to brandish their swords against all who opposed them. Hamerashi recognized them: they were his samurai, the few of them who remained alive after the ambush, decided to enter the impenetrable fortress only to search for their master. In the middle of the attack, Sumiru's father went to look for her and finally found her with Hamerashi. The landowner immediately ordered his men to assassinate him but Sumiru interposed. The guards stopped, unable to attack their mistress. But the landlord ordered them to kill them both, calling his daughter an impostor and a traitor. Hamerashi protected her. He managed to snatch the weapon from one of his enemies and kill the guards. Now as he is ready to kill the man who had ordered to kill his own daughter, Hamerashi raised his sword... but he did not kill him, because Sumiru interposed once more, refusing to renounce the man who had brought her to this world, no matter how much suffering he has caused. "Stop!" She said. "I do not want anyone to die! I... I just want peace, I do not want to lose any of you two..." Hamerashi hesitated for a second but then, seeing the tears of his beloved beginning to form in her eyes, he lowered his weapon. "As you wish". Hamerashi ordered his men to stop the attack but it was too late; that "impenetrable bastion" was of course immense, and it was exquisitely fortified... but the men who guarded it were doing it for gold, not out of conviction. Facing tough unknown opponents who even wounded, were able to destroy them. They prefered to flee rather than die. Sumiru's father, finding himself defeated, fled as well, dragged by his subordinates. Sumiru, Hamerashi and the samurai decided to remain in the fortress, but peace didn't last for long. Showing mercy to Sumiru's father proved to be disadvantageous. He and his men would try to inform the Daimyo about this massacre, this was clear to Hamerashi. He also knew that the Daimyo would take this as an insult and that, to keep his face, he would have to answer with an attack of his own. The samurai were prepared to fight to death but their master had other plans. Hamerashi was a warrior and he had honor but above all, he was a reasonable and logical man and he saw no point in dying for nothing other than his own pride. The group surrendered without resistance and due to their extraordinary case, they were taken to the Daimyo of the Land of Fire himself. The Daimyo in fact, was a reasonable man, though fair and severe. He listened to the story until the end, without questioning anything. When Hamerashi finished the story however, the Lord said: "You have committed crimes against our land and none of your reason justifies them, therefore I condemn you and your men to death and I condemn the woman to prison for hiding a foreigner without authorization." Upon hearing the sentence, Sumiru burst into tears and Hamerashi, seeing her pain, knew that he could not die. Until now, he had only brought suffering and pain to his beloved and if he wanted to keep his promise, he had to keep his life first. Hamerashi waited at the indicated time; he let the Daimyo’s guards take him by the arms and try to take him away, but when they were about to leave the room, he gave one of his captors a push, and when the other tried to use his sword to attack him, Hamerashi used the shackles that were bound to his hands to stop the attack and with a skillful movement, he entangled the weapon of his enemy and pulled it away. The sword dropped to the ground, he took it, and then prepared to fight. He did not attack anyone, he just blocked the attacks that came to him; even with tied hands and legs, his ability was unparalleled, he moved with the grace of the waves and with the simplest movements of the wrist, he made his sword dance in his hands, deflecting deadly attacks as if they were nothing. The warrior ran through the guards and approached the Daimyo. When at last he had him in front of him, he threw his sword to the ground, fell to his knees and said: “Lord Daimyo, please, hear what I have to say. That’s my only wish.” The Daimyo did not even flinch during the whole process. He just stood there, watching, as his guards tried to fight uselessly against an enemy that seemed invincible "Do not listen to him, Lord Daimyo!" replied the adviser of the Daimyo. "He’s trying to trick you, my lord!". “It could be, but I'm about to execute this man, so I want to hear everything he has to say and then I'll make a decision”. The Daimyo said, paying attention to Hamerashi but making sure to keep the distances. Not out of fear but out of simple precaution. “I know that my crimes have no forgiveness but there is something in this world that I need to protect, something I love and why I want to keep my life... Lord Daimyo, I do not want to cause pain to that person and I know that my death would destroy her, so please, give me an opportunity to amend my mistakes..." The warrior said, leaving aside his honor for the first time in his life, because at that moment, Hamerashi considered that there was something even more important than that. When the Daimyo heard the warrior's request, he was not alarmed and accused him of insolence. Instead, he said: “And what can you offer me in return?" "I..." the warrior stammered, not knowing what to say: he was never good with words. "All I know is to fight, my lord... If you allow me, from now on, me and my comrades will protect you and serve you as your most faithful warriors... I only ask you to let me keep my life..." For a few moments, a suffocating tension reigned in the room as the Daimyo considered what he had just heard and then, he said: “You have shown me an impressive ability right now, so to have you among my ranks would be much more profitable than killing you... I have made a decision, you and your men will now be my servants and will abide by all my orders, in exchange, I will spare your life.“ Astonishment reigned in the room, even of Hinode himself. "My lord, I should consider your..." the counselor of the Daimyo stammered. "Silence, I said that I have made a decision, I see in the eyes of this man a will of steel and a loyalty that few have professed towards me, He does not lie and he will not betray me, I am sure of it." The Daimyo turned to look at Sumiru. "And you will take your father's place and inherit your lands, after all, it would be terribly unfair to spare this man's life and leave you imprisoned... Will you be able to fulfill this task?" Sumiru, even with her eyes full of tears, said: "I swear by everything I love in this world that I will do everything in my power to help you... Thank you my lord, thank you very much..." after that, she knelt and sobbed, partly because she was happy to know that she had not lost everything and partly because she was terrified. And so, the Hinode became the faithful and fierce warriors that the Daimyo had at their disposal. Of course, not everything was blissfull; even till today, the Hinode are still accused of being invaders and criminals because of their past but the reality is that few clans are considered more faithful to the Daimyo than the Hinode and that loyalty says more than any false and unfounded accusation. One day, no less than a hundred years ago, the Lord of the Land of Fire asked the Hinode to serve as protectors of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, thus reinforcing the connection between these two entities. With the passage of time, the Hinode learned that their traditional chakra control skills, brought by their samurai ancestors from the Land of Iron are compatible with the Ninjutsu of Ninjas from the Land of Fire. Soon they started to transform their martial arts, originally based on Kenjutsu, into a combination of both styles. Today, many Hinode are not even that interested in perfecting their mastery of the sword, but instead they focus entirely on their Ninjutsu. Even so, each member of the clan has at least a basic idea of how to handle a sword, cultivating Hinode's samurai heritage. And this is the story of the clan that prays every day as the sun rises and covers the Leaf with its light, watching over their safety in the name of the figure that once gave them a second chance... but what is really important is... What will come next?... That will depend on the current members of this clan and their actions... Who knows? Maybe a new legend is about to be born or maybe not but in any case, one thing is sure: The sun will continue rising every morning and while this is so, the Hinode will keep their word and serve the leaf until the end of their days... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A big,,thank you''goes to @Healy Hinode , for writing this story. But i also want to thank every clan member who helped out by providing new ideas for the plot, making additions, or by checking the text for errors. It was a fun, little clan project Expect to see new chapters in the future!
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    Fixed Akatsuki Rings not going on cooldown.
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    Fixed animation duration for poisons!
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    Forum Rules and Guidelines 1. Do not spam or self-promote in the forums. These forums define spam as unsolicited advertisement for goods, services and/or other web sites or posts with unrelated content. Do not spam the forums with links to your site or product, or try to self-promote your website, business or forums etc. Spamming also includes sending private messages to a large number of different users. Double posting aka. posting twice in the same topic within a short amount of time is also not allowed. Your account will be banned permanently. 2. Do not post Scams or Referral link threads. Posting pyramid scams or referral links (eg. Adbux, Adfly or any "refer 5 friends get this offer" site) is forbidden. All such posts/signatures will be edited or deleted. Posting anything that involves attempts to gaining money or donations is also forbidden. Any new users posting such content will be banned permanently; contributing users will either be warned or temporarily banned. 3. Do not cross post questions. Please refrain from posting the same question in several forums. There is normally one forum which is most suitable in which to post your question. If you're not sure where to post, ask a moderator first. 4. Do not post copyright infringing material. Do not upload, attach, or otherwise post any copyrighted material which you are not free to redistribute (subject to the licensing terms of the specific item). If you have a question about having permission to post or attach a specific item, please ask a moderator. We do not condone nor accept posts pertaining to illegal activities such as hacking, cracking, warez, or spam. Any posts or threads found in violation of this rule will be edited or deleted, and the poster warned or possibly banned; at the moderation team's discretion. 5. Do not post "offensive" posts, links or images. Do not post anything which is offensive, hateful, racist, sexist, discriminatory, obscene, vulgar or in violation of local or international laws. 6. Remain respectful of other users at all times. All posts should be courteous. You have every right to disagree with your fellow community members and explain your perspective. However, you are not free to attack, degrade, insult, or otherwise belittle them or the quality of this community. It does not matter what title or power you hold in these forums, you are expected to obey this rule. Doing otherwise will get your account banned temporarily, or permanently if the situation becomes severe enough (this will be left to the discretion of the moderation team). 7. No gigantic signature images. Do not use images or multiple images that result in a signature that is larger than 300px in height. 8. Do not welcome members who joined earlier than you. If an introduction thread was created prior to you joining the community, you don't need to welcome that member. This is considered post farming. You will be given a warning. 9. Giving relevant feedback. If you respond in a thread by only quoting another member's post, it is spam. Posting twice in a row or more is also spam. Additionally. if you respond to a thread which solicits an opinion, please be specific. This won't be strictly enforced, but please make an effort to be specific and constructive when you give feedback. Example of a bad response: "gud idea" or "+1" Example of a good response: "I like this idea because *insert opinion here*." 10. Read Pinned Topics before posting. Pinned threads work to answer questions you may have and to provide a place for simple reports. If you cannot find the answer to your question in a pinned thread, you may start your own. 11. No quoting extremely large posts. Do not quote posts bigger than 100 words in size. Do not quote topics having big pictures as well. Replace the post with -snip- or something relevant! Your post will be edited and if this is repeated you will be warned. 12. No public shaming. We do not tolerate negative topics/posts which are targeted towards a certain member or staff. If your topic's sole purpose is to criticize the position of a staff member or to make another member infamous, it is prohibited. Instead, send complaints to administrators personally. You will be given a heavy warning. 13. No spoilers. We do not tolerate people who post spoilers without the spoilers tag. This is anything which someone would not want to know such as an anime's ending, a major event that happened in a show, and everything else in between. You must also explain why you have it in a spoiler tag and not just put it hidden in a spoiler. Your post will be edited and if this is repeated you will be warned. 14. Keep all discussions on-topic Please keep all discussions relevant to the original post. Remember that announcements are not the place to report bugs or ask for technical support. Your post will be moved to the right place and if this continues you will be warned.
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    Patch Notes 18/6/2017 Improved Dynamics between Surveillance Missions and Guard Duty Missions. If there are currently spies on the map you are guarding, your timer will decrease instead of increase. To ensure you can complete the mission, make sure there are no spies on your map. If there are spies on the map it will display "Guarding Interrupted". Once you are finished guarding, it will now display "Guard Duty Complete". Added Sand Village Arts Theatre. Redesigned Sand Village Aviary exterior with visual cues of an aviary.
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    Well this is not your clan anymore, once you posted it in the clans submission you gave Rory the permission to use it as a base idea and edit the lore/symbol the way he want it to be, after all its an in-game clan now. You should be glad he accepted your clan .
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    N E R F F L I C K E R
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    Added more animation while using Sealed Box. Rocky Caves renamed to Cursed Cave. Rocky Cave (3F) renamed to Cursed Laboratory. Added Level 30 Weapon Master (STR) Jutsu - Crescent Moon Beheading Reworked Dance of the Crescent Moon Hit animation. Dance of the Crescent Moon AoE hit range decreased to match animation.
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    Added 2nd Floor of Rocky Caves! Added 3rd Floor of Rocky Caves! Added Sealed Box in the Rocky Cave?! Shadow Shuriken Technique now silences enemy for 0.5s (Experimental change) Increased all Explosive Tag jutsu damages. Clones temporarily disabled due to bugginess.
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    You can now check your overall village score contribution towards Economy, Intel and Manpower from the Mission Assignment Desk. The contributions started recording on 17 January 2019.
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    New Menu Music (Thank you @Afilion!) Fixed Shockwave Slash Technique description (Thanks @Magatama)
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    Am I the only one to experience: hard lag/ stutter/ players stuttering while moving/ rain or sand storm freezing still on screen/ hard lagging when it rains/sandshits/ experiencing silences when using jutsu too fast/ crashing in teams while switching maps/ being bugged out due to non-existent combat and unable to switch maps/ ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! it is lagging like fuck
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    What’s your guys opinion on a wipe when mist drops? i think a wipe might bring a spark back to life in this game also #bringbackoldvchat
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    We just had our 3rd clan meeting yesterday! Thank you all for showing up again,and id also like to thank our guests from the ukiyo clan for visiting us, @Ashido @Stormi and @Akali,it was an honor to have you there
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    Clan Name: Nekone (Neko - cat and cats are cute and funny like our acts) Village: Sand Activity: The whole Fire Land. Clan Symbol: Clan Clothes: History: Nekone clan is a fresh one, but rising a lot because of their skills, that allow to manipulate the art they create. But the history here is more about a few of their memebers that wanted to change the habit of it. The history begin when a young one called Azuuki find out about a new theater that will be build in Sand Village. In her head start rising a new way of living, to change that daily routine. With everything she planned, young Azuuki went to her friend Achai and start to describe the idea she had, about creating a new theater group! They went to meeting with Kazekage to aks him if it will be able to use it after they finished the building, as he was courious what the young Shinobi wants to do there, he allowed them to use it as they want. After a few months the building was finished, Azuuki and Achai went there with much inspirations, and focus on what they wanted to do from now on, make smile on people faces and make them laugh more than its neccesary. Inside the building they find out about a boy called Gegarma when he secretly trying to performance himself at the stage. As they saw he was a very good talented, and without any hesitation Azuuki invited him to the clan, and also to their theater group. He gladly accepted that offer and then they start cleaning theater to make it usable so they can make their first act of laugh for those who are still in fight and need a bit of rest. If you wish to know more about Nekone clan itself, its not much to tell. They start rising in the last war between Sand and leaf with their skills of arts, like they could creating a lot of golems with clay. By increasing the army because of that they were able to rise rank in Sand village rather quicker than other clans. Clan Members: @Azuuki @Achai @Gegarma Clan Focus: Well obviously, like in the history of clan we want to make people laugh and enjoy their shinobi life in this not safe world. We would like to make performances around the whole land of fire even in Konoha and Takumi Villages. Everyone deserve a bit of fun. Special Ability: (*Will be added if the clan will get accepted*)
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    Yo! I'll be posting there all my pixel arts about Nin Online! Actually I'm kinda newbie, previously been doing something but at 32x32 sqm's instead of 64x64(Mainly for Naruto/Bleach open Tibia servers). There is my first one, most cancerous champion in League of Legends-Yasuo! //Changelog// 10.03.2019 -Kisame Sword -Random cave pattern -Custom Lee skin for Tibia OTS(Sadly 32x32 so it's not as good, as Yasuo :<) 12.03.2019 -Madara/Obito Weapon (Yep, this one with front-view have wrong shading but atm I'm too lazy to change it lol) 19.03.2019 -8 Inner Gates 20.03.2019 -7 Heavenly Breaths -Ice Prison 21.03.2019 -Some new outfits PS. Have any good idea but can't draw? No problemo ! Feel free to message me there, if this character/monster or whatever You want will be good for me-I'll draw it ^^
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    Disclaimer: This is my alt account that I use for forum activities. My main account is Viduus which is a Special Jonin in Sand in a position of leadership. I'm not a rogue writing our laws. There’s a lot of debate and laws that are taken with a grain of salt and I think it’s time to clarify many of them. The Kage’s don’t need to be bothered with petty crimes and council members should act as the judges in his/her place unless it’s a serious matter. All in all, laws are meant to be direct and easy to understand. Here’s a comprehensive list of laws and tiers of punishment: Tier 1: Consequence: Jail. Requirement to take effect: The presence of a member of the Suna SMPF. The Kage and Council shouldn’t be bothered with these. A member of the SMPF must be PRESENT during the time of the incident or available within 30 minutes of it with screenshot or video proof if not present at the time of the offence. If a jailing is unjust, it can be appealed to a member of the council to be lifted. . Stealing a drop from an ally. You’re an asshole for doing this, but theft is a petty crime. . Using racial slurs, sexist remarks, overly sexual remarks that make others uncomfortable, IRL death threats or talk of hacking or Ddosing somebody. Again, you’re an asshole for doing these things, but trash talk in a video game is normal and you should expect it when playing an MMO. Trash talk is not included in this list unless it devolves into any of those categories. So saying something like, “You’re garbage at this game and a loser IRL.” Would not he breaking a law. Saying, “You’re a piece of shit and I hope you die.” Would be breaking the law. We all know what each of the words above mean. Don’t say them to others and there is nothing to worry about from Suna’s laws. That is the realms of staff members, not players. If you’re being verbally harrassed in any way, report it to staff. Players are not responsible for these things unless it’s one of the listed items in which case we will punish you in-game AND staff will punish you out of game. Double wammy, yikes. . Following ranked officers when they explicitly tell you to leave their side. This could be perceived as spying and if you are non-compliant it IS worthy of a jail. Times this applies: During Kage meetings, during council meetings, during raids and hunts. Times this does NOT apply: While farming, while sparring or other recreational times such as viewing RP missions (Unless it is Kage or Council level) or wandering around the village (Like in shops). . Following members of the ANBU (In uniform). Tailing a member of the ANBU without the express permission of that person for more than 10 seconds is worthy of an immediate jailing. If you see them in action, they are doing something important and you need to stay out of their way. Edit 3/22/2019 the following bullet: . If a masked ninja is approached by a member of the SMPF (In uniform), ANBU (In uniform), Sand Council (With the title), or the Kazekage and commanded to remove their mask, you are required to comply and remove it. If you refuse to remove it, you are liable to be jailed. You can request the one who commanded it to go to a specified location to unmask there and explain why you have the need to hide your name, but it is within the rights of the SMPF, ANBU, Council, or Kazekage to decline your request. Consequences of subsequent jailing: If you are jailed a total of 3 times, it will count as one strike. TIER 2 offences: Strikes requirements to take effect: Screen shot of the kill log (It will say "Killed by __") or video proof sent to the Council or the Kazekage. If they are wearing a mask and their name is not visible, you do not have enough evidence to warrant a strike. There is no more "I think that's him. I'm almost positive!" You must have absolute proof of foul play. . Murdering any fellow sand ninja except for the Kazekage (See tier 3). If you do this with your pvp enabled in a danger zone, it’s an immediate strike. Times this applies: Blatant murder; pvp enabled and killing an ally, gathering large groups of mobs and then cloaking away so they kill your ally. ROGUE CLAUSE: Edit 3/22/2019 all of the following 7 bullets: . Killing an allied ROGUE ninja no longer results in a strike under the following conditions: The rogue ninja was masked during the battle or refused to take it off. We've had a lot of people say they were allies but were in fact not. If you have a mask to conceal your identity, you are at a risk of friendly fire. Either take it off or don't put it on in the first place if you're not prepared to face friendly fire. The second condition is when they haven't been officially put on the peace list at Suna's entrance. If they're going to be put on it later, they're still at risk of being killed until they have officially been added to the board. . Killing an allied Rogue ninja will result in a strike under the following conditions: That rogue's name is visible and is registered on the official list next to Suna's entrance. That rogue is killed by a Sand ninja for any reason other than attacking a fellow SAND. Even if they are provoking you with words, if you draw blood you are in the wrong. That said, if that rogue is consistently causing problems, the higher ups WILL know about it, and removal from the peace list is a high probability. . Peace listed rogues killing each other and NOT fellow sand ninja are allowed to do so. Sand ninja are required to not get involved in their fight as attacking either of them violates the above rules. As rogues are not sand ninja, they are free to attack other rogues as they see fit even if those rogues are also peace listed. . Sand ninja ALTS killing fellow sand ninja is NOT against Suna laws. They are considered two entirely different people due to Rory's new alt new life rule and no punishments are to be issued to their sand account. . Killing an allied rogue ninja is inexcusable when they are clearly on the board. It is the duty of each Suna shinobi to know who their allies are and read the announcement board next to the village entrance. If you are ever uncertain, pm a fellow sand ninja and ask them. No more "I didn't know he was on the board." excuses. This rule is absolute. . If the allied rogue attacks you first OR VICE VERSA, you have full rights to attack and or kill them back. Peace listed rogue ninja in the past have been kind of shafted because of this outdated law of not being able to defend themselves. This law rectifies that. This one is tricky as it is hard to prove who attacked who first. Damage logs exist, but it's very easy to just crop out the first attack. If there are witnesses, the witnesses are required to take the screen shot's' and report it to the Kazekage or Sand Council. If the evidence is not substantial enough to PROVE without a shadow of a doubt which side is guilty, neither side will receive any penalty. If you are caught LYING about being attacked first and it is discovered that you initiated the fight, you will receive an additional strike if you are a Sand Ninja or if you are a rogue ninja will be removed from the peace list and unable to rejoin it for 1 month. Lying directly to the Council or the Kazekage is inexcusable. . A rogue ninja who kills a Sand ninja outside of self defense will be removed from the peace list until the Kazekage him/herself deems it fit for you to be re-added unless the above condition is met. MEDIC CLAUSE: . A medic is NOT required to heal anybody during a fight. It's widely believed that a medic who doesn't heal and or revive his allies might as well just be helping the enemy, there could be any number of reasons as to why they did not. For the sake of simplicity and much less drama, it is no longer required for a medic to revive or heal anybody during a battle OR after friendly spars if they do not want to. THE EXCEPTION to this rule, is members of the medical corpse. It is their duty to ALWAYS assist wounded or fainted allies or risk losing their position. If this goes against your RP, don't join the medic corpse. . If a medic heals and or revives an ENEMY in a battle or 30 minutes after the fight for any reason, they will receive a strike (You are then an accomplice to murder). Even if your RP is to heal all people who need medical attention (I know of people who do this), if your healing jutsu touches an enemy at any time during a battle or 30 minutes post fighting you WILL receive a strike. No more "Accidents." . Standing idle when an enemy attacks and kills your ally is NOT against the law as long as you remain completely neutral during the course of the battle with the exception of members of the medic corpse. There could be any number of reasons for this, and if you don’t aid the enemy you are not liable for a strike. Tier 3: Immediate exile . Killing or aiding in the death of the Kazekage. Same rules apply as in tier 2, except for the tier 3 punishment of regicide. . Leaking any village sensitive intel to an enemy. WHAT THIS INCLUDES: Organization rosters such as the ANBU, SMPF, Medic Corpse. Those caught leaking times or locations of a raid to an enemy. This can and usually does cost the lives of the entire war party as it gives ample time for an enemy ambush. Most raid parties are 6 or 7 men strong, and causing their deaths is in violation of a tier 2 strike. Every death you cause by leaking that information is a strike which is the justification of an exile. RETURNING FROM EXILE: . You must directly appeal to the Kazekage. He decides your fate and his word is law. PERMANENT EXILE: . If you have been pardoned 2 times already and go rogue a 3rd time, your exile is permanent on that account. If you reset, you will be exiled again. The New alt new life rule circumvents this and allows you to remain in Sand. However if even ONE of your accounts has been perma exiled, it is within the Kazekage’s rights to not give a second chance at a pardon even if that account has not previously already been pardoned. Edit 3/22/2019 all of the following 3 bullets: . Those in Suna that are CURRENTLY village members as of yesterday that have already been exiled more than two times are treated as if they have only been exiled twice. Since this law was put into effect only one day ago, it would be unfair to those that have proven loyalty to just go on an exile spree (Not to mention cut our forces by such a large amount). However, if those that have been granted this mercy get exiled AGAIN it will count as their third strike and will be permanent. Times that count towards your permanent exile: . When any of the laws detailed here are broken resulting in your exile. Times that do NOT count towards your permanent exile: . When you ask the Kazekage directly to exile you for better missions in Takumi AND REMAIN A HERMIT TOWARDS SAND NINJA. Once you request the Kazekage to exile you for this purpose, you will be added to the peace list. If you kill even a single sand ninja during your time in Takumi for any reason whatsoever, you will be removed from the list promptly and it will be treated as though you have been exiled. There is no 3 strikes you're out rule once you are a rogue. Becoming a rogue for missions is a big risk as you have much less leniency. STRIKES BEING REMOVED: Edit 3/22/2019 all of the following 4 bullets: . A single jailing will be removed from your record after 1 month. If you receive another jailing within that one month's time, the timer will be reset and you must wait the full month again. . A single strike that you have received will be removed after 3 months time as long as you have not gained another within that amount of time. If you receive an additional strike during this time, the timer is reset and you must wait another 3 months before it is removed. . One exile counter towards a perma exile will be cleared after one year. If you receive an additional exile within that year's time, the timer will reset and you must wait the full year again for one of them to be cleared. Exiles are taken seriously, and if you are exiled it takes a long time for you to be forgiven for it. . The Kazekage, Council, and Sand Assassins all have records of dates of exiles and strikes, counters of exiles and strikes, and times for when those strikes and exiles will be removed. If you want to know when details of YOUR OWN COUNTERS you need only ask the Council or the Kazekage. I was originally going to post the list here on the forums, but I think that would be a form of public shaming and embarrassing to those involved. As such it will be kept private and the information will only be available from the applicable parties. You can ask for your timer at any time as it is your business to know your timers. GENERAL RULES . The Members of the SMPF (In uniform), ANBU (In uniform), Council, and the Kazekage’s commands are to be followed within reason unless they would break any of the laws stated above, they result in harm to the individual in any way (No forced shock troopers during raids), and doesn't result in more than 5 minutes of that persons time being wasted (No forced fetch quests). . Do not spam /v chat with any of the following: Advertisements, out-of-game links, copy pastas, or any of the items listed in the laws section (Racial slurs, Sexist remarks, etc.) . For now this is the entirety of Suna's laws. I may add to this later on with the permission of the council and the Kazekage. There aren't very many and they're all just common sense. These laws have been read and approved by @Itama Date, the 10th Kazekage. These laws are in place effective immediately and the old laws have been removed. Please read and review them
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    Hey, Since a long time now, chaining jutsus causing silence time to times now , especially when I click it fast, I don't know if that is intented to kept people from macroing but it really tickles me, whenever I'm chaining something like shuriken + jutsu real fast I'm getting silenced for one second before being able to land the second jutsu. https://gyazo.com/9f7e260a3ff731b301961559e91a424c On this GIF, I landed wind shuriken, and got silenced before being able to land the other jutsu, whenever I'm chaining 2 buttons too quickly I'm getting silenced and this wasn't happening before. @Ueda @Seth
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    Instead of nerfing flicker, why not just make instant cast jutsu (specifically Seismic Dash, Breaking Kick, Palm Bottom, Mountain Crusher, and Poison Scalpel) go on a short cooldown after flicker is used? This would solve the problem without changing flicker.
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    Waaa WAAA! Leveling is too hard! WAAAAAAA Y'ALL BABIES FORREAL
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    Akatsuki make orgy in takumi
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    All damage and experience is now being rounded using ceil. Fix missing log item description box appearing when it was closed. Fix server crashes. (Stable again.) Summons now take aggro away from owner. Mobs will not be confused as well as summons when attacking each other. Summons will now attack a target if it is targeting them.
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    Patch Notes 8/6/2017 Added semi-automated systems for Chunin Exam 3. Increased range of Phoenix Fireball Technique from 10 to 10/11/12/12/13/14. Increased range of Dragon Fire Technique from 9/10/11 to 10/11/12. Fixed range of Great Fireball Technique from 10/15/10 to 10/15/15. Reverted unknown change for speed of Vacuum Palm Technique. Reverted unknown change for speed of Colliding Wave Technique. Reduced stun duration of Palm Bottom Technique from 1/2/2 to 1/1/1 to reduce stun locking potential. Changed Palm Bottom Technique damage from 20/25/25 to 20/24/28.
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    I had to use translate and it took me time to read it but honestly it's a great story, your RP as a clan I like reminds me of the old Hozuki style in sand, LIKE.
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    Let's look at this for a second. If you use 10 scrolls for 10%, you'd think you would have a 100% chance to enchant the scroll right? But it's not that simple. Most people think that the law of averages and law of large numbers would guarantee you an enchantment, when the world really doesn't work that way. Let's say you would get 1 enchantment for every 10 scrolls. Your odds are 1 in 10. That means you have a 90% chance to fail. But these aren't odds because it's not a guarantee that you will receive 1 enchantment for every 10 scrolls. We're talking about probability here. So let's say we enchant 100 scrolls. Our chance is 1 out of 10. We divide 100 by 10 and multiply it by 1. That's 10 enchantments out of 100 scrolls. Makes sense right? But this is just a prediction with probability. There's also a chance we will get no enchantments out of 100 scrolls. The likelihood is extremely small, but it's still possible.
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    Tais were broke in the alpha and they still are, if you can’t beat them join them.
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    Nin Online is designed to fit in games like Ultima and World of Warcraft Classic game design philosophies. We're going to add more content, but the game design is based on oldschool MMO game design, because the new MMOs are too casual.
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    Good work on your clan submissions everyone
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    Fixed bug with using /v if you escaped from prison and get pardoned.
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    When I run out of chakra while standing on water...
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    All hail the butterflies of Nin!
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    So ive been thinking about Vacuum Palms how u can avoid them by just having both eyes. Now in Naruto "Eight Trigrams : Vacuum Palm = releases a high-speed palm thrust. A "vacuum shell" compressed using the Gentle Fist is formed to attack the opponent's vitals from a distance, blowing them off their feet with tremendous force before they even notice they were hit." So...someone tell me why in NIN Vacuum Palms have 1s cast time with visible animation (enemy has whole 1 second to wonder if they wanna sip a tea) and it travels so slow that you can basically outcrawl it? Something aint right here. But problem is, there will come people and write in comments "yea, make gf/tai hybrid even more op". Well guess what, these ppl will be right. Gf/tai hybrid is the reason why we cant have nice things. Literally everyone knows this hybrid is op and just wrong (opposite styles). Players see it, GMs see it. Oh and ADV's wont make it go away, cause tai and gf will still be able to take jutsus from opposite branch even easier with higher lvl cap. Them free subs and insta CCs < 3 Peace.
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    Can anyone tell me why level 30 mastery was removed from the game? It seems to me like that was the best system.
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    I pretty much totally agree. I've actually been thinking more lately that spending so much time and energy on balance is pointless. Sure there are some masteries rn that are obviously very imbalanced, and maybe they would benefit from some attention, however I think it might be more beneficial for the game to simply ignore a lot of those issues and just press on with new content. Perhaps keeping the balance issues in mind while making new content would work, like for example, let's make an advanced Tai mastery less OP than advanced ninjutsu or WM mastery. I understand the argument to want to have what is currently out right now balanced before adding more, but I'm starting to believe a true state of balance is too difficult to achieve and we are frankly wasting time pursuing it. I'd rather see new content and new jutsu then a slightly nerfed tai, personally.
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    It's an honor to serve. Kiroku Hinode, reporting for duty!
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