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    About: The Mirana clan is praised as the most noble clan within the Hidden Leaf Village. Its shinobi consist of individuals genetically bred for the art of war. It is in thisthey have gained their rightful respect on the battlefield as some of the most formidable ninja in the world. While Mirana clan members stand as the standard of what a prodigious shinobi is capable of, very few are aware of the intense methods of training these shinobi deal with behind closed doors. Members must work hard and show greatness or be disowned, for nothing but the absolute best is accepted within the walls of the noble Mirana clan. The Mirana clan is one of the oldest active clans in the land and has held its title of being the strongest clan in the Leaf village despite it's small size. Mirana shinobi are typically built to manipulate the water element given the fact their bodies have a high tolerance to exposure to this substance both internally and externally, thus making it easier to comprehend how to mend this physical nature when exposed to them. They are said to posses immense amounts of determination to practice combat and pose as an enemy's worst nightmare on the battlefield. Clan Type: PvP Inspiration/Motivation: The Senju and Uzumaki clans of Naruto Founder and Origins: @Aghila Mirana - Aghila Mirana is Ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village. - Was a captain when the Anbu was first created. - He's the or one the strongest ninja that has ever lived in the Nin world and is known a God. - Joined the Akatsuki on a really high level mission to get Intel and important information about the Organization. - Served The 3rd Hokage @Deathmall Sasayaki secretly on high level missions. Aghila is an orphan from Hidden Leaf Village. His mother was from the Uzumaki clan and passed during his childbirth. His father, from the Senju clan, was a Leaf hero who died saving the village during the 1st Great War. Aghila was a genius in the Academy like his father and was considered a Jonin-tier shinobi at age 10. He mastered Sage mode at the age of 14 with the help of the massive amount of chakra he inherited from his father's side. Aghila became the first Captain of the Leaf ANBU at age 18 when it was created. He laid the foundation for how the ANBU cooperate and work together which was insturmental during the 3rd Great War. As Aghila grew older, he wanted to become stronger and master all ninjutsu, "but what's the point of becoming the strongest and mastering all jutsus if you're going to die anyway?" He experimented with immortality which he achieved at the age of 35. After the 3rd Great War ended, he traveled across the world to search for and restore the Senju and Uzumaki clans, but he was unable to find any remaining members. This is when he decided to form his own clan and named it the Mirana clan. It grew large and powerful, but many of the members died heroically during the 4th Great War. Many of the members scattered throughout the world, and it is now Aghila's goal to search for the remaining members of the clan and unite them again in the Leaf village. Requirements to join: The Mirana clan has strict requirements to join because it is meant to be filled with Loyal and feared shinobi. Members must: Be level 35 or over Name change to _____ Mirana Show skill in combat to Mirana clan members and determination to improve Application form: Name: Mastery or Masteries: Level: Reason to join: Bio relating to the Mirana clan: Affiliated: Founder: @Aghila Mirana Leader: @Aghila Mirana Co-Leader: @Shotoho Mirana WarLords: @Caio Mirana @Aramos Mirana @Kalibutan Mirana Warriors: @Nitche Mirana @Feinz Mirana @Jarko Mirana @Ursa Mirana @Gankuu Mirana @Soul Mirana @Senshi Mirana @Soul Mirana Trainees: @Aramis Mirana @Kaziro Mirana @Dayum Mirana Members:
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    Hey ya'll! I've always loved doing art-stuff. I draw, 3D model, sprite, and have been doing so for quite some time. I'm also always enthusiastic about doing clothes. So I've been making a couple of sprites in the NinOnline style, and hope to be making some full sprite sheets in the future if i'm allowed to. Anyways, here's my work so far, and this is just some quick work from the past few days. C: Random girl Sheena - Tales of Symphonia (tbf this is an old sprite I had laying around on my imgur, love it though. xD) Kimimaro, and a pink version of the same robe just because I was playing with colors. (ps: yes this is NinOnline's snake belt.) Haku This started out as a male/ female Ino. But I eventually changed the male version to look more like kabuto as the male ino kept making me laugh way too hard. Currently I plan on making Hinata, Sakura, Zabuza, Gaara, and sage mode Naruto. If you've got any others you would like to see, i'm willing to try them. I'll update this post whenever I feel like it. Rory notice me. Haha!
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    A Peaceful Rogues Guide to Seals Since I have seen a lot of newer players recently, whether they are alternate accounts (alts) or not, I think some people should know how to get the Seals Mission done and obtain the exp for their early game. In this "guide" I am also going to be showing how people can enter through the house located Southwest of the Leaf Village gates. For starters This mission is slightly confusing for most people that are just starting off the game, in my opinion. It sends them off into a wild and random chase after some seals in within the village. I am going to show you a step by step version on how you can obtain the mission, get the seals, and learn how to get into sewers/rats map through outside the village. The mission itself In the Northeast corner of the Leaf Village. This building is where you actually obtain the Seals mission itself. You must go to the very top right part of the Leaf village and go inside the actual building. Inside the building. When you first walk into the building you will see the InnKeeper NPC which is the actual NPC you need to talk to when you are getting mission. When you walk up to him, you have to use Z or your attack button and obtain the mission; Darker Places Seal Location and Building Underneath the Leaf Hospital and slightly to the left. This building is where you will be entering the actual Sewers map. When you first get to this building there will be a door blocking you from entering it. All you simply do is press Z or your attack button and it will bring up some text saying "Knock Knock" and you will be able to enter once you do that. Inside the building. When you first enter the building you will see a round table and some other decorations. On the actual table itself will be a seal that you will interact with by using Z or your attack button. It will again bring up text and it will ask you to "Unseal it" or "Ignore it", here you will click to Unseal it and you will of obtained your very first seal and these can be done in no particular order. This is just a draft of how i personally get them on my accounts. From the Leaf Square go up and over the bridge, then you go to the left. When you cross over the bridge you will be able to see the second tag on the left side of the bridge. You must go to the left and down a flight of steps, where you will see what looks like a dock in the water. You simply just walk onto the water and go all the way to the right till you see the tag. Just hit the tag and Unseal it to obtain your next tag. Northeast of the dock from the second seal. Once you have gotten your second seal the third one is literally a couple of steps away. After you go back up the flight of stairs you just have to go Northeast until you see the green roofed house in the picture. Just simple walk through the doorway and you can get to the third seal. Hit it and obtain your third seal. In the Northeast corner of Leaf. This tag could also be your first tag, but like I said this is in no particular order. If you go all the way to the top right corner of Leaf you will see a rock wall on the far right side. The fourth tag is on that wall but it is a little bit more down on the side of the wall. All you have to do is collect that tag and head back to the InnKeeper NPC to collect your exp. Hidden Entrance Southwest of the Gates. When you are in the Guard Duty map, the map underneath the Leaf gates, you will see a path on the left side that opens into another map. It will have a bunch of trees, a mysterious building and a grave. This is the "Hidden Entrance" to the sewers map. Inside the sewers to the right and south east of the entrance. Inside the sewers it can be really confusing and tough to maneuver around. Once you enter the sewers just go to the right and slightly down till you see a break in the path. Go to the right of the intersection and you will the spot in the picture posted. Go inside the top section and hit Z or your attack button on the far up wall of the mysterious entrance and you will find the switch. What appears once you hit the switch. This text will appear once you hit the switch and that is when you know you have found the right section of the sewers. Click the "Turn it" option and you will be done with the first part of opening the hidden entrance. The map left of Gaurd Duty Once you have done the Switch Step, you want to make your way all the way to the house and this time, go in front of the tomb stone. Use Z or your attack button in front of the tile one under the actual stone. It will bring up this text and that is when you know that it worked. Once you hit the "note" it will bring up two options, "Leave it" and "Remove it". You want to click on the "Remove it" option and that will complete the second step. In the very Southeast corner of sewers. After completing the second step, you want to head back into the sewers. This may take a couple of tries but essentially you are just trying to go to the bottom right corner of the whole map. Once you find it you will see this entrance all the way at the bottom. This is the entrance to the walkway you must take to get to the inside of the house. These are the "Teleporters" that will bring you the other side of the path. The circles, if you have followed this guide and done everything right, they will allow you to transfer to the other side of the gap. Just follow all the way down till you reach the inside of the house. Inside the house and the final step. Once you do all the steps to get inside the building you have to hit the final switch. Simply just hit it and click the option "Turn on" and you should be able to leave and re-enter the house freely. For a rogue, this gives you easier access to get inside the village and do rogue like things. For Sand ninjas this also gives you the upper edge in raids and a better opportunity to make more elaborate raid strategies. For Leaf ninjas it just makes it look cooler when you enter the sewers map. Happy leveling. ^-^
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    Dear Ninja, As of today we're putting a new feature into testing, it may or may not drastically improve your frame rate depending on your situation. However, I'm hopeful from initial tests that this will help many of you with previously low frame rates or only decent frame rates. Previously, the game was running in DirectX8 which in itself has quite some compatibility issues with modern Windows systems. We now have the game running with DirectX9 as the renderer, abeit through the work of a wrapper, which means the API calls are all done through DirectX9 API calls now. In my personal case, FPS was almost doubled throughout the game, and it's now more playable in 3440x1440 (3K Ultrawide) for me. DirectX8 (1080P) Leaf Village: 40-57 FPS Valley of the End: 40-50 FPS Chakra Forest / Forest of Ambushes: 50-55 FPS DirectX9 (1080P) Leaf Village: 97-100 FPS (My monitor is capped at 100hz Refresh Rate) Valley of the End: 80-85 FPS Chakra Forest / Forest of Ambushes: 90-100 FPS (My monitor is capped at 100hz Refresh Rate) DirectX8 (3K Ultrawide) Leaf Village: 14-25 FPS DirectX9 (3K Ultrawide) Leaf Village: 43-48 FPS PS: Do note that if your monitor is capped at 60hz Refresh Rate, the game will cap at 60 FPS. Anything above doesn't display because your monitor can only show 60 new images a second. Hope you enjoy this update! Regards, Rory
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    Dear Ninja, First of all, I want to take some time to talk about the status of the beta phase. We really like it. We're almost done making Nin Me and Seth have been working hard enough to get things done, and slacked off enough to not get burnt out for the past 6 months and so after a good 6 months of hard work work.. without further ado.. The game world is basically complete as you can see, all we need to do is add some buildings and trees and what not and it'll be a full game I'm sure! Premium Masteries So we asked ourselves internally, what does a pancreas do exactly? We decided that it would be best to add new masteries for everyone, because 8 just wasn't doing it. Some of the ideas that we considered included Seals mastery, Genjutsu mastery and of course Puppet mastery. So presenting to you... Uchiha Mastery The mastery of Itachijutsu, Uchiha Mastery makes you a Itachi, a prodigy of the Leaf Village's Uchiha Clan, who became an international criminal after murdering his entire clan, sparing only his younger brother, Sasuke. Itachi-nin can learn jutsus such as Sharingan and Raven Fireball Technique. Scorpion Mastery Scorpion Mastery is the specialization of clawjutsu, it transforms you into a Scorpion and you get a variety of customization options for your scorpion-nin. I'm sure you guys will have a lot of questions, especially "why is there no red option?" We initially included a red scorpion option, but we eventually decided to remove it because it looked too much like a lobster. Which brings us to the final mastery! Lobster Mastery Unlike Scorpion Mastery, however, Lobster Mastery does not have customization, as we firmly believe that lobsters should remain red. Paid Masteries As we've hinted in the title of this development log, these masteries will be Cash Shop purchases. We've yet to set a price to unlock them, but we're looking at a subscription model. Thank you for taking your time to read this! Please leave us your feedback. Regards, Rory
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    https://youtu.be/I7hGnjAiq1Q ^^^ Show some love to our homeboy Rumaki for making this. He really worked hard to make this video look awesome as hell for Mirana so you guys should subscribe!!! Oh and also... MIRANA WILL BE COMING BACK SO STAY TUNED!!!
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    my favorite pic. both my students were in the finals in the Chuunin Exams and said this before they fought and it ended in a tie, but both of them ended up becoming Chuunin. @Zelda & @Booty Gang Ginger @Oriax @Dona @Indra @Zabu i am a ladies man with @mav me helping @Jasmine @Mikai & @Jada i lost to @Aghila in CE when i was heavily lagging & using my Wind/Water. Leaf Ninja treated him like a king for beating me lol then he challenges me again and this what happened lmao @Yamikami 2v2 Tourney where we beat Aghila and Meth in the finals lol after i defeated Jun in the "loser resets" match with @Meth @Itachi Uchiha @Crow @Sarus lol i have so many ss of me beating @Jun Solo proof @Ori Sasayaki is a perv. caught spying on me and @Daroce Yagami. not even Leaf Jonin is safe from these hands @kur @Artwork sand slaughtering leaf. lmao how many leaf ninja it takes to kill me. 99.99% of the time how i die. last but not least my iconic win vs jun
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    What y'all think? Rate 0-10 and tell me what is missing or wrong! Ty!
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    Kazekage(s) [BETA] Time spend on duty 1st: Argoh 1-Month 2nd: Konahri 3-weeks 3rd: ReubenNick 1-week 4th: Miki 2-weeks 5th: Kaguya Light 6-Months 6th: TetsuHawk Present Sand Assassins ( not officially lauched until further note ) Military corps leader(s) [BETA] 1st: Proxied 2nd: Medical corps leader(s) [BETA] 1st: Tresmorne 2nd: Chunin [Alpha] ( BrokenInside, Konahri, Jazzberry jam ) [Beta] ( Dareem, Brae, Rainyer, Kaguya Light, Arashi Himitsu ) ( Bowieeee, Nut, MrChubb, Pervy Sage ) Specialized Jonin [Beta] ( Tresmorne, Proxied ) ( Miki, Vaga )
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    I will talk to Rory about creating RP safe places.
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    I come back from NIN about 5 months later, and we still have the "exclusive" 5th Anniversary cloak, which can't be exclusive when it's been out for that friken long. We got what one update, a boss/dungeon that I hear is boring after you first run. The community is the only thing keeping this game together. So much potential is in this game, but you aren't using it at all. Promised so many updates in terms of more elemental combinations, Eight Gates, double elements, Mist Village. I don't need them all to be hear, but maybe give us some updates, even if all it was is "we didn't do anything yet" I rather have that then have the devs pop content out in short bursts instead of more mediated and long term updates. I loved this game, even with constant rind that was required to get to late game content. But, the community is something one of a kind. You guys really need to step up for the updates you want, not wait for the updates and just pvp/raid all day. If there's anything wrong with what I said, feel free to tell me. I encourage you to argue with me if you feel differently.
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    I was just messing around in game a few minutes earlier, so far it seems really cool. Figured I'd make an introduction post. I'm not entirely confident in what to write here. So, I'll just put some stuff. I like reading and playing games. Strategy, 2D, Retro, Adventure, Fantasy, etc. I dislike horror to some extent (I scare easy). I enjoy the cold winter months, compared to the summer ones (I'm weird, I know, I'm not really a heat fan, burn easy). I'm not a very skilled PvP person. I've done very little of it. Still, I hope to meet you all in the game. Hope your future days are sunshine and happiness. -Lycoris
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    Fixed bugs on the following maps: Water Crossing Larva Road Sand Sillage Northern Entrance Leaf Village Southern Outskirts Mysterious Rock Wall
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    Nin "we are afraid of copy rights" Also Nin "let's steal all the jutsus ,Organizations(Anbu Outfit included), maps, Village names,Toad training and manda, who and how villages run from naruto lol" (for real tho if they just called it differently they could just avoid "copy right")
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    Since I personally also feel misunderstood, and my previous posts were written with some emotion behind it i'll try to re-write what I actually meant. To clarify things for everyone. Personally I think that the team behind NinOnline is doing a very good job, so whatever is in my post will not be a rage at them. I really like this game for what it is, it's just not as heavy rp oriented as I hoped it would be. I agreed with Indra on the part where I believe it's supposed to be a RP game. I ALSO agree that PVP is supposed to be a part of a RP game. But with the world being one giant highway from Leaf to Sand, you're to bump into enemies a tad too easily in my opinion. Things like this need time to change. I'm sure it will get better as soon as the world gets an upgrade. (For example with the mist village coming up, that's about to enlarge the game world and that's something I can't wait to see personally.) Yet for the game to be enjoyable for roleplayers it could use a bunch of tweaks. But if the community won't grow with it, all of your efforts will be for nothing. It's mainly the community's issue. Most of you come here probably looking through google for a Naruto MMORPG, and never even heard of RP before. Which is okay, everyone has their own reasons for playing a game, and I don't blame you, it's how I got here as well in the first place, though this was years ago and my preferences of playstyle have changed. I think that RP safe places would be a nice addition, but with the community having no reason to go there I am not sure how this would work out. These places might either be void if people can't earn anything in there, or they'll turn out to be a place where people go to relax. I'm not sure, all of that depends, again, on the community. The thing is, every update done for this carries it's own problems to tackle. It's not guaranteed that people won't camp right outside of those RP zones. TBH if I were in Seth's or Rory's shoes (or any other dev member for that matter), my brain would seriously hurt from all of the inputs they try to handle. Every single thing changed has it's consequences. Things like adding a RP tag like we've got a PVP tag, sounds cool, but in reality, a couple of people will stop and actually RP, another will know that you won't PVP them and will go for the first hit because that makes you an easy target. There is always two sides, and that's why it's so hard to balance out. PVP IS RP, sure. In some way. People are in war, so fights are to be expected. Yet whenever I am not wearing a headband, and still get one-shot, what is the roleplay behind it? For all your character knows I could be a normal citizen, because they wouldn't even be able to identify me. You don't see police shooting entire cities because the killer is somewhere around that place. Roleplay can go pretty deep, and that's the point you're all missing. In the anime i've never seen anyone properly walk into the leaf besides two akatsuki members. Yet here, the lowest of ranks are send to attack the opposing village. Though missions like this are cool, the survey vs guard duty thing really is some nice RPVP, if I can call it such. Yet once again, this has two sides. The thought behind it is amazing, and fits a RP world to some extent. But it also prevents people from actually living their characters, because they might get one-shot. Personally what I think this game needs, and this too is debatable, because i'm just another person, is GM run events. If they are able to write out story arcs, and ban PVP temporarily during these, people will have a story to follow. People would actually be able to roleplay around more things than just 'Hey we're in war with Suna let's kill them.'. That way there will be a main story, and people will actually feel involved if they get to make certain actions during these events. When I first joined an event like this, my poorly chosen actions actually made a boat sink in this story and the entire mission was ruined. I was new to RP, and I failed the mission, yet this made me feel like an actual character in the anime- it was amazing to say the least. I would even be willing to help with this, all though i'm not the best writer for bigger events or world stories. The thing we need for RP to occur occasionaly is people actually wanting to get involved. Mysteries to solve for people inbetween events. Who was that rogue that single-handedly outlived your entire squad, what were his motives for murdering an entire clan, and how do we stop him the next time we bump into him. No one has ever asked themselves these questions because they had never felt the need to, people just needed to improve their PvP to decrease the skill gap, and were never forced to actually consider every action they had made. Another cool addition could be an in-character section on the forums. This would require the dev team little to no effort. People could make posts in-character, like posters, which advertise for the events/ stories they're about to host. That way roleplayers can easily find each other. It could be anything from wanted posters, to a letter which is calling people together for a tournament. Though something similar already exists, it just feels unused sadly. Yet this would add something to the game world. Players that have read the forums would have more to roleplay around in-game if such a system was actually used by the community. (Also nope, the GM are doing a good job, their events are just non-rp.) I guess what i'm trying to say is that people need to want to get involved for the RP to be enjoyable for everyone. Sadly people often only get involved when there is a reward behind it. I DO like the things that are already present in the game, i'm just saying that they could use some tweaks here and there. Though, I personally wouldn't know how and the dev team is already so busy that i'm not going to write more suggestions to them. Things like this will come whenever the game world has progressed further, and skill sets are done, or whatever the dev team has in store for us. Personally I shall just be taking a break for a while. I'll still be doing some sprites, for fun. Also, i'll think about my own aproach to this community. I've been thinking about making events myself, and getting some stories going. For those that are into RP, keep an eye on the thread i'm about to open. For those that aren't, await my return and i'll get you jealous eventually. You'll want to be a part of it! (Hopefully! XD) Though this has turned into another essay and i'll stop writing now before it turns into another one of my books. Hopefully i've clarified things for now. Feel free to shoot down my ideas, or compliment them. You do you, and I do me. Much love, Jessica.
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    This upcoming weekend I'll be hosting a total of 8 hours of blessing split between Saturday and Sunday. Below is a table listing the dates and times of when you will be able to gain additional exp from missions and mobs. Be sure to invite your friends and help them level up and enjoy the game like many of us do. If you need help converting timezones from US to your respective country, follow this link: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ Saturday, September 29th below times are posted for your local timezones. Event starts 4 PM PST and ends 8:59 PM PST Event starts 5 PM MST and ends 9:59 PM MST Event starts 6 PM CST and ends 10:59 PM CST Event starts 7 PM EST and ends 11:59 PM EST Sunday, September 30th below times are posted for your local timezones. Event starts 10 AM PST and ends 2:59 PM PST Event starts 11 AM MST and ends 3:59 PM MST Event starts 12 PM CST and ends 4:59 PM CST Event starts 1 PM EST and ends 5:59 PM EST
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    Ok So.... so like ok when the sharingan is activated there should be a pixelated sharingan above the players head and it stays there for bout 1.5 secs (The Sharingan is active for about 1-2 minutes) thats how you would know that the person has activated it Ok now the abilities: It can have some sort of "genjutsu" it will stun nearby enemies(players,spiders,tigers,wolfs,..) Copy Jutsu If someone uses a jutsu the person with the sharingan has about 2-4 secconds to use the ability and copy the jutsu sending it where he is looking at (btw he has to be looking at the person using the jutsu) Crows, the player takes shape of crows and moves around for about 5 secconds (shuriken,kunai and other weapons cant hit him but some jutsu can) The Person Unlocks 2 and 3 tomoe sharingan by leveling it up We dont need the mangeyo yet Only add the normal one Please I know its hard and all but a lot of people will be happy and all -Leo Tekkai
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    Missions can now affect village scores. Though not yet used. New Night/Sunset music for Sand village. New Night/Sunset music for Leaf village. Sand village notice board fixed
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    Name: Kaziro Mirana Mastery or Masteries: Pure Tai/ Gf Level: 38 Reason to join: My reason for joining the Mirana clan is so I myself can grow stronger as a Hidden Leaf Ninja through fighting those who are stronger than me so I can later utilize the strength I have obtained to protect the people of the Hidden Leaf Village against foes such as, Rogue Ninja’s, as well as Sand Ninja’s. I as a person who sincerely loves the Hidden Leaf Village wants to do what is best for the Hidden Leaf Village and what is best for the Hidden Leaf Village is protection against powerful foes who pose a threat. That way, low levels in the Hidden Leaf Village will feel more encouraged and reassured that the Hidden Leaf Village is a good place to stick with on Nin Online. Bio relating to the Mirana clan: Kaziro who had been born and raised a completely oblivious child with no recognition of what clan he had been born in, as well as his family, caused the child to become immensely skeptical at some point in his life. However, all of that curiosity and skepticalness would be put to rest once Kaziro reached the age of seven. Upon turning the age of seven, Kaziro would hear about a clan that had been said to be one of the most powerful yet noble clans ever to exist in the Hidden Leaf Village. This clan would be known as the Mirana clan and quite frankly, this clan, in particular, would spark a source of interest and dream into the seven-year-old kid’s mind. As Kaziro grew older and older, he continued to watch as the Mirana clan would bask in its own glory battle after battle. Eventually, once Kaziro had reached the the tender age of ten years old, he had already made up his mind and had decided that he would aim towards getting into the Mirana clan, which had essentially meant that from there on out, Kaziro would have to work ten times harder than his peers at the academy. When the time came, Kaziro would finally turn twelve years old and would now become a Genin. Becoming a Genin finally after Kaziro’s hard work would essentially act as a drive towards making his dream of joining the Mirana clan into a reality he could finally grasp with his own hands.
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    Give me, Give me, Give me. If we can cloak, we should be able to transform. Str/Agi users should be able to do it too.
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    Fucc you,people work hard for silvers and there is list of people that got it for 1 random shit,where is justice in it? I made 2 guides about seals some time after start of the beta(now outdated) and I got middle finger. This guy made guide too and got shit. Yeah show me your mod powers and delete answer and ban me for bad behaviour.
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    Good editing ! I don't see the "worked hard" part there to be honest, that comes from experience. Liked and subbed!
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    Hi my name is Chi. I am the leader of the Tsuyoi clan and i'm a loyal Leaf village shinobi. My duty is to help my comrades and to help my village in any type of way.In this clan we are all friends and family if you hurt one of us you go against all of us.We are always nice to one another you can be any level to join my clan levels don't matter! Clan History The Tsuyoi clan is a clan that is allied with Konohagakure No Sato. The word Tsuyoi means "Strength" in japanese. The Tsuyoi clan was found by a young Kunoichi called Chi Tsuyoi she was once in another clan but she left and decided to make her own. The Tsuyoi clan is a very strong and intelligent clan with smart and power full ninjas. The tsuyoi clan members don't all have the same blood but they are all family, If you mess with clan member, You mess with all the clan members.The Tsuyoi clan is free to join Levels don't matter at all! Chi Tsuyoi has gone through rough times in her passed but she has learnt and gained experience from all those actions that have happened to her and all the actions she has done.The Tsuyoi clan does not allow any rouge ninjas but your allowed to join if you allied with the leaf village.This clan is allied with Konohagakure No Sato and against Sunagakure no sato and all Rouge Ninjas except if your allied. "Never give up! chase your dreams do what you want to do in life, Never back down from anyone or anything if anyone is against you don't let them get in your way!" ~Chi Tsuyoi REQUIREMENTS? Name has to be ____Tsuyoi Any level! Be active if you can! Leader: @Chi Tsuyoi Members: @Okina Tsuyoi
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    Lighting DOES suck. In my vision, lighting should be the fastest mastery. yet it is the slowest. Shut up with you non sense about ppl canceling your jutsu when the problem is only that lighting doestn have a single non cast good jutsu.
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    Ligthning need a complet rework. lol. Vision or not, i think that every masteries should be good. PS: advanced stuff coming cannot be a an excuse of why it currently suck. all basic masteries should be good.
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    Short lift I spose but this is the summarized short version of a 3 post long RP character from another site. I've been RP'ing him for quite some time and he's set to become Raikage. Nakajima Hayate - Kumogakure Jounin
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    .Overview The Ketsuki is a relatively small clan residing in the Leaf village.ketsuki was originaly ketsueki which means blood but it changed due to how people pronounce it. .Joining requirement : Name changed to ____ Ketsuki . A resume of your story and personality posted below. .Story @Yin Ketsuki was swordsman and among the few survivors from the land of Iron, seeking for shelter for him and for the rest of the survivors that became his family till he found a village hidden in the middle of a forest, people were welcoming and strong, they accepted him among them, the clan started growing with time and became respected by others. .Appearance While the combination may be common outside the clan, the Ketsuki clan is known to possess a warm colored eyes and different shades of dark hair. Yellow eyes are very rare within the clan. Those who have yellow eyes are of royal genes. Yin Ketsuki is the only known clan member with yellow eyes. His late grandfather had yellow eyes himself. .Traditions .Coming of Age (RP) : All members of the Ketsuki clan are encouraged to partake in the coming of age ceremony. They are not recognized as adults until they have succeeded in doing so. The purpose of the ceremony is to evaluate their work and progress and abilities to fight by fighting other Ketsuki or non-ketsuki shinobis. Coming of Age ceremonies are typically held when they are level fifteen but some participate above or under. if they succeed or impress, their names will be written in the clan's scroll Coming of Age ceremonies are a clan wide affair, and as such, many show up to watch groups of young Ketsuki attempt to pass their ceremony and scout what kind of work they can accomplish. Young ninjas also spend weeks on preparing and training. Festivals RP : Once a year, the clan memebers gathers at the marketplace to enjoy the festival, tokens will be given to assure everyone is entertained. Even other can celebrate with the ketsuki members as a thank for hosting them back then. ll In development ll .Ethics .Ketsuki clan isnt respected for nothing, here's the pillars that the clan is built on : -Helping others is nice, helping new ninjas is a must. - Negative attitude, toxic words are forbidden. if a Ketsuki shows any agressive attitide he will be exiled from the clan. -The ketsuki clan isn't against marrying outside of the clan but the secret abilities must not be shared no matter what. -Everyone can participate at creating an RP event / fight / mission with the agreement of the leader _____________________________________________________________ Clan head: @Yin Ketsuki Important/notable members: @Kyo Ketsuki Members:
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    Eye Color Change: I think a tool that will allow you to change or reset your eye color should be implemented. Just like there is rainbow hair dye I think the same concept should be added for your eyes. The reason being is that after awhile you may get bored of color you currently have or may come to like something different and resetting the character you grinded on for so long just because of an eye color seems like a waste of time and effort.
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    This will be fixed next patch!
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    Hey, just joined Nin few days ago so far level 16. I've learned that this game revolves heavily around the community and I wanted to say hi! I'm also an avid role player, and I look forward to role play with you guys.
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    There is, but I wanted to make a guide on how to get into the actual house itself. So I figured let me show how you actually get into sewers in the first place but ya know, im sure there is already guides on it.
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    Gotta agree with Joseki, seems like it's more of a population issue.
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    Good guide my man, if it had come few hours earlier that would've been helpful
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    Damn, education done right. Thanks Oriax for your wisdom.
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    This really educated me as I did not know of the not-so-secret-anymore entrance and I give you 10 holy blessings for the teachings. thank you Oriax
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    When you unfriend someone in your friend's list, it unfriends someone that isn't the guy you're trying to unfriend.
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    Nice, I wanna join. Im friendly rogue : )
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    I do understand what racism is, and i know you're racist and homophobic, dont make me have to prove it. You're just making yourself more dumb in everyone's eyes every post you make. Lame
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    Everything in Naruto is copied from this: https://www.quotev.com/story/5566100/Japanese-History-Legends/7 https://www.quotev.com/story/5566100/Japanese-History-Legends/8 Pretty cool history the japs have. Let's copyright japanese history!! xD
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    The villages are not Suna and Konoha, they are leaf and sand, don't believe anyone can copyright the words 'leaf' or 'sand'. Anbu is a player made organisation, no? Same for Akatsuki? Never seen any company throw a copyright claim towards a guild, unsure about the clothes however, though i've never seen anyone copyright jeans. I'm not sure if you can copyright talking frogs or snakes, worst case scenario they would have to change names lol. Bah, wish I knew more about this. Pretty sure you can dodge the rules in some way or another though. (I mean yeah, you never see a kamehameha outside of DBZ, yet every other freakin' game has those lasers. xD) So emmm.. cough.. prepare for the latest update the SHARIGAN! and the Massive propelled windball jutsu- RASEGAN! xD
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    You’re supposed to put that on your personal bio I think.
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    Outside of the RP missions that force you to do some RP this game is run by PvP. This has to do with everyone, the developers, mods, game masters, kages, councils etc. People who are put in charge have very little knowledge on how to turn the game around towards RP, same goes for the players and the system this game is run on. Adding safe zones for RP (while a good gesture) brings absolutely nothing and is a joke of a suggestion to aid the bigger problem at hand. Why is there no RP? Why people decide to PvP more? The answer is real simple. You don't get anything out of roleplaying in this game. People that want to do it for fun are at minority and for the most part people want to PvP/PvE because they get the most out of it. RP = No reward (why do it) RP = reward (I want to be rewarded) if RP = reward and PvP/PvE = reward, too many rewards? Then it comes down to balancing out the rewards, grading performance, building functioning RP systems with certain rule-sets, actually interacting with players from opposing factions more often in order to build story-lines and scenarios instead of trying to come out a winner of every fight and battle. The best way to bring out more RP, more creativity from within the community would be to make RP more rewarding and PvE/PvP less rewarding (with ´things said above implemented). In RP+PvP games that I've played in the past the latter part was always a lot inferior when it came to being rewarded for exp, but it was possible to do.
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    The racism level of this man is above 9000.
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    What about players that never had a choice in knowing before hand is lightning going to be a good or a bad mastery? Mm-m troublesome.
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    Name: Dayum Mastery or Masteries: Fire Level: 47 Reason to join: I believe the Mirana Clan fits perfectly to me. I love to PvP and improve everyday. To become stronger and achieve my personal goals, I think Mirana is the right choice to help me get there. Also I do really like the people in it, they seem to be chill. Bio relating to the Mirana clan: Due to amnesia Dayum does not have any memories about his childhood whatsoever. He was found in a Forest close to the Leaf village and got educated by very skilled Leaf Chunins and Jonins. Because of the fact that his environment was so skillful, he quickly learned all the basics and even beyond that. He still trains hard and fights every day to improve his skills and extend his knowledge. When it comes to a fight, Dayum shows no fear at all and faces every challenge. After some time, he finally became Genin and slowly realized what a huge talent he has in being a Shinobi. Also he got in touch with people of the Mirana Clan. They taught him and later on Dayum was looking up to them. At the age of 14 Dayum participated in the Chunin Exam. By using his Fire style he managed to master every stage and win it in the end. Unfortunately he didn't get promoted to the Chunin Rank. But that wasn't a reason for him to stop the training. Dayum is now aiming to not only become a Chunin, he wants to become the best Shinobi.
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    Take the two cents of a new guy: Genjutsu could work, it'd just be more of a status effect/debuff thing. I haven't watched episodes of the series where Genjutsu was used recently, but why not just have a variety of status effects that genjutsu could put the user into. Low level examples would include: Confuse - The victim is percieving that attacks are coming in from a different angle than they actually are. Evasion decreased. Disorient - The victim is under a genjutsu that is making their world spin slightly, disorientating them. Their accuracy with all forms of attacks falls as a result. Fearful - The user puts the victim into an illusion where they are dealing with a personal phobia in addition to combat, decreasing their defense drastically. Sexy Illusion - The user, if fighting someone of the opposite gender, places them in an illusion where the user is wearing the outfit that the victim finds 'sexiest'. Therefore, their (offensive stat) is lowered. And their nose is bleeding. I dunno if the idea even has potential, or if the stats in the game would allow for something like this, but hey, every little bit helps, right?