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    Hello guys. I know most prices are already established in the game amongst the higher-level players, however, I feel like the low-level's deserve a fair chance too. As such, I'm posting a list with the market prices of each item. If they do not sell on the market, I will just insert their value when sold in any village store. (If anything is wrong with the list, notify me by PMing me on discord or just correct me on this post itself.) You should, naturally, feel free to add in on all the things that I have personally forgotten the prices of, such as the Tunneler's tongues. I mean, come on... They only thing I farm nowadays is wolf fur, lol. Thank you! Without further ado, here are the lists: Items with no market price: Cocoon 1 ryo each Spider Eggs 2 ryo each Scorpion Tail 2 ryo each Ant Feelers 2 ryo each Dragonfly Wings 2 ryo each Canine Fang 3 ryo each Honey Comb 3 ryo each Fox Fur 3 ryo each Tiger Fur 4 ryo each Scarab Shells 4 ryo each Rat Tails 5 ryo each Tunneler's Tongue 5 ryo each Big Scarab Shells 5 ryo each Insect Wing 5 ryo each Undead Charm 5 ryo each Bear Paw 6 ryo each Grey Bear Paw 7 ryo each Hawk Talon 7 ryo each Items with market prices: Snake Venom 15-18 ryo each DNA Sample 50-100 ryo each Wolf Fur 50-200 ryo each Racoon Tails 80-150 ryo each Hawk Feather 200-400 ryo each Blank Scroll 250-300 ryo each Tier I scroll 500+ ryo each Tier II scroll 1000-1500 ryo each Tier III scroll 1500-2500 ryo each Rare drops (market prices): Cigarette 1,000-2,000 ryo each Gas Mask 2,000 ryo each Poison-Laced Kunai 2,500-3,000 ryo each Seji no Hani 2,000-3,500 ryo each Black fan 2,500-5,000 ryo each Twin fangs 3,000-5,000 ryo each Religious Katana 3,000-5,000 ryo each Veiled Sakkat 5,000-8,000 ryo each Snake Rope Belt 8,000+ ryo each Great Grandfather's Muramasa (Usually just sold to the shop for 7,500 ryo) 8,000+ ryo each Gloves Knuckle Price: TBA Shirokata 40,000+ ryo each Dark Bandit Blade 50,000+ ryo each Bandit Pants 60,000+ ryo each Oriental Fan 80,000+ ryo each Kotsuzui Tanto 150,000-200,000 ryo each Festival Items: Black Dragon Festival Mask Price: TBA Red Dragon Festival Mask Price: TBA Event HQ Items: Stylish Sword 6,000-10,000 ryo each (Un)Hooded Robes (Various Colors) 7,500-10,000 ryo each Hermit Forehead Protector 8,000-10,000 ryo each Sashed Kimono (Various Colors) / 15,000-20,000 ryo each Limited-Time Tradable Cash Stop Items: Gold Furred Armor 5,000-10,000 ryo each White Hermit Cape 8,000-12,000 ryo each Ceramic War Armor 45,000-50,000 ryo each Check out @Marino's post about each mob to know what to farm at which levels!
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    Dear Ninja, First of it's kind rant Dev log. Balance is hard. Everyone has a favorite kind of ninja they want to be, and in an anime/manga, you don't have to consider balancing it in any legible way. When initially designing each mastery, I had a vision for it to affect the players gameplay heavily, for them to be good in certain scenarios, weak in others and also plan unique training experiences for them. For example, as a Tools Ninja, you would have a unique advantage in battles where you could prepare in advance by placing traps. You would have a harder time in spur of the moment battles or ambushes. You would also spend a lot more ryo on tools, hence have a harder time leveling up. As a fire ninja, you would have a big advantage in small arenas. Without any meaningful crowd control, you would rely heavily on AoE and landing your jutsu, which would be more easily done when there is little place to run. The large open world of Nin Online has little tight spaces besides bridges and valleys, but as new arenas are used for more chunin exams, maybe we'll see arenas where this mastery and others shine more. Sword ninja and Fan ninja are the only mastery where you need to hunt for your weapon. As more boss fights come, you will hunt for better weapons with better stats. I got a message from somebody saying tool ninjas were unbalanced because it was too broken because they OP when they can prepare for fights but are useless when they are fighting unprepared.. Good job me? My point is that there's a special place for each mastery in the games balance. The ideal end point is not where every mastery is balanced in a 1v1 fight or a 5v5 team fight. The end goal is for each mastery to have areas where it excels, and are weak in. Arenas where some will prosper and others fail. The end goal is not for support medics to have the same easy time training as Taijutsu ninja. The ideal balance is when each class feels like it has enough merit and fun points to be worth the training. There's a lot more to do, and always will be more I can do to improve the experience of each mastery. Sometimes tweaking values isn't enough, and sometimes it fixes things entirely. But there's more to balancing and game design than everything being fair in a 1v1 fight and I hope everyone who reads this gets my vision at least. PS: Typed on my phone right before bed. Ignore typos!
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    I think it would be a good idea for us to be able to get an increase in the amount of jutsu in our arsenal. I assume that the 15 limit cap was there in order to "nerf" sub-path + secondary masteries from having 18+ jutsu's to use at once from 3 masteries. Now with the shared cool down that has been implemented that is no longer an issue so I think we should be able to get more jutsu slots. The reason is so that if you want to learn a different jutsu or change builds you don't have to delete the old jutsu and re-buy them then level them up again if you decide to change back. It is very expensive to get the jutsu back and time consuming to relearn them.
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    The Mist Village is dead. Why is the Mist Village dead? The damn boat ride. Who wants to sit and do nothing for 5 friggin minutes to get to and from the village. During a blessing, to get to Mist and back will take an entire quarter of the blessing. Lemme repeat that; "To get to the Mist and back." doesn't even include doing the mission. That's just the travel time. Reduce the boat ride by 80%. 1 minute is long enough to sit and do jack all while a boat moves across the water. RP wise it's meh. Gameplay wise it's a horrid decision. This honestly ruined people's interest in playing in Mist. Alternatively or in addition, allow Mist ninja a way to "Fast travel." this allows raiders to have to take the one minute ride while Mist Ninja have a "Secret route" that is exclusive to the village. As I put in my other post "Make the Kuraken a raid boss;" the alternate route of traveling on the water needs to be instance based and a raid boss. This way you have to take the boat. But by making the ride 1 minute instead of 5, it's roughly the same amount of time that it would take to cross the water without the stupidly high chance of being annihilated by an unkillable entity. @Ueda
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    This will be my Hidden Mist Village Launch Post-mortem talking about what it took to create the Hidden Mist Village’s initial launch state in Nin Online. It's been a long journey to create this major expansion for the game, and with the release a few months ago, it's been very satisfying to watch the dynamics of the game change. Elk's Work (2013) But the journey to create the Mist village actually goes back even further than you may think. Because it started in 2013, with some concepts drawn up by @Elk, one of the artists at the time. Back then, there was little to no reference of what the Mist village actually looked like besides a blur image on Naruto's Fan Wikia. The only other reference of the land of water, was from flashback scenes of the snowy smaller village that Haku was born in, in the original Naruto series. We had 2 simple directions, we wanted to keep the Mist village dark and gloomy, and really bring out the feel of the Zabuza Arc, and that's all we knew. Unfortunately, all of the artwork that Elk posted back then has gone offline and expired from image hosting sites, so I can't show you what he did. But the way the village looks from his concept art, and what we ended up having is uncanny. My Timeline of working on the Mist village (2018-2019) Like all the villages, it all really starts with a sketch, a very barebones sketch. Unlike the Suna one, this one was done digitally (in paint). Which you can see the similarities between the final product. Going from that sketch (Mid 2018) to this (Mid 2019) is rewarding! Tiles One of the hardest things to make for tiles are round objects, especially large round objects. So making a lot of different sized round buildings for Mist was definitely a bigger challenge than the square buildings in the Leaf and the one size round buildings of the Sand. But I felt that it was necessary for this village. I didn't want Mist village to just be a recolored Leaf village, so the majority of the tiles were made brand new just for the Mist village, besides small common objects that could just be recolored. In total, the Mist village has 3 tilesets (2048x2048) of sprites, 2 of them full! as well as a smaller tileset for the ant cave and one more for the Ship tiles for the new ship ride to the land of water. This is some early style tests of what Mist would look like Maps Although it may sound simple, like oh just add Mist map and the surrounding forests. The total number of maps created for the Mist village thus far is 58 including the interiors to buildings, and there's more to come. With the release of the Mist village also came the small village outside, the ports, the organization bases, the Academy, the shops, Asoki Port village and all the maps previously non-existent linking the old playable map space to the new. I didn't want each map to look like a clone of each other, so I made sure that different parts of the Land of Water felt different, and so it feels more like an entire country, not one village! These maps were all hand crafted and a lot of them contain new artwork made specially for them. The new mist graphic that overlays the maps was also custom made based on the Zabuza Arc's look and feel. The village map consists of unique buildings that can take a whole day to complete, and I took time to make sure maps like the Spa felt different from what you already have in the Leaf and Sand village. Like I said though, because there was little to no references of what Mist village should look like, the entire layout of the village was created originally for Nin Online, and so if you start seeing it look this way in any other game, chances are - they've been playing Nin Online! Mobs & Summons I made 10 mobs for Mist village. Including Ants, Boars, the Kraken etc. There's only two summons at the moment, Clams and Pandas! But for Clams, I wanted it to be very different from the other summons, so we made it so it was a stationary summon and I created Acid Mist Jutsu for it too. Adding summons is a process of doing the art and animations, then adding their Summoning Jutsu and stats, adding their NPC database stats, adding their summoning manual and adding the NPCs that sells their manuals. Bubble Mastery I wanted Bubble Mastery to work and feel different from other masteries, so I designed it around traps and snares, but utilizing a weapon. Although there's still more to do for it, I'm happy with how it looks! The art for it took a few weeks and then the implementation took a few days. Along with every new jutsu and mastery, comes a bunch of backend work like creating Jutsu/Jutsu Manuals/Scroll Scribe in the database. New Items/Equipment Mist Military Police Uniforms, Purple Forehead Protectors, Hunter-nin Robes and Masks, Mizukage Clothes, Mist Utility Vests, Blue and Colored Collar Jackets, Bubble Pipe are some of the equipment I did the art for, as well as all the mob drops and mission items! Oh, and the Bandaged Face Mask was done just a few days before launch to let people look more Misty. Scripting Making maps, doesn't just make them work. There's a lot of scripted systems for features like RP Missions, the Academy, Fainting and the hospital, Imprisonment, Kage command room, adding Mist to the War Event Map, and the Boat Ride too! These take time to make and are all done within the game itself. Missions The mission system is a complicated system. It's built upon both scripting and hard coding. The hard coded system is relatively simple, and it leaves a lot of the customizing each mission to the in-game scripting, so each mission takes a bit to create. I make NPCs and place them around and design fetch missions, I design mobs and place them around and design kill missions, I create a gate map and then script the timers for it, and then create guarding missions. I didn't want to just make missions for the Mist to go to the Sand and Leaf, so I also had to make missions for both the Sand and Leaf to now venture into the land of water. It may not seem like it from one village's perspective, but we effectively doubled the number of missions in Nin Online just by adding Mist! Missions have to be scripted down to the level of what to do to the player when he dies, and it has to be linked to the Village Score System for example, which has to be linked to the War System, and with systems so interconnected, it gets exponentially harder with every additional piece added into it. Clans This was a relatively simple thing to do, I looked through all the submissions for clans for Mist and created emblems for them or used ones submitted. Most of adding clans is just in the UI.. so.. UI & Forum / Website New UI pieces like symbols for the bingo book, the character selection, the world map and the village map had to be made. This was all done around April 2019. New introduction scene for the Mist village was hacked together myself as well! New login screens to celebrate the Mist launch too. The forum and things like updater had to be updated with new graphics pieces to feature our new village as well! Things like promotional banners were and social media images too. Music I did one piece of soundtrack for the Mist village, and the others are done by @Afilion! My piece plays in some of the interiors. I'm not a professional musician like him, but I wanted to leave a mark in a different way. NPCs I created 11 NPCs with full walking and attack animations for the Mist village, for things like Guards, and just wandering NPCs. Other Staff's Contributions Besides, Elk, our ex-artist @Sezu also contributed to the village with Dragonflies & Fox Mobs, 8 Misc. Static NPCs, the Striped Clothing Styled Items, and the to be seen Chunin Headband (Slanted Mist Protectors) & Mist Flak Jacket! On the programming side, there was a little bit of work to be done to prepare the engine to support a third village, which was all done by our resident programmer @Seth. Reaper/Santa Chulo also contributed with yet to be seen art like the weapons of the 7 Swordsmen of the Mist. @Afilion did the new village theme songs! I also commissioned an artist named Daikai to create new artwork for Mist Ninja! Conclusions Mist took a lot of work. It was a lot of carrying from myself. It gets exponentially harder to add more things to a game where every feature is interconnected. I left out a lot of backend work I had to do, and I'm sure I missed a ton of things I had to do. I'm thankful for the help everyone has contributed to the village. There were times I just felt like releasing Mist half done without summons, without organizations, without new jutsu.. but I decided against it because I wanted everything to be experienced at once and for people to get that feeling of a big new update coming, instead of the usual small patches with one or two new items. Although we announced that I hoped Mist would release in 2018, the original pipeline changed very quickly in that year. Between then and now, we also went to add major systems like Summons and Clans which were not initially intended to be added before Mist. I had to spend a good few months working on fixing the major crash bug in 2018 which you can read about here.. Mist was a lot of work, it still is, and adding more content is getting harder and harder. But we'll keep going, slowly but surely. Thank you all for the support and for playing Nin Online!
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    Increased "Big Ancient Insects" Mission Reward from 8600 EXP to 14600 EXP. Increased "The Exorcist" Mission Reward from 8600 EXP to 14600 EXP. Increased "Mutant Rats" Mission Reward from 8600 EXP to 14600 EXP. Do expect less updates as we spend some time taking a break from adding content, and focus more on important server issues.
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    Earlier, I was defending my responses on Discord a long time ago - thinking that I needed to confront the problem in-game. This was a mistake on my part, so I apologize if I disrespected anyone's beliefs, religion, or even race. I was not wording what I said the right way and it was taken out of context. I have no hatred toward any race, religion, or creed.
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    Closing this because the way the post is phrased is disrespectful. If you want your opinions to be considered, you should try to calm down. Nobody is disrespecting you by adding a new village into the game, it was only 1 and a half years of my life's work that was added for free with little to no reward for myself with no dirty practices to try to milk it. Also, we didn't remove the Leaf village or Sand village, you can still play those.
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    1) First things first, Do not go full str bubble mastery , Just dont chief that aint it. 2) We already have enough Wm's But play whatever you want 3) The worse moments in your gameplay will be spent waiting on a boat that takes 5 minutes in every direction it travels 4) After getting of the Horrific Vehicle mentioned in the previous rule you will have to go through the maps formally known as the bears of death, have your cloak ready people do like to camp this maps entrance from the port but even more dangerous than that is the group of bears sometimes left to troll people so always cloak. 5) Your main training zones will always be danger zones as a newbie no way around it so you will be ripe for the picking from other villages and without being a trusted member within the village who wont be able to alert the discord of an enemy, in this case you can use the Aviary (that finally works most people dont know this since we were so use to not having a village chat) and hope someone who is capable or aware of the discord can let others know 6) If you for some reason that is not obvious to people decide to not take the boat you have another option of running across the seas losing chakra by the time you reach the other end (also may i add ripe for the picking by enemies camping the other side) You run the risk of being killed by a undefeatable SSSSSSSSSS Rank monster do not attempt this route unless your FPS is above 100 or you have 10 other sacraficial pawns you can use to take the monsters aggro off of you, also running diagonally Helps 7) Do not let you frustrations of the design of this village get to you to the point that it makes you create an irrational but understandable posts about the current state of your village due to circumstances that you cannot control, we have lost many brothers because of this very fact. But most importantly, Do not Lose Hope This has been The Guide for Newbies to become a Succesful Ninja is this Harrassing World Signed, a Harassed Ninja
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    Added Ukiyo Clan Robe! This is the first player submitted Clan item to be implemented, if you have a design in mind and/or you want your clan to have a custom clothing first, you can attempt to make it yourself. Good job to @Serias for the contribution.
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    We received Intel that the Village Hidden within the Leaves were set to have a meeting within the coming times and most of the village would be insecure due to having to focus all security detail in the place of the gathering instead. Knowing that a chance like this doesn't come too often the Missing Organization Taka decided to take full advantage of the situation and show the Leaf village and other Organizations what a select group of people few in number could accomplish and have a large scale effect when a plan is executed correctly. Mission: To successfully assassinate the Kage by any means whether that means death or capture the main goal of this mission was to rid the village of their leader. The group headed from Takumi to the leaf village almost waltzing into the village without any repercussions we decided to set up shop tactically instead of rushing in without a plan. For some reason, there were no Anbu stationed within the Kage's Office After setting up shop (A whole lot of hidden traps) we patiently waited in the shadows for the Hokage to unknowingly walk into his office without the expectations of the gifts that awaited him while his meeting was going on. The Hokage seemingly walked into his office to pick up a bit of paperwork he needed for his meeting again I have no idea why his Anbu guard detail was not with him or at least his jonin/chunnin guards but not one to look a gift horse in the mouth we accepted the successful mission either way. With the combination of hidden traps and members lying in wait, the Org took the oblivious kage by surprise and defeated him swiftly. Mission Succesful: Kage Assassination Complete S rank Mission 555,000 exp gained. Requirements for Organization base Obtained Suggestion : Mission for Kage/Jonin Kill missions that are avaible to Organizations such as Missings orgs with a base, Hunter Nin, Anbu, Sandbu Only The Kage/Leader of the village/org is able to make a custom mission with simple verbs like Kill> (Player of Notable Ranking Name) (S class mission) Also Taka has been very active and creating alot of entertainment within the game that is undeniable and has posted numerous amount of videos in support of the game and trying to reach out to various media platform to extend the audience of Nin Online's reach, other orgs were rewarded with a base of their own i know we have done enough to recieve a similar honor. #Rp @Ueda @Reap@Michael
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    There is a huge delay between what you see travel at you and when it actually hits you. It's making the game unplayable.
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    I'm sorry but I think differently. Mist doesn't have to be the same as every other village, it's meant to be hidden and dificult to reach, not only that I think Mist looks absolutely beautiful. I just think maybe the fog and rain could be lessen a bit as sometimes dificult to see your characters especially in some maps but that's it. I'm really impressed with whoever made mist and I think you should be a bit more grateful instead of just bashing down the hardwork.of the Devs which are releasing this free content for all of us. Your opinion matters but you need to be more considerate and careful with your words, like I said some things need to be tweaked and they will, the Devs love this game more than any of us.
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    We need a "/ez" emote in the game. I'm not even joking...
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    Not everyone is in the discord and if you are in the discord you can see the trading chat is pretty messed up, I feel like it would just be better in general if you could just make a global announcement on what you're selling like how mist ninjas can make an announcement to mist only or maybe add an npc to put in a offer of something like DNA and if someone wants to buy dna then they could just go to that npc and go look up dna and see a list of people who offer it for certain price then buy it and it would automatically give it to them. Could be a better suggestion just add a ingame training system pls.
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    Leaf event 15 September Sunday 2 PM EST registration will be held at leafs Academy The event includes fighting performance where players will be fighting for qualifications to the next round. We will start with a 2 versus 2 tournament and the winners will proceed to the next stage(finals) where every winner team will continue fighting on 1v1s. The tournament will be leaf only. Chakra pills and blood pills (only) are allowed. so make sure you get those before the event starts Toad Oil and Summonings are disqualified Sake is allowed You are free to register here or in game. Requirments to register: 1. You have to be a leaf ninja 2. You need to be above level 20 if you want to participate 3. You need to have a partner (since the event will start with 2v2 qualifications) The winners will be rewarded with: 1st Place Gold Furred Armor 2nd Place White hermit cape 3rd Place Snake belt Rope 4th Place 2k19 Christmas pack 5th Place 2k Ryo note: villagers have to maintain the order and listen to the host. The registration will begin 15 minutes before the event starts and will end at 2 PM EST. Winner of first place @Kenz Suwa Winner of 2nd place @Kyreno Winner of 3rd place @Yamamoto Takeshi Winner of 4th place @Hadashah 3 K ryo goes to @Kuraen Alarnin 1k Ryo goes to @Liroy Congratulations to the participants
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    Would be nice if the krakan wasn't hostile towards mist ninjas lol
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    Saw this in game at the mist market and was thinking it should let you carry more than 200 certain tools, would be very cool and useful.
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    Please remove the level restriction :(. Not allowing every level into the map limits our ability to RP within that map. Often times, I find myself not being able to use the map because of the varying level differences in a RP mission. It just makes it easier if any level ninja were allowed into the map, as long as they have a Chunin to open it for them.
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    Hmm a portal in each village that teleports the user to a No Zone that is like a trade market. Somewhere anyone can go to trade with others across the game
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    Fix charge chakra exploit.
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    What is this fiesta. Let me give you some words of wisdom without getting emotional and turning sh*t around and being passive-dissing like @Lione . Listen... Player made orgs were a thing long ago, it was an experimental feature that wasn't even meant to be lasting forever. Rory was persuaded to try it out, (it was also prolly a test before implementing clan houses), and guess what? It was abused by both players and rogue GMs. So it was shut down. Only official orgs and clans have bases now. Simple as that. If you dont like playing in a player made org cause you want something more, maybe you are not playing it the way it was meant to be played? Maybe its time u try to join anbu or something? Maybe you shouldnt tell people how to play in an official org ? There are pros and cons for both type of orgs. Im glad theres an active org other than Akat that RPs and fights all around, making vids and stuff, but hey, guess what? -- been there, done that before Jakushas even started to play the game. So when making suggestions be mindful of the balance and be realistic.
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    Blocking good players for no reason isn’t the good thing to do. It is an official organization, it’s not about deserving stuff or not it’s about content. I became Akatsuki one week after trashtalking them. Pirates were in RP war before getting in. An old Taka got in Pawn is one of the most hated player and got in. Yamikami is a skilled player that’s how he got in in the first place. After a certain time you eventually get friend with the leader. Rumaki,Nitche were loyal leafies and got in Akatsuki before some Jakushas( that were really cool with us) that also deserved the spots. People starting making complaints about how Akatsuki got more than 10 members and having the same core. Even though there was alot of changes, but you can’t ask a leader to kick an old member for being there too long when he gained TRUST and is still ACTIVE. People were still complaining and got what they asked for. Akatsuki was at a good point before the rule changes. It was maybe the organization that had the most hate ( wich means we were doing a good job) Right now we’re more limited than ever with player orgs being able to have more members than us. We’re only 10... With different timelines it’s already hard to get more than 7-8 members at the same time what do you want us to "do"against a village or Organization that can have double our numbers. Having a lot of player on with only 10 MEMBERS is hard. We’re really having an hard time everywhere we go but we still manage to beat the odds time to time. At the end of the day people will always have something to say about the organization and how it is handled. People complained when some old members joined Akatsuki when rules were changed, but they had to stiff their nose somewhere. They promised us events and/or buffs for official orgs... still nothing. Akatsuki was a good org that was already limited and now it is more limited than ever. Something should be done about that but that’s not the topic. I personally don’t have anything against popular organizations having houses. I understand you trying to clapback. But don’t start saying stuff when you’re not even part of the organization and know what’s actually happening and happened. Good luck on your quest.
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    I have always been faithful to my users, despite the fact that I am not as powerful as other weapons many of them chose me due to my great attack speed I tried to do my best not to disappoint my owners I fought face to face against other swords and fans who were twice as big and strong as me, even to the point of almost breaking, but I continued and did not give up despite feeling his enormous power crushing me.. I couldn't let them hurt my master In spite of my innumerable efforts with the passage of time I became increasingly weak and even my speed was reduced by an unimaginable amount Many of my masters abandoned me, there are very few who use me, although I do not blame them for leaving me aside since I feel practically useless, just another pretty sword without any reason to exist With the last breath of my soul I want to ask the creator god of this ninja universe and his team @Ueda @Seth give me a new opportunity to serve my masters again as I did before. I am willing to be weaker and reduce my damage but increase my speed greatly just as it was before I hope I can touch your heart and give me some love Yours faithfully Religious Katana
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    An actual bag for tools only this would give me space in my actual inventory plus it would be perfect if it allowed us to carry more tools please give me a reason to actually use this item
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    ''I fEeL lIkE sOmE hErE tHiNk ThEy ArE aBoVe''
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    Firstly we need a game that can handle 100+ players. We shall see what the following two months bring in that regard. Advanced masteries can wait.
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    Let's all take a minute of silence for this legendary post. I haven't LOL that much on a forum post since this post xD
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    "You raid safe zones and do nothing useful". Okay yet you guys do nothing at all. You guys have been in the Akat for this long because of the simple fact that it's an official org with a cosmetic uniform from the show. If anything you're literally holding spots just because you can. The fact that majority of my members have stuck around for almost a year now with no official gear or reason show's how loyal my players are so claiming something as a "passing trend" is stupid. Taka creates content. It's not about collecting bounty 24/7(which we do, we have taken your bounty a lot actually lmao...). We raid which gives village players a reason to log on and do something besides AFK in the square. Taka has done a lot and has been active for a long time now. Even GM's have taken a liking to watching us raid which you call useless. This is why even though it's not an official org Rory offered to let me make it official if I wanted in the first place. If we are being totally honest here if it wasn't for Taka raiding and fighting every other organization what would you do? Nothing, because you guys barely do anything in the first place. Mist is Dead, Sand is Dead, Akat is dead, Leaf is just a bunch of players who AFK in square. Taka is Nin's content right now so for you to claim it as a passing trend is funny to me. Few things with this statement need to be talked about Being friends with the old/new leader has nothing to do with other people in the community disliking you Nitche and Rumaki weren't loyal leafies, they were planning a coup for awhile and even invited me to their discord server The old taka player that joined started hanging with Yami who was stated to be the leader(which I doubt but still) before being able to join. I understand what you're saying and how it's difficult now being so restricted but that still doesn't change the fact that you guys barely do anything. If you are unable to do it then that's when you give the spots up. Recently as in the past 2-3 months most of Taka's raids have been with only 8-10 people which is the Akat member cap and we have done fine so it's definitely do-able. As far as "But don’t start saying stuff when you’re not even part of the organization and know what’s actually happening and happened." What I said regarding you guys not being allowed to be there is not me talking about what I don't know, I was referring to a conversation I had with Ueda about the Akat which is why I quoted one of his statements.
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    Good luck with Organization missions. Akatsuki has that for months already, maybe even a year, and we are yet to get any actual missions we can take. As Hashirama Cell said, you'd need to be an Official Org to get any benefits. If anyone deserves those it's the Akatsuki, look how many members you need to kill a single Kage, how many traps placed. When a single Akatsuki member can do what your whole Organization did.
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    I remember when Pinku wasn't banned, Good times
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    Nah fr, I made an alt there and stop trying war missions because of the boat ride. You don’t have the motivation to hunt/raid just for fun because of that. If it was way more simple I think there would be more bloodshed around
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    Finally someone paying attention to the struggles we go through as a ninja !this is an amazing concept and I hope to see it implemented into the game in some way circulating around your idea. I honestly never even thought about it until now. But nevertheless keep the good ideas coming I’m excited to see what else you can think of. You have a great eye on spotting stuff like this could save the countless trips to the shop. Or even they could add something like a battle bag that lets you carry way more than the limit of items able to store in your inventory.
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    Okay thats fine but when you plan on changing up your build in the future and sacrifice a jutsu you maxed out to re-level another, you'll be back to like this post. Not everybody got time to do that which is why this is pretty useful. I feel like you just wanna disagree because you dislike the person who suggested the idea.
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    Dont be a fool Booty. You are just asking to make shit easier for you. 180k for a mission that requires u to go back and forth is enough, tho sure others could get some adjustement. I personally like the boat ride, it gives you some bonding time and to catch a lil break, talking with ppl like a proper MMO. Tho the boat could be bigger or something. Also you are asking for : So when you fail to spy on other village and u die, which means that your mission has failed - you call that unrealistic? You are basically asking devs to let you suicide after the mission is done to make things easier for you. I think its you who is actually disrespecting devs and the idea behind it. If its too hard for you, dont play. Go move to Dark Souls(or something) and write on forums how hard and unrealistic it is to the point that you ASSUME that devs disrespect players there.
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    ?What is this I see here? ?people acting like Akatsuki doo doo? !time for me to kill them!
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    Oh, you just called us active... wow, what a turn around! Anbu has a base too... You don't even know the RING CD or whatsoever, it's not even that big of a benefit, taking it away wouldn't make a difference. You write benefits with a ''S'', wearing a clothe is now a benefit... Also right now, your criticizing the org... should I call you a hater for having an opinion, we think Akatsuki is in a bad situation you don't... that simple. If you want your org to have benefits, it's ok, just do what you need to do to have them but don't expect to get things and not get drawbacks. I don't even care if you get your base and no drawback. But you have to expect it and some players have the right to think so... -An unnofficial organization can have 20 members. -Doesn't have RP rules to respect except the 20 members. - Can swap accounts/alts how they want - Can switch leaders how they want( with alts too) Point is ANY OFFICIAL ORG have disadvantages to unnoficial orgs. We have some new clothes and a base, wich isn't that big of a benefit, but you have way less limits... and you want a base... I actually don't mind you guys having a base, but you can't talk about how Akatsuki has some things when it is litteraly better to have a 20 man org with friends than being in an official organization. ''About the Jakusha thing just be straight up and say how you feel man no need to play semantics, im saying what you said in the real words you shouldve of used trying to make light of the comment you made but if what youre saying is true then it sounds like a fresh made non official org of new players had more say than akatsuki on their own org? Thats tough bro.'' You know that Akiro actually told that to people on Nin General in the old discord though. This is about the same type of source you have... I believe this is true, but I can't say it is, cause I have no solid proof, I don't know what you're talking about Lione. You're litteraly repeating after me... I just don't assume it's true like you do
  40. 3 likes
    In my noble opinion, this topic is clearly a joke or a troll, so there is no need to make a big drama for it lol It is obvious that you are trolling when you say that the only requirement to have an org base is to win a 9v1. And even IF this topic was serious, the guy named "friendly" would have never spent 15 lines of text just to caress his own org's dick. Not even the biggest madlad does that lol Edit: When i was writing this, i noticed that it was actually a serious topic lmao. Taka is a big circlejerk, their members do not think straight. How can you believe that being active and making youtube video should grant you a base or a special treatment? If this was the case, I would have had my own castle since a long time. All the members of your orgs together is not equal to the amount of bounty i collected, I can show you proof if you want to humiliate your whole org Wow you really think that being active and making youtube videos should grant you a base. Fine, If you get a base, i want a special outfit for myself. Edit: "friendly" said that "other orgs were rewarded with a base of their own" "" Which org? Tell me which non-official org have been rewarded with a base?
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    You litteraly just said, that people are in the organization because of their friends with the leader. Pawn wasn’t getting along with any current members in the past. So was I. So was the pirates. Nitche was leaf COUNCIL before joining.Like I said, you’re not in the organization, so you really don’t know what’s happening and CANT determine why players are in the org. AND HOW TRYING A COUP on your OWN VILLAGE isn't being loyal to it? THe initial plan was not to LEAVE THE VILLAGE but to CHANGE THINGS. You guys are raiding, we do to, not as often. But with only 10 members you can only expect us to be active on weekends. You can not compare Akatsuki with a player organization.So recently about half your org has been active. Half of the Akatsuki organisation is 5 members. Last 3 weekends(except this weekend) Akatsuki has been raiding alot.I do not know what type of discussion you had about our org but you should worry about yours to be honest. I am personally not hating and really don’t care about org houses. But People should stop assuming things and make dumb comments when they’re not even there. You’re not part of the organization once again so what’s happening or not isn't really of your business and you can’t do. ANBU isnt even slightly active and has a BIASED environment and doesn’t get as much complains. We’re obviously hated by our actions in game( and some of our toxic behaviour xD). You really can not compare Akatsuki to a player organization once again.Regardless, you can’t expect us to have 8 players on regularly. When there’s vacation it is more doable of course. It is easier to have 8-10 members on when you have 20 different people and schedule options.
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    How do we barely do "anything"? Most of the members are people that hunt solo or in duos, which is something that is encouraged RP wise even by Rory cause of the two man Akatsuki teams in the anime. Only on certain occasions do we actually gather larger amounts of people to raid. You fail to realise that 8-10 people from Taka equals half of your Organization's numbers. It's equal to Akatsuki getting 3-5 people online, which is a number which we've raided Leaf with but most of the Organization finds raiding Safe Zones pointless, which is why we do not do it and with 3-5 people there is a limit to what you can do. I don't know why you turned this into a personal attack, I didn't say anywhere that your Organization shouldn't get anything or that it doesn't deserve it. I simply said it needs to be an offical one for it to get anything so whoever is calling me toxic needs to learn how to read.
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    I think it is beyond obvious that there is some sort of a leak in the server code. When the server resets the game works perfectly, there is no misdirection at all and you will hit every Flicker+Kunai if you wanted to. As more time passes you can feel the game start to delay a lot more, a lot of misdirection will happen and projectiles will not hit when they are supposed to. After enough time has passed the server will crash. I heard that the server code might be redone in another language but I do not know how soon that will be. Would it be possible to restart the server every day in the time of the dailies reset to ensure that it doesn't delay as much as it did recently and in today's case lead to a crash?
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    I think a solid compromise would be having all the jutsus you mastered automatically put in a "library," in the scroll shop. So if you want to swap out a skill for whatever reason, you can go to an NPC in your village and take/exchange whatever skill you already mastered. I understand where lumy's coming from about the variety of unlimited slots, but it really doesn't makes sense to have to relearn and remaster a jutsu..
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    New players prolly think they stuck at the boat, relog to appear there again...INFINITE LOOP!
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    Most recently updated: 15th of September, 2019. Additions: - Picture added for Raccoon tails - Picture added for Hawk Talons - Picture added for Hawk Feathers - Picture added for Shirokata - Gask Mask added to the "Rare Drops" section Changes: - Price of Cigarette lowered - Price of Black Fan lowered - Price of Twin Fangs lowered - Price of Religious Katana lowered - Price of Great Grandfather's Muramasa lowered with an additional newbie friendly note to it - Price of Ropebelt lowered - Price of Veiled Sakkat lowered - Price of Shirokata raised - Price of Dark Bandit Blade raised - Price of Oriental Fan lowered Incoming: - Completion of pictures - Revamp of "Items with market prices"
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    Hi all Im trying to start a Gentle Fist clan I have a name in mind looking for ideas on a family logo. Im looking to get 4 other players together to start the main house family. Non-Gentle Fist users will be able to join the Branch House if there are any intrested in joining the family, but not commiting to gentle fist, Branch Family will be started after Main branch is off the ground. I will welcome all Gentle Fist users regardless of belief, creed, ideals, or past if youre intrested msg me here or on discord @Tifa#9187
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    Fixed "Giba" the lost Puppy mission reward.
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    Name: Smallie Bigs Level: 37 Masteries: Earth Rank: Genin Additional Notes: Definitely not a Taka alt. Woof!
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    Balancing is probably one of the hardest things to do with a game, which is completely understandable since Nin will never truly be balanced. If people wanted a truly balanced game, we would only see a game where all of the attacks are the same, completely removing the fun out of the game. Nin Online has the potential to become a diverse game where you can become the ninja of your dreams, a quality that should and will always be at the core of the game itself. Keep up the good work Rory!