• Player Safety
    These rules are in place to provide all Nin Online players information on how to protect their account.


    Never tell anyone your password
    Your password should be handled with care. If you are to share your password with people such as family or friends, you should take into consideration that any actions they do with your account are your responsibility. If those actions were to lead to any form of punishment, excuses would not be acceptable. Staff will never ask for your password.


    All actions regarding your account is your responsibility
    Anything that happens to your account is your responsibility.


    Make sure to have an anti-­virus installed
    It is important that you protect your computer from malware and key loggers. There are computer viruses out there that people may try to get you to download to either hurt your computer, or steal your information through software, this could lead to your account being hacked.


    Beware of scammers
    You should think twice about performing transactions, or trades, within the game or community. All transactions are your responsibility, and the Nin Online staff will not be responsible for any scammed trades that occur within the game or community. Do you attempt to buy in-game items for real cash through another player.


    Do not give out personal information
    You should never give out your personal information to other players. This includes your address, social security number, or phone number.

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