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  1. Game

    I don't understand the first one! but thanks for he bug finding, appreciate the help. It's hard to spot these unless you really search or stumble on them while player, so thanks a lot!
  2. Game

    The 2 things about your ninja that are permanent are your Village and Mastery. You will never have the option to change villages, but you can leave it and be a hermit. Unfortunately, going from Sand -> Mist etc. will never be a thing!
  3. Not in the foreseeable future!
  4. Sorry, can you emphasize on how Sand leveling is unbalanced to Leaf in your experience? Thank you!
  5. 30 is definitely a lot of hotkeys to work with on-screen at once and with limited keyboards. What do you think of swapping between Hotkey bars, each with 10?
  6. Game

    I definitely agree that a lot of PvP matches have been between glass cannons avoiding all attacks at all cost because they don't want to get hit. I'll take your insight into consideration when I see what I can do to make going balanced with Fortitude and Chakra instead of pure INT with elementals, and pure AGI taijutsu more rewarding in PvP. This will take some time for me to get balanced, but if we do make major changes to stats and their effectiveness, rest assured, we will definitely offer free stat resets, so don't worry too much about what you need to use to be viable for now. Thanks for taking your time to give us your feedback
  7. I'm very impressed by all the feedback and ideas given by the Closed Beta players. さすが Gold Ninjas!!

    1. Hisa
    2. Saku


      Dang it, only Silver here...
      JK btw

  8. Game

    I actually like the idea a lot as it is one of the more creative solutions to a problem I agree with. The early levels are boring because you have absolutely no power, and Taijutsu users get all the benefits. I'll keep your idea in mind, but it's actually spurred an alternative solution which I think is much more streamlined. I think what we'll do is introduce more Ninjutsu techniques that are based on INT/CHK in the level 1-10 range that aren't elemental in nature, but I'll have to do some research into the series! Thanks again for the suggestion and brilliant insight!
  9. I agree completely! Give us time to sort out the balance. I actually hadn't had as much time as I wanted to spend on this.
  10. Game

    This has been fixed! I'm sorry for your inconvenience. Thank you for reporting this bug.
  11. Game

    Instancing is definitely a possibility for housing, it's just not a feature we have implemented right now and would be a lot of work. When we do get our main game sorted out we hope to introduce player housing as it is something that will add to the role-play experience. A lot of spaces within the Leaf Village were originally designed to be clan houses for future player-ran clans. But we have no solid plans for how it will eventually be implemented, so feel free to continue brain-storming and giving your suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to give us your ideas!
  12. Game

    We've noticed this, this is definitely something we hope to balance out soon! You'll find it much easier to train in teams in the meanwhile.
  13. I apologize for any promises that were not kept on Seth's part. I never intended for there to be Quests/Dailies by Closed Beta. We're using this time to try to fix and balance Bounty system as an alternative to grinding mobs, but it's been in a sad broken state for the past day. Also, the kits are as of yet, still incomplete with a lot of missing including buffs. Medical path is also less than half complete. I initially intended to have all the jutsus ready by Closed Beta, but I decided that the remainder of my time be dedicated to introducing Missing Ninjas and the 3rd Village instead. Stay tuned over the next few weeks before Open Beta for them to be completed! QOL stuff - all are planned. UI Stuff - already designed and we're not sure of when we can have it implemented! Hotkey amounts - I'll take that into consideration, what keys do you suggest for the additional hotkeys? Also, I hope you'll be understanding, with the aggro bug and such, this is exactly why we decided to have a long Closed Beta phase. To have as smooth of a Open Beta launch as possible. We're enlisting everyone for their help to find such bugs and balance issues so that we can ready the game for the rest of the player base! Thanks for taking the time to write you suggestions! Regards, Rory PS: We did not lock the keyboards! Key binding is just not native to our base engine and will take some time to get it done.
  14. Game

    Thank you!
  15. Game

    I dub thee the Idea Ninja