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  1. Ayyy, it looks like we planned this well.
  2. Game

    Fixed thank you!
  3. Patch Notes 25/4/2017 Fixed Beastly Wave Technique description None Changes to Colliding Wave Technique charge time and end cast stun Changes to Water Slash Technique charge time and end cast stun Sand Utility Vests now sold in by Mako in the Sand village clothing store.
  4. Game

    I'm working on face paints but the troublesome thing is they have to take up a slot :x Probably masks..
  5. Game

    Good job Konahri Though I'm not your Kage.
  6. We might have different requirements, but we'll announce them before hand
  7. My advice is not going full INT. You'll need Fort and Chakra Also, at level 8 you get fuuma wind shuriken that hits up to 3 mobs at once and scales with INT
  8. Game

    Good ideas!
  9. The current state of relations with Sand village is that we're having a truce to not attack them unless provoked. We will be holding a joint Chunin Exam in the coming month. As a show of power, let us hold our grudges until then to showcase our might, instead of attacking them - let us focus on preparing for the exam. Additional orders: All killing missions to be focused on Missing Ninja or spars agreed to by Sand ninja If our ninja attack the Sand first, they will retaliate rightfully.. @Indra @Zintosso
  10. I tested sword damage calculations out, it's not very accurate! It's giving more than it should. AGI tai is just slightly off, more than it should be too. Ninjutsu is also a little too high. Good job though!
  11. Yeah you need to say why you think difficulty in games shouldn't be a thing. PS: wrong forum
  12. Dona gtfo
  13. Bcuz its beta so some things aren't finished like you not suppose to carry more than 1 dango eva also time off is cool but imma make it give more xp when u higher level i think the point of some of these missions is that it's supposed to be hard and harder than it seems bcuz it creates variation and unpredictability vs knowing errthing you do is gonna = same reward etc. i think u think i stupid game developer :c and jus make thing for no reson
  14. Game

    At one point, Sealing Mastery was going to be the 9th Mastery. But it's still in the thought process. Thanks for the ideas!
  15. We will keep you all updated on Chunin Exam dates