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  1. is the game done sone cus i really wanna play

  2. Is nin beta open online now?



    1. Indra


      No it is not. when it will be, there will be a post in the announcements :P 

  3. Art

    Dear Ninja, First of all, I apologize for the lack of updates once again! Hopefully things will start picking back up soon. It's such a waste that we can't get Open Beta out quicker. I don't want to over hype whats coming, but we've been working on the new sub-paths for masteries, namely Kenjutsu (Sword Style), Gentle Fist and Fan Style. Sword Style This is one of the jutsus I've completed for Sword Style! It's called Risky Blade Technique. Why is it risky? You'll see! Gentle Fist Though it's name states it's gentle, the amount of power these techniques will push out will depend on the controlled strength of the user. Art by @Master Ant In addition to it's regular kit, Gentle Fist will be the first sub-style to include a Hidden Technique, which will be rare and not attainable through scribes. Fan Style Wind Mask Technique is a utility Jutsu for Fan Users that I think will come in handy for a lot of war/pvp situations. Art by @Master Ant I hope everyone continues to give us your support and patience as we try to make sure the game is ready for Open Beta! Also, do note that from now on we'll be trying our best to roll out large changes like entire new sub-paths at once. Also, new mob coming soon! Also, miss you guys! Regards, Rory
  4. I understand and thanks for understanding hope to make things move asap
  5. Doing events really wouldn't be a problem, but right now, I think it wouldn't be very fun since Closed Beta numbers are too limited. We'll do regular events in Open Beta, any time I can get now, I'll push for development instead. I think Seth has his hands full at the moment as well. Sorry TheVagabond
  6. Game

    Very interesting idea, I think it would make a lot of sense and also be a unique way that they have to prepare for battles.
  7. Things moving a little slow due to Seth getting adjusted at a new school and me celebrating Lunar New Year!

    Sorry for the lack of updates :)

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    2. TheVagabond


      Thanks for the news Rory 

    3. Kyosagi


      Thank you!!


    4. Kisame Aburame

      Kisame Aburame

      Yay news, even if its not good news, this is better then nothing thanks Rory :D

  8. Hi Mr.Rory:

    I want to say that the open BETA is long overdue 



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    2. ModMayhem


      Dude just wait patiently, im in the same boat as you, im also just a normal player and dont have silver or gold rights - so yeah man just wait :) I rather wait a year and have a better, well polished game ;) there is a reason it was delayed, to make the game better so chillax man it will come out eventually ;)


    3. sasori okanin

      sasori okanin

      I'm patient,but what i want is to know how much it takes this delay is only but on the whole thank you for for your advice


    4. Mjorn



      I see many players here who are the owner of reason, do not care about the thinking of new players, the guy just asked a question and has already been criticized.

  9. Hello men, you know when open beta starts?

    Sorry for the bad english. ( potuguese )

    1. Syn NeroKashi

      Syn NeroKashi

      Give them acouple weeks, Had to fix some things, a set date has not been set yet for open beta, but just stay tuned and keep checking the forums daily for more information on the date of the open beta.

    2. PutoAlfa



      Thanks men. ;)

    3. Syn NeroKashi

      Syn NeroKashi

      Anytime. If you have any otger questions. Feel free to ask ^.^

  10. There will be week day events. There definitely won't be a perfect time for events. I'm trying to come up with a roster that will leave as little people out as possible.
  11. Pfff, is not
  12. Game

    It was a bug that made it not show that it's maxed out. Fixed!
  13. War Fashion Awards It may be a war but that's no excuse not to look good! @brae2120 Amazing color co-ordination and simplicity GOLD @Absolian Simple and neat. Netted shirt is so sexy. This is how I intended my art to be used. @kur @Wave Looking great running next to each other. Complementing colors. Also, Wave, good theming!! @Zintosso You belong as a Missing Ninja. I get some Kakuzu vibes. @Kyosagi Badass award Just wanted to recognize some people for their contribution to fashion in the Ninja world!
  14. EST is short for Eastern Standard Time, If you need to find out what timing the options are in your own timezone, you can use this handy tool.,5368361,1880252&h=1880252
  15. Game

    Ahh, yes this is a problem o_O I like the way you placed the collage.