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Name: Ueda     Age: 20     Rank: Leaf Village Jonin

Lord First
The White Blur


Ueda is a 24 year old Jonin, retired Hokage and founder of the Leaf village.
At the age of 19 he built the Leaf village from the ground up using Earth Release.
Often seen wearing different clothing and sporting different hairstyles,
he is known throughout the village for his amazing fashion sense and habit
of praising people's looks.

Besides a keen sense of fashion, he is adorned with the title "The White Blur" for
often appearing and disappearing out of thin air. This ability he created is used
to spy on his fellow ninja, as he likes to keep track of how each ninja is doing.

He was the Hokage in command for the first 4 years of the village's history,
but is succeeded by Shirou of the Leaf village, as 2nd Hokage.




He has very little personality. Often coming across as tired or zombie-like. Some even suspect he's been dead for years.



Regarded as prodigy amongst his peers at a young age, Ueda was able to reach levels of combat ability at a young age.
He can use all five basic nature transformations, and is a master at Taijutsu, Weapon Jutsu and Medical Ninjutsu.

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