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  1. What does the main outfit look like?
  2. Thanks for the feedback, I'm always trying to find time to go back and add more low level content. But it'll take some time for it to feel more substantial and less a grind!
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Don't argue~
  4. design

    was just wondering where you've been Orcnan
  5. Reverted previous bug fix for Preliminaries Arena. Added manual exit. Added manual exit for Leaf village finals arena.
  6. All maps linking Mist village to the rest of the game world has been completed! (not yet accessible) Fixed Teal Robe description
  7. design

    Thank you Also, this is what the pitch of the game was. Basically, Nin Online!
  8. The idea for Asoki Village dates back to 2006, or possibly earlier. Back when I was a 13 year old kid, I made an attempt at a game called "Hidden Villages Online" it was essentially the same idea as Nin Online, but I was new to game development for the most part and wasn't able to make it anywhere as quality as Nin Online is today. Hidden Villages Online actually saw multiple test releases where perhaps less than a hundred people ever tried it. But it was a good learning experience as a kid, and it helped me make Nin Online what it is today. In Hidden Villages Online, you started at Asoki Village, which was a small village, and that was where everyone was born. There was no Leaf village or Sand village, just Asoki Village. 13 years later, here is Asoki Port village, slightly different names, slightly better mapping. I tried to recreate it how my kid self would've wanted it. I hope everyone likes it! There's only ducks here, but there's going to be Mission NPCs and shops soon. Regards, Ueda
  9. Added Mountain Sea Path II Added Asoki Port Village Nostalgic Music added Added 2 tracks that were made for Nin during Alpha but were removed Added 2 tracks that were made for an old Bleach project but were donated to 2008 Nin Online by the creator.
  10. Added Mountain Sea Path.
  11. Improved Ketsueki Clan House as per player's specifications. Added Mist village entrance map.
  12. In the original game plan, we had a plan for a Sound village but we've more or less abandoned the idea. An unofficial village like this sounds cool, but it would be more story telling like Toad village arc than a village itself!
  13. Never heard of it but the art looks good
  14. Still the same or more PvPing, but also definitely more RP. I regularly walk into people RPing recently! Welcome back!
  15. Updated book shelves in the Sand village academy to contain bacon.