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  1. Here's some #Justice4Tonfas (Experimental Change) Tonfa Base Damage increased from 12-14 Tonfa now has a 25% chance to Knockback enemies by 2 tiles Tonfa now adds 2 to Fortitude (VERY EXPERIMENTAL)
  2. Here's some #Justice4Tonfas (Experimental Change) Tonfa Base Damage increased from 12-14 Tonfa now has a 25% chance to Knockback enemies by 2 tiles Tonfa now adds 2 to Fortitude (VERY EXPERIMENTAL) Fixed Bubble Clone Technique not requiring Water Mastery.
  3. All Animal Summons now have a 10 minute timer (600s) Known Issue: The summon doesn't visually disappear until you re-enter the map, this will be fixed in the next patch. Bubble Pipe bubble duration increased from 5s to 8s. Soap Bubble Technique Base Damage increased from 10/10/12 to 14/14/16. Bubble Solution Spitting Technique Range increased from 8 to 9. Bubble Clone Technique Chakra Cost reduced from 50 to 40.
  4. Hi, do you mean that the bar isn't moving? or does it say max? or do you not gain EXP when your mob kills something?
  5. People want exclusivity. If nothing in the game is that hard to get, nothing is worth what those items are. Even if you create 100 items that are less rare than that 1 item, it doesn't replace the need for one item of that rarity. The reason people want those ultra rare items, is because they're ultra rare, they're exclusive. It feels good being the few who has it. If everyone has it, then it no longer has prestige and people will want there to be items that do.
  6. It's probably for the best we just do Chunin Exams for each village. With the imbalance in numbers, it's become hard to make them joint, and the issue of cheating is just a mistake on my part. I shouldn't have trust putting people into the room before the exam started.
  7. If you don't understand why you're banned, that's probably why you're banned.

  8. I know. This is due to the server being ran in debug mode so that we can address bugs. It's not a server instability issue in itself. The problem right now is When it runs out of debug it's not lagging but it crashes. When it runs in debug, it's lagging badly but it doesn't crash. When I said there is no major instability issue since last november, I was referring to the bug that was causing the server to crash regardless of how many players was online every 20 minutes from mid of last year to the november, when we fixed it. That is a major server instability bug. What's not a major server instability bug is the server lagging badly. NOT in contrast to the server not being able to hold a single player. What is not a major server instability bug is the server crashing when there is more players than it can hold during an exam event that a lot of people want to play. There is no server instability issue. There is a crazy amount of lag when the server runs in debug, and there's a crash issue with too many players trying to do one event.
  9. I can fully understand people being frustrated, and of course I'm sorry that I can't make the game work perfectly. I'm trying my best. I've put so much work into the art in this game, so much work into each and every part of the game. But it doesn't work perfectly, programming an MMORPG is hard. It's really not a task a small team can easily do, especially not with the engine, the resource and the money we have. I can understand frustration. But even so, I still have to enforce the rules when people are angry. If you're frustrated. Think about me. I've put 7 years of my time into this game, and all the years since 2003 learning to make games to make this game, and when there's an issue, I'm frustrated. I have 120 people waiting to play the game, and I'm doing everything I can to make it work.
  10. Today's Chunin Exam was cancelled due to instability issues. Thank you those who did come for attending, and sorry for wasting your time! Each village will be holding their own localized Chunin Exams (more information from your Kage) instead. Joint Chunin Exams and bi-monthly events will temporarily be ceased until we can resolve the crash. Refunds have been given to some of your team mates already, and if nobody from your team has been refunded, contact me ingame "Ueda".
  11. Thank you for being kind. I don't expect people to be kind. I just expect them not to be unkind when I'm trying to fix the game they want to play.
  12. There's no issue with server instability at the moment, we've had no major crashing issue since November last year. The issue with adding this is just it doesn't make much sense to have people you can't affect sitting in the background. But Feinz is right, if someone is just AFK, it's better they just not be online for the server, just logout and log back in when you want to play.
  13. It looks updated to me.
  14. This should be fixed now! Thank you