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  1. I don't feel good accepting donations, I'd rather people just support by buying cash shop items like blessings, so everyone gets something in return! Thank you though I appreciate it and I'm glad you're enjoying Nin!
  2. Sand village Chunin exam results for June are out!
  3. Dear Ninja, (Updated: 10th April 2019) After 1 year of Chunin Exams monthly, we've decided to scale back on the frequency of Chunin Exams to build up more anticipation for each of them. As such, we will be alternating between hosting Chunin Exams and Wars on the first Saturday of every month. More information about war events coming soon! As it goes, every thing else remains the same, including the time of the event. May will be a War Event, June will be a Chunin Exam and so on..! As the start of a new initiative to fulfill the initial design of Nin Online's ranking system. Beginning April 2018, there will be a Joint Chunin Exam, where both Sand Ninja and Leaf Ninja will participate in, on the first Saturday of every month. Chunin Exams details The event registration will take place at 1pm EST and the entire event will commence at 1:30pm EST. It may last anywhere between 1 - 3 hours depending on how far our Genins make it. Participants are expected to stay throughout the event for the best chance at promotion. The registration location will be announced in-game each month, on the event registration time. Requirements You are to form your own teams of 3 before or during the registration phase. There is no level requirement! Academy Students are not allowed to participate, you have to promote to Genin rank if you want to participate. The entry fee for each team is 15,000 Ryo, prepare to hand over the in-game currency to Shiken during the registration phase after a GM has verified you through the gate. Chunin/Jonin can enter teams to help conduct better RP, increasing chances for promotions. However, entry fee will no longer be waived for teams with Chunin/Jonin team leaders. Missing Ninja cannot participate in the Chunin Exams. Kages of each village have the right to debar ninja from their village from joining. Valid reasons include (but not limited to) misbehavior, breaking treaties, disobeying commands. Rules & Regulations In order to run the event smoothly, your cooperation is required, as such, rule breakers will be kicked from the event which may result in his/her entire team's disqualification. Stay in character Unless you need to ask a serious question, stay in character during the event. Remain online and active If you choose to go AFK and you miss calls for you, we will not wait for you. If you disconnect, quickly reconnect and inform a GM. Follow instructions The GMs and myself will be giving instructions to follow throughout the event Nothing is prohibited unless stated first by the proctor. The GMs will give instructions on what is prohibited in that particular exam. For example, unless explicitly stated, Chakra Pills and Blood Pills are not banned from use. Tips for excellence While these aren't rules, it is recommended to try you best so that you have the best chance for promotion. Make good use of any time given to showcase your RP and your character. Dress for success. If you're a Sand Genin, dress like a Sand Genin. If you are a Leaf Chunin, dress like a Leaf Chunin. Build relationships with the other participants beforehand so that RP is unique. Stand out in your own ways. Use /e to emote (eg. /e watches the fight in excitement) Conclusion The 4th Chunin Exam will be the last grand spectacle Chunin Exam, as of moving into beta phase and running the game as a service, we have to steadily move towards running regular events rather than grand unique ones. I can't promise changes on each exam, but we will try as often as possible. Regards, Rory
  4. New Alt New Life Nani? When you hear people referencing a "rule" called New Alt New Life, they're referring to a principle for RP within the game world that I called for a long time ago (but did not name). However, because of the name, it does get a bit confusing to people who simply take it for face value, so this is a more detailed explanation of New Alt New Life. What is an Alt / Main / RP Alt = Alternate Account/Character ie. somebody's different account Main = Your main account, the one the person is known for RP = Role play What it means for RP authorities Within the RP of the Nin World, you are not to assume somebody is someone else, or try to guess that they are and invoke, or dish out punishments to players who you assume to be somebody else's alt. If somebody creates a new Character called "Andre", you're not to assume that's the player "Indra" in an alt, and then exile that player, as they are a spy. What it means for players If you are playing an alt, and you purposefully do not disclose and you try your best to hide your identity, you should be safe from being exiled or jailed for something done by someone else whom you're being suspected of being. However, if you give out your identity, or you leave trails or clues and people find out your main account's identity, they are still going to be biased against you, and any actions they dish out on you are going to be justified in their own RP means. If you leak that detail in any way, this rule of not being treated like a "spy" is no longer applicable to you. This rule is created to protect innocent players who might have no idea of what is going on, but joins a village and gets exiled or punished being mistaken for someone else. But the moment it is clear it is you, it no longer protects you. What it means for RP in Nin Online If you are a missing ninja on your main, and you let people know you are an alt in the Leaf village for example, people are not going to treat you fairly, regardless of what the rules say. The RP systems and RP in general give a lot of freedom to people with authority to do what they want, even if it means making biased decisions. Even if we did try to enforce it, they could come up with excuses in RP terms to justify your punishment. We are not the moderation of your personal relationships in the game, if you make enemies and they start spam killing you, we will not step in. In the same way, if you are a hated missing ninja who wants to be in the Leaf village but can't keep your identity to yourself, we will not protect you from interpersonal relations with RP authorities.
  5. Yeah, it's really not about what you get in return, I'm not asking you to buy it, just if you want to support the game's development you can. It's a donation tier basically. Nothing in the game tries to hook you in to buy it for advantages and that's how it's going to stay because a healthy amount of players agree with the game being fair and support it to be such.
  6. This is going to be our universal changelog post where we update what is new in the game. Check on this topic frequently to see what's changed! We will go into as much details as we can.
  7. Increased Giant Red Ant aggressive range. Removed sand's starter shirt from Takumi Shop. Panda Level 6 now displays as Max. This is temporary, the top tier panda is not completed!
  8. Would be happy to hear more ideas. It would be very hard to change though, as the rest of the game is balanced around the Body Flicker / Substitution game. The way both of these jutsu work is they provide both a strategic advantage, but they are gap closers, so they encourage fights to continue rather than help you escape which is not fun in a game about open world fighting.
  9. Fixed Trash Bags spawning on most walls in Mist village (Let me know if you see more)
  10. Fixed let me know if you find others like this.
  11. It's an exploit, we've known this for awhile, but as with most non-game breaking exploits, we can only enforce not doing it by punishing players while we're busy fixing the actual game breaking bugs like the server crashes atm.
  12. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/forum/28-ninja-hideout/ This is the Gold Ninja-only forum, I post updates in there sometimes. The Gold Ninja group started in 2013 as a way to fund the game so that it could continue development without needing to provide P2W features like 2x exp. Even with things like World Blessings, they apply to everyone on the server and not just for the individual. This way we ensure a fair game if you just want to play for free. Being a Gold Ninja is basically an optional donation to show your support for the game project continuing the way it is! If we wanted, we could make it grant you unfair advantages, but that would betray everyone until now who have donated to keep the game fair. Also, there is an exclusive cosmetic that will never be given out ever again after June you can claim from the cash shop right now!
  13. Any error message when you try to log in?
  14. There is currently a known bug that causes certain NPCs to bug out or work unreliably, if there are other NPCs running in parallel on the same map. This was causing the issue with Mist Reset NPC not being reliable. As a workaround, Hitsutomo, the toad, is now a sparkly light until you talk to it at level 30, instead of automatically appearing.
  15. All this while when people were complaining that Mist Administration NPC was bugged, it wasn't. If you tried enough times it eventually worked, and anyone who reported this to me, I explained it and helped them through it. If I can replicate the bug for selecting a clan and ending up clanless, I'll consider it.
  16. Hey Ninja, Since 2013, we've ran two major competitions called "Ready, Set, Refer!". Those were referral contests. This time, it's going to be quite a different concept, but it's your chance to win a bunch of prizes. It's not as major as the referral contest, but it's going to be a lot easier to join in, so I hope there'll be more participants. Ready, Snap, Go is our first screenshot competition hosted by myself, where I'll be picking the best 6 screenshots, and each player will receive the following prizes! Prizes 1st Place: Silver Ninja / $10 Ninja Credit / Shark Skin Changer 2nd Place: $10 Ninja Credit / Shark Skin Changer 3rd - 6th Place: Shark Skin Changer On top of these prizes, the screenshots will also be prominently displayed in the Official Screenshots section with a text saying "Screenshot submitted by YOURNAME" for probably the rest of time, which will be a neat legacy/mark to leave on Nin Online, if you're into that~ The reason I'm including so many Shark Skin Changers may seem weird at first, but I'm sure you can make the connections yourself! Rules Submit as many screenshots as you like of Nin Online Screenshots should be of Nin Online (In-game, not login, not discord) Screenshots should be 1920x1080 or 4K but in Zoomed Mode, don't crop your screenshot! Screenshots should not be stretched in any way Submit screenshots without any personal credits (we'll add that in ourselves, in a consistent style) Editing must be done tastefully, as to not mislead potential players (and no memed images) Submit your screenshots into this forum in the account you would like the prizes to be received on. The Deadline is June 5th 2019! Tips Hidden UI Mode is preferred but not a requirement ("Tab" Key to Hide UI) Empty scenes are boring, try getting a group involved Less text on screen makes for a more appealing screenshot, chatboxes can be fine, but it's not appealing text, it'll be distracting Choose an interesting map which means something to you or appeals to everyone you can use ALT + PRT SCN to capture a image of your window, if you are playing in windowed mode. If you are playing in fullscreen mode, just PRT SCN will do. Once you have that, you can paste your clipboard into paint and save it as a .PNG for highest quality Hiding your cursor is a good idea Think about what you can use to attract potential players into the Nin world Looking forward to seeing what everyone submits! Regards, Ueda
  17. Fixed Mist Genin Forehead Protectors selection through Katakawa in the Mist village ninja academy. Purple forehead protectors which should've been available before are available now.
  18. Added Land of Water Bounty Station Added Land of Water Morgue
  19. Deserves more
  20. Your firewall/anti-virus is not allowing the updates to download the exe file in the update, so you have to either disable it or make an exception. You can try press continue, but I don’t think the update will be able to continue
  21. There should be a timer between the time you can pick it up for non-team members. Is he standing on it for that duration to prevent it? If that's it that's a RP level crime in most villages, or should be.
  22. Added /owo Fixed Mist starter shirts and pants not being binded on pickup. Fixed Land of Water port exploitable tiles.
  23. Fixed, thank you!
  24. Fixed, thank you!
  25. Boat Trip to and fro Land of Water Port and Asoki village will now sound a Bell sound a few times before you get out. Fixed ranks of two Soap Bubble Techniques not going on "MAXED" state.