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  1. This is going to be our universal changelog post where we update what is new in the game. Check on this topic frequently to see what's changed! We will go into as much details as we can.
  2. What does the main outfit look like?
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I'm always trying to find time to go back and add more low level content. But it'll take some time for it to feel more substantial and less a grind!
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Don't argue~
  5. The idea for Asoki Village dates back to 2006, or possibly earlier. Back when I was a 13 year old kid, I made an attempt at a game called "Hidden Villages Online" it was essentially the same idea as Nin Online, but I was new to game development for the most part and wasn't able to make it anywhere as quality as Nin Online is today. Hidden Villages Online actually saw multiple test releases where perhaps less than a hundred people ever tried it. But it was a good learning experience as a kid, and it helped me make Nin Online what it is today. In Hidden Villages Online, you started at Asoki Village, which was a small village, and that was where everyone was born. There was no Leaf village or Sand village, just Asoki Village. 13 years later, here is Asoki Port village, slightly different names, slightly better mapping. I tried to recreate it how my kid self would've wanted it. I hope everyone likes it! There's only ducks here, but there's going to be Mission NPCs and shops soon. Regards, Ueda
  6. design

    was just wondering where you've been Orcnan
  7. Reverted previous bug fix for Preliminaries Arena. Added manual exit. Added manual exit for Leaf village finals arena.
  8. This thread is for players to submit their existing player-made RP clans to be considered to be made permanent families of their village. Our priority is to allow people to continue their legacy and the impact they've made in our Ninja World into actual gameplay content. This is the evolution of your clan from RP-only to actual gameplay mechanics. However, there are a lot we have to consider in regards to names, for example - it has to not be used in the Naruto series. It has to have good meaning and be a japanese word to be lore-friendly and the name of the clan will impact the abilities and clothing they get in the future. Submit your village, your existing clan names (or new clan ideas) and tell us about your existing activity in-game, what you symbol is (if any), what your ideas for clothing are and just any information you have. If a clan is added, it's name will become permanent and it will become a clan open to all new players in character creation. Reply in this topic!
  9. All maps linking Mist village to the rest of the game world has been completed! (not yet accessible) Fixed Teal Robe description
  10. design

    Thank you Also, this is what the pitch of the game was. Basically, Nin Online!
  11. Added Mountain Sea Path II Added Asoki Port Village Nostalgic Music added Added 2 tracks that were made for Nin during Alpha but were removed Added 2 tracks that were made for an old Bleach project but were donated to 2008 Nin Online by the creator.
  12. Hey Ninja, Last month was a good month for Nin Online in a lot of ways, so I just want to express my thanks for the support and know that we're still trying our best to make Nin Online a more complete game day by day. It's a little bit of a stretch, but based on a number of factors, including financials, March 2019 was the best month for Nin Online since the launch of Open Beta in April 2017. It's the best month for new registrations in a year. It was the best month in terms of the size of the active player base hands down with days peaking at 100+ players (120+ even) and our slowest hours still having a strong 30-50 players online. In comparison, just a few months ago before solving the server issues plaguing the game, our player base was peaking at around 30-50 players. I can't understate how important having a stable game service is and was for Nin Online, and I just want to let everyone know that the future looks bright for the game, and the things that people are excited for have never been closer. Greetings from the Hidden Mist Village I also can't understate how more fresh faces, fresh ninja, add so much to the experience because each ninja in the Nin Online world is a living, breathing person with their own original character, and behavior. So if you've recently joined us, welcome to Nin Online! As many of you know, I've been sick for awhile (mostly better now). I've still been working, but I've not been handling as much support as I've used to. So it's surprised me that people are supporting the game so much. If anything, it's been reassuring. Thank you, Ueda
  13. Added Mountain Sea Path.
  14. Improved Ketsueki Clan House as per player's specifications. Added Mist village entrance map.
  15. In the original game plan, we had a plan for a Sound village but we've more or less abandoned the idea. An unofficial village like this sounds cool, but it would be more story telling like Toad village arc than a village itself!
  16. Hey Ninja, This week we'll be talking about the biggest change in the game since 2013. There are so many bookshelves in the game and it's been bothering me how they all have the same books in the same order, and I don't know if this bothered a single other soul, but It really bothered me. I actually designed the bookshelf tileset to be modular in 2013, but I never got the time to do a simple edit to make more varieties. Behold, more variation of bookshelves! Before / After (animated GIF) & that bin & that bin A more extreme example of a map with way too many of the same shelves previous.. & that bin tho More examples On a slightly more serious note, I actually added a bunch of new tiles into the game to make interiors more lively and maybe for that one or two cases, give people more to RP with. I know these are things the game doesn't need but I still want to do improvements like this because they make the world feel more alive to me. In the same way all the maps could've just reused all the same art and been clones of one another, and saved me a lot of time, I don't want to not make the art look good in every way just to save time. In the end, I want Nin to be something I'm proud of in every way. More small upgrades to other maps coming soon!
  17. Never heard of it but the art looks good
  18. Still the same or more PvPing, but also definitely more RP. I regularly walk into people RPing recently! Welcome back!
  19. Updated book shelves in the Sand village academy to contain bacon.
  20. It would be cool to consider this some day, where agility and melee attacks would become viable for non-tai.
  21. Updated forum theme to celebrate our 3rd year of online service. Added Surrender Emote!
  22. Main post updated with new schedule for Chunin Exams!
  23. Dear Ninja, (Updated: 10th April 2019) After 1 year of Chunin Exams monthly, we've decided to scale back on the frequency of Chunin Exams to build up more anticipation for each of them. As such, we will be alternating between hosting Chunin Exams and Wars on the first Saturday of every month. More information about war events coming soon! As it goes, every thing else remains the same, including the time of the event. May will be a War Event, June will be a Chunin Exam and so on..! As the start of a new initiative to fulfill the initial design of Nin Online's ranking system. Beginning April 2018, there will be a Joint Chunin Exam, where both Sand Ninja and Leaf Ninja will participate in, on the first Saturday of every month. Chunin Exams details The event registration will take place at 1pm EST and the entire event will commence at 1:30pm EST. It may last anywhere between 1 - 3 hours depending on how far our Genins make it. Participants are expected to stay throughout the event for the best chance at promotion. The registration location will be announced in-game each month, on the event registration time. Requirements You are to form your own teams of 3 before or during the registration phase. There is no level requirement! Academy Students are not allowed to participate, you have to promote to Genin rank if you want to participate. The entry fee for each team is 15,000 Ryo, prepare to hand over the in-game currency to Shiken during the registration phase after a GM has verified you through the gate. Chunin/Jonin can enter teams to help conduct better RP, increasing chances for promotions. However, entry fee will no longer be waived for teams with Chunin/Jonin team leaders. Missing Ninja cannot participate in the Chunin Exams. Kages of each village have the right to debar ninja from their village from joining. Valid reasons include (but not limited to) misbehavior, breaking treaties, disobeying commands. Rules & Regulations In order to run the event smoothly, your cooperation is required, as such, rule breakers will be kicked from the event which may result in his/her entire team's disqualification. Stay in character Unless you need to ask a serious question, stay in character during the event. Remain online and active If you choose to go AFK and you miss calls for you, we will not wait for you. If you disconnect, quickly reconnect and inform a GM. Follow instructions The GMs and myself will be giving instructions to follow throughout the event Nothing is prohibited unless stated first by the proctor. The GMs will give instructions on what is prohibited in that particular exam. For example, unless explicitly stated, Chakra Pills and Blood Pills are not banned from use. Tips for excellence While these aren't rules, it is recommended to try you best so that you have the best chance for promotion. Make good use of any time given to showcase your RP and your character. Dress for success. If you're a Sand Genin, dress like a Sand Genin. If you are a Leaf Chunin, dress like a Leaf Chunin. Build relationships with the other participants beforehand so that RP is unique. Stand out in your own ways. Use /e to emote (eg. /e watches the fight in excitement) Conclusion The 4th Chunin Exam will be the last grand spectacle Chunin Exam, as of moving into beta phase and running the game as a service, we have to steadily move towards running regular events rather than grand unique ones. I can't promise changes on each exam, but we will try as often as possible. Regards, Rory
  24. Made Cursed Laboratory a Safe Zone.
  25. Maybe the new trailers helped too~ Mist when?