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  1. Game

    Gentle fist is op!
  2. DESERT'S PIRATES made the first truce. YOU broke it! Edit: blackthunder and blackninja, you guys are very funny hahaha
  3. I am still here
  4. Game

    F*cking spy!! F*ck the truce!!! KILL ALL THE LEAFIES!!!
  5. Hahahaha i am just helping the leaf village
  6. Saku is in an organization of missing ninja! And he is also in the sand council... If i was you, i will not choose saku as hokage
  7. Ahahahahaha Good luck if you want to kill me!
  8. I can be your master
  9. The game need more chuunin exam then. (There is only one chuunin in the sand village and it is konahri )
  10. Game

    We must remove REBELLION of the council. I don't love Niti and their goal is to help the leaf village and not the sand e.e (Niti tried to kill me today -_-) My explication: Leaf will be able to attack our low lvl genin, and it is not only a few guys of REBELLION (who are not always connected) who will help them. And i think that konahri is a traitor. It is for that reason that she is always defending REBELLION. SAND COUNCIL FOR SAND NINJAS!!!
  11. It will be better for you to xp with guys of your lvl. But if you want, i can xp you a little bit when i will be online
  12. Game

    Why did you said that hahaha
  13. Game

    Ok then it must be able for everybody (but with a minimum of strenght like swords).
  14. Welcome to @Tsunshin!! The twentieth of the crew!!! Edit: not 20 but 19 lol
  15. Welcome in the crew @koro! I have a little questions for every new pirates! Why do you want to join the crew (this question is not only for koro)?