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The legend of the King Dona, the lisciany zabojca


Age: Older than you                   Gender: Apache helicopter

Strength: Enough to kill you

Organization: Puppet Brigade59e01bfdda8c4_Donabannerfinalversion.png.9bc37c9657f6ebe05ee71ef815036fbb.png

CHAPTER I, The good and the bad 

@Vaga and @Indra  


Dona was weak, poor, and young. He was having a dream, to control the bounty station... but things weren't going the way he wanted. The reason was a ninja called Indra. He was always beating him when he tried to take over the bounty station. But even after losing countless times, he was not losing his determination. So he kept trying and trying but kept on failing. That fact made him mad and he started to hate all people that fought with Indra. At that moment, he understood that he can't win alone.

After another humiliation, Dona went for a walk to think about his bad situation. He traveled into the dark forest and saw a young ninja. Dona did not attack him like the others for one simple reason. His name was very intriguing! He was called "TrouillardOo" ("Fearful[Oo]" in French). It was the first time that Dona saw a ninja with such a strange name. He decided to talk to him for fun, then they became friends. At that moment, Dona started to think that the ordinary ninja way is not for him.

CHAPTER II, Desert's Pirates 


A few minutes later, Dona helped the only guy that he was appreciating in this harsh world, TrouillardOo. His meeting with that guy made him start to think about his goal, his situation, and all his enemies. Dona wanted to be free! He wanted to kill all the leaf shinobi at the bounty station! He looked for a group of people like him, people who are ready to be hated for their goals! He didn't want to create an organization like others, he wanted a crew! A crew that is not from the leaf village! He wanted the Deserts Pirates!!!  So he created the Desert's Pirates and a few days later he assigned TrouillardOo the second in command in the crew. They trained together over a long period of time to be able to rule the bounty station! When he was strong enough, TrouillardOo decided that he wanted to be called Vaga for Vagabond.



His crew was growing, he met Blackobito. BlackObito was not very strong, but he was one of the most loyal pirates of his crew. So Dona did not hesitate and he assigned him to be the third in command. Fighting in the bounty station was easier for them, they sometimes won they sometimes lost, but no matter the outcome, Dona was very happy. For him it was clear, he was the strongest! But not because he won some of the fights, not because he was now respected, not because he has a big crew, but because he never gave up. He started at the bottom and now he was having the biggest crew in the world! Of course, the adventure of Dona is not finished. His goals changed, they are bigger. And now, Dona know that Desert's Pirates will be here to help him.








5a91f7ce9f735_angryemoticon.gif.188b77100d8520a6fe8959c68946cc93.gifDon't do the smart with Dona. He is not like the others, he does not have emotions, he has muscle! Be careful.5a9213638fc39_angryemoticon2.gif.4d82c3e62cb55919aae3251375b99f5d.gif


Special thanks to @Saku! He removed the mistakes of my history




P.S. : I would like to first and foremost offer a sincere apology, for my horrendous knowledge of the english langauge. Indeed, it is not my primary language. As such you may find grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in the aforementioned post. I thank you for your understanding and patience. And would like to take the opportunity to apologise once more for the inconvenience.