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  1. Game

    For bounties here are explications: You don't get a bounty if you kill a ninja of your own village. You have bounty only if you kill somebody of the other village in a danger/war zone. And it is not every kill who give big bounty. It depends of the lvl of the guy that you kill. I am not sure that it is 100% true
  2. Game

    thevagabond is in the map wtf ahahaha
  3. Game

    Me too
  4. Game

    Hahaha like i said, only future leaf ninja don't want Me as Kazekage
  5. Game

    For me it is not that easy to give up I can be kazekage because i know how to fight!! It is not everyone who wants to rule a village my dear U.U Like i said before, if i want to be kazekage it is because i am one with the sand, and the sand is one with me
  6. Game

    You can't escape it!!! Nooooooo!!!
  7. Game

    It tooks me lot of time to write that shit HAHAHAHA
  8. Game

    New sand ninja must have the determination to dethrone me if they want to be strong! Not really Narcissistic Dona. More like KING Dona _______________________________ Read this text who explain with mathematic fact why i must be kazekage. If we explain why i must be the man who rule the sand village (the kazekage), it will let us in an interresting conclusion. First of all, 88 people did the action called "to vote" to show their position in this survey. In that 88 people there are 38.64% of them who want me as kazekage, the man who rule the sand village. If we take away 38.64 from 100 to calculate the difference, we will have the result of 61.36. And that 61.36% show that some group or person in a position of authority over others, such as a corporate employer or the police voted "Of course Not!". If we do some research to see which urban area those people will go at the beta, we can perceive with the eyes that more of the half of those person skilled in ninjutsu will be in the urban area called "Leaf village". Like you probably know, the leaf village are in a state of armed conflict between the sand village. So it is not acceptable to let them vote in a sand village general view, examination, or description of who must be Kazekage. Now that we know that more of the half of people who voted "Of course not!" are leaf ninja, we can deduct that the half of the amount of 61.36 per cent is 30.68 per cent. So 38.64 per cent of skilled person in ninjutsu, also called ninja, who are going in the sand village want me as kazekage when less than 30.68 per cent of skilled person in ninjutsu who are going in the sand village don't want me as kazekage. If we know that 88 humans beings in general or considered collectively give or register a vote, we can know that 34 people wants me as kazekage when less than 26 people don't want me as the person who leads or commands the sand village. So with mathematic facts, you can understand that DONA MUST BE KAZEKAGE!!!
  9. Game

    Lets me present myself... My name is Dona, but people call me king... KIIIING DONA!
  10. Game

    I need the village, the village needs me. I am one with it.
  11. Game

    It is not dona's pirates but desert's pirates my dear. And if you want to say my name, say King before! I think that the rp event is a good idea but the peaks are too much hahaha
  12. Hmmm... It seems like you are in another org I don't want you in my crew if you change your idea easily like that. NO SPY IN MY CREW!
  13. Me,Thevagabond,blackthunder1, Omoi, Blackninja, Gint, Kiritozu, Nighma, Ogy, Sunanogaara, Archangelus, CykaBlyat, Shinai, Hagoromo and Akua You can join it if you want ahaha