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  1. Game

    Sounds like a fun addition to the player hunt
  2. Game

    Your original post and EvoliiX's reply are two different suggestions. It's not the same if you read properly.
  3. Website

    @Ilovegravy Your other account, TheViper, is a Gold member.
  4. Game

    I agree
  5. There are no clans at the moment
  6. Game

    The village needs you, Dona.
  7. Game

    I can imagine ten rookies having their Kage buddy give them nicknames such as; The White Fang, Eternal Genin, Demon of the Hidden Mist, Yellow Flash.
  8. Game

    To the best of my knowledge; No
  9. Game

    Is there also a doujutsu that automatically mutes people? That might come in handy.
  10. This topic deserves a bump. When drama erupts in the shoutbox
  11. I've gotten such an honorable death.
  12. Try adding a bit more shading
  13. Game

    Councils are for the weak.
  14. I chuckled a bit