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  1. You know what they say, you never forget your first.
  2. Game

    Project Lightsokumi; Completed
  3. Whoever came up with the idea for rubberbanding should probably play the game a bit more I also see no logical reason to add rubberbanding
  4. Game

    I agree with everything Teasky mentioned, except for the Missing-Nin /v say. The bounty hunting system should be reversed to what it used to be. A player should also stop getting a higher bounty after killing the same player for more than three times to prevent ryo abuse.
  5. Mentioning GOA on the Ninonline forum?
  6. Game

    @Seth Combat logging is still a thing.
  7. Game

  8. Game

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    Dear villagers and curious non-sandies reading, @Konahri has officially resigned from her fragile position as Kazekage today. Many were grieving, quite a few were cheering. This leaves the village quite vulnerable to any in- and outsiders that are out there to cause chaos. The previous Kazekage had not been in office long enough to install a new council and any form of structure. All of that will be done through this topic. All leadership will be transferred to the current major organisation's leaders. Any information regarding PvP, bounties and village tournaments will be given by @Hoshen or @SparkZZ Any information regarding trading will be given by @Jazzberry Jam Any other relevant information will be given by either @Nassim Sr or @Kaguya Light Any form of entertainment will be given by @Dona Quite a few more organisations will be formed in a short period to ensure everything goes smoothly ingame. A medical organisation and an organisation that's sole purpose is helping low levels/new players are a few examples. Send a message on the forum, discord or ingame to any of the players mentioned above if you need help, have a question or simply want to speak about village matters. Those mentioned above are obviously not the only players that can be contacted. Other relevant players aswell such as @Huranza, or @Pervy Sage can be contacted too. All of the players mentioned in this topic are to be taken seriously at all times and listened to at all times (besides Dona :$). Topic will be updated with new and additional information if needed.
  10. @Tartarus Lock this topic
  11. Game

    Interested to see how this will be played out
  12. What about ex staff members?
  13. No.