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  1. Seth must learn Tsunade Healing jutsu.
  2. I want to see what it will look like. Add me.
  3. Game

    For example : for the weapons user i think a scroll (like Tenten one) could be good, cuz u have to buy supplies everytime and it can be borring. A super expensiv scroll or something like that which help the game to be less "borring" for high level ninjas.
  4. Game

    I mean all fire jutsu put the ground on fire. If you suggest another passive, better than this one, it would be good.
  5. Game

    Hi i think we could add some passives in the game to make things better, i suggest some here : Weapon : Having a scroll which summon weapons (Tenten like) (no need to buy them anymore after that) Medic : Healing someone also heal the healer (a little) Fire : Fire justu put the ground on fire for some secondes, deal damage of course. Water : Water jutsu put water on ground, water users are faster runing on it and regen chakra. Earth : Hitting someone give you a shield, the shield have a life bar and is destroyed if his HP is 0 or after 3 secondes. Lighting : Hitting someone with lighting jutsu incrase your speed and dodge a lot. Wind : A fan (Temari like) wind jutsu cast is faster and cost less chakra. Taijutsu : Hitting someone incrase the next taijutsu damage on him, you have 2 secondes use taijutsu on him, after that you have to hit him again to use ur passiv again.
  6. Game

    I though the same. I think if ur org start to attack leaf only, name ur org : suicide squad.
  7. Hi all
  8. Game

    If a medic start to play offensiv he is not a medic anymore, the medic principale utility is to heal, and he have some jutsu to fight in case of he need to defend. So i'm asking question if it have offensive skill tree, what jutsu will you put here ? Same for Supportive, is there enough jutsu for that ?
  9. Game

    Just a level of mastery for each element would be ok i think.
  10. Game

    "Ink Release" or "Hair Release" is a good suggestion but there are a lot of Non-elemental jutsu in Naruto, only a few release would be ok.
  11. Check out my new sprite ;)

  12. Thank you ! My post reached 1000+ view, so i decided to make something. Sasuke : This mean the Team 7 is reunited again !
  13. Minato and Kakashi already done, check them out in page 1 (Minato isn't very well done, he was my first). I'll try Shisui later.
  14. Wish granted ! Thanks for suggesting. Orochimaru : If you have more suggestion tell me !
  15. It's been a long time friends. Shikamaru : Tell me if you like or dislike it. If you have any suggestion im waiting for it !