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  1. Seth must learn Tsunade Healing jutsu.
  2. I want to see what it will look like. Add me.
  3. Game

    For example : for the weapons user i think a scroll (like Tenten one) could be good, cuz u have to buy supplies everytime and it can be borring. A super expensiv scroll or something like that which help the game to be less "borring" for high level ninjas.
  4. Game

    I mean all fire jutsu put the ground on fire. If you suggest another passive, better than this one, it would be good.
  5. Game

    Hi i think we could add some passives in the game to make things better, i suggest some here : Weapon : Having a scroll which summon weapons (Tenten like) (no need to buy them anymore after that) Medic : Healing someone also heal the healer (a little) Fire : Fire justu put the ground on fire for some secondes, deal damage of course. Water : Water jutsu put water on ground, water users are faster runing on it and regen chakra. Earth : Hitting someone give you a shield, the shield have a life bar and is destroyed if his HP is 0 or after 3 secondes. Lighting : Hitting someone with lighting jutsu incrase your speed and dodge a lot. Wind : A fan (Temari like) wind jutsu cast is faster and cost less chakra. Taijutsu : Hitting someone incrase the next taijutsu damage on him, you have 2 secondes use taijutsu on him, after that you have to hit him again to use ur passiv again.
  6. Game

    I though the same. I think if ur org start to attack leaf only, name ur org : suicide squad.
  7. Hi all
  8. Check out my new sprite ;)

  9. Can i join please ?
  10. 19 turn 20 in 5 month.
  11. I have a question : How long you can be a kage and how many times ?
  12. 1.Tobi 2.Tenten 3.Hashirama Senju
  13. Going to watch Assassin's Creed the movie, hope it will be good

    1. Crimson Flash
    2. ZombieUnit


      The movie sucked a bit :/

    3. Crimson Flash

      Crimson Flash

      not sure when I'll have the chance to watch. 

      but I hope for it to be good

  14. Make atlantica server lol
  15. Whats the last decimal of pi ? jk How long it take to make maps ?