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  1. @Rory Oh my god, thanks for reminding me MU online existed. Playing Magic Gladiator was so much fun. That game was perfection.
  2. My current favorite ones are Trove and Planetside 2. One game that will always be close to my heart is World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King, I have so many memories from it.
  3. I am 14, will be 15 in two months.

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    2. Wilkor


      Then I have no idea how I can't neither follow you or see your followers

    3. Siluk


      Lmao, he disabled people seeing his followers, that's it. :D 

      Went on for too long. :P

    4. Shadow Shinha
  5. This whole post has so many positive vibes to it.
  6. So what is going on here...NOPE. turns around and walks away
  7. Welcome.
  8. Mine would probably be: Tatewaki Mifune Shisui Uchiha
  9. I would but I think the ping difference would kill me. :S
  10. When did you make these?
  11. @Saku, remember to give the rolling pin back to your mother. 10/10 scroll, would read.
  12. Dona vs anyone:
  13. When players tell me I am the best GM and then they says this: When I have a GM item equipped and a low level steps in front of my jutsu.
  14. Why is there no Music on your Profile? T_T

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    2. Saku


      This is unbelievably Beautiful *-*
      What exactly is that? I NEED to know :D 

    3. Argo


      It is called music, quite popular among the young kids nowadays. The song is called: Danny Rayel - The Dragon Rider.

    4. evoliiX


      Well i dont know this thing called "music", seems like im no more one of the young kids.:(

  15. Noob.

    1. Argo


      Thank you so much. ;)

    2. Siluk