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Name: Vali  Clan: Kuraen  Age: 20     Rank: Leaf Village Genin

Introduction and Lifestory

Vali is a 20-year-old genin, who was once a longtime survivor of the Civil War long ago  in the village of the hidden leaf.
The times were fierce and crimes were occurring each and every day. It was a cruel world out there . As he got up to overcome these difficulties but figured he needed commarades to fight this bad part of the village , he understood that it was impossible to stop it completely !!
On his way of becoming stronger and wiser  he met Blackkyuubi, Wave and Indra !! He and his friends rose up against these criminals
and did everything in their power to lessen at least the crimes, helping the village defend new leafs

It was hopeless, the war never ended, the war began even before the birth of Valis in this ninja world and continued for decades until the new era of shinobi. after a brief period of a mythic age. So when the  hokage came in. He decided to eliminate the crimes by exiling many criminals. Some of these criminals were long sworn friends, some expelled,some have gone rouge , some joined with other villages, and some were never seen again. It was difficult, but the Civil War finally ended. This is the time when Vali decided to go on an adventure a long 1 year journey.
And so he begins his new adventure. Needs time to learn about the world and its meaning, so much violence so many deaths and sacrifices. even the civil war tho had stopped a new era started !! The village of sand had decided to make war with the village of the hidden leaf.
As soon as Vali heard what was happening he immediately decided to return to the village. After a whole year of his adventure, he thought that everything had changed in the village, better or worse, his friends were not found anywhere. Vali learned that the Village had taken its police force and the Anbu square, which means its own military force to fight the evil. That was a good thing to know, as Vali got to know that the leaf village was moving forward. While resuming his long life training he met a mysterious man. This mysterious man  took Vali under his guidance and helped him in every request he had to complete! The time passed and this mysterious Man made a simple question for Vali! He invited Vali to join his clan, although Vali had no connection with the blood. He made that offer and Vali gladly accepted the offer. It was a new life a new adventure and a new family. From that day he was approaching his goal.


Vali is a Fire/Earth User who is mostly agressive in pvp battles but considers the offensive depending on the outcome