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  1. @James I completely agree with you, it's pretty much what I tried to mention. It would not be a good decision for the Roleplay by itself.
  2. I'd prefer to roleplay just after the oficial release of the game. Therefore, theres no reason to carry the rank untill its launch date. Thats my opinion tho...
  3. @ShiinRyuu Seth told us earlier that we won't keep the Chuunin Rank after the wipe. The exam will be just for fun, which after it will occur the wipe.
  4. Music

    The Desert Warzone sounds sick!! Great work, guys !
  5. Art

    @Keijin Great work! But actually I was wondering - if this question has been made already, just ignore it - why doesn't the game has a pattern color of clothing and allows us to choose properly the colors we want to, instead of buying each one? Best regards, Mitsuo. -