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  1. Game

    Thats so annoying... It happened to me five times in a row today. Which only happens with a projectile jutsu itself, not for example with Water Slash.
  2. These weapon users... So unfair... Great video bro! You put some work into it!
  3. @James I completely agree with you, it's pretty much what I tried to mention. It would not be a good decision for the Roleplay by itself.
  4. I'd prefer to roleplay just after the oficial release of the game. Therefore, theres no reason to carry the rank untill its launch date. Thats my opinion tho...
  5. Game

    I agree. A defense system like the one you've suggested would enhance a lot the PvP of the game. Just like most of Online games nowadays, also following the immersive peculiarity of the Anime.
  6. @ShiinRyuu Seth told us earlier that we won't keep the Chuunin Rank after the wipe. The exam will be just for fun, which after it will occur the wipe.
  7. Yaaay! It's so good to see the community engaged in make all this really happen and helping the staff in any way we are capable of. Congratulations to you all and a happy easter!
  8. Good one bro! Add some shadow details to it.
  9. I completely agree with Akiro. With the server closed they have more time to put work on it. Just be pacient and all that need to be done will be done with much more focus, as long as theres no one asking/complaining about this or that.
  10. @Tian Lee In my humble opinion, for your first try ever, it's not bad. I am not an expert on the subject, but still, you have some improvements to make, for example the details like shadows and different colors. But relax! It is normal to anyone that tries something new. Never give up on what you wishes, bro! Keep always trying to be better than before! Best regards, Mitsuo.
  11. @Indra Uchiha Pretty useful for the beginners. Just as an additional information, lightning also have a stun technique, which is the Lightning Pillar.
  12. @Vali Uchiha and @DairutoSenju Maybe if I were there it would have gone other way. @Indra Uchiha By the way, great job bro. Hahaha.
  13. Welcome bro.
  14. Great drawings! Wish I could do some arts like that.
  15. Music

    The Desert Warzone sounds sick!! Great work, guys !