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Vesta  Ōkami

Ex-Council Member of War Affairs/Creator of the Pillars of the Sand


Age: 32   Height: 5'3   Nickname: Kagato, Vesta the besta, Suna no Ōkami



The Era of the Pillars:

Vesta and Miki where friends from childhood, growing up in the same village they created the Pillars of the Sand in response to no clear capable leader in the village to become Kazekage. During this time the Pillars become target #1 of the other factions of the village and managed to become part of the Council.  Warring left and right in order to win the supremacy of the sand, the Pillars realized that to get the Kazekage seat they must go underground. When Konahri was called to be Kazekage, Miki and Vesta became missing Nin and began attacking the factions from the outside. Once the village was in disarray Miki came back as the savior and the Pillars went underground disbanding all other and keeping it small between only Vesta and Miki. Their plans worked, and Miki was put in the kazekage seat at the demand of the people. Having done his Job in putting his friend in the Kazekage office Vesta retired from active combat and opened Vesta's Traveling shop.




Vesta's Traveling shop Era:

Vesta going solo away from the fighting was a welcomed change. He become a premium seller of snake venom's and his second house was the the the abandoned snake hideout. Still working with the newly formed council Vesta's time was split between his Council duties and his job as a Merchant, during his time with the snakes he learned the secrets of poisons and antibodies. Having not used his fire mastery for a long time Vesta fell out of practice more and more. Making bank as a Merchant Vesta started giving deals 15 ryo per snake vial and 10 per vial if bought in a bundle of 20 and more. After awhile he became bored and decided to Militarize himself once more,  joining the Military corp for a short while before reforming the Pillars of the Sand with Miki and other old members.



Resurgence of the Pillars:

(To be continued)