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  1. Game

    Nothing obviously, you where defending the mastery and I was stating why its worse than others right now.
  2. Game

    Ok, so it doesn't change what I am saying, by lvl 23 you have the almost useless Senbons, 1 second charge Spear and a 1 second charge Cutter. so 2 out of 3 of your first moves got charges on top of having low base damage, yet we are not supposed to say anything?
  3. Game

    Lightning sucks right now, I am sorry but 1 senbon, no piercing? This move sucks. its worse than every other lvl 10 jutsu. Lightning spear, 1 second charge = making this is almost impossible to land in PvP. Lightning cutter: ANOTHER charge time, so now you have 3 moves and ur lvl 23 -_-, 2 of your jutus that have a damn charge time, and the first move being completely useless. All these moves are worthless in PvP and you are basically a drone for people to hit on.
  4. Dona violating Indra, Wave and Daitruto??? WTF are you even babbling about. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA Also worse RP ever man.
  5. Game

    This bug is still here btw. It makes it harder to PvP
  6. Game

    Ok, I get it now thanks
  7. Game

    Yes this is really lame and is making PvP harder for absolutely no reason.
  8. Game

    Alright I get it now. Sorry for posting here than.
  9. Game

    Ok well I was at 0 before the fight, and 0 after the fight, so unless its from my earlier kills before I lost my Bounty than it makes no sense. I was at 100 before getting gang banged to 0 lol
  10. Game

    I had a 1v1 fight against Dairuto in a safe zone, when I won the fight I was able to go to the Bounty office and collect my reward. Is this normal? because my Bounty is at zero + it was in a safe zone. Does it makes sense that I was able to collect Ryo and Exp from having a 0 Bounty?
  11. Game

    I think waiting lvl 50 for a second element is kind of a waste, than you gotta grind them like crazy, it would be a far more organic to get them sooner. I would go for lvl 10 first mastery lvl 30-35 for second mastery. That way its a progression worth doing. But hey I am just a player so I don't think anything will change.
  12. I will admit fire wall hits hard as hell, I do around 90-140 damage with 50 intellect, I am still learning how to land it, but its kinda easy to land an instant cast. The problem is, if we get that fire wall jutsu taking away than I can only rely on the advanced phoenix fire balls to PvP until lvl 30 when I get another fire ball, since one of our Jutsus in lvl 2 techs seem to be absent for now.
  13. I have been trying to log in to play, yet it tells me its only open to gold and silver ninjas. The Thing is I am a Gold ninja so I should be able to play.
  14. Game

    There are many who are one with the sand.
  15. Game

    Sand isn't a democracy. and that wasn't even math...