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  1. Very well I'll get my boys to join me than.
  2. Do I absolutely need a team to enter this @Rory
  3. Once you are accepted, PM me for Discord Link.
  4. ブ、ム Suzaku たけ-し

    武 Suzaku 武 Suzaku Clan サク, is much like Akatsuki, in the sense that its ninjas are banded together for a singular purpose. Based off the Sand Village. This Mysterious group is loyal to the sand. They simply have their own agenda that runs separate from the village. Founded by VestaOrion Ex-Co Leader of the Pillars of the Sand, their main goal remains shrouded in Mystery. --- Ranks: In Suzaku there is no "rank" per say, the members are separated by different jobs, and they work together in order to achieve their goals. The "leader" is the founder, but doesn't order people around unless they are doing something specific to the goal of Suzaku. Shiso (Founder) This position is reserved for Vesta since he is the one who created this group. He oversees all operations. Sekkou (Spy) His job is to gather Intel and keep tabs on the enemies of the sand and of Suzaku Kyoushu (Assassin) Killers of Suzaku, dispatched when a target is decided, or when Suzaku is payed to kill somebody. Senshi (Soldier) These guys are the main fighters in Suzaku, Veteran fighters with exceptional skills (Must be at least lvl 30) Hajimaru (Initiate) People who have just joined Suzaku and have no position yet. --- Suzaku Laws It is forbidden for you to kill a fellow Sand Nin. It is forbidden to kill or attack the Kazekage or the Sand in any way It is forbidden to kill anybody unless attacked or if its part of the hidden agenda of the Suzaku ---
  5. Game

    There is already a boss in Takumi, His name is Guren, he's lvl 35.
  6. LOL well I don't have the money for this.
  7. Game

    I am aware of the other masteries. It doesn't change the fact that fire is missing a lvl 25 jutsu and that having one might balance the mastery a little more.
  8. Game

    Fire does need SOME tweaks. I think a lvl 25 move that could stun would be welcomed. Even if it does no damage. I don't think this is asking too much since the new masteries got damn auto hits now.
  9. You do realize I don't hate you personally right? Same for all sandies I have played with while I was a Pillar of the Sand. Me leaving is because I didn't want my character to be part of a village so far because my favorite is Mist and its not in game. Therefore I joined Yoru because I felt like doing this. Best way to do this was to make my character leave because the Pillars didn't get control of Kazekage. Its all RP. Same as I don't get mad at Sandies that attack me screaming "TRAITOR OF THE SAND YOU DIE!!!" Because its a freaking game, its part of being a Missing Nin. I mean I am aware some people go further than others. But me and @Miki do not hate you personally. If you give up as a KazeKage right away that was super quick.
  10. Game

    If you make your build right you can literally be almost unstoppable. If skill is supposed to be a part of PVP, homing techs should go in my opinion, or everyone should have at least 1 or a stun.
  11. Game

    I agree with this, me with fire release I need to aim all my shots while these other people can just spam auto hit techs. Its stupid in my opinion.
  12. Game

    Geez, so I guess we will need to wait until a patch is released.
  13. Game

    Big flame bullet makes my game crash. When I play for awhile it ALWAYS makes my game crash.
  14. Game

    I have abandoned a mission I didn't want to do. But now every time I go to the daymio when I click missions it does nothing. I cannot get any more missions.
  15. Yeah combat log is lame. If I lose, I lose. It only means I have to try harder next time.