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  1. Game

    We are more than no names. You will see when the game starts up.
  2. Remember guys, If you wanna play in closed beta, you need to be a Gold Ninja.
  3. @frzuh Welcome to the Pillars of the Sand.
  4. Please note that I keep this page open at all times even when I am not here, so don't trust that I am here even if you see me. So if I do not answer your personal messages right away, its because I am not here.

  5. Pretty cool pixel art you got there buddy
  6. @Ankhar Welcome to the Pillars of the Sand.
  7. Please note that we are going through a reconstruction phase to improve this page. So it may be subject to sudden changes. If you have any question direct them at me through PMs.
  8. Game

    ALL 9 of us? yeah that would be kinda funny to see. But no our home is the sand Period.
  9. @Dareem, use PM's or do like me and have a discord for your people. The Pillars of the Sand have a discord, guess what, our plans never leak.
  10. Game

    Hey buddy, we tried another side for fun while the game was dying. The only people I have called idiots are people who where crying for their level back. If you don't know what you are talking about its better to shush. I have never insulted you Let's be freaking real right now, if the Pillars where to ACTUALLY leave you guys, you would be screwed I got some of the strongest Sand Ninjas on my roster. If I leave with my Pillars that's a hole of 9 ninjas in the sand, and the leaf already has more ninjas than us. Say what you will, but without us you guys a done. Plus we need an alternative to people just spamkilling.
  11. Hello my fellow Suna ninjas, This is VestaOrion one of the leaders of the Pillars. We are open for recruitment, If you wish a good time, we are the org for you. We are some of the best fighters in the Sand, we have some of the best tactical plans with the best strategists ready for anything the Leaf will throw at us. If you want to join a crew that has more aspirations then simple spam killing we are the people for you. Please note that if you join us you are still able to do pretty much anything you wish to do in-game. The only time we actually really come together is when the Village is under attack or when we have team activities. Me and The Pirates have had issues which have resulted in insults and seriously it was pretty childish. This will not be tolerated anymore. If you join us, you must respect every Sand Village Ninja even the Pirates and help them if they are in any trouble (unless they show animosity, if so leave them alone and just come find us, we will remedy the situation). We may be after the same things but there are no need to be ACTUALLY insulting in real life. Pros of Joining us: - We help the entire village and we help train the new recruits who just joined the Village in order to prepare them for the war against the leaf. -Offer tactical advice. We help you with your PVP experience and we teach you to fight with your Unit in a cohesive and proper manner to maximize your chances in duels and wars alike. - Friendly team. We keep our recruits trained. We will help you EXP, we will Help you money wise, everything the Pillars of the Sand does is inclusive and for the betterment of all of the Sand Ninjas. By the time Beta re-opens we will be around 7-9 members, Everybody is welcomed to join, the more we are the merrier
  12. Yeah let's squash this for now and chill out. It's not even our decision anyways. I am sorry about being a dick, but people bitching recently have been a pain on here. So I might of overreacted. I still stand with my opinion though.
  13. You really think your gonna bait me with insults kid? The only thing you "Refute" is in your head. "Mister the hunter". HAHAHAHAHAHA don't make me laugh you really think I care what you think? I didn't refute your "arguments" because its a waste of my time to give you and your little loser friends to time of day. You guys where crying about a game and where called out on it. Now shut up and just accept the compensation we are getting from the devs. Keep thinking your clever buddy, you're not. Also with the amount of money I am doing sitting on my ass I will gladly use it to game.
  14. We won't miss you guys.
  15. @Dona I have a wife, a house, 2 cars and I own a company, you are just some little kid. So who is the loser? The guy who has all that or some kids crying about a number(levels) in a video game? I rest my case. Little boy. Everyone will be compensated and that's it that's all. Now go take a walk outside, its called the real world.