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  1. Still wait for private message.
  2. yo, im from poland same. send to you private message peace
  3. Game

    vote for yes.
  4. Game

    @Indra yea u have right, Light is really tryhard.. well its hell on ground with one projectile shots on senbons... dont need any change's in my opinion.
  5. Game

    Hey, when im rank up to max my Light senbons, still one shot, (idk is bug or nerf for lighting ? ) one projectile shot is really hard to land it in to enemy.
  6. That nerf for senbons light..


  7. Game

    Welcome ninja's. what u think about change name Level -> Age of your ninja ? is better for fun with RP .
  8. Game

    Im Wanna join to pirates, sand represent
  9. Game

    Hi i think need give option hotkeys for all keyboard ( A-Z, ' ] [ ; ' etc ) in game is more jutsu and 1-9 is very small ( use kunais, potions etc and have free 6-7 slot )
  10. Hello, my real name is Daniel im life in Warsaw and have 18 years old i love naruto world, and good 2d games, so im think stay here for long time this awsome pvp in the game ...!! peace