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  1. Hey all, How did you find Nin-Online? I am just curious to know where everyone came from and what brought them to our community aside from the love for anime, Naruto to be exact. If you were referred here, please do mention the name of who posted the topic
  2. Hello Ninjas! It has been quite some time since you've received a proper "community update" from me as CM and that will definitely be changing moving forward as your captain @Yuko will officially be acting as Community Manager for this community as I continue my ninja journey as a GM. Make sure you're following @Jessica as that will be her acting CM account to stay up to date and involved in all things related to the community and the events being held. As always, we aim to provide the best to those who dedicate and continue to invest their time into this amazing game. Continue to contact the GMs and staff for all your complaints and game related issues still! This does not mean you should destroy our Community Manager's inbox beyond ninja repair. Look forward to seeing everyone's involvement in the events to come! It'll definitely be great. Remember, we are players too! She will make a proper introduction in due time, until then; look forward to it! *Hands awesome community scroll to Jessica*
  3. The irony in how this conversation went from what it was meant to encourage to a majority of individuals finding faults or situations to attack versus just remaining quiet if they have nothing positive to add to the discussion. @Rory even taking the time to respond back to some of these unnecessary replies should tell you how open he is trying to be with this community, and that is something not many game projects do. I won't go on as to repeat what others have said but any more back and forth from this point on will result in a forum mute. Enjoy the game!
  4. Congratulations to everyone and all those who participated quite late but hey, I just returned from a trip.
  5. The main reason Daredevil is a starting point is because of a Doctor you'll be introduced to. Said doctor is pretty much across all the Netflix marvel shows at this point lol. I wrote this to make it as spoiler free as possible
  6. A poll has been added to this topic. Please use that to submit your vote as well.
  7. Now that's what you call unexpected. The ending... did not expect it despite the lyrics lol. Great job
  8. Should anyone have questions or concerns beyond a refund request, please direct those to me through a PM or continue to utilize the forums to see if others have already asked the questions you might have. We won't always be able to see everything on Discord unless it is a private message. In short, the staff is available and as Rory said, we definitely appreciate the support. Naruto never gave up, neither should we
  9. Head over to the Support board and make a bug report with screenshots if possible
  10. Patience Ninjas this was certainly bound to happen during the initial launch of live beta. Uptime should improve as the server begins to handle more users. I would definitely suggest looking through the forums while you wait for anything Gold and Silver Ninja's have shared from their gameplay that may help you once your adventure starts.
  11. Fellow Ninjas, As of today, I have joined the team behind this wonderful game as the Community Manager. As @Rory has briefed me over the past few days, the role comes with many responsibilities that will require my time and focus, which I intend to provide. My goal of this announcement is to say hello to the rest of you and step out of the shadow. I hope to work with all of you whom make up and have been deeply involved in the community. Having spent the past 24 hours reading through the forum posts; I can see that the community is filled with unique individuals who will one day become inspirational Ninjas, or a target in the Bingo book. Whichever you will be, I'm sure the new ninjas yet to join us will look up to you as such. I look forward to learning from you all and helping make the Nin Online experience as fun as possible along with the rest of the team in more ways than in the past. Despite being a staff member, I hope to remain active as a member of this community just like everyone else here. All of us here whom have been around, supporting the game's development over the years, we are all like a team, having given feedback and ideas over the years. I know that's how Rory feels as well. With Open Beta coming soon, I'd say our mission is to improve the community where it's a fun place for new players, invite people to come join us, and watch over the community as it grows into something bigger than it was. So I'm looking forward to working with you all! Thank you for taking your time to read this and once again, hey!
  12. Thank you I intend to do nothing less for my fellow pupils. I know we'll certainly accomplish this Scary
  13. and thus I am back.

  14. I think it all depends on the importance of a title or how it will tie in with Nin. If titles are just meant to be something people have floating above their heads for the hell of it, the option to be able to change it when ever is the best route. If it should be something that other players should want to strive for and have floating above their heads because it proves that individual has done something extraordinary, since we are of course in a ninja world , the fourth option is the best way to go. I personally like the fourth compared to all other options because it gives the development team to be more creative with titles and how they should be earned as well as adds a bit more competition to the game among players. Say for example, there is a max of 20 titles that can be gained, and there is a log book that logs every title earned by a player and giving them the option to choose which one they want to be showcased above their head (Which can be looked at as the 1st option which would than make the 6th option my choice if this is what you meant by "complete freedom"). The person with all titles unlocked gets a special suit or cape or something to show they've gained all available titles. As more titles are added in, the prize given for gaining all the new titles added in will be different from the previous one. Just a little thought on the idea, hope it changes all your votes :wub:
  15. happy birthday mate

  16. Reports of ninja headbands going missing from those who had it equipped online. Look into it when you can mate.

    1. Seth


      We're not giving them out until we implement an automatic system to award them.

  17. GTA V and lots of food.

  18. Aha, we love you all the same though our supporters must be thanked I suggest everyone attempt gaining that gold badge =[]
  19. Official

    Alrighty, to end on what Rory has already answered numerous times, this is the ideal method of the RPE system. Everyone I suggest you just wait and see how it works than start going against it from how you're reading it. The system can still be improved or tinkered with accordingly. Gotta try it out first and see how it goes
  20. My birthday month can't wait.
  21. This is entirely a separate spot within the hokage building area.
  22. That board has been added for a long time now lol, guessing Rory removed it since no one used it.
  23. The support board of the community is also dedicated to reporting game bugs mate I am sure it'll get pilled up after release.
  24. Ah, found ya. Welcome to the community mate.