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  1. #Fappening

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    2. Destructo


      Youtube comments <3

    3. Nassim Sr

      Nassim Sr

      It's definiatly fappening.

      Ayy lmao

    4. Atrox


      lol the topless thing is made up by 4chan so dumb chicks would show their titties on twiter

  2. Go Go Money Squad!

  3. R.I.P Chino

    1. Feinz Mirana
    2. Noble


      This one's for my dead homies.

  4. Art

    Clone Technique Fireball Technique Body Flicker Technique Water Bullet Technique Concealment Technique Great Fireball Technique
  5. No, cause reanimation has so much logic.
  6. People are hype it's 70 degrees in New York cause they have no coat.

  7. English, Spanish, Italian. Funny thing is I learned Spanish and Italian first and took esl classes in kindergarten - 2nd grade then forgot how to write couple years later lmao, but I can speak it very well.
  8. Ps3 or PC?
  9. I request to be unbanned this instant

    1. Bubbles


      just blame crosswise. he cant handle power.

    2. Atrox


      really lol he did? awesome...

    3. Nassim Sr

      Nassim Sr

      Raido's profile picture is creepy. He reminds me of Meg.

  10. natas drol krad ym esir esaelp

  11. Lel, sb ban for idk why, but whoever did it is a fucking dike. give me that warning point fag