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  1. Not really. There is French players at Leaf Sand and Takumi. Go where you are good. If you like Sand stay Sand, if you like leaf stay leaf, and if you like Takumi stay missing.
  2. Yagami is not French Clan. And Snake is not French xD. Yagyu's was 90% French player or Francophone player same for Kurobaku but they does'nt exist now
  3. Autrefois J'avais un clan qui regroupais des français mais la communauté Française est en minorité ici. Nous sommes un peu partout autan a Leaf que Sand ou bien chez les missing. Le seul conseil que je puisse te donner c'est de faire l'effort de parler la langue communautaire c'est à dire l'Anglais. Tu verras il y'a de très bonnes personnes même si elle ne sont pas françaises. Après pour le choix de ton avenir je te dirais simplement d'être là ou tu te sens bien peu importe le village ou tu es. Et @Niti je ne savais pas que tu parlais Français xD
  4. Hi, I wanted to make a suggestion about the Water and Lightning masteries. I think that for the balancing of the game it would be necessary to modify 2 or 3 jutsu so that these 2 masteries are at the level of the others. I think the Jutsu Water Colliding wave should find its instant casting time and include it for Lightning Current and / or Lightning Spear. The other masteries have a lot of instant jutsu cast eg Earth Spike Technique or Mud River for Earth Fire Dragon Fire Wall for Fire, Wind Mask for Wind Fan .... These 3 masteries are at the top right now because they have controls that are instant and therefore leaves little chance for the opponent to dodge if he no longer has sub. Obviously I do not speak of GF or Tai who are also at the top also thanks to these jutsu instant that can perform combo. Making the combo for Water and Lightning possible would make them at the level of the other masteries and would not be abused for the rest of the masteries. Thanks for constructive replies hoping that Rory will read this post.
  5. Nice dude
  6. aw dude that is my name lol XD(bt i knw that alot of ppl gonna take it :P)

    1. Zane


      uhh what is so good about the name indra?


    2. Indra


      its a god


    3. Itashui


      lol There's propably 1 original indra xd