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Former Leaf Specialized Jonin / Medical-Nin
Currently Sand Genin/ Current Leader of the Sand Medical Force / Medical-Nin
Sole Member of H.O.P.E.

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Saku the Medic
"The one who missed his heal"






Saku usually wears a green vest over a long-sleeved black shirt, black pants, gloves, green sandals and wears his Leaf Village Protector around his neck. While on missions, he wears his Chunin Flak Jacket and a special forehead protector that offers more protection. He is a short guy, rather skinny with long limbs and fair skin. He ties his hazel brown hair into a small ponytail and thus gets confused for a girl sometimes. He has lazy green eyes and usually a smile on his face.

Saku is quite lazy for a Shinobi and is not too excited about physical activities. He used to be extremely helpful and try to assist everyone but over time he changed and now usually only assists his close friends or newcomers fresh out of the academy. Simple-minded and laid-back. Usually very friendly behavior but easy to get annoyed wich results in childish and foolish behavior.


(This section is a WIP)

Leaf Arc

Chapter 1
The early days of Saku
Sakus childhood was probably the most uneventful thing you could imagine. Before becoming a Shinobi he was a lazy kid that only cared about eating and sleeping. His parents treated him like most parents would treat their children, maybe not as strict as others though. After entering the academy things changed drastically. Instead of relaxing and enjoying life it was all about studying, training and other boring activities. And on top of that, all the other kids were either obsessed with being the strongest or acting like special snowflakes. It was a painful drag, so he tried his best to graduate as fast as possible so he could return to his lazy life. But after becoming a Genin the responsibilities didn’t stop. Train that, report this, take care of those. There was seemingly no end to it, and the thought of leaving the Shinobi life behind him completely was constantly present but a certain event convinced him otherwise. While he was just strolling around trying to find a nice spot for a nap he saw a Genin coming out of the woods, covered in blood and looking very pale. He started to panic and didn’t knew what to do, and after the Genin collapsed Saku picked him up and ran into the village without any clear destination in mind. Luckily he came across some villagers and they told him to rush to the Hospital and upon arrival, several Medical-Nin took the wounded child and brought him inside. Saku fell to the ground and tried to catch his breath. He was still panicking, hands and legs shaking, eyes tearing up. Every passing minute felt like an eternity and all he could think about was the horrifying picture of the bloodsoaked Genin. After a while, a Medical-Nin stepped up to Saku and updated him “That was a close one, he probably got carried away and tried to hunt the spiders deeper inside the forest” Saku asked the Medical-Nin with a shaky voice “Will he be alright???” and after a deep sigh the Medical-Nin responded “Well, we extracted the poison and patched him up, so he will be fine … but … “ he stopped for a second, visibly sad “The poison had enough time to spread trough his whole system causing severe damage, so his recovery will take several weeks, if not months” That answer devastated Saku, but he thanked the Medical-Nin and left. As he was just walking down the busy streets he started to blame himself for the whole event. His lack of skill almost killed someone, and it really got to him. He realized that being lazy helps no one and that something like this can never happen again, so he clenched his fist, turned around and entered the Hospital so he could learn how to help others, how to save others, how to become an Iryō-nin, a Medical Ninja.

Chapter 2

The laziest Medical-Nin of the Leaf Village
Even though Saku was determined to become a Medical-Nin, his Laziness caught up to him really fast. The theoretical part made him fall asleep and studying was, as he called it "his mortal enemy". Despite slacking off, he managed to pass most of the tests and proceed with the practical part. And as expected by many, he didn't enjoy it either. Saku wanted to learn how to heal people in need and not to throw senbons or how to properly intoxicate someone. Most other Medical-Nin were sure he would quit sooner or later, but something rather interesting happened, and event that changed Saku which surprised almost everyone. While Saku was traveling with other Medical-Nin trough the Forest they came across a Genin with a claw wound on his arm. The Iryō-Nin ordered Saku to treat him, expecting to hear some complaints but to their surprise, he was completely quiet. Saku was really nervous and started to treat the Genin, but since it wasn't too much of a challenge he calmed down more and more and was about to unleash a flurry of complaints but wanted to finish the treatment first. But before he could say anything the Genin bowed and said: "Thank you for helping me! ". Saku was baffled. Nobody every thanked him so sincerely, mainly because he never did anything for anyone. But the confusion faded into joy. He loved the fact that he gets praised for the right thing. And in the following weeks, Saku kept walking around trough the forest, helping everybody he met on his way, treating their wounds and helping them to get back on their feet. Because of that he was slacking the theoretical part of his training even more but barely managed to pass the final exam and got accepted into the ranks of and Iryō-nin, starting his Journey with a new mindset.

Chapter 3

The Chunin Exams
Part 1 of 4
The written nightmare

The Leaf Village Shinobi were in ecstasy. The Chunin Exams were starting and everybody wanted to prove themselves. Dozens of teams were created and everyone was fired up, everyone except Saku. He wasn't sure if he wanted to attend the Exams at all because he never saw himself as a fighter and also the intimidation coming from all the strong contestants. But after his good friend @Flame asked him if he would join him and @Iskarus, Saku immediately changed his mind. Because he knew, no matter the outcome, as long as he is around his friends he will have a great time. They teamed up and shortly after the Pre-Exam party started. People were singing, dancing, and enjoying all the good food. Saku didn't expect that this would be his last peaceful moment for a long time. After the party, no time was wasted and teams were registered as they paid their fees and tension started to rise. Flame briefed Saku about the bigest threats and was mostly concerned about Team 1, @Indra, @Shigure, Silverfang and an individual by the name of "Broken Inside". After a short briefing by the Kage the written part of the exam began. It was rough. Almost instantly people failed and asked for a retry without success. Saku was sitting in the back with his Team and successfully managed to give answers to each other. It went surprisingly smooth and they get rather far until Flame slipped off his seat and tried to hold on to the table and accidentally ripped his test into twp pieces. Even though Flame failed, Saku and Iskarus kept going hoping for maybe a second chance. But at the last question, Saku and Iskarus had different answers and decided to answer individually which resulted in Saku passing. He was happy and sad at the same time. He passed, but his friends didn't. After a few minutes, they decided that Saku should keep going, still hoping for a second chance. And they would get it, but not quite how they thought...

Chapter 3
The Chunin Exams
Part 2 of 4
A special team in the Forest of Death
After Saku gave his passed test to a Teacher they brought him to the entrance of the Forest of Death. It was a big sturdy metal fence, several meters high, and protected by a Jōnin standing right in front of it. Not many people were there and he didn't know anyone except for the ones that Flame briefed to him about earlier. Indra and Shigure were present but Silverfang was nowhere to be seen. Saku was nervous. He was alone and hoped for his team to show up. And as if the situation wasn't stressful enough a cocky shinobi by the name of Kira Otusuki started to taunt everyone, especially Saku but he ignored him for the most part because he had more important things to worry about. After a couple minutes, it was announced that the written part was over and one final team would join, Brokens team. Hearing that everyone else failed crushed Saku and he was sure that this was the end for him but something surprising happened. Since he was alone and Team 1 missed one Member the Hokage asked if they want to group up to keep on going. Saku was baffled. He wanted to keep on going, sure, but with Team 3. But after a while, he decided to do it and try to win in the name of Team 3. After the Hokage explained the rules for the next part, they were brought into the Forest. After a few minutes of preparation and spreading out trough the forest a giant fireball was traveling trough the sky indicating that the second phase had begun. Saku and his new team members quickly ran into another one and engaged in combat. Indra dashed directly into them taking a lot of damage but almost instantly taking an enemy out. While still fighting Saku tried to heal him which proofed rather difficult as Indra was still swinging his swords around. He managed to cure the worst and noticed that the enemy medic tried the same but he didn't seem to have a lot of combat experience. While Indra and Shigure were chasing the enemy Captain, Saku made sure the other Medic wouldn't follow up. After he managed to chase him into the opposite direction of his ally, Saku tried to find his teammates and got extremely lucky as he saw them running straight into them. He managed to paralyze the enemy with a lightning Jutsu and Indra finished him off. They had even more luck when they found the scroll that they needed to advance on the defeated enemy. They went to the building mentioned in the briefing by the Kage and entered it, thus passing the second part.pasted_image_at_2015_11_12_10_20_pm.thumb.png.2dff60cbd92dc8e7f7668958f8355eea.png.93ca5a9c2eac12366e30708131ddea2e.png