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  1. And the wait begins...

    1. Syn NeroKashi

      Syn NeroKashi

      Yas .still waiting! Today is the day!

  2. Game

    Well whatever that just makes it more interesting
  3. Game

    Maybe a advance earth jutsu for sand? i dont like the idea of village only content though
  4. Game

    I used it as reference for ganging how much health you lose because it describes how the user feels and the damage they take using the gate
  5. Lol may be hard with everyone being lvl 1 its not a base just a meeting place we will be there for like 10 minutes don't worry you and Niti can cuddle right after we leave
  6. Game

    what do you mean?
  7. We have decided on a location from where members can meet and new member can go to if they are interested in joining. There is a small house at the leaf that you can walk into and this is our meeting area: Come and join us on our journey!
  8. Game

    So this is my theory on how kekkei genkai's will work in the future of NinO. At level 30 you get your 2nd element, if you have a mastery then you won't be able to get a kekkei genkai, maybe at level 50 you can get the option to trade your elements for a kekkei genkai that matches the two elements you chose. How you get the option can be decided by the devs. I was thinking maybe a scientist says "Now you are ready for my experiments" or something. As a backlash of kekkei genkai maybe make it so that once they have that kekkei element, like lava or wood, they can no longer use the other two elements because they traded that away for the combo element. Let me hear your opinions and your idea's on how you can get it or how it affects the player for getting it.
  9. Game

    I like that
  10. Game

    Gate 1: +2agi for %5 health (Jutsu:Front Lotus) Gate 2: +3agi for %7 health Gate 3: +4agi for %10 healt (Jutsu:Reverse Lotus) Gate 4: +6agi for %2 health every second Gate 5: +8agi for %5 health every second Gate 6: +10agi for %10 health every second (Jutsu:Morning Peacock) Gate 7: +15agi for %15 health every second (Jutsu:Daytime Tiger) Gate 8: +20agi that lasts 10 seconds after which the player dies (Jutsu:Evening Elephant and Night Guy) My proof for this
  11. My try in making a wood style jutsu. I call it "Wood Style: Wood Drill"




  12. Game

    Genjutsu will be very different compared to ninjutsu and taijutsu and this is how I see them working. Genjutsu's will be basted on the players chakra, or intellect, and can be casted from sounds, smells, or eye contact. Genjutsu Ideas: Kurousutōmu(Crow Storm): The player disappears and turns into a crow in the opponents POV and a swarm of crows spawn and dive at the opponent so the player can move and attack freely unless hit. Tsurītorappu(Tree Trap): The opponent is grabbed by a tree, only on their POV, and is stunned for 2-4 seconds. Gimon ni omou(Doubt): The opponents health, stamina, and chakra will change value randomly. Those are just some I came up with please leave your ideas to.
  13. Game

    yeah maybe .2 would be better
  14. Game

    If it's souly rp based then most won't do it. It would just be grinding with random people.