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  1. oh right sorry haven't been active lately
  2. If you are leaf join the Roots of Pride we accept anyone willing to put their lives on the line for your village
  3. Game

    Don't worry the exp isn't going to be this bad later on its just for closed. But i do think you should be able to sell them for like 100 ryo.
  4. Game

    maybe the scroll can cycle through weapons you already own that way its faster and easier to pick the right one for the right battle.
  5. Game

    why 80 id think 30-40 hours = 1 year. Think of it like this most people only have about 20 hours of gameplay on one game in steam if the cap is 80 they would never see the feature. Also if the player starts there journey when their like 15 that means they have to play for 2600 hours to get to age 80. Maybe every 40 you get 10 years older
  6. Game

    I like it
  7. this is too perfect
  8. I think everyone agrees earth is the one jutsu not needing nerf I think it needs to get more in the way of ether stun or dmg
  9. Nice logo
  10. Game

    yeah im with dona on this one
  11. Game

    I don't want them to be for one village only i imagine it as ether a boss drop or event reward
  12. Game

    In the series there was 7 but I feel like being creative and original the 5 legendary swords should need high stats to use and come with a skill. Help out with names! 1st: A blade that can chain attack up to 3 enemy's 2nd: A blade that can grow for a short time extending its range 3rd: A blade that can cut through ninjutsu coming from the direction the player is facing 4th: A blade that can be slammed on the ground and push back large groups 5th: A blade depending on your second mastery changes form to do different status effects I'll work on the sprites when I get home but if you have any other sword ideas, have names, or have any problems with my ideas please comment.
  13. Game

    It's not op but it shouldn't change everyone should start the same
  14. Game

    There are some jutsus that are missing from the game that are very command and useful. Here are some jutsus that i think should be added asap Earth: Mud Wall: Can stop incoming projectiles or players. Head Hunter: Less damage but longer stun Fire: Ash Cloud: Player spits out a cloud of ash then ignites the area (because it has extra animation, thus making it easier to run from, should have a larger range) Water: Water Dragon: Summon a large dragon of water to bite the opponent. Wind: ... Lightning: Lighting Dragon: A large dragon made of lightning comes down on the opponent. Tai: 8 Gates Weapon: The seven swords (I know its not a jutsu but the I'm thinking the swords should have a skill linked with them, I'll make a topic explaining in more detail later) Med: Strength of One Hundred: Player gains self healing until seal wares off. If you have any other jutsu's I may have missed list them down.
  15. Game

    yeah a ANBU ninja goes gets killed and reports it to the kage and they will write their mastery and/or if they are in a team