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  1. Game

    @Makyou I made a post about that just before posting this one you can look at that one to
  2. Game

    lol everyone trying to make 1v1 builds when the games not a 1v1 game
  3. Game

    Cats: Summon a cat that can attack the enemy and turn you and your party invisible for around 10 seconds
  4. Game

    awesome if you can turn them into sprites for the game apply for staff
  5. Game

    Hello fellow Ninja, My suggestion is about Senjutsu, or many call it Sage Style, and how it should work and what it should do. The way I see it Senjutsu should have two different part of it. Including Sage Mode and Sage Jutsus. Because Sage mode should effect you directly and Sage Jutsus should jutsus only usable in Sage Mode. To get Senjutsu you just go to the location of you summon and train with them. To enter Sage Mode the cast time should be 20 seconds and only last 30 seconds with a 40 second cool down. Sage Mode should increase your Agility, Chakra, and Intellect with an extended range for melee attacks. Some Sage Style jutsu idea's are as followed: Sage Style: Giant Rasengan Sage Style: Black Flames Sage Style: Wood Golem Sage Style: Eight Trigrams Sealing (Lock all chakra from the opponent for 10 seconds) Also depending on what animal you were trained by can also give you a special Sage jutsu for that school only. But i couldn't think of any so if y'all want to that's fine cool.
  6. Game

    Hello fellow Ninja's, My suggestion is about summons and how I think they should work. I have no doubt summons will be in the game but I am lost in how they would work and what we could do with them. Here are my ideas on what we should get with summons. The way you should get a summon is by making a contract with the animal you want. The player would get a "reverse summoning" jutsu that will let them go to the spirit world. From there they are to find what animal they want to make the contract with and make a blood pact. All the summons will use you're chakra to use abilities and if you run out of chakra they will disappear Dogs: Summon a dog that can bite and stun the opponent for 3 seconds Snakes: Summon a snake that lunges and when it bites the opponent it leaves poison Toads: Summon a toad that can remove debuffs and genjutsu effects from you Slugs: Summon a slug that can heal a multiple people for a short period as long as they are in your party Turtle: Summon a turtle that makes a shield around itself and can protect anyone inside from attacks outside (The turtle is hella slow so if you run away from it, it'll have to catch up and no protection) Monkey: Summon a monkey that will jump around and hit the opponent dealing Tai damage If you have ideas for other summons comment it and lmk what you think about my idea.
  7. Roots are happy to help
  8. Finally
  9. Game

    My ping is getting to 1300 and I can't mentally play that without having a headache. My ping is normally around 400 sometimes 800. I'm putting this in bug report because 400-600 ping is usually my internet but 1300 is something out of my control. If anyone can tell me how to make this better or if staff can give me more info id appreciate it.
  10. Man
  11. How can someone with a missing org and part of the sand council be leaf council as well? this is stupid it wont last a day
  12. Game

    It could also count in a subclass of the ink style ninjutsu like with Sai. I think that would be a great support class
  13. Post any questions you may have about the Roots and its members. Whether it be about rankes, missions, or goals any question is welcome.
  14. With sand picking their council we are now behind in term of political power. We need to talk about who you want making the decisions for the leaf and protecting its people. I believe the Roots of Pride have plenty of worthy candidates but if anyone has any other people they would like nominated please comment them below. Once the council is assembled we can talk seriously about leaf security and who will protect us.
  15. Yes they plan to add the Mist at least to my knowledge