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  1. Game

    It could also count in a subclass of the ink style ninjutsu like with Sai. I think that would be a great support class
  2. Post any questions you may have about the Roots and its members. Whether it be about rankes, missions, or goals any question is welcome.
  3. With sand picking their council we are now behind in term of political power. We need to talk about who you want making the decisions for the leaf and protecting its people. I believe the Roots of Pride have plenty of worthy candidates but if anyone has any other people they would like nominated please comment them below. Once the council is assembled we can talk seriously about leaf security and who will protect us.
  4. Yes they plan to add the Mist at least to my knowledge
  5. Keep these in mind when making a post. Keep it below 18 Nothing to sexual No spam or hate Respect members Be polite to guests Thanks you
  6. Everyone is into it and works well with eachother
  7. Name: Level: Mastery(Optional): Groups: Mission:
  8. Game

    There are ways to tell and the Roots know the truth expect a response from us
  9. Game

    @Riley Haruno gave me the idea for this basically I, and Riley, think it would be cool if the names of the player doesn't show up until you target them. This would allow ninja to hide in the trees without being spotting behind it. Also maybe if they are in a party together you can see their names over their head like now.
  10. Game

    Thats the way i want it to be as well I even made a post on some clan ideas i made. NinOnline wants to turn away from being a fan game and be its own thing
  11. oh right sorry haven't been active lately
  12. If you are leaf join the Roots of Pride we accept anyone willing to put their lives on the line for your village
  13. Game

    Don't worry the exp isn't going to be this bad later on its just for closed. But i do think you should be able to sell them for like 100 ryo.
  14. Game

    maybe the scroll can cycle through weapons you already own that way its faster and easier to pick the right one for the right battle.
  15. Game

    why 80 id think 30-40 hours = 1 year. Think of it like this most people only have about 20 hours of gameplay on one game in steam if the cap is 80 they would never see the feature. Also if the player starts there journey when their like 15 that means they have to play for 2600 hours to get to age 80. Maybe every 40 you get 10 years older