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Age:  27, Sex: Male, Mastery: Earth/Medic, Rank: Genin, Clan: Shomei


Born in the Leaf village, a single child, I surrounded myself with many friends to not be alone. I was always told i was a great leader and played well with others. At a young age I was gifted in ninjutsu and understanding school material easily. I graduated to Genin at only 11 years old and completing C rank missions at 12. After graduating I took it slow and trained with others, building  a relationship to the village even further, and helped me hone my skills. However on my 16th birthday my father went on a mission to raid the sand village but got killed. Soon after my mother was taken by the sand to be punished for my fathers crimes dying in captivity. A year later I found out the man who killed my father, and emitting he killed my mother, and went to kill him out for revenge. Unforgettably he easily overpowered me and left me to die in the desert. I ran back as far as I could only to collapsed and be taken in by friendly medics. I learned that mad revenge wasn't the answer, my father got himself and his wife killed for it, and the only way to change anything is when all leaf work together as one power. My goal is to secure the village safety by any means and to bring use all together to defeat a common enemy.