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  1. :] Thank you Sezu
  2. Looks great!
  3. Game

    I'm so sorry to hear that guys, I know you've all worked hard to gain the ryo and trade it for the armor. I hope you will have a little patience while Seth tries to fix these issues.
  4. Once again guys we apologize, as some of you may know a few months ago Rory was hospitalized for working so hard on the game. We wouldn't want that happening again so whenever he needs his personal time we respect it. Also as part of the media I will try to engage in as much of the forum/discord as possible from now on. If you ever have any questions about the game and where it's headed I'll try to get those answers for you.
  5. I understand your concern with the game, but we all still have jobs and personal things that go on within our lives. Rory is currently very busy with his personal life and so are other members of the team. It is impossible for us to create events and other things when multiple people are not available, it takes the entire team create content for the community. I am sure Rory and the rest of us aren't happy that we can't do events frequently but right now it's beta and we are trying to get rid of bugs that break the game. We're sorry if your time playing the game wasn't great, in the mean time try to create your own rp with other players.
  6. Make friends not war ^.^
  7. Jolly good show :>
  8. Think of it as helping the game grow by recording any footage that we can use to make the game look as good as it is
  9. @WilkorI don't believe that was apart of the stream. That might have been after the recording ended but I'm not sure.
  10. Congrats on Media @Jester