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5949a22eccf73_2017-06-20(2).png.24062905bdc6b77b7b5b1e4d8d6fcca6.pngName: Godric Hiruzen     Age: 31     Rank: Leaf Village Chunin

Rock Hard Boulder; Master of the Golden Scrolls


Godric was born to the legendary Senju clan of the Leaf village. Inspired by his ancestors accomplishments and their legacy of the Will of Fire, Godric started training at a young age to become a strong shinobi. At the age of 10 Godric graduated from the academy and started honing his techniques using Earth style. 

At the age of 15 Gordic was recruited by the Leaf organization known as The Roots of Pride. After years of working with the Roots Godric finally entered the Leaf's 3rd Chunin exams. Godric passed the exams and became a Leaf Chunin.

Godric spends most of his time training and teaching new Leaf ninja in the ways of the Will of Fire. pasted_image_at_2015_11_12_10_20_pm.png


Godric Hiruzen is very righteous and outspoken. He often speaks out when an injustice has been done. He is friendly and loves to see Leaf ninja grow in strength. 


Known as a master of the Earth release and genius from the Hiruzen clan, Godric was the first in the Leaf village to master all Earth techniques. Being one of the few Earth users around, he is capable of affecting many ninja on the battlefield. He has started mastering the Fire release.


Order of the Golden Scrolls

Godric is the founder and leader of the Order of the Golden Scrolls, an organization that fosters the growth and development of Leaf village ninja. The Order's goals are to develop powerful ninja and protect the Leaf village.