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  1. Was Donald duck a cannibal?

  2. Feature

    Great job keep it up rory!
  3. also rory this would mean that the cities would change displays for new roman and advertising would be around the city hints again the leaf we know would be gone and their would be ghetto areas their due to the over population and you have to take into account the fact that most cities are created for the people that live their not their warriors. Seems to say hey we expect every one to keep their word and foolish to have the compound that neutralize and just lace it on swords instead of making it into a gas type compound to do this and i never said guns i just hope to have weaponry and armor,and clothing to match the 200 years in the future. Exactly their ninja's not fraking pacifists.
  4. That would render the bijuus harmless as well causing another reason for this weapon to developed to stop them if they ever rampage. and it's not mass destruction its conquering! What happens after a kage dies? they try not to announce it but that's when their weaker and other villages are more likely to attack and invade. Do you think if the mist saw that the leaf was weak they would just leave it be or get ready to invade.
  5. I don't know I think logically the governments/rulers would still have weapons being developed even in peace times, So they don't happen get caught with their pants off saying "damn that's not fair we had a truce!" so it does make some sense why things like that would be developed. Edit: Also the rulers don't trust the ninja's wasn't it on a episode of Naruto? So that would also bring about other weapons along as well.
  6. @Rory technology would affect the world for the civilians giving the game the feel that hey it has been 200 years also the design of of the flat jackets and gear, clothes and buildings would change. Also their is a scientist in Naruto's universe so their would be things like idk some type of biological weapon that shuts the chakra points and other types of weapons. I don't know about you guys but theirs way's in naruto to do this already and seeing as their are scientist i would make that my top priority so i can neutralize the other villages and invade them with little to no resistance.
  7. Welcome to the community!
  8. @Kyouya Aido I did start working on some items to help rory but sadly I can't offer my full dedication since I'm working and also attending college and the free time I have I dedicate to other projects.
  9. @Kyouya Aido you do know they have laptops, camera's, television, satellite dishes and automobiles so my assumption is more then logical that they would be at a point to boom rather then say hey were good with these lets just leave them here for 200 years hint's why I perceived your statements a bit on the ignorant side.
  10. 100% agreed 200 years into it and not wanting to change the village seems unrealistic! @Kyouya Aido so it's realistic that the 200 years have passed yet It looks like nothings happen clothes, weapons, fighting style's haven't changed. would you wear fashion from idk 75 years back?
  11. Agree with you @wolf but you don't expect the world to be the same? where the same clothes? use the methods of cooking? also do you expect that the leaf would get over populated? The story line impacts the game art! Also My reasoning is get the game art to match the story their trying to tell.
  12. @rory Gauntlets of some sort that draws out chakra automatically with out the need of seals and not saying cyber but they would have aid from technology, also Im sure they would update the city new buildings and fix the kage wall seeing as it's a tribute to the past kage's as well new flat jackets with new materials. Imagination is key rory things wont just stay the same if 200 years passed. If they are it would just be a blow to the story. This is kind of ignorance on your behalf, i play game depth of story i would like it to feel right. It's like saying hey were setting this game in the space but hey fuck logic your flying through space with a row boat.
  13. Agreed! with you completely you can't just say it's 200 years in the future and have everything the same like the kage wall their would be more additions to it not just the ones we know of. no but they would have modified their armor, weapons and etc.. also more then likely the uchiha clan has died off as well as most people with the knowledge of the forbidden jutsus. Also honestly unless the leaf is a poor country they would have developed easier ways to form jutsus! channel chakra, and their buildings/ cities would have grown due to the fact of growth of the population, Technology would have also advanced in 200 years just saying.
  14. Seems to alot like it lol will you be referring to eledia's storyline?
  15. Hopefully their will be more mobs in different areas for the sake of no spaming!