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  1. Kazekage: 1st: @Argoh 2nd: @Konahri 3rd: @ReubenNick 4th: @Miki 5th: @Light 6th: @TetsuHawk Sashiba 7th: @Tresmorne Oleander 8th: @Dyan Sashiba 9th: @Slaughter
  2. You stole the name it already exists in the sand
  3. Ohh so it's a mini-economy @Ueda @Seth please check this out it's a lit idea
  4. Yeah it would be hella helpful
  5. I like the idea just the crash thing what do you mean about that
  6. Dawg this was made with no offence. Vongola is too legit though
  7. You guys sound like a cult I like it
  8. Lol this boy know his gonna do it
  9. Yeah we do it a lot now I don't really want waging war to change anymore soo
  10. Yeah and not all of it
  11. Okay wow I feel happy that she left she was a bully
  12. R.I.P XXXTENTACION let his soul live on through his music and the sawce he left behind
  13. The whole change to waging war is okay but there is a serious difficulty issue with it because the kills only count in a danger zone. This needs to be expanded because it becomes even harder than getting Docs and Docs is pretty hard so by at least making them count in all zones but like mainly for opposing villages so WW counts when I kill leafies in their safe zones and so on.
  14. Content

    This ishh is too legit to quit
  15. This NoPing looks legit.Best thing ever