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Name: Ketsueki BlackKage                                                                                
CLAN: Ketsueki 
VILLAGE: Sand village             



Blackkage was a strong born shinobi,he was once was the last member of his clan, they had seal all the power and will into so he could go and find other ninjas who are worthy of to help rebuild the clan.The only problem about the a little side effect with all the power stored in him he to go into a deep sleep for a certain period , so young and about to lose the best years of his life


Chapter 2:Enter The Pirates
as he woke from his sleep it felt like he was in a new place it was not the same bed he had sleep in after some time he had realize his in the hidden leaf village masking his identity and try to fit in he changed his name to blackobito but it never worked he could see the eyes of fear looking at him from all directions he had felt alone again now where to call home no one to call family.Than it happens he showed up running from leaf ninjas, they called him The pirate king Dona I was in the cross fire they never cared they wanted him dead at all cost as a fire ball was about to hit me i was ready to die but dona saved me and said "wow i just saved you from the worst death death by a leaf" i followed i'm to bounty were i meet TrouillardOo (vaga) it felt like family i was put to third in the ranks fought countless battles to keep our home at bounty and we did but i felt my body weaken light fading darkness growing eyes closing my last thought was i hop i don't lose my new family


Chapter 3:A Clan restored
As i woke again i was in a new setting a warm hospital. I looked around a tear dropped from my eyes as i saw that i was home the hidden sand village I have never been this happy. the first thing i did was look for the shinobi that did this the shinobi called Dona and told him everything about my past, my curse my clan and my goals i offer him the power of my clan and he declined it and stayed "Don't let what you can't do stop you from doing what you can do" and that was the last i saw him for some time he went on his own journey and i went on my own .later i rejoined my old friend blackninja,mrchubb the hozuki and cyprowolf .after some battles i shared my power with them the and they suffered with the side effects too.when we all woke we found new members.the first three were omega, bmore92 and Ushu who i shared my power with them and together we rebuild the Blood Raven Clan , omega found a way to break the curse wow i have never felt this free i cried because i had made my clan proud .later i rejoined the Pirates and had new goals in my mind 

if you looking for the end this story has none as i still live my clan , organisation and village will stand strong





Chapter 4 :coming soon

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