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  1. Game

    The mastery itself is not that great. Due to the high amount of self stuns from its jutsu. Its reliant on the fan just like str Wm. But it only has 1 fan out of the 4 in game that has any difference in stats. Wind mask is the best thing about fan so people adapted it in their playstyle
  2. Huranza- Wm. This will be fun.
  3. Game

    For pvp I would say give us the laceration debuff on either a buff type skill for our melee or add it to a jutsu. it could even be added as an evolution for a current jutsu we have since nothing we have seems to advance like other classes jutsu. For pve what was mentioned on the discord about giving us a block skill that can be evolved into a counterattack skill. it could start with just being able to block melee, but when it evolves it can cast either a slash type move or reflect projectiles.
  4. This topic brought back a lot of memories. glad to see that you are still around @Saku. Would love to see what you come up with for Sand and Missing.
  5. Wild slash does need to be looked at. It was the cornerstone for STR WM because of it being able to combo with risky blade and being the only jutsu to keep up in damage with other masteries. Like its been said by others. The other jutsu are lacking heavily and should either be brought up to help fill the gap wild slash has left or even allow some of the STR jutsu to be evolved like other masteries have.