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  1. Most tournaments already have trash talk and all that "rp" mixed in, here and there. Nothing new honestly. Would've liked to see a roleplay event that's interesting and not tied to PVP. Now that's something not that easy to do.
  2. >Wants to promote roleplay instead of PVP >Makes a PVP last man standing event Okayyyyyyy
  3. What you just said as a counter argument applies to leaf and sand too. Anyone can just log off and back on later. So take the common thing out of the way and look at what mist has that the other villages don't. As for the boat, you get teleported on the same boat as the enemy, so they can NOT run away, they will be stuck on the boat with you on it as well so you can kill them. You can use explosive tags and barrier tags to surround the npc with so they cannot interact with it. And if they log off, their character still remains on the boat for a couple more minutes before it poofs, so you can kill them and send them back to hospital. As for bubble mastery, you say you'll have a horrible time. How? Can you go into more details?
  4. What do you mean by dont go full strength? Isn't bubble a strength mastery? And while it does sound kinda bad the whole boat thing and bear thing and kraken thing...there's also the fact that any enemy has to deal with pretty much the same thing when they come to mist. So if mist mobilizes properly, they will have used the bears to their advantage, trapped the port on both sides and they can just wait to ambush any enemy as soon as they step off of the boat in that little tiny space they spawn in, one at a time. Or they could also be doing boat rides to occupy the boat going towards mist, so whenever an enemy spawns there they can kill them on the boat. Honestly, so far i strongly believe mist is the most well naturally defended village , next in line being takumi which has a narrow entrance and a giant body of water to sap away chakra.
  5. Yeah, i feel ya on this. I got some too.
  6. Yeah but on the other hand, it's more or less the most protected of all the villages. Everyone needs to pass through bears and a 5 minute ride/kraken attack in order to get to mist. So attacks are somewhat discouraged. What's more, if they leave on a boat, everyone else can still jump on the same boat, making for some awkward elevator music moments. There is no escape from mist where you come out alive if you are followed by several high level ninjas. Doesn't matter if you get to the boat ride first, they will also be teleported to the same boat and you will die there. And you will have wasted 20 ryo.
  7. On one hand, i'd like the boat ride to take less and stuff. But on the other hand, less bloodshed is nice. Wars are boring.
  8. It happens because that is how the technique "Risky Blade" works. Hence the name risky. It is meant to self snare as a way to "balance" it out. Several techniques for wind fan also self stun. No way around it.
  9. Not sure what the S is about, seen it a couple times. Might be a visual queue to tell you you are stunned. As for the jutsu, there are a couple of jutsus that self stun when used. Your risky blade might be one of them.
  10. We got bubble jutsus, we got a pipe. Can we please get the option to also buy a bamboo bottle of soap solution that can be equipped where normally a utility pouch would be? That would be kinda cool. It could also have a slight gameplay impact, like lowering costs of bubble jutsu, or something else, small. Purely cosmetic is fine too.
  11. design

    Would love to hear a small description of what your vision was for each mastery.
  12. Hey! I recently picked up the game again to see what's new and because there currently isn't much to do in the other games i play. I am glad to see the game is doing well (at least i think it is doing well?). No idea who still plays that i know, if you know me feel free to say hi. I've missed clans but oh well. Unfortunately i won't dedicate lots of time to this game like in the old days because i don't think it's worth it, so i will be even more casual than before. Still eagerly awaiting more wind jutsus and puppet mastery. I am happy though that summons have been added. Shifting sands has been deleted, fair, to be expected. Maybe at some point if i find myself having too much time on my hands i will bring it back, maybe as something else, not a trading organization.
  13. Adenium, gathering under the stone arch in the desert. @Jazzberry Jam, @Hiken Adenium, @Azuuki Adenium.
  15. When you finally find the squad you belong in: