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  1. Yes! I can't wait to get into Nin again.
  2. Awesome! Also its so great you added fullscreen again, I needed that
  3. Feature

    Its good thing to see more updates! Cant wait for release
  4. Welcome back and happy new year to you all!
  5. Merry christmas and happy holidays
  6. Of those listed? None My native language is Czech, but I do speak english and I'm learning German..
  7. Ok, so I've tried too. I haven't done pixel art in a while and I found out that I need to practice much, much more, but still, here you go with first three.
  8. Looks very good, I love it!
  9. Hmm, I'll try to make a few I think.. Looks like fun Also I think rewards requirements should be public for the smaller ones and then like big and secret ones should be kept secret.
  10. Feature

    Looks really nice! Cant wait to play!
  11. I think I could try it, I have experience with eclipse and event systems on it. And I think I would be able to think of interesting storylines, but I fear I will not have the time, so I'm probably out.
  12. Content

    Looking great, also gratz on owning rory
  13. "Carpe diem", because you will be addicted to nin soon!