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  1. Deathmall. Don't vote for someone whos going to be Hurt by the littlest things vote for mall
  2. ... what the fuck is this ?

    <<<<<IGN: Mekkou, Uchiha: A Lone Boy With Dreadful Scars On His Back Nobody Knows Why he has those Scars On His Back Only Mekkou and One Day It Shall Unlock His True Potential And Open His Fate.http://25.media.tumblr.com/ed2aab77bb2b47959894d86133fe7f6e/tumblr_mqibgemC9Q1r4pxf8o1_500.gif


  3. Art

    Soon Donate when the Alpha comes back up... So far good work.
  4. Nice Bro :lol:
  5. Content

    Ahh That Darkness With the Little Sun beam into it :3
  6. If its Possible for me To become an Akatsuki Member .... I Will be One !