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Name: Takashi no Ryuta

Clan:   Hayashi

Gender:  Male

Age: 18

Mastery:  Taijutsu + Medic (Sakura Style)

Rank: Genin

Title: The Red Beast






More Info

Takashi no Ryuta, also known as Takashi or Red was born in a mountain with Moixo, his brother, far away from civilization . An unknown Red Dragon Sage took care of him, while his parents were in a war, so they thought he would be safe there, and they succeed, he grew up, and started training, so once he reached 17 years old, he became interested in improving his Taijutsu, so he packed his stuff and went down the mountain, crossed rivers,  evaded volcanoes, and finally, he reached The Hidden Leaf Village, where he firstly became an Academy Student, and passed the Genin Exam.

Takashi has an innate talent to talk with people, he can make two enemies love themselves, but, on the other side, he can also make two friends hate themselves to the point that they fight themselves to death, so we can say he has a very Light side, and a very Dark one.

Nowadays, Takashi trains fighting with his village friends, and some friends of the exterior too. He helps new Ninjas to get in this rough world, and his aims are to be the best Taijutsu user of The Hiden Leaf Village. Then to become an ANBU member, and finally, a Jonin, to be the Hokage's right hand.

After a long time in the Hidden Leaf Village, he became rogue to gain power even if it meant fighting the Leaf ninjas, only him and the Lord 4th and 5th Hokages knew the purpose. 

Right now, he achieved what he needed, and is now in seek to become a nice ninja again in Leaf village.

Guess who is going to work hard to become a Hero of the Leaf!