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The Beginning

        Tresmorne's journey started in the sand village some years ago. He awoke in an unfamiliar area; the only known pieces of the puzzle were his brother, Phits, laying unconscious beside him; and the bandages and scars covering his body from what he presumed was an attack. Over the next few weeks, he learned about his surroundings. He had ended up in the Village Hidden in the Sand. His body was recovering, but even though some weeks had passed.. Phits was still sleeping.

The First Step

        Throughout his myriad of expeditions trying to find out where his home was, along with his attempts to save his brother, he discovered a pathway to walk. The ninja academy. Through all his recollections and newfound experiences, he had begun to perceive ninja as capable of being and doing anything. If he were to find his home and save his brother, then this was the way. He enrolled in the academy. This is where his life truly began.


       Some time had gone by, and Tresmorne had become a full-fledged ninja! A genin of the hidden sand! He had learned much in his time in the academy. The only thing left to do was to get strong... so that is exactly what he did.

Medical Master Tresmorne Awakens!

       Tresmorne trained vigorously for months. Every night he would go back to the hospital to pay mind to Phits, who everyone presumed to be a lost cause long ago. He would not give up hope, and studied every medical procedure he could find. Anything to bring him back. One night, he stumbled upon a forbidden technique hidden deep within the sand village archives. "Cell Regeneration". This brought being a ninja to a new light. He had never once considered using jutsu for medical purposes. He grabbed every related document and set to work. After many tireless weeks, he finally had done it. Phits had woken up.


     From there, the two of them continued down the journey of Sand ninja together. Tresmorne had become adept with Poison and Medical jutsu, and even learned Earth style techniques on top of that. Due to his deadly poison abilities, he had received the nickname "Oleander" and adapted it as his surname. Meanwhile Phits had become a proficient fire style user. Making many friends along the way, Tresmorne began climbing ranks in the sand village. Becoming known for his battle strategies and ability to bring himself and his allies home safely. Over the course of the years, he achieved the rank of Jonin, and began serving his time by training students and protecting his village fiercely. Although always feeling he was ready and capable of achieving more and shooting higher. Eventually Phits left the village in search of their home. To this day, he remains on the hunt