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  1. Just so y'all know ill accept any invite to any org because everyone is awesome

    1. Wilkor


      I invite you to Roots

  2. I'm going to be on later today to record some more footage so if you on at around 5pm CST ill global it!

    1. Wolfang12346


      oh i wont be on then i dont have a computer at my house

  3. I may or may not be getting some footage tomorrow ;)

  4. Game

    I just took Orange and changed what I think it should be: Earth + Water = Wood Earth + Fire = Lava Earth + Wind = Kinetic Earth + Lightning = Metal Water + Fire = Boil Water + Wind = Ice Water + Lightning = Storm Fire + Wind = Scorch Fire + Lightning = Explosion Wind + Lightning = Twister? Also this is where he got his info
  5. Game

    This was something people have talked about a lot before. First off tailed beasts may not even be a thing and second giving one person, or even seven, isn't fair for the rest of the hundreds. If they add it it would be mostly cosmetic or only give a chakra boost.
  6. Game

    Most likely unless @Rory wants nothing to do with it
  7. Game

    Sharingan won't be in the game and the cloud stole a byakugan
  8. Game

    @mckapitoshka so giving only one village the Sharingan, which if you want the real one that has a 2nd and 3rd stage, is balanced? The Sharingan is game breaking because its stupid how it evolves and why would only 1 village get it. You'd make it so there is exclusive content for only people in leaf and making people not want to try other village's or feel left out. @Nenjo I imagine when they are making clans they will take inspiration from clans in the show but in my opinion id like to write my own story with my own clan.
  9. I love your profile song, Three Days Grace rocks ;D

  10. Excited to record some beta stuff with everyone

  11. Game

    Sharingan won't be in the game if Doujutsu is added it will be are own design
  12. Game

    The way I see puppetry working is you buy or build a puppet and it will be dependent on the strangth stat and you would control the puppet with maybe the arrow keys
  13. Game

    If they were to add event tailed beasts, which is possible, then it would probably only drop money and 1 weapon
  14. Game

    Tailed beasts and Jinchuuriki to my knowledge won't be implemented ANY time soon or most likely never.
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