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  1. Art

    well with how long the development has been taking it makes sense that the kid would grow up XD
  2. Art

    Dido, I am making a mod for minecraft, just a mod, and its tough. I've always had faith for this game and this just hypes me more. Im going to donate some more money soon because of this, it may not be a lot though
  3. @moizeus lol how long have you waited XD and the game is turning out great, can't wait for early access!
  4. @ I see it and I think we are going to have a good time, the Hype is real now!
  5. Birth day boy here :D

    1. Quinteiku Chinome

      Quinteiku Chinome

      Wassup con mal English? Alguem BR?

    2. Atrox


      Lol this might be too late but happy birthday anyways...

    3. HypnoMan
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  6. updated my profile and its lookin awesome :)

  7. Loving Fall Out Boy a little to much, dont stop me! :)

  8. So my facebook got hacked AGAIN and sayed how much i "love" dik -_-

    1. Atrox


      How tf does someone hacks your FB

    2. Gmancam


      By hack he means someone figured out his password @Atrox

    3. Atrox


      then he dumb

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  9. Chill out and listen to some music >.<

  10. Join Echo, its free for anyone to join and i can say everyone loves music!

  11. It's been awhile :)

  12. so it basicly a all keyboard game, not my taste but i can get used to it quickly. Cool add on's keep it up
  13. Check Out my Channel! www.youtube.com/relander312

  14. Joining a MMA gym soon

  15. OMG thank you iv been looking for a good easy program, thx this will do.
  16. Summer school taking Forever this week

  17. I panicked and looked for something wrong with my computer, glad to be back
  18. Art

    0.0 amazing!
  19. i like the 2013 first version but this is awesome, needs a touch here and ther but it looks great. Keep it Up!
  20. Red Angles are open to all for now

  21. I love the idea, it gives use more chances to donate to the game. hope to see it in the game
  22. Ready to protect everyone with the Red Angels, will you help?

  23. This is what the community needed, hype for the game and a date. I haven't been with you guys from the begging but i strongly feel that this game will go huge. I see big things to come with the next alpha test and i cant wait to make video's about it. Happy Birthday Nin Online! Hope to see more of ya
  24. im good ate cartoons so ill join. -Reserved-
  25. Music

    my fav is the classroom, keep it comin!