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  1. Hello Ninjas, I am planning a video showing off all organizations in NinOnline to show future member how strong the community is and how we support the community banding together to have a better in game experience. Organizations participating are to be in character the whole time during recording, anyone not will be kicked from the filming site and can lead to your organization being kicked from the video, and follow all directions given by me or other staff. You will tell a bit about yourself and why you joined the org and what you plan to do in it. Org leaders should be present and I am willing to work with your schedule if need be. Leaders will tell what the goal of your org is about and how it was formed. Any organization's interested in being in the video must contact me via PM or comment. The leader and at least 4 members of the org must be present on the scheduled date and time. If your org is 30 minutes late then it will be excluded from the video. Any suggestions for the video can also be posted below in the comments such as locations and activity's we can show off. We plan to start recording on May 12 till around the 15th all organizations should apply before then.
  2. I'm recording for 3 days so anytime between then is fine.
  3. Recording Starts Tomorrow! Earliest Recording time is 3pm EST make sure to remember!
  4. @Indra most of the votes didn't count because people didn't read the rules.
  5. Just so y'all know ill accept any invite to any org because everyone is awesome

    1. Kuraen Wilkor

      Kuraen Wilkor

      I invite you to Roots

  6. I'm going to be on later today to record some more footage so if you on at around 5pm CST ill global it!

    1. Wolfang12346


      oh i wont be on then i dont have a computer at my house

  7. I may or may not be getting some footage tomorrow ;)

  8. Excited to record some beta stuff with everyone

  9. Been waiting for this
  10. The YT version should be ready by next week, May 6th, had work
  11. Like the idea, it's something to get your mind off the game
  12. Happy Holidays Ya'll
  13. New Rank :D part of the Media Team now :) 

  14. @ Me and Rory are going to make one way better then that, i wasnt part of the recording and rory didnt even tell me about the footage
  15. Last episode of Highschool DxD Born :( anyone else followed it?

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    2. HypnoMan


      Kissanime has it uncensored for free now fyi, its my main website for watching anime.

    3. Nassim Sr

      Nassim Sr

      Damn weaboos.

    4. HypnoMan


      :p I believe the turm is Otaku XD jk i know what i am
  16. You dont look active thought @SupeaV6 but its seth chose in the end.
  17. The forth server should be a snail GG
  18. Redid my ninja pic, hopefully one day im not so lazy to make my own for real :p

  19. @Sipher I agree completely, at the end of the day the game is just codes that mean nothing. Its why I laugh at people who rage at games and make death threats XD its stupid. Yes i get mad when someone chases me down for 20 minuets to kill me in Reign of Kings -_- but i wont break my keyboard for it @Everyone The game will be amazing I Know this it just needs a bit more time, I can smell Alpha coming.
  20. @ I can say, from personal play, that there is plenty enough content to make the game playable and with more people playing together will just make it 4x better! There is a lot to look foreword to so keep hope and keep expecting big things!
  21. Had to reformat my computer form a stupid add virus :(

    1. Feinz


      Don't watch that "stuff" then and you won't get those "ad viruses"

    2. HypnoMan
  22. Just joined Dev team as editer, SO happy to join and do the little i can, thx NinOnline!

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    2. Crosswise
    3. HypnoMan
    4. Musab


      Crosswise, why are you just mod now, aren't you the storywriting fuhrer any longer?

  23. @ lol maybe in 2 or 3 month XD
  24. Art

    @Sipher negative as always i see The game is looking great in my opinion and I'm hoping to join the team, in my own way hopefully, because i see a future with this game. Don't through away the game because not all promises are fulfilled, Bush said there would be no new taxes so... yea
  25. Art

    @Ryu i can tell you have donated with other dev games and i see where your coming from. I like to think realistically to but I honestly see this game going somewhere. I'm just patient and just play other games. My advice for you, just post you opinion on a topic so everyone else doesnt get hurt stay to, we need everyone right now and you seem to know alot more them alot of other people here.