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Character Name: Ashido (Literally Meaning "Wealthy") - Born in the hidden leaf village the the young shinobi had little to no problems. Distant he'd spend most of his time training, commuting with the animals, reading, writing novels, making music, and turning in as many missions as possible. Learning to fight from his father who was gifted with the element of fire he'd soon come to realization of his affinity at the early age of eight. Practicing with a mere lone kunai and a wooden sword the shinobi known as Ash would deem to be prestige having built followers little by little; building his clan to it's once former glory.

Character Alias:  Konoha's Akajin - Due to his steeping brown locks and fairly confident position he'd work his way to become known as the villages Crimson Beast. The family name of Ukiyo originating in the bridge making of both the demon clan and an inhabitant's mother who was fairly known for her skill with the sword the young lad began forming a style that bridged the joining of two clans which branded a new.

Village Rank: Genin - Acceling with expeditionary high grades, his ability to reason and discern a situation deemed to be one of his greatest feats. The eye of his clan allow him to innately feel even the smallest of vibrations allowing him to react to even the settle of differences. With instinct sub par to the King of Beast the young shinobi has shown himself worthy of many circumstances, and even advises Jounin in betterment of their skill.

Village Clan: Ukiyo (Literally Meaning "Transient Life") A clan that specializes in weapons and explosives, using the intelligence learned from their homing village, Land of Spirits the clan originated within the mountains where they spent their lives creating new technology and weapons to fund war. Fire primarily being their holding mastery, they second or expertise in creating their own gun powders, enhancing styles such as Ash Style and Bomber Style.