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Name: Harmony Age: 16  Rank: Genin


Village: Leaf 

line-clipart-page-divider-17.thumb.jpg.c93526252235ac194484d0b44e5501c4.jpgIn the past…

Harmony was always a very energetic child that liked causing trouble. Her parents and her older brother couldn’t get a moment of peace with her destroying nearly every piece of furniture that they owned.


On a brisk afternoon, her mother was supposed to be watching her, but couldn’t keep up with the ball of energy and fell asleep on a once nice fluffy couch. Harmony took this as an opportunity to cause mischief, so she went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and carved nonsensical words into nearly every wall in the house. With every slash she giggled manically and with every second passed she was having more fun.   


However, her fun was over once her father returned home from running errands. He was incredibly furious and decided that enough was enough. In a huff, he grabbed Harmony’s short chubby arm and rushed over to the doors of a monastery that was outside of the village. He begged for them to take her and not to send her back home until she was disciplined in the ways of the monks.


The monks that were gathered outside the massive doors were confused, some rubbing their bald head, others mumbling about what a horrible father he is. Through all the cacophony, a single monk stepped forward. A heavy silence fell over the monks. With keen eyes, the monk examines little Harmony, whom spat at the monk’s face and called him stupid when he got too close to her face. The crowd gasped, but that single monk chuckled and patted her spiky blonde hair. From that day, he took her under his wing and made sure that with every fiber of his being he would make a change in her life.


When Harmony first arrived at the tender age of 4, she was always beaten with a wooden staff by her master, whom demanded she display the ways of the monks: peace and strength. Some of her many issues during her training were not being able to keep still, always having something to say, or not giving it her all were always dealt with a swift strike. It took nearly 8 years and hundreds of bruises before she learned discipline. As a reward for her training her master presented her with a staff, but she humbly declined and pointed to a very shiny sword that laid on a shelf with other weapons. With a chuckle, her master handed over her the sword and bowed to her as she left the monastery for the first and last time.


Harmony is home with her beloved family. Her parents were initially shocked that she was incredibly quiet and still, but even more shocked that she returned home. They expected her to yell, scream, kick, or practically anything once she returned home. However, it was to their dismay that all she did was walk inside, waved, and went straight to her room. Her parents to this day constantly praise her for her changed attitude and her older brother always asks her to teach him some sword moves.

She was later enrolled into the Academy, where she has since graduated displaying incredible skills in hand to hand combat and her weapon arsenal. Remarkably, she has made friends despite her quiet nature and joined Red Moon, where she continues to make friends amongst her comrades.

In the future…

She hopes to one day be a proud member of the ANBU and to own the elusive Shirokata sword.line-clipart-page-divider-17.thumb.jpg.c93526252235ac194484d0b44e5501c4.jpg