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Credits: @Crowlock


Age: 25

Gender: Male

Height: 192 cm (6’3)

Origin: Unknown

Clan: Unknown

Element: Lightning specialist

Organizations: Sand Elite Assassins, Sand ANBU, Neo-Akatsuki

Rank: S-Rank Criminal

Kill Count: 2086


The incarnation of Raijin  (雷神)

His notoriety reached the highest levels, to the point where SparkZZ was feared even within his own village. His pride and confidence resulted into a particularly impulsive temperament, while his extreme speed and precision built his reputation as an assassin. This role although didn’t prevent him from being really caring for his relatives. The shinobi possesses a perfect control over his Lightning Release and was famed for his signature move: “The Judgment of Lightning”. At the age of 25, an event awakened the mystical curse dozing deep inside him. The shadows consumed the man and made him lose any sense of morality. All that remained was a silent cold-blooded beast; this state unveiled his Dark Lightning.



As a former assassin of the Sand ANBU, SparkZZ deserted his village. After accepting the Akatsuki’s request and joining the rank of the organization, the shinobi led a destructive raid on Sunagakure. Having successfully annihilated the leaders of his former town, and thus fulfilling his last duty as a sand shinobi, SparkZZ ultimately took control of Takumi Village, along with his new partners. Going further in time, the man got confronted to a dreadful event, where the darkness took over his consciousness and unleashed his wrath. This resulted in a sanguinary being wandering and bringing chaos around the Shinobi World.



Part I: Ancient Times


Back in his days as a sand shinobi, SparkZZ — aged 17 — formed a collaboration with a specialized weapon master. Both fighters trained and fought together for years and became step brothers. Later on, the world acknowledged their formidable creation: The Sand Elite Assassins organization.

In the meantime, the New Era knew the light. An association composed of sand veterans: SparkZZ, Dona, One, Vaga and Kakuzu. Each one of them acting in the shadows with the objective of promoting the revival of the Sand Village, which had fallen into a period of crisis. Combining the strength of those notorious fighters guaranteed full protection and led to great improvements within the core of the town.

Part II: A New Path


Moving into the future, the SEA got dissolute and SparkZZ acted in the shadows under the commandment of the Sand ANBU organization. He then discovered about the motives and insaneness of his superiors. The Sand Village was condemned. The young man thus decided to plot a rebellion.

Going further in time, SparkZZ now deserted his village along with other experienced warriors to prepare a final strike. The shinobi notably accepted the request of the Akatsuki and became officially part of the organization. Moreover, he gathered his ally, Dona, in the new circle in addition to the twin brothers, Lumy and Mylu. SparkZZ then launched a destructive raid on his former town and annihilated its leaders.


Part III: The Curse


Time passed, SparkZZ, now aged 25, had a son who was predisposed at having extremely powerful Raiton abilities. He also achieved eternal youth and now inhabited Takumi Village. The shinobi was currently perceived as a dangerous threat across the nations due to the propaganda plotted by the higher-ups of this world. As a result, numerous attempts at capturing the man begun, but none were successful. The nations then proceeded with a drastic operation and wiped out his town. No lives were spared, except that of his son, but SparkZZ was unaware of this fact. When the father — on a secret meeting concerning a certain “Cloud Village” — heard about the ongoing raid, he saw himself immediately rush back to his family's side. A gigantic cloud of smoke could be perceived from far away. The man then arrived on his property and discovered the rubble of an intense fight. Bloodstains were found all over the place. Rage and sorrow started to flow within his veins as he discovered the scene. His aura changed and perturbed the elements. The sky darkened even more, rain started falling and the roar of thunder was deafening.  The mystical curse he carried since birth was triggered and made him started levitating. He reached a considerable height, and then raised his finger toward the sky. As the enemies noticed the upcoming attack, they immediately fell on their knees, with despair. And for a second, none could perceive anything but an extremely bright light. It all happened so quickly, but the whole area was turned to dust. The power granted by the malediction knows no bond and made the man destroys everything on his path.  It is said that only his descendant could put a term to his acts, but until the day of the final confrontation arrives, SparkZZ will continue to spread chaos around the Ninja World.



[To Be Continued]


  59a9b962d0eed_goutteparfaite.png.8291e2d798fd1a03d393d3cfd6739e22.png59a9b962d0eed_goutteparfaite.png.8291e2d798fd1a03d393d3cfd6739e22.png  “Flee. For only foolish beings would go against the Judgment of Lightning.”