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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Symbol _for Nomady:

 missinghozuki.png.2218701adfeac4f9c169c26e2f8b744e.png             5b2c1e54e414b_hozukisymbol.png.fc2dd4b10c488cffd73033a79783170f.png     5b2c1e0638cb9_SymbolZabuza.png.75564abf3c746807980a4707023cedad.png

Name: Nomady Hozuki   Age: 23   Rank: Specialized Jonin                       Clan: Clan Hōzuki

                                                                                        (Sand)                                      Rank: Elder Hōzuki.

               Zabuza.png.44a01484c227f54e2ff177817e3f75cf.png             sWORD.png.612775155f3d88221b1d03559eeb6b1b.png             zabuza2.png.c46df9561340713e7493802a0ddaee70.png


--------------------------------------------------------A little history about the Swordman: -------------------------------


Descendant of the Hozuki clan, Nomady, better known as Nomady Hozuki, was a ninja of kirigakure but due to the constant war between villages, the noble villa of the sand welcomed the hozuki clan, the members of the clan felt very grateful with sand, so they decided to protect the sand from any danger, Nomady is looking for the best swords of the ninja world, his favorite the Kubikiribōchō:




due to its weight it was difficult to take it on, but for him, it was not a problem, since it was part of his training, now he goes with her everywhere looking for the remaining swords, to seize them all and become the king of the swords, due to his love for war, he constantly seeks to kill all enemies of the village of the sand and satiate the demon that it's inside.



                                                                                "Unhurried but with revenge"