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  2. Hozuki el exiliado ..... he vuelto....:)

  3. I propose to put all this type of guides, not only this one, all those that are in the forum, and pass them to the wiki of nin online, good work, regards
  4. Game

    You need to pay to play with an improved ping, so the pingzapper is the only free option that improves the game's ping (creating accounts infinitely), but now comes the expected question, The difference between exitlag and pingzapper is overwhelming as to have to pay?
  5. Thanks Aghila for asking these questions, I look forward to the answers!
  6. I remember the free for all aww good times.
  7. To me corresponds the place of kisame, due to the same type that we have and the role that would make as such: D
  8. Need kisame skin O_o PLEASE RORY.