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  1. Game

    Try now.
  2. Guard no longer update all NPCs on map, but instead just the guard when they reset. Added shield AI for Jutsus. Damage scaling is more balanced for Taijutsu and Weapon Master. Arena maps drop items immediately, there's no delay that prevents you from picking items up. Expanded animation editor to include still frames, allowing for Jutsus such as Earth Wall to stay in the same frame for a set amount of time. We also plan to use this for other Jutsus in the future. Projectiles have been massively improved, code-wise and organization.
  3. Game

    I will add hairs in preview next patch.
  4. Art

    Just because the art is done, doesn't mean we can implement it. Our engine is very limited. I have to program custom logic for most new Jutsus we implement.
  5. As a quick update, we do not exchange items for other items or give items to another account anymore. We don't have the available resources to do this. If the game grows, we won't be able to keep up with the demands of refunds and exchanges.
  6. Art

    Walls everywhere. @Shikate
  7. Fix game server crashes. Optimizations to Bounty and fixes. Concealed Ninja will not display in the Bounty Book at all.
  8. Concealment will remove you from Bounty Book next patch.
  9. Game

    Select one of the pre-configured options in the updater. It will work fine if you do that.
  10. Game

    Your graphics driver is broken for rendering DX8. Try to upgrade it or use a previous driver.
  11. My bad guys, I thought you could. Organizations are like Clans in MMOs.
  12. Hotbar current page didn't save when you logged out. Fixed a game crash. Attack speed for high AGI users should work now. Organizations are now in the game engine. Next step is content to be connected to the groups.
  13. Game

    No this won't happen. We may display it on the target window. Players can belong to more than one organization too, so there's no need to display publicly in-game.
  14. Game

    Clans are separate matters entirely. They will use the Organization feature possibly, but they will be different from normal organizations.
  15. Game

    We're adding organizations in soon! They will be maps especially made for ANBU, Sand Assassins that you can only enter if you belong to the organization. They won't display on your character publicly, but in-game they will display in the Ninja window.