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  1. Hi sir 

    Can you tell me how to hecome rank a silver ninja pleaaaase 

  2. Changing hotkeys is allowed. Automating them is not.
  3. Game

    Leveling will be more fun during Open Beta. I am sorry dailies have taken so long to add. This is the next big feature we're working on as well as more features for Jutsus.
  4. Game

    We will optimize fog rendering. Fogs take 50 FPS, going to make them draw way less often. Right now, it draws the entire map for fogs.
  5. Game

    I will disable fogs if the FPS is below 40.
  6. Game

    This has been fixed, it isn't live yet though.
  7. Game

    We'll look into it, I went ahead and started a new one.
  8. Game

    Wind and Taijutsu both allow move casting. It is a benefit of being a Wind or Taijutsu user, although not all Jutsus of these mastery will allowed to do this.
  9. Game

    This has been fixed.
  10. Game

    You guys get 2 weeks early play to the game before anyone else. The leveling is meant to be slow. New players will have an easier time leveling during Open Beta.
  11. Game

    This should of been fixed in the latest patch for the client. What sword do you have?
  12. Happy birthday.

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      Happy B-Day Seth!

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      Happy Mother escape day! zzz

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      Happy Birthday!!

  13. Game

    around Open Beta.
  14. Game

    It isn't the client or rendering system. It is likely just the game interface. We're changing this out completely soon with a much better one. For now, I will investigate it and not much I can do.
  15. Game

    Did you try a different village?