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  1. Movement now processes correctly, FPS no longer affects it. No more spamming either! Guards no longer follow players if they are from the same village. Guards now work for Missing Ninja. Fix CD bug with throwing weapons. Bounty now shows to all villages, we will soon implement a button to toggle it off. Hotbar has been enhanced! Interrupts should no longer cause you to be stuck. Code changes that were reverted to fix crashing, have been brought back. Players who send a lot of packets, will now be sent a message informing them of it, so they can show staff to further investigate. Server has been optimized in sending direction and jutsu packets. NPCs can attack players in No Zone.
  2. You may have been banned for 15 minutes. We're working on that issue.
  3. I submitted a false positive to Windows Defender.
  4. Install DX9.
  5. New updater.
  6. Adding to the TODO list. We will make same jutsu key interrupt.
  7. Fixed hotbar bugs.
  8. Hotbar has been cleaned up. Fix stun not working in NPC combat. Fix exploit with Jutsu warping for NPCs. Summons level by dealing damage and auto-target enemy when summoned. Which will go live soon!
  9. Fix game server and authentication server crashes. Fix inventory exploit.
  10. I will take a look into it.
  11. Improve attack timer. Will help people with high ping and also fix the attack bug introduced last patch.
  12. My nin online is giving updater error


  13. And when the balance changes, players will regret for going for the flavor of the month. Have you seen balancing in World of Warcraft? It's a billion-dollar company and they balanced their game worse. Rory and I are game designers, we understand how to balance a videogame. Players have no clue at the big picture. We accept feedback, but we don't accept criticism.
  14. Players don't know how to balance a game, stop acting like we're lazy for having the same damage. Each jutsu is aimed to be unique and balanced around the same damage.
  15. No, we're leaving it the way it is.