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  1. I'll talk to Rory about this, but for now that's why health is important since Jutsus get chained together. You have to understand that this is the best way to balance a game, because if you have glass cannon builds - they one shot people but die easily. Glass cannon builds in videogames typically are a result of bad game design. Not everyone has the same build. We just balance Strength and Intellect more strictly than the other stat points. Some people may choose more Chakra, others may choose more Fortitude. Stat builds also do not have to be unique, there's always the best build in every videogame. Glass cannons, tanks, and a balanced build.
  2. High health pools are to prevent being killed instantly in a fight. As ninjas get stronger, they can last longer in combat. Having stat requirements on Jutsus with damage scaling is all you really need. You put the rest of the points in Fortitude and Chakra for lasting longer to survive.
  3. Rory wants this to be part of the game's core mechanics. Not being able to see as good making the game harder for everyone rather than making it where some users turn it off for an advantage.
  4. RNG in Legion on World of Warcraft was pretty fun at the end of the expansion. You basically could get BIS (best in slot) items that were legendary items via a RNG system. Although, most of the casuals hated it. I liked it, because it rewarded me for grinding raids and killing bosses.
  5. Sexy no Jutsu exploit fixed. Summons won't attack friendly guards. Summons shouldn't attack friendly players. If PvP Mode is on, they will.
  6. Dying punishments encourage players to get better at the game. Laying in a bed is not very fun, players will have activities to do soon which they will not be affected by their BI. Current options: RP Talk Practice Jutsus
  7. The community of Oldschool Runescape basically understand what Runescape should be - as they voted for it to come back due to how Runescape 3's direction was away from the grind that Runescape used to be. The players are different than what our community is like, that community doesn't want things given to them as they make fun of RS3 players all the time.
  8. Nostalgia. I played Maple Story when I was young. Just like if I went to play World of Warcraft Classic, I would be hooked. It's about remembering your childhood since everything is new and exciting as a child.
  9. I released another patch. Let me know if it is fixed!
  10. All damage and experience is now being rounded using ceil. Fix missing log item description box appearing when it was closed. Fix server crashes. (Stable again.) Summons now take aggro away from owner. Mobs will not be confused as well as summons when attacking each other. Summons will now attack a target if it is targeting them.
  11. What about now?
  12. I hotfixed this, let me know if it continues!
  13. If all players kill at the same rate, you get 75% bonus per mob killed. At the same rate, Bounty is not split and is shared.
  14. We will change the ignore and friend feature to use your ID. It will take time as we need to make a tool to change the data to use the ID instead of name in the current system.
  15. They are still attacking, so we're not reverting levels.