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  1. Game

    Please organize bug report better. Use break points.
  2. Game

  3. Game

    What is your desktop resolution?
  4. Game

    Is your DPI settings 96? Try changing your screen resolution to a different one. Try changing it to use fullscreen in the settings via Updater.
  5. Camping spawn areas are against the rules, not killing someone in a shop.
  6. Removed Barber due to the end of Hair Week. Rank 2 of Cell Regeneration cast time increased to 1 second. Fix more crashes. Friends list buttons have been fixed for scrolling up and down. Fixed Ko.
  7. We're migrating to a new engine soon, to speed up development time. We've all gotten way better from 2013, I can literally reprogram our game engine and speed everything up now. In-game tools will be remade from scratch which will work with our current game server at first. This will enable Rory to make maps 5x faster.
  8. Game

    This should be fixed now.
  9. Bald hairstyle bugs have been addressed.
  10. The server is coming back up, it should be good now. The database is having connectivity issues, so I patched some code to make it connect less often.
  11. Game

    It is fixed.
  12. It is blocking executable programs, to protect your computer from a typical virus behavior. Although, many applications download a new version of the updater. I will try to report this to KVS.
  13. Game

    We're looking into the bug. You may have to wait for a day or 2 before you can play. It won't work until the server is reset.
  14. Chat channels reworked more, they are fully functional now and back to how they were. Fix crashes and improve Combat Log. Added /report command. Added /ignore and /friend command.