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  1. Game

    This has been fixed.
  2. Game

    You guys get 2 weeks early play to the game before anyone else. The leveling is meant to be slow. New players will have an easier time leveling during Open Beta.
  3. Game

    This should of been fixed in the latest patch for the client. What sword do you have?
  4. Happy birthday.

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    2. Dairuto


      Happy B-Day Seth!

    3. Arufa


      Happy Mother escape day! zzz

    4. Zuten


      Happy Birthday!!

  5. Game

    around Open Beta.
  6. Game

    It isn't the client or rendering system. It is likely just the game interface. We're changing this out completely soon with a much better one. For now, I will investigate it and not much I can do.
  7. Game

    Did you try a different village?
  8. Game

    I wiped your account. Please remake it to see if it is a rare problem.
  9. Game

    Run the updater one more time. Reinstalling doesn't fix these issues, it resides with a bug in the client that is causing it to crash.
  10. The server is hosted in France inside Europe. We're going to add a USA server eventually. A quick update, Closed Beta will not wipe.
  11. Game

    Try now. I released a new client that fixes buffs crashing the client.
  12. Game

    This should be fixed.
  13. Dailies are coming in the next 3-5 days. Sorry guys I am working on it.
  14. Game

    What about now? We've made some changes to the client.
  15. Game

    It should work after the latest patch.