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  1. Yes. It is not available yet though!
  2. This is an advanced technique for Lightning and Taijutsu.
  3. Game

    We're working on a new engine relatively soon. This is something we aren't sure what is exactly wrong. It may go away when we recode the GUI.
  4. Patch Notes 21/6/2017 Projectile weapons now have a 2 second cooldown up from 1.
  5. Game

    What did you change with your computer?
  6. Yes. We're confident that it is best to support both communities.
  7. We are going to be hosting a 2nd server, to allow EU and other players a good ping very soon.
  8. Game

    We've hotfixed this just now. The robes when Rory touches them up, the hair won't stick out. Although, it will hide all your hair until then.
  9. Patch Notes 13/6/2017 Improved damage calculation for Advanced Lightning Cutter Technique. It was previously scaling with INT twice, now it only scales once on the AoE Damage. So now the target you land on gets dealt an base 38/40/42 damage, and everything gets dealt damage according to your INT (including the target). Changed Dance of the Crescent Moon to deal AoE damage that scales with INT equally across all enemies. The target that the hit was landed on does not receive more damage than the enemies hit by the AoE effect. Missing Ninja above level 15 can no longer rejoin the village through paying a fine. This was a feature added temporarily while there were no active leaders. Optimized texture loading. Fixed the famous crash with using Jutsus. Textures no longer display until they are loaded properly. Fixed Forum Moderator having powers in-game. Advanced Lightning Cutter Technique has been fixed to cast Lighting Current. Black Hooded Robe now hides hair. Fixed Dance of the Crescent Moon AoE effect on players. Fixed Dragon Fire Technique combo not working on players. Fixed Sand Ninjas from being able to enter Leaf Jonin Standby Station.
  10. Game

    You are not an Administrator. The game requires that your user account is an Administrator user, the error states that it has no access to the path. This means that your user is not capable of accessing Program Files x86 or Program Files directory.
  11. Game

    Don't pick a 2nd Mastery based on how strong it is right now. If we nerf it, we will not give you any refund on your mastery. Each mastery will be strong in one area. It will take time for us to perfect it for all the different builds that are possible. Only pick a mastery that you like to play as, not how strong it is. You have been warned ahead of time to not pick a build because it is the monthly flavor.
  12. We won't go to Steam, not until Rory says it is okay. We may be flagged by Bandai Namco.
  13. Game

    Delete the maps folder and restart the client.
  14. I have played MMORPGs before. Honestly, games like World of Warcraft cater to the casual market now too much, this game is meant to be a hardcore RP/PvP game. It isn't meant to be super easy. The leveling is long on purpose. To stimulate the game's longevity. More plans are in the works to make leveling more fun. Right now, you farm items in the Event HQ for daily reset scrolls, farm mobs and do missions. That's how you level. It isn't really that hard.
  15. Welcome to world PvP. It is rare to see nowadays in MMOs, it is not meant to be balanced. It is meant to motivate you to reach max level. I remember during World of Warcraft days, being a low level and getting ganked. it would make me so mad, but I never quit that game because of it. If anything, it made me want to level more, because it gave me thrill like feelings of being killed by a higher level. Just team up at a higher level and protect the low levels. That's how the game is meant to be played.