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  1. Talking to Rory about a possible solution, we may hardcode how many times per second you can move.
  2. Possible fix for disconnect bug. Trade and team invite clear properly, preventing stuck busy. Concealment/??? add friend bugs have been fixed. Improve NPC cast animation. NPC spells are more random and don't always do the first one. Debuffs play cast animation each time damage occurs. Fix server crash. Support for music for all 4 stages of the day: day, night, dusk and dawn. Support full feature parity of projectile as players for mobs. Support for custom eye and eye colors. Added autotile disable option - /autotile. Support for inventory expansion - 2x slots. Support for items which allow missing and their village to use them or not - as well as just missing by themselves.
  3. We'll fix this, thanks for the report!
  4. This will come next week or this week most likely on Wednesday.
  5. Will ask Rory. He said no.
  6. We will add this to Combat Logs. Thanks for the suggestion!
  7. Improve server login speed. Fix bugs with melee attacks and hitboxes.
  8. Fixed weapon equip bug. Fixed bugs with AoE melee attacks and hitboxes.
  9. Fix server crash. Fix attack animation for NPC jutsus.
  10. This has been hotfixed including projectiles.
  11. I will mention this to the team.
  12. Fix bugs with Jutsu casts.
  13. Fix DoTs apply on self target. Engine now supports offset hitboxes for bosses. Jutsus can now require a village target such as a Leaf Ninja. Eye change has been added to engine for future cosmetic item.