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  1. We will be changing this to not drop items, but it will not allow you to do anything until you have more inventory space. Open a ticket for support.
  2. Erase Nin Online and reinstall.
  3. I've made some changes to the client for the new server, so it may not be a problem anymore for people. This run speed is not a result of FPS, it is simply just the PC's time system. We use delta time and there's absolutely no way the FPS ties into this. At most, it is likely just ping.
  4. The DirectX8 runs 50% slower than the DirectX9. We will eventually move to a new language and use a more modern graphics library.
  5. No, Rory isn't interested in doing it again. We did it when the game wasn't really around.
  6. We used to do this, but we haven't with the new website.
  7. We have made it drop.
  8. Make sure to set your resolution in config.ini. If all else fails, set your resolution to 1080P and let it upscale.
  9. Run it in fullscreen and it will upscale. You can also change the resolution in the config.ini.
  10. Open World PvP is like that. This game is a PvP game, we have very little PvE content that is challenging.
  11. No... The boat ride is a safe way to get to Mist, the Kraken is the dangerous way.
  12. There's a balance between hardcore and casual that we're trying to reach. We're working on it, it doesn't mean we're telling the community no. We're just saying no to what you are telling us to change.
  13. Teamplay promotes survivability which saves time. Final Fantasy Online (the first one), made the game easier and the community died. We know what we're doing. If you want us to start making the game instant gratification, we're not going to do that. Humans exploit things by nature, this is why teams do not promote teamplay using game mechanics.
  14. Nin Online is a team game. You have to find team members. This is how oldschool MMORPGs used to be, but they now use systems like LFG and such that eliminate interaction between players.
  15. There are many examples as to why that is impossible to accomplish. You can't have your cake and eat it, too. It's not possible. There's always a sacrifice for going one direction or the other. Players who enjoy this game for how it is, and not how they want it to be - that want more dynamic experiences that give a good feeling when you do something is what we're focusing on. We understand that the game needs improvements, we used to not allow people to use a melee weapon with larva. Changes do happen to make the experience easier, but these changes need to be fair and right for everyone that plays.