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  1. Shark Skin was an exclusive skin we already have given, for referral contest we did several months back.
  2. Who knows, this may happen in the future.
  3. Game

    Try now.
  4. Game

    The ping spiking is due to the network, the more packets you send the worse network your packets travel. i will look into it though and see if there's something that can be done.
  5. Game

    Install it to your desktop.
  6. Can't attack while sitting. Fix direction change when snared. Jutsu stats no longer divide damage by the amount of stats if they use multiple stats! Added animations for stun, silence, and snare. Added slows to game engine. Added snare, silence, and stuns to buff/debuffs. Added new World Maps! Leaf & Sand World Maps while you are in them and overworld maps when you're outside. Added a new server for Gold and Silver ninja. It will be open soon to test new features and content!
  7. Updater now works with Render Mode.
  8. Reviving a player puts a debuff on them, not allowing Bounty kills to take place for the length of Battle Injuries.
  9. Game

    Send me a PM about it, I will fix it for you on your computer.
  10. Fixes to the description of several visors.
  11. Game

  12. Game

    Because that server was in Europe.
  13. Game

    This is a temporary solution until we can find the time to support two servers. We tried doing this before, and we failed miserably at supporting both. It is not something our team can do at this time. Nin Online is not sponsored by anything, all I did was include a referral link for ExitLag.
  14. Game

    @Meth, you do not have to use these services, if you want better ping you should. I am addressing it since people have been complaining about ping a lot.
  15. Game

    $5/m when I plan to use it for other games is not a big deal. NoPing and ExitLag were about the same. My ping was around 130-300 and now it is around 60-90. Both services worked good, ExitLag worked better and it had a better GUI. The other services I just researched them. Using PingZapper infinitely like that is fine, but I don't want to create a ton of emails and such to have reduced ping. I was going to buy a real VPN, but I decided a gaming VPN tool was a better fit for my needs.