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  1. We won't do this.
  2. Game

    Dona is speaking the truth.
  3. Party rejoin has been fixed. Sometimes your health or chakra would be sent higher than your maximum value, this has been fixed. Fix shop tiles preventing movement when logging on a tile that has one. Fix where target window had a part cut off visually. Projectile animations are more consistent and animate properly. Clones hide their names like players. Shadows hide for Toads. Added where buffs can knockback. Disabled Share Missions permanently. Jutsus display by hotbar when hovered. Add where team members can target eachother by clicking on the team window of the member they wish to target. Skill point system. You are now limited on your choices of Jutsus. 1 - Max 5 Jutsus 5 - Max 6 Jutsus 10 - Max 7 Jutsus 15 - Max 8 Jutsus 30 - Max 11 Jutsus 50 - Max 15 Jutsus Friendly NPCs now are targetable.
  4. Game

    Substitution will not always stop damage, it just teleports you behind a target.
  5. Server crash fixed. Earth Wall no longer can damage.
  6. Website

    Organizations are technically 'clans' in other games. Nin Online is a different type of MMO.
  7. Game

    We already have this feature, it is only available to Media team.
  8. Game

    This will be fixed in the next patch!
  9. Fix Debuffs not damaging. Chat bubbles do not display for ignored players.
  10. 5th January.
  11. Can no longer spam Jutsus together. This means Jutsus with cast times can't be bypassed by chaining them together. Can no longer interrupt a cast with another cast. Can't invite ninjas in a village by a missing. Drilling Air Bullet Technique rank 3 fixed to not have any casts required and current level set to 3. Big Scarab Shells were missing from drops.
  12. Added hitboxes to mobs. This allows for big boss battles. Added where NPCs can do combos!
  13. Game

    I forwarded this to Rory. We may add this, I agree with it personally.
  14. The tutorial has all the information you could possibly need.
  15. Walking animation is smoother and doesn't pose idle while in walking animation. Reverted a lot of changes, to address disconnect bug. Optimized direction sending, to prevent packet spamming server. Server should lag less. Added a No Zone, which prohibits PvP.