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  1. Try the new client.
  2. Optimize target and move packets to send less often. Texture loading has been optimized.
  3. Fix movement and other inputs lagging for slow computer users as well as those who enter an area with a lot of textures that are loading. This was linked to the common complaint that some people ran faster than others. Added a level message to the mission, sometimes you get a mission that is too high of a level to complete. Fix direction updating bugs.
  4. Organizations such as ANBU, Akatuski, etc. do not display in the Bounty Book. This means, their Organization is just None. Movement and direction leaks have been fixed.
  5. Fix Daily Reset scrolls. Fix direction sending too much. Fixed missing Clan and Organization in Bounty Book. Improve Auth Server core. Fixed a level bug with Missions. Improve connection lost. Added more debug messages players can tell staff who have issues connecting. Check if Clan is valid upon login, to make sure it is valid.
  6. Can you explain the bug?
  7. Fix bugs with direction updating. Fix bugs with packet spamming for directions. Restored DDoS protection.
  8. Thank you, this has been noted.
  9. Fixed a drop bug with Cash Shop and binded items.
  10. Added better logging for packets, allowing for us to find bugs with packet spamming. Added back our DDoS protection for sending more than 250 packets per second. Other changes to the way packets work.
  11. Fixed bug with Bingo Book.
  12. Fixed bug where menu, would become unresponsive. Fix client from disconnecting due to errors. Fixed bug with item and jutsu description windows to use raw stat rather than using item stats as a bonus. Missing villages now can select the correct clan if they are from sand. Clones should move better. Message box will now be prioritized when pressing return on the login button rather than logging you in. Leaving a clan now will send an update to the map you are on, to show that your clan is gone. Fix jutsu cooldown bug where jutsus of the same type would not put on the right cooldown. Rain is more rare. Map loading is faster and NPCs send faster. Other bug fixes related to Bounty system. Weapons can now cast jutsus! Added Bounty button to toggle between all villages or opposing villages.
  13. We will eventually.
  14. We have to change over 1000 lines of code into a translatable string. This is not going to happen anytime soon.