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  1. Thanks for your concern, having timers for both client and server allow for interpolation data points, which is what we do to keep things smooth.
  2. The servers are online. Check the server status image from now on.
  3. Game

    Your computer can't run the game.
  4. The game isn't Naruto, it is based off of Naruto. Anyway, we feel it is the best Multiplayer Naruto game ever made already.
  5. Game

    We're not going to change the chat colors, sorry!
  6. Game

    This has been released as a hotfix!
  7. Game

    No, it distorts the textures and makes them resized improperly.
  8. Game

    We edited the hospital entrances to be walkthrough.
  9. Game

    This bug has been fixed. Just update the client.
  10. Game

    The game won't be getting anymore optimizations.
  11. Game

    Try with the latest client.
  12. Game

    Your monitor isn't big enough. Are you sure you have that big of resolution?
  13. There's also DS4Windows . I honestly won't program gamepad support into the keybinding, it is a limitation of the programming language we use. There's no useful ways for us to integrate gamepad support into the client we have currently. The best way is to use a gamepad mapper like Xpadder, Ds4Windows or what you suggested.
  14. Higher FPS leads to better fluid gameplay with higher refresh rate monitors and your eye can tell the difference between 60 and 300 FPS. The refresh rate is 60hz in most monitors, but you can still notice the fluid movement and combat better.
  15. Our host is a French company, OVH. We have yet to find a good host for the United States. OVH dedicated has not been moved to yet, we're still planning our Open Beta plans.