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  1. That's what I was thinking for long long time. If you were to try small-group raid (4 people). You start fighting and then someone stuns you, but guess what, you're dead. Why? Because the second you were stuned, rooted, slowed, w/e - Jonin came by, bursted the fuck out of you and you died. Jonins are little bit too strong and that's why small raids cannot even be imaginable. There should be a way to prevent this, compromise this, fix this without removing Jonin tho.
  2. +1 Really like the third idea. Something so useful yet somewhat not complicated to implement. That would also bring a little bit of variety to the game as more merchants will arise.
  3. Well, I am, and will always be opposed to player made clans. It would hurt me if I were to see some troll clan named xXx_PusyyDestroyers_xXx walking around the town So yeah, proceed with preset clans, many people prefer that.
  4. Good one
  5. That is great idea. Still doubt it wilk be taken into consideration... I still hope it does.
  6. Came here for Yuki's comment Yet was amazed by Magatama's You can see his shere knowledge and experience simply ny that one sentence.
  7. Lure them with invitation to inner circle. Every rat likes that! Jk. Tho yes, rat spawns are quite weird
  9. Try until you succeed!
  10. Reduce chakra cost, simple as that, or make self heal 1.5 sec That's compromise.
  11. Yes, I've noticed slight fps drop but what bothers me most is frequent drop to 2fps.
  12. Game

    Then implement it! Duhh @Rory
  13. Concept is fun, lag isn't.
  14. Great job. That took some serious effort!
  15. Is there way to make it never ending trial?