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  1. just joined @rory patreon will be putting in more money to help support this awesome guy :)

  2. Welcome all fellow newcomers
  3. rory! i need a blessing the servers been shuttin down and my current blessing been on since :(

    1. Kuraen Wilkor

      Kuraen Wilkor

      Sever is back up already

  4. Thank u Rory take u a nice vacation man
  5. thank u sensei please to meet u as well hope to see u on nin soon
  6. to all of my family in pirates i am no longer charlie murder inside of the life of nin only refer to me as charlie murder outside of nin. for now my rp name is Sizon Matsuda
  7. Thank u sensei dona
  8. Just dropped my 20$ dongs for the gold nin online. Take my money Rory lol
  9. U guys are fucking awesome. I been following this game for quite awhile. Seth I'm glad u are back man from recovering. U ain't got to make shit up to me. Stay alive is all that's needed. Rory u are the man. Keep them updates coming and dont feel bad for what happened. I bet u hun will blossom into a great game