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  1. Art

    Cloaking Technique Fireball Technique Body Flicker Technique Water Bullet Technique Concealment Technique Great Fireball Technique
  2. Thank you my good friend Yassrab you clearly know maths unlike Shikamaru.
  3. If Mr developer has his facts set in motion Nin will release tomorrow
  4. LOL what a freak
  5. @Greed the Avaricious Yes you just need to change all the other songs like you changed "Menu" Then it will replace them too and play them ingame @Joker1480 Nearly all of the data content can be changed but i believe that if you change things like sprite sheets only you will see it, I am currently finding out more ways to Mod. I also believe that it i allowed @Sipher This will be a good method of Modding when Nin gets a stable release for example when minecraft (Not that i like it) Stayed on 1.2.5 for about 4-6 months @Abhi2011 That is what i mentioned so thats why you use the .exe and not the launcher @ That is all possible but it would take a lot of knowledge about Nin online's Data and how to create such sprites animations and paper dolls @Abhi2011 I believe it is modding as I am modifying the client files @Abhi2011 And again that is why i run the .exe and not the launcher @GAm3CrAzY Thank you i forgot to put that in my post i will add it now good chap
  6. Client Side Modding is possible in Nin Online. Many things can be changed but ill just start off with music, as it is the easiest! First things first get your music, In this tutorial i picked "Wind" Go to to download "Wind" When you reach the page right click and of the links that say "Download" and press "save link as" Then save it to a safe place on your computer. Next step open up Audacity or any other program that can export a mp3 or any normal sound file and change its file type. So open up your song in Audacity or the program you selected, then export it as a .ogg. Name it "Menu" then save it to a safe place. Then go to C:Program Files (x86)Nin Onlineclientdata filesmusic and place the song called "Menu" you just created in that there a box will pop up click "copy and replace" Now if you start Nin Online with the launcher it will delete your custom song so go to C:Program Files (x86)Nin Onlineclient and double click "Nin Online" Nin Online will now start up with your custom song and it will loop Happy times! Well done if they are any problems write a comment or private message me I am willing to help anyone who seeks help. I also recommend you copy the original menu.ogg and place it somewhere safe just in case you do not desire the menu song you selected anymore you can revert back to the old menu song.
  7. No this is the real fix
  8. This christmas I'm getting a PS4 and Xbox One ..... and a gaming PC
  9. Content

    Oh my god one day
  10. Luffy how you doing man. are you back in America yet?
  11. I doubt it will be at Alpha
  12. Thactor4 all ready suggested this and Rory declined it
  13. No i would rather have it downloaded to my computer it would run faster
  14. Could you put numbers on the bars eg. HP: 568/9001 CP: 100/9001 XP: at cap leave it blank as it is now but if you're not at the cap XP:500/9001